Beyonce’s Album Springs a Leak

With the release of her ‘4’ album just twenty-one days away, it appears Beyonce’s new project has sprung an unexpected leak.

Just weeks after her ‘Till the End of Time’ single made its way online, here comes yet another track that was probably meant to be kept under wraps.

Featuring Andre 3000 and co-produced by Kanye West, ‘Party’ is probably one of the most anticipated tracks off of the new album.

As previously reported, the track features a sample of what is considered by many to be the greatest hip-hop single ever made, Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh’s 1985 monster hit ‘La Di Da Di.’

So, does Beyonce, Andre and Kanye do the original justice? Click below and decide for yourselves.


  1. Although I still want to hear the album. I am not impressed with this track either. It’s like she’s just making music just to make it. I haven’t really heard anything that’s so breath taking, or something that I am really excited about, or something I’ll put on repeat. =/ *SIGHS* Oh Beyonce, Beyonce, Beyonce. =/

    Anywho, the track is okay…

  2. Wow…This has a nice 90 R&B feel to it. I like it. And its totally different.

  3. Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh…for real? Ummmkay.

    Love Dre 3000 on WHATEVER.

  4. I love this song. I am so glad shes doing this kind of R&B type feel with this album. Everybody seems to love this electro songs but Bey is going in the opposite direction. I like this song its like a song you just cruise to. Its a good summer song to me.

  5. too slow for me, the title doesn’t match the song, not what i expected from a song called ‘party’…

  6. I think her camp keeps releasing tracks off the new CD because the first three didn’t make a major dent or impact on the charts.

  7. They are doing this because she has not had a hit yet. They are probably worried and they should be.

  8. NO NO NO BEY Go back to your Dad quick this new album is going to flop like a broken wrist. Who is writing this S***? R U serious ?. Jay may be your husband and all but he is not a good manager for your music sweetie this is huge mistake and I think she is aware @ this point. Never saw Bey music do so poorly. It sounds like high music that artist start to make when they are high from drugs and not marijuana. I am not a fan like that but I never thought B would put out a album like this in a million years come on girl. Team Matty Knowles!!!!

  9. The ‘Countdown’ leak is a bit decent but kind of all over the place like ‘Who Run The World.’ =/

  10. WTH I was just on Toyazworld and she has another leak from Bey’s new album. This time it’s for the song called “countdown” I’m at work and cant hear either but I have decided to wait until the album and just read the comments. I want to be excited when I listen to the whole album on 6/28/11 but what the hell is up with all her music leaking like this. I was reading on Twitter that her entire album has leaked. This is SO not good and leaving me to wonder what exactly the deal is. I love me some Beyone so I will be supporting her either way but this is a shame all her stuff is getting out…….SMH

  11. I’m at work also and can’t listen to the song but…WOW almost a month ahead of release and her “album” had already leaked? I could see if it was a couple days before or something. That’s sad, I’d be firing ppl left n right.

  12. the song is okay at best. Out of the four songs that are out, Till The End of Time is the absolute best. I remember Beyonce said that she was gonna create a new sound or genre and with each of these songs that have leaked, im just not hearing that.

  13. Love it! But it’s a real shame songs leak these days, not just beyonce.. But still a great song! LOVE!

  14. I thought it was 6 songs that are out now.
    1. Who Run The World (Girls)
    2. 1 + 1
    3. Till The End Of Time
    4. Best You Ever Had
    5. Countdown
    6. Party

  15. Not sure why ppl keep saying she said she would be “creating” a new sound/genre. She said she would be mixing all genres of music together. Like all the types of music she likes, mixed together like a gumbo of music were her exact words at her I am DVD release.

  16. It does have a 90’s feel to it. It seems she did alot of ‘sampling’ this time around.

  17. I don’t know if peopple pay attention to alot of small detail in music like I do, but to be honest her music this era is very different and is in a way mixing different genres and instruments/sounds together. For instance on “Run the World” def. not my fav song of Bey’s but the way it the song suddenly slowed down and she starts harmonizing, and “Best Thing I Never Had’ I still can’t figure out if it’s more R&B or popish, and if it’s a more balladish or dance type song because that’s how unique it is. So yes I do see what she meant when she said those things.

