Beyonce Sighting In The NYC

Singer and budding actress Beyonce Knowles has been keeping a low profile since her secret marriage to rapper Jay- Z made headlines back in March. Expect all that to change as she gets ready to release a new album and two new films. The singer was spotted today leaving the Pitti Bar is New York City and her fan site Beyonce World reports that Entertainment Tonight has been the first to scoop an interview with the singer on the set of her new movie Obsessed, where she plays the wife of a businessman who is being stalked by a female admirer.

Check for that ET interview on June 18th and do enjoy our fresh new candids. If I didn’t know better I would think the sista just got her nails done and was having her bodyguard blow them dry (lol).


  1. she really is one gorgeous lady. i wish she would show it off more. can’t wait for the movies and album. yes, i’m a proud stan and ain’t afraid to admit it…….lol

  2. She definately lost her flavor i hope she can get it together for the new album and movies its not good for us to see her looking so random she loses points in the all “she is a goddess” element

  3. The lady is knock-you-out beautiful. With all of my heart, I wish her continued happiness with her husband and her marriage, and continued success in her career.

  4. bey really is beatiful but in these pics i guess we can see hw she gon’ look when she’s around her middle thirties coz she’s lookin old maybe its just my eyes but nahhh 4 real i can see an older beyonce from the pics.

  5. yessssss!!!!! Finally the old beautiful beyonce cam back!!! It sems she has lost weight!! She is sooo georgous!! This last times she has looked so ugly and “unfashion”!! But here she natural and beautiful…

  6. LOL!! Stephanie you crazy about the bodyguard blowing her nails. I don’t even think I’m going to watch the interview on E. She is only going to talk about the same things (or not talk about anything) so I won’t bother.

  7. dis raggety biotch needs a touch up the bodygaurd cares more about her than jay lololol

  8. she is really beautiful, she dosen’t even have alot of makeup on , i like seeing her dressed down

  9. she is pretty and so forth ..Jay looks nice from what Ive heard i’m sure he is keeping her in marital bliss …every night .but she don’t have the good love weight gain that alot of women get …….wonder what is her secret ..

  10. @liya, i think she’s on there to talk about the movie obsessed. however, we both know she ain’t say crap about her wedding……

  11. i really don’t understand why some people say she looks old like its a bad thing to age. (she isn’t 16 anymore)
    she looks beautiful and gets better with age.
    i like the low-key makeup!

  12. Beautiful woman! Marriage definitely agrees with her and Jay. Love the outfit and that slamming Dolce & Gabbana bag!

  13. I never understood people’s fascination with Beyonce’s Knowles other than her beauty. Her voice is nasally, her lyrics are childish, her dancing is ok and her acting is questionable. I won’t deny that she is a good performer, but definitely not the best. But that is my opinion so please don’t shoot me.

  14. Ms. “Jazmine”, thank you so very much. You took the words out of my mouth. “Anonymous”, nobody is gonna “shoot” you, OK? Around here we love Beyonce ’cause, as you yourself said, “… she is a good performer…”.

  15. beyonce ugly? please…she doesn’t have to walk around looking like a damn glamazon all the time. she is a real person you know. She can wear whatever the hell she wants, she shouldn’t be called plan because she decided to let her face breath from all the caked up make-up, i know that there are some people like to hide behind a “mask” all the time, and we know exactly what they look like when the remove that mask don’t we? beyonce is gorgeous and always will be, so plz just give respect where it is due, and stop all the jealousy people.

  16. People like her because she is rich, beautiful, famous and she gives a good show and performance. I like her look when she is toned down. She has natural beauty. I also like that she has been low keyed. Maybe she got the hint that folks were on Beyonce overload and now she is giving us a chance to miss her. Hopefully, she is taking her time with the new album and will deliver something as good as “Dangerously In Love.”

  17. How come if somebody is not praising Beyonce, he or she has to be jealous or a hater? Why can’t people just respect other people’s opinions and leave it at that. Everybody is not on the Beyonce Knowles-Carter bandwagon or coattail. She is a good performer, but she is also overrated and over hyped. I think people are more fascinated with her looks than anything else.

  18. Her looks and sexed up image is her claim to fame. It is definitely not her singing voice.

  19. Beautiful voice, great entertainer, and she’s attractive. She can sing and dance. That’s really rare these days. She’s not the only one, but she’s good at what she does. Have to give her props for that.

  20. Beyonce is one of the most overrated people in the history of show business. People seem to be brainwashed into thinking that she’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. Only a few of us seem to realize that she is average in all aspects. People compare her bubble gum style music to legends like Etta James, Diana Ross and Whitney Houston. Sorry, don’t care if she just made forbes list, she is still very much overrated as a talented artist. We won’t even talk about her horrible acting skills.

