Beyonce: “Sweet Dreams” Music Video

Beyonce Sweet Dreams Video
Like previous offerings from the I Am… Sasha Fierce album, this video features Beyonce accompanied by two female dancers, several costume changes, and the dynamic workings of a green screen.

Click the link above to check it out on MTV.


  1. It is official. Beyonce is going to take over Michael Jackson’s place as the worlds “Greatest Entertainer.” She is awesome. Can’t nobody catch up to her right now. Not Britney Spears, not Rihanna, not Ciara, not nobody.


  2. I support Beyonce, but not the looniness of some of her fans. Beyonce isn’t even in the same neighborhood as Michael. They not on the same block- they don’t live in the same building- NOTHING. Stop the insanity. Beyonce as the next Michael is as insane as Justin Timberlake as the next Michael. You and Kanye West both need a wake-up call.

  3. Oh lawd not with the MJ comparisons.

    I like Beyonce. Her voice is lovely and some of her songs are cool, but MJ? I want some of whatever is being passed around in this piece for real. That gotta be some good Dro…lol

    Beyonce ain’t even on Celine, Madonna’s or Mariah’s level as far as success so she ain’t even touching Mike. She is one of the better entertainers out there now – but MJ status? MJ status?

  4. I agree with Stephanie. First off MJ sold over 90 million copies in the united states alone, with the Thriller album. Beyonce hasn’t been able to go even diamond in the US. Also MJ had classic songs. Ego and Diva will not stand the test of time like a Rock with You or PYT.

  5. I agree again with KSH. If Whitney had stayed the course. It would be Beyonce who. Whitney had the voice and beauty. Plus she was actually a decent actress and her films did really well, plus the soundtrack albums to each film sold off the charts (particularly The Bodyguard soundtrack over 200 million copies sold plus numerous #top ten hits by Whitney). Beyonce has not accomplished any of this. And her so-called “breakout” film was easily over taken by Jennifer Hudson (dreamgirls) role and songs.

  6. I didn’t like the video at all. It looked cheap.

    P.S. No one will ever top MJ’s sales.

  7. Ok I agree with you that Beyonce is not at the same lever as MJ! But who is? He was larger than life.
    BUT comparing theirs record sales is not the way to do it. When MJ was at the top of his game, he sold really good and still. But beyonce became famous by herself when records didn’t sell so good and now their in the crapper.
    Comparing sales today with the 80’s is insane. We live in a different age.. that’s all!

  8. Beyonce the next MJ now that is funny as hell ๐Ÿ™„ ๐Ÿ™„ please dont go there because all your doing is in embarrassing yourself and Beyonce. She will NEVER and I mean NEVER be MICHAEL JACKSON no one will.

    By the way the video is boring!

  9. IM gonna have to go with Just sayin’, i mean you cant compare because everyone downloads right now, back then we didnt have the internet to take half of the sales, also when people compare they are mostly comparing performance wise, i mean think about it beyonce just as MJ full out PERFORM when it comes to the stage so i think its fair to say that beyonce is living up to expectation to be compared to him, of course there is only one michael but i think beyonce deserve the “icon” and “legend” status because out of anyone within the past 10 years, whole else could be considered that in this generation? sure A Keys can be considered a legend as well but i am talking about someone that can sing AND perform there but off, and beyonce is the definition of that in this generation.

  10. I don’t know. I looks like Single Ladies part 3. Not very creative. Beyonce stans need to stop with the Michael Jackson comparisons. Beyonce will never, let me stress, NEVER, be on his level.

    Michael Jackson had a career that spanned forty five years. The man was a musical genius who made timeless classics and music that all generations can enjoy. He sang about healing the world, encouraging yourself and lifting your spirits. He was a global humanitarian and known in countries that we never knew existed. His music videos were groundbreaking, powerful and told a story.

    Beyonce sings about being a diva, upgrading her man, ringing the alarm, freakin dresses, egos and all the other crap. If anything her music and videos are just forgettable.

  11. Hey Mario!

    @ childofsestiny: ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

    @ JBL: ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    @ lola: ๐Ÿ™‚

    @ justsayin’: ๐Ÿ™„

    @KSH: ๐Ÿ˜›

  12. I’ve weighed in on this video elsewhere so I’ll do two things:

    1) *waves* to everyone ๐Ÿ™‚ You guys liking that new Maxwell CD? I’ve got it on constant repeat. ๐Ÿ˜†

    2) Love the gold outfit at the end, but what IS IT with all the ta-ta twerking and poo-nanny popping? Is THIS what constitutes a good dance routine? I get it that it’s supposed to be ‘fierce’ and ‘aggressive’, but can hardly imagine doing this in the club……………….I’d be kicking folks, INJURING folks left and right. ๐Ÿ˜†

    ***and please, no one else say she’s this generation’s MJ. Let’s. just. not. go. there. AT ALL. mmmkay?


  13. This is going to get ugly. I get the concept and even like some of it but overall the video is ok. She has done better videos. Now, let’s play nice and be mature with our viewpoints in here. Thanks in advance and good evening to all.

  14. Michael Jackson was not just sales. Let’s not diminish Michael’s legacy by acting as if his greatness was based solely on numbers. Michael Jackson was as innovative as they come and touched people in a way that cannot even be described in words. No other artist has ever touched the world the way Michael did and that is why you see such an outpouring of love and grief for him. Beyonce fans don’t understand that because Beyonce herself doesn’t. Whenever she talks of being like someone it is always in terms of sales, never creativity. Her ego makes her want to sell alot records or movie tickets and at any cost. However, sales wise she will never touch Michael. She can’t even touch Janet, Mariah, Whitney, Madonna or Celine and Michael has probably sold more than them combined. When it comes to creativity she is a 0. Her tours are always mild successes because they never sell out. Beyonce has never been a touring force and all the greats have that in common- their tours are major successes with no seats left empty. Much love to our sister Beyonce, but she is no Michael Jackson and never will be. Never, ever, ever.

  15. @Chey

    Yes, it’s more of the same. The whole stack of videos from this album have been the same tired or contrived twist on the same theme. Talk about beating a concept to death. She’s trying TOO HARD with the futuristic look. She doesn’t strike me as very forward-thinking in her interviews (I wonder if she could reference at least ONE great visionary Sci-Fi writer?). Lordy, where are pop video visionaries nowadays? I guess that stopped with Madonna, MJ and Janet, and to some degree, Jennifer Lopez, who alonng with Madonna, STILL tops her as far as all-out professional dancing and technique.

    Oh wait – as much as I don’t care for Britney or Lady Gaga, they bring fresh video ideas and concepts to the table. Gwen Stefani brings it, too.

    I’ll still hold out for the next African American video vangaurd. Kanye come close for going against the grain. Younger Black audiences (13 – 20) don’t usually go for artistic or off-beat visuals and simple band-oriented video performances, at least not since the heyday of Prince. They mostly crave the same style of dance-oriented videos, which as far as that’s concerned, she delivers. Very formulaic and pedestrian.

  16. To me her theme for this album is pretty straightforward. The videos for “I Am..” (IIWAB, Halo, BHG) tell a story, while “Sasha Fierce” (SL, Diva, Ego, SD) are all about letting Sasha loose so she can burn a hole in the dance floor. And that she does. The Sasha videos feature really cool dance moves that everyone can pick up on and do their own interpretation of Sasha Fierce. I dig that.

    As for THIS video – I can’t lie, I was expecting more. This isn’t the worst video out of the 7 we’ve seen (IMO that would be “Ego” as it was almost an exact retread of SL), but it’s not the best (toss up between IIWAB and SL). It’s become evident that she is not putting as much creativity (the effort is still there, but she’s not thinking as hard) with the follow-up singles, as the album and tour have already proven successful.

    I continue to play her music on repeat and am still a fan (borderline stan sometimes, even I admit it) but I gotta call ’em when I see ’em.

    HOWEVER – MTV’s James Montgomery had nothing but glowing reviews for the video (u can read the review by clicking Stephanie’s link), so it’s interesting to see what kind of demographic/mindset she and her team were going for, as “Sweet Dreams” is pegged as her next worldwide hit, to follow “Halo,” while “Ego” has already peaked in the R&B Top 5 on Billboard.