    6 down 6 more to go huh?

  18. I just listened to the album. I’m so shocked. Its so R&B… Run The World shouldn’t even been on the album.

    Please support Beyonce.

  19. well i was hoping she would go in a different direction. Run The World was a good attempt, Till The End of time was even more progressive…but these other songs just sound like same ol Beyonce. And why are her lyrics sooo basic and dumbed down. I just dont see that masses going out and getting this album, best of luck to her though.

  20. I feel like I’m 18 all over again. It sounds nice but I’m not trying to bang this song in my car. I mean come on “I told my girls you can get it.” I’m a grown ass woman a man that can get it, will get it and that will be that. I know yall are going to say it’s not that serious but it is. Me and beyonce are about the same age I’ve been a fan for a long time and at this point I need some grown ass women music from her period. All her music is the same whether it’s about some guy moving to the left (best thing I never had, about being dangerously in love (1 + 1) and independent ladies (girls run the world) It’s time for a change B, I know you can do it. If not she should go on ahead and have that baby wit Jay I’m sure she will be moved to make different kinds of music, and about her hubby Jay did any of you find it strange at the BBAwards she said I love me some Jay-z WTF I’m serious, come on his name is sean. Jay-z is his stage name. That right there tells me she is programmed. Anyway my 2 cents you make millions you get millions of remarks about you, it comes with the game as well as fans and stans getting extra crispy about comments

  21. The songs sound dated. Countdown sounds like something from The Writings on the Wall.

  22. I just listened to the album. I’m so shocked. Its so R&B…

    That’s more a sound of what people were hoping for this ‘era’. This is good news. 🙂

    Can’t listen to the song; at work, too.

    Wonder why the whole album is leaking?

    Deluxe edition has RTW(Girls) 4 times… 😐

  23. Run the World..beyoce

    Run this Town: Rhianna

    anyway…”party” sound old early’s 2011

  24. @ J.Carted

    Thats the point of going old school…SMH it was done on purpose!

  25. Hell nah that song is a bust, i’m all for old school, but there is a time for everything and this is not it, It’s not innovative neither, What happened to the new sound? Is that it ? Shame.

  26. I downloaded the leaked album…oops. All I have to say is, wow.

  27. @LOL

    Shocked? I is totally unexpected. I hoped you liked it, and liked enough to PURCHASE IT!!!

  28. Just hear to read comments. I bet she’s somewhere with her head stuck in sand. LMFAOOOOOO

  29. @LMAO, I will be buying it. I really am blown away. I love indie rock & this has such an old school, throwback, indie quality to it.

    My absolute favs are “Start Over” and “Miss You”. Absolutely gorgeous.

  30. Such a shame that her album leaked, I was expecting it to leak obviosuly just not THIS early. But with that said I can’t wait to listen to it, I’ve heard “I Was Here”, “I Care”, and “Love on Top” are the standouts. And that her vocals are vicious…Can’t wait to get home from work lol.

  31. ROCKON- “Just hear to read comments. I bet she’s somewhere with her head stuck in sand.”’d you like the song?

  32. This is kinda like Beyonce’s “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”…that’s what it reminds me of

  33. Ok I got it:

    It’s like if Beyonce’s “Dangerously in Love” & “B’Day” had a baby, then Kanye’s “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” & MJ’s “Off the Wall” had a baby, then these two musical love-albums had another baby, you get Beyonce’s “4”.

  34. The “BEST” song Beyonce ever made…

  35. Couldn’t help it..I heard the album and…I love it. Musically it’s very diverse, she took and risk and whether it pays off or not I would say this is indeed her best album yet. If I had to choose my fav song is “I Care” so much emotion in that song. And yes i will be buying the album.

  36. I don’t understand people saying Bey took risks, what sampling 90s music, the music sounds dated, just because she is not doing electro pop, boo, obviously y’all aint heard of Adele snatching wigs left right and centre

  37. S- Since I said it I’ll enlighten you. Yes, alot of people expected Beyonce to do that electro crap as are almost every MAINSTREAM artist is doing right now. Also to some, the songs/sound don’t seem quite..Beyonce, and there’s not many club bangers as a Bey album usually has. Hell even putting out “Run the World” was a huge risk. There’s many she took I see them, and many other unbiased people have to 🙂 .