  21. Talented lady that has had the privilege of sharing the stage with many of the greats like Prince, Stevie Wonder, Celine Dion, the late Luther Vandross, Bono, Tina Turner to name a few.

  22. homegurl and sang her behind off and anyone who flat out says she can’t sing is a hater. call me a stan or whatever but you can’t look at that girl singing the national anthem, listen on oprah, dangerously in love at the grammys, flaws and all live, me, myself & i live then come back and say she can’t sing. it’s funny how people get on her even though she got talent but when another non singing artist is posted on here, this person gets the i respect her hustle. what kind of crap is that? say what you want about her but homegurl got most people glued to her every move. people couldn’t just comment on her outfit, they had to go into some hatred about why they don’t understand why others like her and what her talent level is. wtf?

  23. cant give her props she is a “goddess” god’s daugther says her fans
    so until she put on the make up and the wig
    its a no for me
    sorry i’m just respecting what the fans are saying about her

    i’m so in love with patchwork items its crazy
    dresses , skirts, bags its just so pretty

  24. i want to know why everyone thats not praising her is Anonymous?!? lol dont be ashamed of your opinion!

    she’s not one of my fave people, but i must say lately she has had some cute accessories..i love the bag. im glad shes rocking something other than chanel b/c she was looking like a walking billboard & a little desperate for an ad campaign for a minute there…

    im not going to watch the interview, b/c as someone else previously stated shes going to talk alot but say a whole bunch of nothing at the same time!….i could just watch “the view” for all that!


  26. Dang Beyonce looks RUFF! married life ain’t no joke huh..LOL

  27. Some of ya’ll need to get out of Beyonce’s butt. While your praising her she is laughing at you. Beyonce is not God. She cant stop the gas prices rising, she cant stop people from dying, she can’t stop the war. Beyonce is a ho that gets paid to parade around naked making you chicks feel ugly. While they live in their penthouses you live in a crappy house living your dream through her. Beyonce’s music is garbage. There is nothing inspirational or mature about her lyrics; she don’t even write her own lyrics. GET A GRIP PEOPLE! You are ugly, poor, and not good enough to be in her presence, but yet and still you praise and worship her.. If Jay wasnt rich she wouldnt even be with him but you idiots don’t see that. Stop getting mad at others who post because they have a different opinion of this woman that you worship.

  28. ^^^ Issues child! I haven’t read one post of someone worshipping on this site. Folks say they like her music and she’s beautiful. Others have offered different opinions. She’s not their cup of tea musically. You see rather over the top though. Maybe, if someone complimented you once in a while you would understand the difference. However, folks in your path will one day be able to say nice things about you. Keep hope alive!

  29. Ah, fresh-faced, casual and relaxed. 😆 @ her hand-posture.

  30. She looks relaxed and fresh. Some of these posters seem so angry. It is not that serious. Beyonce’s job is to entertain us and she does that very well.

    I think some people forget that at the end of the day, celebrities are regular folks just like the rest of us. Just because they make millions, does not mean they don’t have problems. If anything, they have more problems.


  32. Ok, for real though, some of you need to chill out. Most of the posters are just commenting on how refreshed and natural Beyonce looks. She has been out of the spot light for months now concentrating on new projects. What is the problem? On the other hand, she looks good and I guess we can squash those pregnancy rumors.

  33. Wow! Someone sounds soooooooo bitter! So what has she done that is sooooooo bad??

    She has a good image, clean cut and not seen with different men, settled the issue she had with an ex band member, good manners and seems polite and professional in interviews, obviously comes from a loving family as they all seem involved in her projects (believe it or not some people make it big then ditch their family). It’s her business to be with JayZ , who the hell do you expect her to be with? someone poor? why shouldnt she be with someone who can take care of her needs? or someone as hardworking as herself?
    I think this site is beautiful and we need to keep it that way, no need to insult the rest of us simply because we are not as bitter as you are.
    The only thing ugly here are your comments!

  34. She likes nice here in Chanel clothes. Please keep up the good work.

  35. I don’t love Beyonce, but I don’t dislike her either. Her music is just not my taste. I do think she is a good performer, I am just not crazy about her music. Just because I feel that way, does not make me a hater because that is how I feel. I think some people need to realize that everybody has their own opinion of an artist, politician, favorite restaurant or anything that will be different from their own opinion.

    But being down right bitter, angry and nasty is just uncalled for. I would think that we are all adults here and should be able to have an adult cyber discussion without attacking others and being so negative about Beyonce who carries herself like a lady. No need to attack others because they don’t feel the same way as you.