  17. I have to agree with Mario on this.
    This girl can sing, act, dance – nothing she can’t do! She deservs cred, and of course she isn’t in MJ block right now, but she’s getting there. She is only 27 and accomplished so much and still have so much to offer!
    Give her time, she will be an icon and a legend.
    AND i have to add. MJ death made ppl appriciate him more. I loved him every step of the time., I had bought tickets to his show and all. When he died everybody gave him their respect, ppl should have given him the SAME respect while he was alive, maybe then he wouldn’t have passed away when he was only 50. He should have heard all the amazing things everybody is saying now.
    Death make someone an icon, a legend. If beyonce died today we all would ONLY say good stuff about her. Her videos, singles, we would all talk about her record sales despite hard times etc… we forget that all of them artist out there are doing their best to entertain and all some ppl do is hating on them. I have said it before if you don’t like beyonce don’t click on her name, don’t buy the albums… Ppl did the same shamless things to MJ when he was alive. His sugery, his kids, perv and i don’t know all shameless things ppl said about him. Now they all regret it, don’t do it to miss knowles or other artist. They are trying to do their best ti entertain… It’s nothing else………. Just a video. Not the world war 3!

  18. People are still buying records- just ask Taylor Swift and Alicia Keys. Alicia’s last album sold a million copies a month for four months in a row. Even if Beyonce had existed in the 80s she would not have been anywhere near Michael’s success. Prince, Madonna, Whitney and Janet never even approached his success. You B fans are so insecure and always looking for ways to big up her to make yourselves feel good. This is why I said to h.ell with sales. People will always claim if so and so was making music back in the day they would have sold more. Michael was Michael because he was innovative and touched people’s souls. Beyonce isn’t innovative and touches nothing but men’s loins. She makes the type of music that needs videos. She like Britney are products of the video era. The music is bad so you need the visual to help sell it. For instance, we all hated Single Ladies until we saw the video. Everyone thought that song sucked and was a rip off of Get Me Bodied. The hypeness of the video is what made it a hit. However that record and most of her records would have never been released back in the day because the lyrics are so silly and juvenile.

  19. @ Mario,

    I’m tryna be! Gotta go now – gotta deadline. But I’ll check back in tomorrow. Keep leading the Pro-Beys in the right direction!

  20. So death made Michael Jackson an icon? Man I gots to get out of this thread. You young dumb arse fans are killing me. If Beyonce died right now she would get the same attention as Farrah Fawcett- next to none. Death won’t make Beyonce anything except dead.

  21. somebody just said people only started appreciating MJ when he died…you are crazy as hell do you know how many tickets MJ sold within an hour?…..if she dies i will say good ridens just for one thing,no more horrible acting,i dnt care so much about her music(get rich quick scheme),

  22. Was she and her husband at the memorial?i’m sure she was willing to pay to be on that stage…..nobody mentioned anything about her now she pushed forwad the release date of the video for attention,she cnt stand other peoplez moment of shine….such bruised ego,what a bish she is.

  23. Speak the truth JBL dont go no where. Tell these B stan the TRUTH she’ll NEVER EVER be the next MICHAEL JACKSON no one will.


  25. No one can EVER take MJ’s spot but Stephanie for you to say that they dont even live on the same block or the same building?? Is a bit far fetched…Beyonce is thee best entertainer of our time HANDS DOWN no she hasnt sold 90 mil worldwide but she’s only 27 and has sold over 30 mil already by the time she turns about 45-50 she gone be living next door to MJ….Please name ONE person who can put on a better performance then Beyonce that is OUT NOW??! Dont worry Ill wait…..again NO she is not the next MJ but she is a close enough replica of MJ, she has alot of MJ spirit in her when she graces the stage, putting on thee best shows as well as have one of thee best voices ever! ANYWHO the Video was hot I love the song more but the video was ALOT better then “Diva” and “EGO” .

  26. @ Just sayin i agree PLUS BEYONCE GOT HER FIRST RECORD DEAL AT AGE WHAT LIKE 16? where michael was 5 so thats a big difference in time, like ten years i bet ten years from now, hell she already is considered a icon and that is said by peple in the actual music industry not the haters on the blogs so get it right

  27. Oh Stephanie and others, don’t let these stans get your panties all in a bunch lol. The only ones calling Beyonce the next MJ are her stans (I’ll admit I heard some prominent people in the industry refer to her as such, but they’re probably closted stans themselves). That’s why they are called STANS. That is what they do, that goes with standom lol. And if you don’t think that Ciara stans think she’s the next Janet, or if Rihanna /Britney Spears stans think that they are the next Madonna, you’re fooling yourselves. Me, myself, am a fan of many, but I stan for no one.

  28. its funny how dead it is until there is a beyonce post, just shows how big of an artist she is…because if she wasnt, she wouldnt cause soooo much drama ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  29. Beyonce doesn’t cause drama or excitement, her crazy fans do. And no, by the time she is 50 or 60 she won’t be living next door to Michael. She may be cleaning his tombstone but that’s as close as she’ll ever come to him. Some of you are so young and have so little time on this planet that you have no idea how truly great this man was. Beyonce’s sales have always been mediocre. She has never been the top selling artist of any era, decade, year… nothing. She is simply a popular artist of today but sales wise she has never been a leader. Yes she can put on an interesting show, but let’s not pretend like she is Michael. Your need to uplift your idol to levels she hasn’t yet uplifted herself is very telling. You all know her talent is mediocre at best and your attempts to attach her name to Michael’s legacy will only backfire. Michael was no run of the mill artist and his greatness goes beyond his sales and his performances. Michael set the trends that just about every other artist out there follows and he did it for over 20 years. Most of all, Michaels spirit touched the world and that is why he is Michael Jackson, the greatest artist that ever lived. Now come back and tell me how Beyonce’s spirit has touched the word. I’ll wait… โžก

  30. @JBL sounds like you are the one thats most concerned with beyonce, obviously she does cause alot of buzz because you have posted in here more than once stating the same thing…anyway, noone said she IS michael jackson but i think its safe to say that she is the michael jackson of THIS generation when it comes to performance and worth ethic because i want you to name ONE person that does it better than bey, YOU CANT I KNOW IT ITS OKAY

  31. the thing about ciara stans calling her janet is the fact that people in the industry has called her that not just stans. read more on ciara stop thinking stans just make up stuff. tv shows all around the world say that to ciara. go watch her interviews and videos of people talking about ciara. when ciara was on a show in the uk they said people know she is the best dancer out. just like with rihanna the industry is who calling her a fashion icon not stans and pop princess . with beyonce it’s her stans saying she is michael jackson, people like monique and kanye west are die hard beyonce fans who think she is better than everybody, but nobody has called beyonce to much in her interviews or maybe when talking about her, but maybe something like she is one of the hottest singers out and a good performer.

    i see her copying from ciara again. there is just to much from go girl video in all of her videos. i remember in go girl ciara did the three girl thing dancing coming out of the elevator and the broken robot outfit and moves, also rihanna and kanye parinod video at the beginning. when will some open there eyes about beyonce. i mean ciara came out in 2004 doing the matrix since then she has been doing it in different ways and now beyonce all over the place doing it. when people in the industry have said that is ciara signature move.

  32. As sad as it is I think that in the future we will see more and more comparisons between Beyoncรฉ and MJ. For now it’s the fans but soon it will be the media. We all know how they like superstars. Michael is gone, they have to find a new one.

  33. if that is the case then how is it that the media started rating her performance lower than ciara. i’ll wait. ciara might not be the best singer but neither was a few others. but believe me ciara has outshine beyonce on stage many times, beyonce is a good performer but so are others that are out. but if beyonce is your favorite artist it is ok to think like that but know the truth. now ciara is my favorite artist and i think she is better than everybody but everybody doesn’t feel like that, but i do know for a fact that she has outshine beyonce many times on stage. and yes many people have label beyonce as a outstanding performer and not liked ciara, but many and when i say many i mean many have put ciara as a threat.

  34. Some people don’t understand that Michael was more than music and sales. Everybody has a story linked to MJ, he was a part of the family even if we didn’t know him personally. Beyoncรฉ is talented but she doesn’t touched people the way Michael did. You didn’t have to be a fan to be touched by his death. The WHOLE world was mourning for him.