  38. Ummm…..this jam is hot!! I dunno what some of you are talking about. Lyrics are wack as usual.but i dig the feel of it, and see what she is tryna do. Umm she needs to seriously reflect on a whe. There is absolutely nothing wrong with lyrical growth. Ppl shoul be honest if you love her so. Irs very strange that at this point/age she has nothing substancial to say……ne ways. Sorry fpr the typos yall.

  39. Beyonce has made a a slightly less commercially successful record and I AM IMPRESSED! Damn… and it took axing her daddy to do it. I’ve been waiting for her to leap off a cliff for YEARS now.

    I firmly believe her label leaked her album. Let’s face it, Columbia is concerned about the hits/lack thereof. This new record contains some of the best music Bey’s ever recorded, and I can tell she was going for what moved HER… but in today’s world, something’s gotta make that shi.t move UNITS. Their hands are tied now, that Bey is running her own ship. That’s neither here nor there cuz since her shi.t started leaking I’ve been wondering where the hell is her promo.

    As of right now, her promo sucks …but I gotta so I’m just so gotdammed proud! Some of the lyrics on this are basic but it works. She has given me everything I wanted Growth. Uniqueness. VOCALS! Amazing Instrumentals…

    Some of you don’t like it..that’s fine cuz if you are looking for catchy and generic music or her usual uptempos.. this album is not for you.

  40. I listened to the whole album today and i think its beautiful , it could have been better without run the world though

  41. Why do people skip over songs like “Listen”, “Me Myself and I”, “Resentment” etc. and many many more on this new album do indeed have deep lyrics. But so quick to remember the “Video Phones” and “Divas” of her repertoire.



  43. The reason why they leaked the album is so they can use this as an excuse just in case the CD doesn’t do well when it’s released. The first thing the record executives can say is, “Well, the CD is not doing as well as we hoped because it was leaked.” I personally don’t remember any of Beyonce’s former CD’s being leaked before they were released. Everyone keeps saying that is happened, but I don’t remember that. Whether an artists CD was “leaked” or not, people will buy the CD if they like the music. Period. If they don’t purchase it, it’s either because they don’t like the music or they just don’t want to pay for it. Alot of people would rather “download” it and keep it moving. Just because Beyonce’s CD “may” not sell they way people are saying, doesn’t mean that people don’t like “HER”, it may just be that their not feeling the “MUSIC” this time around. It’s nothing personal. People want to be able to get their moneys worth on what they buy. You can still love and artists and be supportive of them even if you decide that you don’t like this “1” particular CD.

  44. I meant….”you can still love an artist….

  45. @SHAWN101

    WTH are you talking about. Her last three albums leaked 2-3 weeks before the release. And still did good first week. Another useless post with no facts.

  46. @Shawn101, Her last album 3 albums leaked early but I agree with you, if you’re not legitimately feeling her album …it’s cool.

    Everybody is not going to like a particular artist’s material. There are some artists who I admire but i’m indifferent to their music…simply because it’s just not for me. I don’t waste my time bashing them with unsubstantiated BS every chance I get.

  47. Brown sista,

    I’m confused why one the commenters would put a zshare link
    on your website for Beyonce’s album

    Minne shown the zshare link

    If you’re fine with that, then that’s your decision, but I don’t think your website would support an illegal download

  48. Agree with Lady Bee.

    I LOVE Lady Gaga. She’s talented in almost all regards. I love her personality, her live performances, etc. But I literally have no more than 5 of her songs on my ipod, b/c I just can’t get with her music (when it isn’t performed live). Weird I guess.

  49. I finally figured it out!

    Jay-Z tricked Beyonce with this Album so it would Flop and she would come home and have his Babies!!!

    Selfish Man

  50. @Shawn : Right! The only Music that ever leaked were some songs, when the other Dc members would have a project coming out , Coincidences they say ..