  36. Ms. “Lisa Cruise”, I wasn’t aware that you know Beyonce personally to the point that you can tell us that while we “praise” her, she is “laughing” at us. Hmm! Interesting! I also find interesting the fact that you accuse us Beyonce lovers of “getting mad at others who post because they have a different opinion of this woman that you worship.” Actually Ms. “Lisa Cruise”, it’s quite the opposite. You seem very “mad” at those of us who just so happen to love Beyonce; we love her songs, her singing, her dancing, her clothes and accessories, her acting, and, yes, we all love her marriage, too. Now before you try to tell me that you’re not “mad”, let me say the hell you’re not; I can prove that you are. You called us Beyonce lovers “idiots”, didn’t you? Read your own post. If that’s not “mad”, then what is?
    I feel like this, and I know that there are those amongst us who will agree with me on this matter: it is highly rumored that Beyonce is going to sing the title- theme song for the next James Bond movie. OK, fine. If the makers of that movie start trippin’ and get someone else to do it, then that’s their lose. But if Beyonce does sing that song, here’s what I hope with all of my heart…
    1) The song gets to number one on the charts. That way it will be played on every radio station in the country.
    2) The song goes Platnum and gets a grammy award.
    3) The song gets niminated for an Academy Award so that way Beyonce will perform the song live on national TV at the next academy awards in January.
    4) The song wins the academy award as the best movie song of the year.

  37. Sorry, but she just looks like a regular girl from around the way. Nothing special. She sort of looks older than 26. People are always making fuss over both Beyonce and Rihanna because they are both light skinned women. Personally I prefer Kelly Rowland. Chocolate woman are just so beautiful to me.

  38. Why are the comment sections on her soooooo long? If you don’t like the girl, just skip past the post. If you are not a fan of her music, fine, you have a right to say so, but calling her a “ho” is uncalled for. There are a lot of female artists out there that I do not care for, but I will not attack the character of someone I have never met before.

  39. Low self-esteen takes a break for no one… not even Beyonce. Ok, let me get this straight: She needs a touch-up, to loose weight, grow a prettier face, and wear better clothes. Riiiight.

    I better see your two-strands-on-your-scalp-having, chubba-wubba, purchasing-fashions-at-bebe-while-swearing-up-and-down-that-its couture, looking-like-chewbaca-on-a-good-day self right along with Beyonce while she’s on all her flaws.

  40. Whether you are a stan or a so called hater, these Beyonce post are just getting too ridiculous.

  41. This girl and I were in high school around the same time. I came out in 1988 and nobody can tell me differently. She is not twenty anything and if she is she really needs to get some rest. Because she looks like she is anywhere from 35-40 on that picture. I think they lied about her age when she came out. They do that in the recording industry. She is pretty, but, she is not twenty anything.

  42. omg i know i already posted but i came back to read some of the responses to this and it is just out of hand & completely hilarious now! people are being down right disrespectful towards each other over a woman they dont know! wow…..the name calling and insults are so child like. maybe they shouldnt do anymore post about beyonce b/c it just stirs up waaaay too much high school/pretty cause shes lighter/blkack folks dont support each other NONSENSE! stop the madness!

  43. I don’t care what web site you go to, if it is a story about Beyonce Knowles, the blogs garner so many outrageous comments and attacks.

  44. UMMMMMMMMM i love beyonce but i have noticed a little bit that she looks older, but who cares, she is still buetiful and a human being, we all will get older cant u tell a whole lot of people dont look like dey do 5 years ago. and plus yall just acting like dis cause its beyonce, y yall hate he so much, she is just like u and me but rich. god and anyway im am looking foward to her new album. and he new movies
    cadellic records
    possibly in talks in starring in valley of the dolls, aida, tipping the velvet, baby momma drama, the diana ross story and desperate houswifes and a part in Law and Order SVU
    wondering were i get dis, my dad works for Music World

  45. She’s been looking so perplexed and dazed to me lately. And wasn’t it just last week or so when this chic was weighing 50lbs more than what she “look” like she weigh on these photos? LOL. That was quick…Isn’t that dangerous?

    Anyway, I don’t know about her lookin good as most of you state it, but I guess as long as she got her die-hard supportive fans commenting, she’ll always look HOTT! LOL

  46. Alot people are just rude and disrespectful. Its alright, because Beyonce made it to the top and she has no reason to apologize for it.

  47. Anonymous said “I never understood people’s fascination with Beyonce’s Knowles other than her beauty. Her voice is nasally”

    I disagree. Beauty alone can be very fascinating;)

    Also, I think it’s lovely to listen to Beyonce, think she has a good voice and normally good, easy listening songs too.

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