Beyonce Steps Out + Trademarks Baby Name

Pop diva Beyonce made her first post baby appearance Monday night via her husband’s Caregie Hall concert for the United Way and Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation.

Looking more curvaceous than usual, the 30-year old new mommy of Blue Ivy Carter turned heads in a tangerine colored Alice Temperly dress, which she accesorized with blue nails, Lorraine Schwartz jewels, an Alexander McQueen clutch and embroidered Christian Louboutin heels.

Beyonce’s next appearance will reportedly be at the 2012 Grammy ceremony where she is nominated for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration (Party feat. Andre 3000) and Best Long Form Music Video (I Am… World Tour).

And in another bit of Carter family news, Beyonce and Jay are reportedly seeking to trademark their daughter’s name and submitted an application to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on January 26th.

The couple reportedly came to the decision after former Phat Farm intern Joseph Mbeh attempted to trademark the name “Blue Ivy Carter NYC” but was denied.

Thare are also rumblings that the couple plan to release a line of baby fashions that will carry the “Blue Ivy” moniker.


  1. Once again an important Beyonce Article sidlined.

    But RIhanna’s photo shoot and ugly Blonde hair gets top headline.

    Shade???? I think so!

  2. Some of you need to get a life. The articles in the sidebar are no less important than the articles on top and the same goes for those placed at the bottom of the page.

    And I fail to see how Beyonce walking is any more important than say, Brandy and Monica’s new song which is also in the sidebar.

    Trust, if I had a grudge against Beyonce (and what type of loser has a grudge against someone they don’t know anyway) she would not even appear on this site.

    Oh, and there is already a Beyonce article at the top of the page that ppl are still commenting on. I almost never have two articles about the same person at the top of the page.

    Grow up already 🙂

  3. She is full of crapt and she did not have a baby. She looks the exact same. I was not one of those people that were on that band wagon but I now believe she did not have a baby. There are just certain things that you go through with having a baby and I am not talking about gaining weight or anything like that but your equilabriam is off and your balance is off and your just not going to have those heels on for awhile.

    Now I know all the nut jobs are about to come out but I believe what I believe and I believe that this chick did not have a baby.

  4. The crazy begins! This woman is just walking at an event with her post pregnancy new breast implants and weight gain. The Grammys are sunday I believe, in which I’m boycotting, no Jill Scott nomination among other reasons. However she received her baby is fine, it’s just her fans shouldn’t get so upset about negative feedback. They all get it, Rihanna, Alicia, Katy Perry and PR stunts backfire, ask MIA, Kim K, Jay-Z (Occupy T-shirts), they know how stupid the public is and how we don’t know them AT ALL! Why do you think most stars speak in a soft tone, gush and blush, give that fake humility, because people eat it up and think they know them.

    This is one of the few positive websites. Targeted to black women, at a time when our press is so negative. You must give Brownsista credit for not running all the negative Beyonce stories, from the Wendy Williams baby bump experiment, the fake looking MTO breast prosthesis or many other rumors, half-truths, ugly truths or salacious stories. Sista has reported on Beyonce non-stop, it’s not her problem that this is the only black entertainer that some individuals care about. The idolatry is almost…

  5. I agree BRIA, I’m not even a fan of Beyonce but like you said it is what is your body goes thru hella changes after pregnancy….. I mean am I to judge but I’ve seen pregnant women b4 n after and she does not look like she had a child… this look would fit had it been some months since her delivery but I’m not so sure i’m believing this baby thing… like I said though…. who am? only she n God knows….

  6. To the article. She looks uber pretty and I’m loving the shoes. No comment on the trademark/patent.

    To the first comment, I don’t know what to say. I have to wonder how many folk have been stalling their lives, sitting around cloaked and waiting on various blogsites for Beyonce or Beyonce-news to emerge. Great gookamooka! Inhale! Exhale! Live YOUR Life! And stop trying to be so doggone petty! ‘Tis useless.

  7. She looks great! Those hips dont lie!!! Im pretty sure shes wearing spanx lol. Im glad they trademarked the name. Its been reported that more than one person tried to trademark it after the name was reported.

  8. Lets get real they trademarked that name because I am sure she is about to be inspired by a baby line of something or some kind of colgne named after this baby. You have to give to her and her husband they know how to make that money. I don’t think they have as much as is reported but I definately think one day they will be there. If they made as much that is attributed to them they would be combined as a couple billinaires. So I don’t beleive those reports but I think they are going to get there or die trying.

  9. She looks extremely happy and gorgeous…

    I’ve never had a baby lol, but from what I hear/see not EVERY woman has the same bodily changes.

  10. I never got into the whole is she or isnt she pregnant thing. However she got the baby best wishes to them.

    The only thing that sometimes bothers me is that when you hear a personal story about Bey it seems to always be attached to a commercial venture of some sort. When pregnancy news first broke then so did news of a maternity line. Now she has the baby and now news of a kids line. It kind of taints things for me and makes them less special but to each his own.

  11. Funny how nobody says a word when other women go back to their pre-baby weight after giving birth. You got all these supermodels and actresses having babies, and a month later looking like they did before they were pregnant. But because its Beyonce….everybody has something to say….smh..sigh


    that her cousin Angie who WAS always at her side has been missing for almost a year, and the day she shows up. its Beyonce first night out since giving birth.

    (you can check other bloggs for pics of Angie with B this night)

    Angie looks like she just gave birth to me…

    Maybe its just me, call me what you want im just observant. not saying anything exactly, just been wondering where angie been since last spring.


    back to work

  13. #Liverpool

    Did you not see Angie with Bey back in November in Miami and she was NOT pregnant. Like seriously.

  14. This lyin a$$ witch did not have a baby. She just dug in the back of her closet and pulled out her butt and hip pads. Whats the big deal about having a surrogate? She is so over the top about nothing. Making oprah the godmother says a lot. This poor child was born unto all these selfish demonic ppl but this is the way it is supposed to be. Its an article deserving to be sidelined. Shes a sidelining witch.

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