Beyonce Set to Perform at Super Bowl XLVII

According to water cooler gossip, Beyonce has landed the much coveted job of half-time performer at next year’s Super Bowl.

Several sites are reporting this story, including Variety and the Hollywood Reporter.

The official announcement is expected Wednesday according to their source, who reportedly works on the Super Bowl committee.

Next year’s Super Bowl will held on February 3 at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana.

No word as to who Beyonce will collaborate with for the big show, but I put my money on her probably brining out her husband and Destiny’s Child bandmates… including Solange.


  1. LOL at that image.

    I am sure Beyonce will put on a great show! I wonder if she will have special guests? I’d love to see her and her sisters together again. I think the fans of Destinys Child will REALLY love it!

  2. Beyonce is not sharing the spotlight especially at sb.janets tittay is still a hot topic.

  3. Congrats to her on the honor, had a feeling it was coming soon… And remember people you don’t HAVE to watch.

  4. I cant wait to see her pop her coochie live on tv..for all the kiddies and adults to be overthrilled with weave and fave!! she will surpase Janet’s NIp slip!!!

  5. I wonder what songs she will perform. It would be great seeing Destiny’s Child do another live concert again if she has them for gyest on the stage.

  6. Now that would be a great concert if she can get her Destiny Child’s members, with Solange and Jay Z. I would definitely watch.

  7. The Janet stan wonders if she will throw shade at Janet when asked if she will do anything provocative. You know Madonna was quick to throw Janet under the bus, I wonder if Beyonce will do the same. Im thinking thats not in her character, but you never know. Anywho, I cant wait to see her perform…she can definitely put on a show AND she is probably the best female performer since Janet.

  8. @ Voodeux I don’t think Beyonce would shade Janet Jackson like that period.

  9. Few people know that the performers have nothing to do with who they will perform with. Beyonce can choose to do a DC song and bring out her bandmates, but other than that the choice is not hers. The SB committee chooses the performers and a routine is worked out to eventually incorporate them all on stage at one time for one routine.

  10. Not so much speculation anymore. Beyonce updated her website with the news, she even posted my birthdate on her face.

    She stans for me always 😆

  11. I know this will be a spectacular super bowl half-time show!…Beyonce is the artist to do a superbowl half-time show…she has the music (infectious dance ditties + DC songs and “If I Were A Boy” and “Irreplaceable” my favs) and high energy performance skills to do a great job and any of the guests performing with her, hopefully Jay-z, will be a part of a most memorable performance (or it should be)!…this is coming from someone who’s not a Beyonce fan (too fake and overrated)…but, the truth is the truth…she is deserving of this honor…this one isn’t fabricated, but, a well earned honor!

  12. Congrats Beyonce. Caan’t wait to see what she does. Im pretty sure that the half time show will be lip-synced though. Seeing as though most half time show performances are.

  13. No doubt Bey puts on a good show, she’s gonna make Madonna’s Super Bowl halftime performance look like crap, but I can’t lie… Because this is a very special event, I’m hoping to see something fresh and new… anything besides the same ole same blond weave slinging, coochie popping, dry humping glittery routine.

  14. ^^^^ you’ll be sadly disappointed because that’s all she knows…oh and you forgot the wind machine…she never goes anywhere w/o the wind machine lol

  15. I am sure this show will be spectacular. She always shines. Good job.

  16. I’m excited! It’s about time the superbowl get it together and bring about a fun high quality act that isn’t ancient. Unfortunately after the whole Janet/JT nipple slip fiasco the Superbowl toned down their half-time show way too much. Beyonce will be a fun show that both young and middle-aged folks can enjoy. I agree with so many of ya’ll that this will indeed be a great show. Beyonce is one of the best live performers alive right now.

  17. @cynthinia the only truth is that Bey is prolific at making ya’ll believe those crappy songs are the best thang since sliced Dam bread!! … And to add to the overrated hype with flying weaves n’ hard gyrating dance moves… Now she is a good entertainer at mindless self deprecating performances that only makeup for the lackluster tunes,.. Only song I can remotely recall is “cray cray in love”…Hehe and Itzs almost as forgotten as this generation… She so dam stagnant in growth her own dam generation Has passed her mentally… Bey still istuck on that lil girl ghetto nonsense….imma ah imma ah ah D-i-v-a and u simps have the nerve to put her at a big boi level!! I mean Bey’s catalog just doesn’t speak #classic!! No matter what u say repertoires like Whitney Stevie Prince Anita …. Who all Have endless hits that have hella substance and make sense… Unlike *if I were a boy…Psssh and if i was I’d slap the bejesus outta her azz… Yea mad bcuz ole Gurl will do anything for a dolla.. Instead of stepping back and really puttin more thought into her art… I mean she is the biggest thing we got rite lol… I just wish she wud meet potential seemingly not quite true or full with all that talent and make an Album that will last FOREVER!!!

  18. We have all seen the show already. We really can save ourselves some time and energy because this performance has been done already.

  19. Nowadays if an artist depart too far from what their fans like, it’ll flop (Ciara)…Beyonce’s fans, I think fell in love with her as a performer [her looks, dancing and sexiness] over her music quality that isn’t a Janet Jackson catalogue [without Bey’s pipes] by no stretch of the imagination or Mary J. Blige’s [who often did sing off-key] and many other top artists! Beyonce can sing her butt off, but Solange is the ARTIST in the family!

    Beyonce’s a top PERFORMER! She’s back, love it or hate it! It won’t be like 2007 – 2009 when she totally dominated…there are more players in the game (Katy Perry, Rihanna, Adele, Carly jepsen, Taylor Swift, etc) and reality tv stars and actresses turned celebrities go hard for the same award show performances, covers and editorial. Nicki Minaj is one of the leading token blacks, code for light skin and acceptable to the masses…the news cycle is so brief, “it’s next”…these people are stock content for media outlets, all of these celebrities stay on a red carpet or plant stories for some pub, it’s part of their job (branding)! Even Honey Boo Boo Child is making her rounds!

  20. I will admit she kills onstage live period. She should do End of Time. For all her flaws she never puts on a half assed live performance.

  21. in reference to Janet Beyonce has taken jabs at her family in the past just google it, said something like, my father wasnt Joe Jackson.

    SO YES it is apart of her character..

    lol prolly why Beyonce wasnt asked to MJ’s funeral but Jennifer Hudson was.

  22. Why? For what reason? She’s washed up like Madonna and what flop half time performance she had.

  23. My lil phoney can sit her p poppin and wind machine at the world will she thats shes nothing but an over-rated..stripper..she should just work at magic city!

  24. Lol at the delusions. If bey was so terrible, I doubt she would be so successful. The superbowl commitee picked her and her millions of fans cant wait. Build a bridge and get over it. Beyonce isnt going anywhere.

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