  35. this looks like ciara go girl video. ciara did the three dancers coming out the elevator dancing and the broken robot outfit and moves. it also looks like rihanna and kanye parnoid video with the beginning scene. the thing about ciara stans calling her the next janet is that real industry people have said that. tmz always call her that, shows in the uk say she is the best dancer out. ciara stans get that from interviews and stuff they hear music industry people say when talking about ciara. just like it is the industry that called rihanna a fashion icon and pop princess not her stans. read reviews on ciara and rihanna that is where their fans get it from not blogs.

  36. why when you mention beyonce jacking ciara on this site it gets deleted ๐Ÿ˜• ๐Ÿ˜• ๐Ÿ˜•

    i am a new blogger here and everytime i type something about beyonce jacking ciara or rihanna it gets deleted.

  37. Oh Oh… Here is another WINNER
    I love the SD video. The more I watch it, the better it becomes. Thanks Bey for the extra sunshine in my day today. My fav move is the krump-like dance. Of course, her swagger/ confidence is present. While some aspects of the video keep up with the entire collection, It still stands solid on its own. The second and third outfits are banging. I don’t know about the gold outfit though ๐Ÿ˜† . I see the natural sista representing. The song itself has been a favorite of mine since it came out under beautiful nightmare.

  38. MJ and Boring, predictable beYawnSay in the same sentence is enough to make MJ turn over in his grave!!!!

    She is not even on Janet’s level, let alone MJ’s. Come on stans, Beyawnsay’s father’s goal is for her to become an icon. ๐Ÿ˜†
    You don’t become an icon by stating it, you earn it, you evolve to that level, your music and “unmatched” talent is supposed to set you apart from peers.

    Beyawnsay’s claim to fame is gyrating and in this video she is jerking and popping her coochie at least twice because she knows she is fading.

    She looks sickly thin, that wind blowing weave is a mess and outdated. There is absolutely nothing creative about the video. It looks recycled hot garbage straight out the trash.

    HER VOICE ON THE TRACK IS ANNOYING. SHE IS SINGING WAY TOO HIGH. Beyawnsay needs to take a break. But, she already fell off when Rihanna concord her in her prime which is why Beyawnsay can’t afford to sit down.

    she’s on tour and had to reduce tickets to $20, that is not a legend/icon in the making, that is someone fighting to stay relevant.

    MJ and Janet are light years ahead of beyawnsay.

    Beyawnsay is the queen of market oversaturation, greed, and endorsements, next she’s gonna endorse a soiled tampon.

    LOL, Beyawnsay’s cd is whack. It has only sold 2 million slight above, and that is not iconic, not legendary.

    Her music repertoire has not one classic, timeless record. She is a gimmick!

    Her father predicted 1 million sales in the first week. LMFAOOOOOOOO The album has been out almost a year and she is stalled in the low, low 2 million range. She has lost fans. an icon/legend gains fans.

    beyawnsay is an opportunist. she wants to feed the world poison hamburger helper to promote her concert, but after the tour wraps, giving back will be further from her brainless mind.

    Beyawnsay wanted BET stage to herself absent other females because she doesn’t want to be upstaged lyrically.

    I laugh every time stans say she is a great performer. she does the same exact crap every concert. She is overrated and useless in the industry. After this cd era she really needs to sit her 36 year old self down and reflect, and grow.

    LMFAOOOOO not even her fake marriage could help her earn icon/legend status.




    WHAT DOES BEYAWNSAY DO? Copy the ideas of others and her stans go goo-goo gaa-gaa….So blind, so blind!!!!


  39. Beyonce has hella work before you can mention her in the same sentence with Michael Jackson….

    on another note: THE VIDEO IS HOT! She has redeemed herself in my book. This video is really cute! I love the scenes, the colors, the dancing, and of course …the song.

    I was soooo looking forward to this video and I’m pleased.

  40. Mario, don’t hurt yourself trying to use brain cells you haven’t yet developed ๐Ÿ˜†

    As a B fan, she is all you see and all you know. I’m not going to knock Beyonce’s talent or work ethic. I have supported her here for years even though I am as far from a fan as one can get. I know how Black artists must work twice as hard as White artists and still not get the same credit.

    Beyonce works like a horse and has the hair to prove it ๐Ÿ˜† However, she is not the Michael of this generation. According to Kanye, Justin Timberflake is. But according to me, no one is.

    Beyonce’s popularity at this moment in time cannot come even close to that of Michael’s popularity now or 10 years ago, 20 years ago, 30 years ago or 40 years ago.

    Btw…. you wanna know who has B’s work ethic, check the charts. Every artist there has put in their time to get where they are. However, in true Beyonce stan fashion, you refuse to acknowledge the accomplishments of anyone except your dear Queen.

    You stans are so rude and disrespectful, you have the audacity to compare a girl who has been in the industry for about 10 years to man who has been in the industry for 40 years and you don’t see anything wrong with that. You actually think it is a rational comparison.

    You disrespect this man and his legacy everytime you compare him to this lightweight of an artist you all call The Queen.

  41. JBL why waste your time writing pages, noone reads all that, i read the first sentence and could tell that you are a hater, you attack people personally just to get your point across? shame, shame shame…. im happy i dont have to do that

  42. I burnt yo tail and now you can’t talk no more. Don’t start telling lies on me. I barely post comments here and I don’t tear down my fellow sisters or Blacks in general. You mad cause I spoke common sense and that is a language B stans don’t speak.

    Next… โžก

  43. JBL: I like is said before dont go no where kept telling these Beyonce stan the truth and I so agree with everything you said.

    Mario: Just because someone doesnt agree with you that makes them a hater? ๐Ÿ™„ Well then am hater and am proud of it but the fact is still the same Beyonce would NEVER EVER be on MICHAEL level.

    Like some said before Beyonce is Beyonce end of story but Michael is KING OF POP and GREATEST ENTERTAINER OF ALL TIME.

  44. Respect

    That’s what this is all about: Respect. Beyonce’s drones have no respect for anyone and yet they demand respect from everyone. Look at the amount of time and energy Beyonce’s fans have put into beating down Keri Hilson, Ciara and any other female artist they feel threatened by. I was just on a forum where a poster had a siggy with Ciara, Keri Hilson, Jennifer Lopez, and Brandy in it. The siggy had flop written across it and asserted that Beyonce’s greatness was the reason why these female artists had albums that didn’t sell well. Remember they did the same thing to Janet Jackson a few years back. Janet, like Michael, is without a doubt one of the most emulated artists out there today. Beyonce’s videos have the stinch of Michael and Janet all over them and yet they show no respect for either of those trailblazers. Instead they want to assert that their girl is better or equal to the both of them. Michael’s career spans 40 years while Janet’s spans 30 years. Make no mistake about it, they have no love or respect for Michael Jackson. What they want to do is use him to prop up their girl. As a matter of fact they have on Beyonce’s own message boards asserted that Beyonce is greater. Beyonce fans are the epitome of the word hater. They hate to see anyone succeed and do all they can to tear down other artists, male and female.

  45. I guess the way I feel is that Beyonce deserves her dues mainly because of the amount of respect her fellow peers in entertainment have for her. She has gained the mutual respect of the young entertainers (ie Rihanna, etc) who look up to her as inspiration, and legends (ie Prince, Michael Jackson) who have said nothing but great things about her. In fact, MJ had said that a number of artists (including Bey) was a favorite of his in an interview. I can see where the “stans” and “haters” are coming from, but as a fan, I believe that Beyonce isn’t Michael, but has made an amazing name in her own right. Just like Michael can’t be compared to anyone, who can even come close to Beyonce? We cant compare her to Alicia, Mariah, Whitney, Madonna, etc b/c all of those women have acquired a name in their OWN right by doing DIFFERENT things. Its like comparing Etta to Aretha, or Tina Turner to Gladys or Diana Ross to Patti Labelle. These women were in a league of LEGENDS, much like Bey, Mariah, etc are in a sorority of different talents and abilities today. As for the SD video, I had higher expectations, no lie. Coming from a film major, I had envisioned a concept comperable to the movie ‘The Cell’ starring Jennifer Lopez…something dark, mystical but still pop oriented. BUT, it was Bey’s choice and all I can do is just enjoy the details in the vid that are enjoyable and move on. The song is still hot. And also, I feel as though Bey will be an icon when that time comes. She has stayed grounded and avoided the pitfalls of a pained, tortured talent (ie Michael, Lauryn Hill, Jimi Hendrix, etc) so I comend her for being a humble and hardworking artist. She may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but she doesn’t deserve the heartless criticism. Everyone’s entitled to opinions, but I feel that they must be measured by the amount of respect they contain. FINAL NOTE: Bey has her iconic songs, such as Crazy in Love, Irreplaceable, If I Were a Boy, Single Ladies. She has her iconic videos, and I rly believe that when she is 65 years old, these songs will be remembered and possibly many more. I can just see the amount of young talents that will perform these songs at her memorial, or her dedications at award shows.

