Beyonce Still Irreplaceable

After seven weeks on top, Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable” shows no signs of budging as it is not only #1 on the Hot 100s chart but is also perched atop the Hip Hop/R&B chart and the Itunes digital downloads chart.And not content to just dominate the American charts, “Irreplaceable” is also number one in several European countries which is why Beyonce was probably on Wetten Dass belting the song out for her German fans.Check out the pics of this stunning performance below and I hope to have it up on You Tube for your viewing pleasure soon.

I have updated this post to include pics of Bey at the Dreamgirls premiere in the U.K.


  1. This woman’s work ethic is just amazing.I see why she is on top.She will perform at the opening of the envelope.She never lets the world forget why they should love her.So many people say she is over exposed but I don’t think I agree.She isn’t Britney.She has out a hit album, hit single, and hit movie.She has worked for her success and deserves every ounce of it.

  2. It’s nice to see someone admit that Beyonce has indeed worked for her success, unlike some others.People are so busy hating everything about her that they seem to forget that she is a hustler- always out there putting out a product that people are eating up.It’s not like she’s always up in our face cause she is partying or flashing her crotch.Beyonce makes the news and the magazines because she has done something meaningful to get there.This woman ain’t been given a damn thing.She worked for it.

  3. I’m sorry but I have grown so tired of her and her image.When I look at her I don’t even see a Black woman anymore and she wants it that way.She has the mindset as Little Kim and Vivica Fix.Beyonce’s Babrbie Doll image has helped more than anything to propell her to the top but it is so anti- Black that it has turned off so many people who could be potential fans.She flings that blonde hair around as if it is hers.Her skin tone has changed and nine times out of ten when I see her on magazines I don’t even know it’s her until I see the name.She has sold herself out to be the top Black woman in the world posing as a White woman and I cannot support that.Whiteny, Janet, Diana Ross and Tina Turner never even did that. :thumbsdown:

  4. lol…
    i just dont like her i say fake with beyonce and im hating? how can i hate on personality?

    i dont hate her image. i hate where her mind set is! calm down stans D-Day is coming…:booty:

  5. Trina, I disagree with your comment about Beyonce “posing as a white woman.” Because of her light skin and small features she can easily deny her blackness and say that she is mixed or other. So many of our black celebrities (and regular folk for that matter) who clearly look black deny their blackness and cover it up by saying their hispanic, latino, mixed, other or by mentioning a great great great grandmother or grandfather who happened to be white.

    I have never witness Beyonce lament on the fact that her mom is a woman of mixed heritage. I have seen and heard other people mention it, but Beyonce does not use that as means to distance herself from her blackness.

    In fact, I have seen interviews and read articles where Beyonce makes it very clear to the public that she is Black Woman. She gives credit to our ancestors and to black female performers of the past. She is proudly in love with a black man that is a former drug dealer from the projects in Brooklyn and has big black features. She carries herself in a way that would make our black ancestors proud. She is proud of her black curves and her confidence shines.

    I just love all of the other sistas you mentioned in your post. However, the reality is that they don’t necessarily represent a positive black image or should be seen as being more black than anyone else. Whitney Houston is a crack head who wears blonde wigs, Janet Jackson had a nose job, wears wigs and weaves, talks all the time about how she hates her curves, had never been with a black man (until JD) admits that she does not have many black friends, and in the 80’s and 90’s Janet refused to grace the stage of any black awards show. Diana Ross marries and dates only white men (although she was with Barry Gordy that relationship in itself was inappropriate, she dissed another black woman and refuses to admit her part in the woman’s demise (Florence Ballard). Tina Turner dates only white men (although, after Ike I probably would too), she wears a blonde wig and openly admitted that she because of her experience with black people had a hard time being proud of her black side (her mom is native american and her dad is black).

    While I love all of these women, the reality is, they are NOT “blacker” than anyone else. I am a proud brown skinned sista who enjoys Beyonce’s music and I have no problem with her image.