    I listened to the album and i think honestly,they are a few songs that i really dig (1+1 , Rather die young, I care, I was here ) LOVE THOSE SONGS, But the rest of the album not so much… It’s a good thing she’s not doing any promo, so whatever happens she can say that she was not looking for any results and her fans will nod and applaud, and we will all live happily forever after

  51. oh and END OF TIMES i’ve listened to it 59 times since yesterday

  52. Umm lady bee…girl you are tacky…bite me! Sp because i didnt sing her total praise you subtley attacl me? Thats very dumb of you. Her lyrics are ‘unintelligent’ period. For her age…he things you expect a 30 year old to talk about. Or better yet bow you expect… she doesnt have to sing of global warmingor war in Iraq…. but her lyrics are dumbed down. Yes becaus those the songs were slow doesnt mean they are any more sub…. and they are not the majority hon. Besides she was way yoiumger then so it was ok. Look lyrics are extremely important to me as a consumer. I dont like to listen to bull crap

  53. @ Shontelle: oh and END OF TIMES i’ve listened to it 59 times since yesterday

    you are a lil obsessed you probley not a very attractive girl or you are gay.

  54. This Blog is a trip!! It’s so much negativity on this blog that it’s really sad!! I try to respect everyone’s opinions but ROCKON gets on my last nerve!!! ROCKON you’re a super hater, please drop an album so we can criticize you,so we can all say how untalented you are and please send a picture so we can comment on your looks!!!What’s wrong with bringing the 90’s back? 90’s music was great….Babyface, BoyzIIMen, Jade, Brownstone, Toni Braxton, TLC….honey please the 90’s had great music and I’m happy BEYONCE is singing like this….I’m sick of today’s pop music..Lady Gaga,YOUR IDOL Rihanna, Nicki Minaj,etc….Thank you Beyonce for changing your style and showing the power of your voice!!! I love the album!!!

  55. @Tutu, you need to swallow that chip on your shoulder and HAVE A SEAT because my comment was not directed at you or anyone in particular…In fact, I didn’t even pay attention to your previous comment, before I posted. Get it together…as I said before, her music isn’t for everybody and if you don’t like it…it’s cool.

    Btw: I’m curious to know what you really think the lyrics of “Party” are about?

  56. Beyonce haters and yes i said haters are the 1st ones to post on every blog and its sad. lol. If Beyonce retired then how would ya’ll life go on? also i am a big fan of King B and my pic can be found on twitter @imsojazy since you can’t be a fan if you are pretty and not gay. Anyway, i will be getting the album on 6-28-11 and i don’t support the bootlegs. I see why Country music is were the money is because they buy the music. smh @ people for stealing.

  57. @Franklin, wtf? That was rude.

    @Lady Bee, I think the “Party” lyrics are about sex with a lover. A party for two. I saw that somewhere and agree with that.

  58. @LOL…Yes it is! That’s my new slang for sex.(lol)

    I was laughing at some folks on a msg board who were discussing the song and not realising what it really meant. I mean, on the 1st listen the beat takes you back to the 90’s…dudes in timberlands, summer cookouts or hugging up with your boo in some basement party. But essentially the lyrics are about sex.

    In addition,when the song is simple, such as “party” her complex structured harmonies shine through.

    I didn’t even expect this from Bey! Not only did she bring a theme but she went back to the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and even brought the futuristic and timeless and still managed to have a cohesive album( still don’t like RTW, though). She might lose the fans who were expecting more uptempos but this is a solid album.

  59. FRANKLIN : You just described a beyonce stan and I’m offended that you would confuse me with them, I love end of times because it is a good song, I DO NOT live breath or sh-t Beyonce, don’t make THAT MISTAKE ever again 🙂

  60. @Shawn Why would ppl BUY an album when they can DOWNLOAD it for FREE? Your statement was full of wholes.
    I really like the album. How she went 4rm being so vunerable then saying that got me no where let me take charge. At first I was all about Party Countdown and End of Time. But this morning I woke up and heard Rather Die Young in my head. I Care and Love on Top are also great songs.
    @Franklin SMH dude be quiet. I guess Tyra Banks is ugly and gay cuz she’s an open Beyonce stan. Mo’Nique too

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