  46. another point: I believe Bey has touched ppl with her music. How many females DIDNT sing Irreplaceable to themselves when that song was hot? How many DIDNT feel touched by IIWAB? How many DIDNT agree with Me, Myself and I? I think Bey’s got that ability, but to each his own. & dont get me wrong! I think Ciara is so fly. Rihanna is my dream woman (Im a straight guy haha). Keyshia Cole got pipes, Brandy has a beautiful voice, Jill Scott, India Arie are moving and amazing. Im just able to recognize the talent ALL of these women have to bring to the table.

  47. Well said M ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Now I won’t compare her to MJ, but say what you want about Beyonce, the chick is still bad. I don’t understand why people wish to rip her and her talents, hard work, and accomplishments to shreds. Can’t wait to see her next week!

  48. I wasn’t going to comment but Lol at the stans and the mj comparison
    you better burst youw own bubble michael jackson have this 99 cents chick beat all the way down to his fans
    his fans are the Original gangster ass stans the guy was accused of the worse crime on earth and we stood by him there could be a video of him molesting children and we would still have his back
    I believe that survey that proved tha you beyonce stans are the dumbest on earth, you need to get back on earth before we bring your ass back down to earth michael is the truth and beyonce is the imitation
    Michael had at least two dance invention to his name the most popular being the moonwalk what did beyonce invent the butt pad shake? every respectable stripper can do what she does as far as dancing and more
    You people are the reason whatever beyonce do people won’t give her props even when she deserve it alwasy overhyping her simple behind, That cheap video… let me calm down whoever brought this comparison just like someone says single ladies was a “thriller”need no let me rephrase try and go say that to a bnch of michael jackson fan see if you dont get shot, You might intimidate the rihanna and ciara stans but please those are the people beyonce and you CAN go against don’t even try that sheit cuz you gon get get beyonce is good at what she is does but she is in no way shape or form a virtuoso, i know you don’t know what it means but please stop embarassing you and horseonce

  49. Beyonce fans are so mad they can spit. Word is she swagger jacked some designer who she supposedly worked with in the past. That is the fall back story. That makes it okay for her not to have an original thought in her body.

    Hit up You Tube for the evidence

  50. Kanyade i love maxwell so much which song is your favorite? Bad habit stays on repeat fistful of tears too ๐Ÿ™‚ I love max

  51. Jbl
    People are still buying records- just ask Taylor Swift and Alicia Keys. Aliciaโ€™s last album sold a million copies a month for four months in a row. Even if Beyonce had existed in the 80s she would not have been anywhere near Michaelโ€™s success. Prince, Madonna, Whitney and Janet never even approached his success. You B fans are so insecure and always looking for ways to big up her to make yourselves feel good. This is why I said to h.ell with sales. People will always claim if so and so was making music back in the day they would have sold more. Michael was Michael because he was innovative and touched peopleโ€™s souls. Beyonce isnโ€™t innovative and touches nothing but menโ€™s loins. She makes the type of music that needs videos. She like Britney are products of the video era. The music is bad so you need the visual to help sell it. For instance, we all hated Single Ladies until we saw the video. Everyone thought that song sucked and was a rip off of Get Me Bodied. The hypeness of the video is what made it a hit. However that record and most of her records would have never been released back in the day because the lyrics are so silly and juvenile.


  52. Jbl never says anything about beyonce and you got her/him to talk you stans are sick

  53. @ Voice,

    Fistful of Tears, Bad Habit and of course Pretty Wings. *le swoon* I love heem!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  54. @ M,

    “Me, Myself and I” is my favorite of her ballads and my favorite of her first record. That song was my anthem for a minute. ๐Ÿ˜› and I liked your first comment ๐Ÿ™‚

  55. But who the fck even had the nerve to compare michael jackson to beyonce? This cheap woman? This insecure, greedy,manipulative worthless little girl?
    Are you serious? Michael jackson was like an estranged brother that i loved so much and i am a grown woman not the bunch of 13-19 little piece of shit worshiping beyonce.Beyonce will never in her life get to the level of michael jackson Never, just because fat insecure mo’nique and jay-z’s little puppy kanye said it does not mean you should let that go to your head you hear me? The man just died please let him rest in peace,

    Michael touched people, he cared about everyone even the smallest of countries he went to the ivory coast back in 92 when i was still living there and he took the time to salute everyone and give hugs and kisses when he took pictures with you he asked your name and he remembered it the next time he saw it that man was compassionate loving and E-D-U-C-A-T-E-D that dumb ass beyonce? really?

    Michael wasnt affraid to share a stage he didnt lose weight everytime someone younger came on the scene, he mastered his art, he had confidence in himself, michael wrote songs who touched the entire world , every each one of his song had a meaning whether hidden or obvious beyonce EMPtY head cannot and will never compete with him the only people beyonce compete with are rihanna and ciara those are the one she is trying to compete with and those are the only one she can compete with so you stick to “if she wasnt that hot there wouldn’t be any comment” and “rihanna cant sing or dance” You stick to that because the reality of it is beyonce is NOTHING nothing else but the illusion who makes your insecure self feel a little better about your miserable self i am a 27 top of her career great wife and mother and those are the type of peopel who loves michael all of you insecure, overweight, uneducated,under achiever need to sit the hell down and stop pissing people off before someone gives it to you queeN Bee I’m done, Yall done pissed the shit out of people who like me barely comment ,You brought winston who no one knew, You done make all the readers comment and give your ass the 411 and you stick to your “hater ” anthem, riding someone success instead of creating your own, Jbl,stephanie winston and jbl i’m sure we all have our success stories and somehow somewhere michael helped us did it, you done bought a blond weave and now you feel bad as hell?’
    “How many females DIDN’T sing Irreplaceable to themselves when that song was hot”WHEN is the key word how many children are singing Michael jackson’s songs? Negro please enough with the poor excuses and weak arguments it makes you all look dumber by the minute.

  56. @Dark sista arent you a GROWN A$$ woman??? You just sounded like a 15yr old catching a temper tantrum like seriously you wrote alot of nothing just now didnt even bother to read pat the 1st 2 sentences cuz u should be ashamed of yourself talking about another BROWNSISTA like that..SMMFH and LOL…a cheap woman??? How so when Beyonce got more cash then erybody in your family put together and your spouses family combined as well. ๐Ÿ˜† When ppl compare her to MJ they mean performance wise…She gives the best shows and gives 100%….Folks take thinks waaay out of context sometimes and needs to CALM THE HELL DOWN ๐Ÿ™„

  57. @dark sista, wow…for a “27 y.o” at the top of her game, you sure sound bitter. I had said nothing that wasnt even remotely “stan-like” or “hater” but you still had to go hard for nothing. Like I said, to each his own. Each artist is different. NO ONE will be like MJ, b/c he was fantastic. He touched millions, from generation to generation. But the lack of respect you have for ppl who actually like Beyonce is weak on your part. Sorry if you felt like I was attacking ppl who dislike her, but I really wasnt because I respect others opinions, whether I agree or not. You should rly do the same.

    & THANK YOU to the ppl who liked my comments ๐Ÿ™‚

  58. oh & btw, I hope no one thinks I actually made the Bey/MJ comparisons, b/c my first comment is clear in the fact that I think comparisons between ANY artists are def. NOT needed. Each artists was blessed with a different voice, a different method of performing and a different plan within the industry. It would be extremely silly and wasteful to compare one artist to another.

    Give me “Bad”. “Dirty Diana” and “In the Closet” ANYDAY!

    @darksista, you can KILL that “Negro” epiteph. I dont know you and you dont know me, so chill out with that immature BS

  59. Wooh i love the video!

    and lmao at all the comments!!

    Everyone up on here is just obsessed with Beyonce :D!