  6. What you want her to do change her complexion to suite you . she did not make herself Most of the time its the camera and the flash plus the magazine who lighten her skin. camera don’t use film no more they use memory chip so the detail is more visible. You ppl need to get a life. The woman is always on the grind. you cant knock the hustle. the problem is ppl cannot find any dirt or scandal so the make up shit up. As willy lynch said “envy is stronger than adulation so teach the slaves to envy each other” he went on to say “it will last a thousand years” and he was right.
    she’s not a hood rat so lots of you can’t relate so you call it sellout. if she was acting ignorant you would call it keeping it real. Black ppl are they worst enemy who needs the Klan with ppl like you. Lots of you say its your opinion, but attacking someone personally when you never met them, you don’t know them cannot be an opinion its envy. you can attack her music. or her movies but when you attack her personally thats a different story.
    But as Bob marley said, yu a go tired to see her face, but you can’t get her out of the race. the haters dem draw bad card

  7. Des, Beyonce is not so White looking that she could possibly pretend to be anything but Black.10 years ago no one said she looked White.Go back and look at old pics of her.Beyonce is no Halle Berry.Her mixed blood ain’t all that recent.This however still does not take away from the fact that she has crafted an image to mimic that of Whites and were it not for that for image she would not be where she is today.She would not be given covers to White magazines and White and Black men would not fawn over her so.She is a Black Barbie.As fake as they come running from her black self to gain acceptance by the masses.

  8. Everything Des said about Janet Jackson was a lie.Excuse me if I am wrong but wasn’t Janet’s first husband, James Debarge, a Black man? Or was he not not a Black man because he was light-skinned and only light-skinned Black women get to be called really Black? And one of Janet Jackson’s first ever performances was on Soul Train so your assertion that she ran from her Blackness is a lie.FYI, do your homework and go check for pics of Beyonce’s real nose and you will see it looked like Solanges and not the way it does now.

    Like it or not Beyonce is most definitely trying to be as White looking as possible and lighting and make-up are not the blame, she is because at the end of the day she controls how she looks not the make-up and lighting people.

  9. Monique, Janet is still no Blacker than any other artist. Everything I said about Janet is not a lie. Maybe, you should do your homework on the rise of Ms. Jackson during the 80’s and 90’s. Were you there when Beyonce by your account got a nose job? But, we all know Janet did.

    Your hatred towards Beyonce’s looks could possibly be a reflection of how uncomfortable you are with your own looks.

    Sometimes when we become so frustrated with ourselves we begin to attack other people’s outer appearance in hopes of feeling better and taking the attention off our own flaws.

    And by the way, make-up, lighting and the quality of the video or film stock most certainly has an effect on dark skin tones.

    I love all black female entertainers and they are all unique and beautiful in their own way! We all are…:dance:

  10. Well Des it sure didn’t take you long to play the jealousy card that most Beyonce fans use at some point or another.As for your call on my hatred against her, you just got here.How many of my posts have you read concerning Beyonce and my susposed hatred? Probably none because there are none.

    You are the one so fanatical to prove Beyonce is not what we see her to be that you had to bring up Janet Jackson and other females to take the attention off of Beyonce.Neither Janet or any other woman you names has gone to such lengths to change their looks to be accepted as Beyonce has.Not even Halle Berry who is half White and had a nose job herself has made the stretch she has.

    It is the Beyonce fans who are usually the staunch racists who claim all black and brown women hate Beyonce because she is just sooooo beautiful and light and angelic.Get real- this woman is hardly that fine.Remove her white facade and not even her stans would think she was all that fine.You must forget that most of us have been looking at this girl for over 10 years now so we know what she really looks like and jealousy is hardly an appropriate call when it comes to her.

    So please post something orginal the next time you come back here.Try calling me White or something because the ugly jealous Black woman bit is as tired as Beyonce’s glued on fake hair.

    Btw please go to Perez Hilton to see what the Whites think of her.They know what we all know- Beyonce is trying to be White- and so are you probably :lol2:

  11. Des is one of those typical Black men who role up on Black sites telling Black women how jealous they are of the Beyonce’s and Cassie’s of the world just because they are light complected.Brothas ran that line left and right on Concrete Loop all last summer.The shit was so lame and the shit continues to ba lame.

    Check how proud Des is that White looking Beyonce chose to date a very Black looking thug like Ja-Z.This is typical of dark Black males who love to see women like Beyonce and especially White women take up with the lowest of the low Black men.This makes them feel good because it makes them feel like they may have a shot with women like these too.

    Whitney Houston is twice the singer, performer and Black woman Beyonce will ever be.She never sold out, she just took up with a no good Black man who destroyed her life and career.

    Beyonce has never paid tribute to her Blackness and when asked why she was the leader of DC said and I quote “Maybe it is because I am lightskinned”. That don’t sound too Black loving to me.As a matter of fact it sound like something straight from the massa’s mouth.

    Check yourself Des cause the only one suffering from self hatred is color blind fools like you.

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