  60. The realist : Loooool i was going to answer to you completely until you made the assumption that having money couldn’t make someone cheap then i stop reading ,I would adress your little personal attack on me but i won’t what i would do is give a kiss to my A.M in your honor Lmao you know dang well you read my entire post and a defaut to have a good argumentation you chose to try and attack me ,It was cute however anybody who stans for a woman like beyonce cannot even compete with my toe jam , get some self esteem and build your own life baby , you are pathetic Good day

    M: Bitter about what? Nothing about what i said evoque the word bitter,But i guess a defaut to throw “hater” you chose that word this whole post wasn’t directed at you particularly but at those crazy -ss fans, who start debates and want to use the passion one exude to justify beyonce’s success i quoted you because your statement was idiotic saying “who didn’t sing blah WHEN it was popular” does not make any type of sense when we are addressing songs [and an artist] that are breaking trough generations,So don’t even comfort yourself in thinking that this sister right here is bitter, further more i don’t disrespect people who like beyonce, i happen to own dangerously in love, I have the uppermost disrespect for people who disrespect others,others’s legacy and music history as a whole Over beyonce NUance so do not twist my words and/or categorize me,and you don’t have to apologize to me, for i was not offended by anything i said i was just pointing out what i thought was a dumb statement ๐Ÿ™‚ and the negro wasn’t directed at you but at all the bshitter in general, maybe the fact that i typed that after addressing your statement made it look like i was attacking you but that is not who i am so there you have it, and don’t waste anytime you the fakeist or anybody else i rarely comment here anymore and i won’t be back in here for i never met a beyonce stan who could give a strong argumentation on their obsessions all this ish right here is pitiful and i’m so sorry that people rather be at the end of the line than be leader, following and praising another woman when we are all made the same way and should all strive to success…Pathetic Goodnight and have fun being followers ๐Ÿ˜‰

  61. Its soooo Funny… But Beyonce girl, a Hater will only make you Greater… Thats all most of these people are doing is hating…Now there is some good opinions from a lot of people on here. now im a big fan of Beyonce, and I could honestly say, NO she is not MJ… Becuase there is only ONE MJ… Beyonce is Beyonce… Thats all she could be… Now What I want to say, is How can some of you come on here and knock Beyonce’s Hustle… No matter how much you may not like her, how much you dont like her music, you can NEVER knock someones hustle… She has worked very hard to be where she is, and for some of you to say Her music hasnt touched people… Ok what happened to Dangerously in lOVe, IIWAB, Me Myself and I, among other songs… HUH? Please… Now im not sayin that Beyonce is MJ… But as of RIGHT NOW… WHo can we say is THIS GENERATIONS BEST ENTERTAINER… HUH? I will wait…

    I dont want to be back lashed, im only trying to prove a point… I dont understand how some of you will go to the ends of the earth to make this Woman look bad… When she hasnt done any thing wrong… When you have the presidents daughters, and the president and first lady, her peers, and fans that look up to you, and they are aknowledging you for doing something good, What does that tell you… She is doing something right… ANd if you dont like her, why do you continue to click on her post’s … If you dont like her, you could simply scroll past the post… Am i RIGHT? Thank Que and Good NighT….

  62. I agree Stephanie with you 1,000,000%

    The Icon Teacher Pack: Madonna, Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Tina Turner, Diana Ross, and Aretha Franklin.

    The Younglings Student Pack: Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce Knowles, Christina Aguilera, and Rihanna Fenty. So before she can even be compared to Mr. Michael Jackson, she has to graduate and then pass the female Icons success.

    Billboard chart history has Madonna, Mariah, Janet and Whitney in their top 10 for females. SMH NO BEYONCE!!!!!

  63. NO! beyonce will never be MJ, there is not another person on earth that can EVER take his place, that type of this is once in a lifetime. But you have to admit, she definitely has Michael’s heart, but she gets on the stage and performs her ass off!! she totally gives herself to her fans, and i think that’s where the comparisons come in

  64. I like her…. I don’t think dancing is one of her strengths…. But it does look like she ran out of ideas for a video. Maybe it’s time for a small break. Go enjoy home life for awhile, better yet experience real life and then come back with some grown folks music.

    Oh and to who ever said that she is on the same level as MJ or will replace him, is cleary ignorant.

  65. I knew this was going to get ugly and it did….

    I am going to say this: Beyonce has every opportunity to be the premier mainstream black entertainer of her era and the fact that a black female is even being talked about in this manner when all the other premier black entertainers going back to the Nicholas Bros to Sammy Davis, Jr. to Jackie Wilson to James Brown to Michael were all males is saying something. Though they have been a lot of great female performers, some that I would put over Bey like Josephine Baker, Tina Turner, Diana Ross, Janet Jackson, yet…those women were never the premier entertainer of their era. Men always got that mantle. So for a female to even be talked about this, it is not crazy for her to be talked about as being a future legend or icon. I think some Beyonce fans(y’all know I am one also) can be over the top when talking about Bey and I feel that some of them are only fans to “big up her legacy”. That’s why with some of them, it is hard to give constructive criticism when it comes to Bey for this reason. Hell, not everything MJ did was great. No one is perfect no matter who they are. I said this on another site, I don’t need my favorite female artist to be consider a legend for me to be a fan. I just want her to continue to grow and mature in her craft. Legacies will speak for themselves.

    Chris Brown has the potential because he’s young, Usher is great especially when he’s on his A+ game, Neyo does his thing(I loved his version of Lady In My Life on the BET awards) but all in all, we are talking about a SISTAH being the premier mainstream entertainer of her generation, not to mention that her biggest competition if you want to call it that are females. Think about that for a minute. I agree with everything that M said and in fact, industry is in a great place when it comes to female entertainers, performers, and vocalists. It has not been like this since the 60s-80s, and imagine the next decade as they get older, more knowlegdable about their craft well as more understanding about their place in it. Remember that artists like Beyonce, Alicia, Monica and Brandy(gotta add them two because they have done their thing over the years too and are still young) have been in the industry since they were teens and now women like Jazmine, Keyshia, Ciara, Rihanna, Estelle, Jennifer, Keri and etc even if they are the same age as them aren’t necessarily peer groups to these 4 woman. They have been influenced musically and artistically by these four women. Ashanti is kind of in between both of those peer group and is improving herself. She is doing her thing with the Wiz and I think this will help lead to bigger and better things.

    As I said, the industy is in a good place when it comes to female entertainers/performers/musicians/singers. All that has to happen is that they realize their potential. So my thing is, fans need to appreciate our female performers, appreciate the music, support them. Even if you don’t like their music, or their delivery of it, at least support that they are there doing their thing. I am not a fan of what I have heard from Keri for example, but I am happy she has two top 10 songs from her album thus. Hopefully it leads to bigger things for her.

    One last thing, the media especially bloggers at times create this stuff. Beyonce don’t have to be “the Female MJ” to be great. At worst, she has been the second biggest female artist of her age group, the only other one is Alicia Keys and no one’s arm is being twisted to buy their albums, or go see her performances. No one will ever have the impact MJ at on the industry. Thriller saved the industry because the 80s before that album came on the scene was in a big sales slump because of the economy(sounds familiar?). It gave the blueprint on how artists could market their music and lead to other artists getting big sales right before black market CDs and all of the other things after it. Two different eras too. Let’s just appreciate what our talented performers do, without trying to pit their successes against each other all the time.

  66. Sorry this long, but I had a lot of things to write and I can be long-winded but please take the time to read it. Thanks in advance and good morning.

  67. Bey will never EVER be on the same level as MJ.

    As for the video.. ๐Ÿ˜ same ole same ole.

  68. I’m not gonna even read the previous posts, because soon as MJ was mentioned I knew Blood was going to be spread!! With that being said NICE VIDEO!! I love Beyonce and will support her until the end of time!!

  69. @ Voice and Kanyade i love Fistful of Tears, Bad Habit too. I got his album yesterday. I can not wait to see him july 22 in albany new york. I seen him in CT on my b-day last yr i was open lol.

    @Mario what going on baby.

    As far as this topic next.

  70. @DARKSISTA AGAIN I didnt even bother to read past the 1st two sentences and so far I came up with “WHAT YOU LACK IN INTELLIGENCE YOU MAKE UP FOR YOUR STUPIDITY” and at the old age of 27 Im sorry that you took my opinion as an “attack” ๐Ÿ˜ฅ I was just stating my opinion, I feel that you making those type of comments about another 27 year old woman was more of an “attack” learn to take peoples opinions for what they are and dont let people get the best of you hunnie. You are entitled to your opinion but you did a bit much going in on Beyonce…SMH But if I lived an unhappy life like yours I would probably hate on the next successful 27yr old woman too…what you need to do is be an example up in here and get a grip hun. Carry on and Good day to you too ๐Ÿ™‚

  71. @ JBL

    You totally blew me away with your concise, and most importantly, RATIONAL take on this discussion. Well done.

    @ Curtis

    Droppin’ that science!

    Good g_d, I come back and the boards is on fyre!

    I’m willing to bet that god forbid, something were to happen to someone like Mary J. Blige, she would prove to be our biggest Black Female Icon 9at least to us African Americans). This is a woman who by sheer will alone, can emote more feeling with the tip of pinky than Bey can using a full clip. Not to mention Jill Scott (The Poet), Alicia Keys (The Beautiful Valedictorian), Erykah Badu (The Cypher) and Keyshia Cole (The Concrete Rose). I’ll give Beyonce (The Body That Sangs) her props in that that will be her legacy – not that deep, but she does what she does well enough. Back in the day, she might have done Vegas; sort of a la Lola Falana type crossed with Ann Margaret. There’s no doubt that she is and will remain the biggest black female star for a minute. But STANS continuously insist that because she’s rich, or makes more money than we do, makes her a queen, and we who dare to criticise her lack of depth are jealous haters. Let’s face it – her biggest flaw is her SERIOUS inability to express real EMOTION. It comes across in her “acting” and her contrived attempts at creating memorable video images. If we are to judge her based on her so-called writing skills (the jury is SOOOO out on this one considering the controversy surrounding this) her biggest songs are simply pop anthems. And that’s okay, but they will never stand the test of time in terms of changing the world, OUR world, or push us forward in any way like the artsists mentioned above (Props to Stevie Wonder – our Other National Treasure). That said, she has every right to entertain, inspire her fans/stans and make that “paper”, if that’s all you’re concerned with. I’d rather be inspired by a poor artist that can convey the everyday pain and struggle that most of us contend with on a daily basis. I mean come on, has there been ONE video where she wasn’t either writhing, snaking, shaking her ass or being pre-occupied with her looks via blowing fans thru her hair and skimpy clothing? Yeah – forgot – that sells……
    it just gets tiresome after awhile. Give me something more. Different. Thought-provoking. Honest. Smart. and sometimes, subtletycan work wonders.

    Children, money don’t mean ish to those of us who take our artists seriously.

  72. same ol’ same ol’ Beyonce video’s ( single ladies,diva,ego now this sweet dreams)
    I mean come on now ๐Ÿ™„

    Oh and Beyonce will never ever be on Michael Jackson’s level EVER!!!!!!!! and any other entertainer for that matter, but to each is own ………..

  73. Give me something more. Different. Thought-provoking. Honest. Smart. and sometimes, subtlety can work wonders.
    Children, money donโ€™t mean ish to those of us who take our artists seriously.


  74. I am really starting to believe that someone/people from MWE come into these posts and get her hardcore fans going by making outlandish suggestions (she’s the female MJ, she’s the best in the whole wide world). Once the seed is planted, it’s in your psyche.

    I have to give it to Matthew Knowles. The man is a marketing genius. Mind manipulation game proper.

    Soooo glad that my mind is not so weak as to believe anything somebody tells me (ie, jay z refers to B as the hottest chick in the game, the stans eat it up)

    I wonder what kind of health care the stans have?? How much money THEY have in the bank?? Just wondering, cuz they are so OBSESSED with her, they can’t have time to care about the important things in their own lives. *smh*

  75. @Voice–thanks.

    I usually don’t post but I couldn’t take it anymore.

  76. Beyonce Knowles is the greatest. And yes, she is and will be better than Michael Jackson and Madonna. She has already passed Janet Jackson, whose last three albums have been nothing but flops. Add Ciara, Ashanti, Brandy, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams to that loser’s club of female singers. Beyonce is killing all of their careers.

  77. Beyonce can do no wrong. She has a squeaky clean image and is adored by President Obama and his wife. She continues to excel in everything she does. She is perfect. No scandals, no wild parties, been with the same man for seven years. Just a classy lady.


  78. Imean what it. You b fan have no life or you just living your dream though her. B will never have her own style. Or have of the talent as Mj. I tell what you b fan don’t rally want it from Mj fans.So please stop going crazy and just leave this alone.

  79. People, please whoever thought that Beyonce can be compared to THE GREAT MIKE in any form or fashion-songcontent, popularity, performance, influence, inspiration is crazy. Yes, it is obvious the girl is talented but c’mon now-y would u insult music(which Mike was) like this. And those who are really trying to defend that comment-ru serious??? I’m really starting 2 think maybe she is putting a spell on people. Do ya’ll know if you said that comment in public what could possibly happen 2u???

  80. Please no one respond to childof destiny-just pray that sanity will come home.

  81. Dag BAnjiboy-you was dropping jewels in that last post-ANd i remeber when some1 said Beyonce better than Mary-this is what i told him- SHe may have sold more but Mary got the hood’s heart-pain can be a beautiful thing. The body that sang-that was so on point. Luv it. Preach

  82. @ childofdestiny,

    *wipes delusion from your eyes*

    Beyonce is NOT perfect.

    NO MAN/WOMAN/CHILD on this here Earth is perfect.


    *prays for a new post LOL*

  83. I think everyone should take heed to what Marlon Jackson said about no one understood the pain he endured and now maybe they will leave him alone. I don’t think any human being was suppose to be that famous and it seems like it drove him over the edge and he couldn’t find peace. So no I hope Beyonce and no one else get that famous ever again in life. People deserve peace if not here they should be able to rest in peace. RIP in MJ

  84. @ childofdestiny you need to stop smoking if you think Beyonce hass pass Janet Jackson’s success. ๐Ÿ™„

  85. Beyonce ….. Michael Jackson?

    W-o-w…. maybe drugs aren’t so bad afterall.

    Michael Jackson is the one; the only.

    Wanna bet? If Beyonce breaks her leg tomorrow and the doctor’s say it will never heal there’ll be another Beyonce in less than a year.

    There will never be another Michael Jackson.

    Please, wtf? Effing villagers in Nigeria knew who Michael Jackson was. They knew the words to ALL his songs, they knew all his dance moves. Who the hell is Beyonce? Who knows about her? Outside America, the UK and Japan who the hell cares?

    Do you know who Michael Jackson is????? Fishermen and hunters in the middle of the swamps in the Niger Delta know who Michael Jackson is and some of them have never owned a television in their lives. [I’m being effing serious. This is no joke] When the fishermen in the creeks of the Niger-Delta know about Beyonce, then you can talk. Until then sit down and stop insulting Michael Jackson by saying Beyonce’s name in the same sentence as his.

  86. ugh, this has gotten waayyy outta hand. Who cares if MJ had more success than Bey? The fact is that MJ is and always will be an ICON, that’s an obvious fact. Likewise, Beyonce should be proud of herself as well. Does she have more growing to do? Yes. Is she the next MJ? HELL NO. But when Bey wakes up every morning, and looks in the mirror, she should be proud of the artist she has become ON HER OWN TERMS. She is in her own lane, and all she needs to do is continue to grow as an artist and follow the plan God has for her. No one should knock her achievements, and no one should debase MJ’s [LEGENDARY] achievements by comparing them. Im 99% sure that if you walked up to Bey and asked her to her face, she’ d be the FIRST to tell you that MJ was one of a kind, the one & ONLY Michael Jackson. Why would she wanna be an icon based on someone else’s achievements?? Shouldn’t she live her life as an artist based on HER OWN merits? I don’t think its fair to either of these artists. I think its insulting to both of their crafts, so I hope this subject is dropped. (Am I the only rational Beyonce fan here?)

  87. Child of Destiny are you her payroll?

    MJ= ICON

    Beyonce – wannabe

    It will always be that way until she masters her craft. She keeps coming out with same tired moves and music. No one is saying that Bey does not have talent. She is good performer. Her fanatical followers always take it to another level (like comparing her to MJ). People have the right to their opinion, people who want to be her don’t respect any opinion that is not similar to their own. I personally have been a fan of DC since Writing on the Wall, but when she put out BDAY, I was turned off. She then decided to push “Sasha” down our throats with her typical catchy beats and coochie popping. This is bubble gum music and not by any means ICONIC. Are you going to be singing “Check On It “in 5, 10, 20 years? I think not. Her music is ok if you’re going out and that the crowd she caters to (a younger audience). Bey has not done anything significant enough to be considered on that level, period. There are people on this blog that like Bey and love MJ But please, don’t insult MJ fans by stating she on his level. No one is to date is and I don’t think no one ever will be.

    BTW – Coochie popping does not equal Class. Example-people love Madonna , but they never refer to her as having class. When simulating sex is your talent, there is no class, no matter how many albums are sold and how many videos are made.

  88. Michael have sold over 750 million records, beyonce 22 million, end of debate.

    beyonce is good at entertaining people on stage, michael perfected that and sold 750 million records alone the way

    michael created a step call moonwalk that have never be done before, :dance1:

    name one act, beyonce can call her own original ๐Ÿ™„

    whitney sold 190 m, don’t dance on stage
    janet sold 100 m, dancer
    mariah sold 200 m, never dance
    celine sold 200 m, don’t dance on stage
    madonna sold 200 m, dancer
    britney sold 80 m in the same decade, dancer
    elvis sold 1 billion, not much of dance on stage
    beatle sold 1 billion, didn’t dance on stage
    bing crosby sold 500 million, didn’t dance state

    someone up above mention janet last three cd flop, what do you expect people got tried of her sound but before she flop, she sold 100 million record, beyonce is running of time she is on her third album and haven’t come close to janet record sale. ๐Ÿ™„

  89. “No one should knock her achievements, and no one should debase MJโ€™s [LEGENDARY] achievements by comparing them.”

    I felt the need to quote my OWN self. lol

  90. @ yvonne

    Ever heard of the “uh-oh”? (hint: its the booty thing she does in crazy in love)
    Well thats Beyonce’s. No other artist can do a move even similar to that. coz beyonce OWNS it!

    and also, the three-girl-sasha theme. in her videos. Im pretty sure that is hers now. its her own trend. no body else, can do a video similar, with lots of dancing, or otherwise. without springing a Beyonce comparison.

    and aside from that. Beyonce is like a sex symbol and a brand!
    People usually say things like “im trying to bring out my inner Beyonce”
    the film stomp the yeard “you may think they look ugly now. But in 7 months, theyre gonna look like Beyonce!’

    Beyonce has her thing. that she is, the sexy, powerful stage performer, with long honey-coloured hair!

    you might of noticed rihanna cutting her hair really short. wonder why?
    she was TOO beyonce!

  91. by the way this is the big video we have been waiting for? lol People who are in awe of this video and feels she has mastered creativity, watch some Missy, Outkast, Kanye (im missing some more but u get the point) videos, then come back on this board. I won’t lie she was DECENT when she first started creativity wise, but it is obvious as that weave in her head that she is tired. THis song is HOT- the video does not live up 2

  92. JAmes: first of all she stole that from Shakira-watch her videos shakira been doing that but with more smoothness-ya’ll know
    B dance hard not smooth like Ciara, Usher, Aaliyah and real dancers. She even said she watched and practiced to Shakira’s hip dance whatever videos to learn to dance better. By the way strippers should sue her cause they have been doing that move since sliced bread. REgarding Rhianna-ur right that is prob y she changed look-now she has more of an edge, she might be fallin off the edge now, but at least she’s versatile, beyonce been wearing that dry wig since 2003

  93. @M-Beyonce main goal is be a legend not make good music- she said it in an interview when he asked her what would you want people to see you as? do you know what this girl said-a legend. Nooo boo, the people give you that title. imagine if that ? was asked to Alicia. She would have said something like being remembered for inspiring others, something profound, but no Vain Beyonce just wanna be a legend.

  94. Wait a minute-didn’t Ego basically just come out-DAg she can’t stand to c sum1 in spotlight. THat’s y at the Bet fake tribute-instead of it about mj it was about her singing a RELIGIOUS song half naked, then having weird mime people put a wedding gown on her . All eyes have 2b on her. you can’t even really appreciate her voice cuz your staring at her outfit. Men are lusting and sane women are thinking, what the heck is she wearing. SHe might be following his footsteps cuz she definitely is becoming strange.

  95. Pleazzzze Beyonce is not even on the path of being MJ. Come on people get real. She is great but not that great. MJ has broken barriers with his music….Tell me what barrier has Beyonce broke? Tell me as a entertainer what songs has she put out that moves people world wide? What….Single ladies…,,etc? You can’t compare especially right now…Let her at least get some age on her. Has she even put out a album a male and female could even listen to? What has she done besides entertain…lmao

  96. @yvonne almost everyone you named are twice beyonce’s age, just saying…

    it gets way to messy in here…. MESSY MESSY MESSY!

  97. @mario-i think the point she is making is DONT EVER COMPARE BEYONCE OR ANYONE 4 THAT MATTER TO MIKE

    Janet at Beyonce’s age was making trends, she was refreshing, original.

    All of those females on their 3rd album sold way more than her.
    What is so hard 2 comprehend about the comment of her being on Mike level was crazy. Why can’t people just say yes, im a fan but she is nowhere near mike and she isn’t an icon YET. The road she is going it is possible but even other icons aren’t on Mike’s level Thatt isn’t an insult its just a fact like the sky is blue. There are kids who weren’t even born when Mike’s hits were out and still acknowlege him cuz their parents and practically the world taught them about him

  98. straight bullsh!t!!!!!!! all this praise and i bet it don’t hit no 1!!!! that just goes to show MWE bloggers are paid to give this insecure b!tch fake flattery all over the blogs even this site which makes no sense,her not seeing the truth that she is overexposed is gonna kill her career slow !!!! good maybe she’ll go away and just for reference she was in atlanta and i’m a security guard it was a lot of people but i did not sell out it was plenty seats left she did not have traffic stopping numbers to come to her concert mainly black and ghetto birds wearing her cheap ass line with nasty looking feet wearing her signature shoes with open toes!!! what a lame and 2003 act is. she needs to reinvent herself !!!!

  99. Ever heard of the โ€œuh-ohโ€? (hint: its the booty thing she does in crazy in love)
    Well thats Beyonceโ€™s. No other artist can do a move even similar to that. coz beyonce OWNS it!

    That was so pathetic any respectable black chick could bounce her ass like that it’s like saying shakira invented the hips sway
    when many people could do it before that was weak

  100. You cannot compare artists who were out before 1995 to artists of this digital era….Just not fair That’s like saying classic movies back in the day to movies of today and say they were crap because they didn’t sell 75million opening weekend….different day and age. Beyonce is good at what she does and the fans that adore her will continue to support her and that’s all that matter. She will be around for as long as she wants to be around because as long as these conversations exist this just prolongs her legacy. Just from what she’s accomplished with Destinys Child and keeping 2003-2010 (cause she’ll be here and still on top) on lock she’ll be remembered! Beyonce has a career artists of today dream of… may not respect it, but she is on top game.

  101. @ Voice, Alicia’s last album only sold three million in the USA as well as Beyonce’s last album. Alicia sold more in the USA and Beyonce sold more Worldwide.

    MJ was the greatest entertainer point blank. There will never be another MJ. Beyonce is the greatest entertainer that’s out right now! There’s no one that can put on a better show.

    @Strt4wrd, the ATL show did sell out with Tyler Perry and Evander Holyfield in the house too!LOL

  102. Beyonce can’t sit down because HATERS would have nothing to do!LOL

    See y’all on the next post! This blog has really changed! SMH

  103. @James: Please, that uh-oh step Beyonce did in Crazy in Love was copied straight out of a traditional Igbo dance. The dance is called ‘Ikebe’. LOL. People in Africa have been doing that dance for thousands of years. Beyonce didn’t even change anything about the dance. She just duplicated it in her music video. Sure, maybe now because of her the dance is know all over the western world, but she DID NOT invent it, so please.

  104. I think that the video was nice I mean she stepped out of the old B into an new evolved one even though she still got the two dancers beside her that is gettin kinda old but as long as she is making videos music and doin her thang there will b always a love hate with her dont know why but people just love to hate her…..but the same people that got negative things to say b the first one’s to peep her videos or b at her concerts or by her music…………I believe people just cant get over the fact that she is Beyonce not Michael or Janet or Whitney as you can see eerybody has different names and not the same I mean why in the hell are we still saying well there no MJ or no Whitney i think we know that……….Especially when they say that there idols were these people that paved the way for them it is just crazy how people b like well this and that and this and that…it gets old stop comparing and start realizing that these are human beings yes they made good music but its not about the albums sold…well yea but the people that they touched makes an big impact in life Beyonce whether people like it or not will become a ICON and in time she will be more understanding in her music right now is is pleasin the right era people now dont wanna hear real music they all bout dancin and wats hott but she can do that it’s been provin…watch she is comin for everybody ……..

  105. @Mario

    I think you’re wrong in citing age differences. Most of these performers are still vibrant and relevant, especially in terms of points of comparison. Do we cast away our idols once they pass a certain age? Most white fans don’t follow this way of thinking; for example, The Rolling Stones, The Police, the Eagles (which enjoyed #1 status on the charts just last year!) & Fleetwood Mac all enjoy sold out shows, the praise and homage of their fans, old and new, and the press, while performing, in most cases, well into their 70’s!

    We even stuck by Michael in hopes of a comeback before his timely passing. All comparisons and analysis in terms of Beyonce are fair, IMO. And i’m sorry you feel that this debate is messy – in fact, this is one of the rare occasions where I feel that some excellent opinions are being expressed on The Neverending Drama Concerning The Influence of Beyonce.

  106. Melissa and you’re talking to me because? i don’t like you didnt i made that clear? dont adress me !

  107. if you guys don’t want Beyonce compared to Michael Jackson then stop f&#@ing talking about her in the same sentence as MJ!!!!geeeeeesh!!! it’s a little absurd to compare the two, but come on!!! i don’t see you guys comparing Mariah carey, alicia keys or usher to MJ, truth of the matter is that haters/stans/fans or where ever the f$$$ you fall into, you shouldn’t even respond to comments like these if they are absurd, and if you do, CHIIILE!!! Beyonce is doing something right to be placed in the same sentence as the world’s best entertainer of all time. Keep in mind that beyonce never said anything concerning this subject. it was the stans/fans w/e who started it, and you guys are stupid enough to actually follow it (118 comments damn) The video/song is actually very descent i’ll be jamming to it when they play it at the club!!!! peace

    ps. keep in mind that you guys actually have a life besides blogs!!! RIGHT?1?!?

  108. @James
    Beyonce has her thing. that she is, the sexy, powerful stage performer, with long honey-coloured hair!

    what in the heck that got to do with anything,
    all that,still she will never be able to match michael and janet sell

    it don’t matter whether the artist is deadd, cripple or alive
    their record sale was impressive which beyonce will never match

    the two girl dancing beside with the turtle neck dress, she cop that idea from robert palmer music video from the 80’s

    go to youtube and type robert palmer, click and you will see

    holding a pole horizontal while dancing, en vogue was the first to do that in their music video for ‘never gonna get it’ in 1992 or 93.

    as for the age comment, if these people are so old and irrelevent, why is beyonce using their concept.

  109. people are so dumb. she is not “like” MJ.that is disrespectful in so many ways. he had a soul!!!. any way. i read in an interview somewhere where she said that she has not met anyone who works as hard as her in the industry. such a dumb bitch. its ignorant ass statements like thee that make me dislike her.

    Hey and Mario, answer the damn question. how has her spirit touched the world?

  110. stop fcking comparing her to michael, they don’t even sing the same type of music. beyonce is beyonce and michael is michael so shut up.

  111. @VVSROCKS

    So why do YOU bother commenting on the fact that people make comments on blogs?

    Why bother reading 118 comments?

    Got a life?

    No, probably got your headphones on, jamming to some tired Beyonce track while lip-synching in the mirror with a hair brush.

    Oh, go somewhere and KICKROCKS. :dance1:

  112. Whatever happen to I like the video or I don’t like it, I love me some bey but to say she is the next M.J. is so way off base.She is in her own lane and he was in his own lane always will be R.I.P.


  113. @ banjiboy

    who said I read all 118 comments, the number of comments its right on top of the post boo boo :loser:
    don’t jump to conclusions too soon ๐Ÿ™„

    “and yes I have my headphones on, jamming to some tired Beyonce track while lip-synching in the mirror with a hair brush AND WHILE I’M AT IT I’M SHAKING MY A$$ WHILE I PAT MY WEAVE :dance1:”


  114. LMAO!!!!! @VVSROKS
    YOU GO!!! LMAO,
    Let him know what’s up!!!! AAAHH
    Can’t stop laughing!!!! ๐Ÿ˜†

  115. mmmmm how do I put this?!?! Didn’t like it. It’s what I expected though. Same ol coochie poppin. IF she is going to dance in a video she should try and actually DANCE!! Coochie poppin is NOT dancing. I guess it is in the black community though ๐Ÿ˜† This video could have been a million times better. Hell it doesn’t even match the song.

    Same ol typical BS from her though. Didn’t she just put out two videos within a month? Wonder why she’s so desperate? Moving along….

  116. :dance1: There’s only one heir and we all know who he is. I don’t need to say his name because that alone would elicit moans of horror and we can’t stop the inevitable.

    Beyonce is a wonderful entertainer and I like her but she is not the next successor, yes she works hard but she reminds me of a younger Tina Turner, another great icon.

    In order to be as iconic as Michael Jackson was one must be a unifier and transcend humanity. One must have the capability to bring forth all of humanity and there are only a few left in this world who have the ability to this.

    By the comments continually written about her on this blog she is not the one. When she can put a smile on someoneโ€™s face and inspire them to make the world a better place then weโ€™ll know that sheโ€™s the one until then, sheโ€˜s just Beyonce, Inc.

  117. :dance1: The history of dance on film begins with Fred Astaire, beyond film and television, the history of dance in the video era began and ended with Michael Jackson. All others were just copying and admiring his revolutionary techniques while attempting to pay homage to him, sadly one music genre destroyed the entire concept of the music video as we know it.

  118. I don’t like this video of Beyoncรฉ. I like this song but I think that this vidรฉo doesn’t match with it.
    & the status of Bรฉyoncรฉ & MJ will NEVER be the same. MJ est indรฉtronable & inclassable! :dance1:

  119. This came out pretty hot, and I love the song. Even though I liked her other videos I like the fact that we got some variety this time.

    :dance1: :dance1: :dance1:
    RIP Michael

    I love the new layout of this site, and I’m loving the Michael.

  120. beyonces songs are so stupid and she will never be like mike maybe copy him thats it



    :thumbsdown: Sorry, um, boo boo, so now the hit is, why comment on something of which you have NO knowledge of the content? Now who is being presumptuous?

    You may now commence to the mirror. ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜†

  122. Beyonce is a good performer, but her music is only geared toward a very young audience. She has the nerve to think that she is a music icon. Only in her dreams. Learn to be a little more humble Ms. Beyonce.

    And Michael Jackson, she is not or never will be.

    By the way, love the new Brownsista layout. Very nice.

  123. And this argument is still going…

    Brian, the woman never compared herself to Michael, why would you tell her to be more humble?

    Secondly@Banjiboi, I like your post in respond to me. In fact, great Lola Falana point as regard to bey and she(Bey) does give you a Las Vegas Showgirl feel to her performing. That’s why I get her. Among other reasons.

    I know she has her lane and works it. I also understand that she is not for everyone, but even still…just like some fans of other artists hate it when Bey stans mention Bey in effort to “uplift” her, it goes the same way when it comes to Bey with other artists. That’s why I mention what I said about the females of today in the industry because people tend to forget how long Bey has been in the industry and what she has brought into it. From 1997 to now. Her and MJ should never be compared but let’s not downgrade what she has done either. What MJ has meant to the industry speaks for itself.

  124. @ Curtis: :iagree:

    My main gripe is when some of her more pathological stans automatically accuse others of being jealous haters just because they don’t “see” her.

    But I’ve always given her her due -even though I tend to be a bit snarky about it at times!

  125. people jus dnt wanna respect beyonce as a artist because it all comes down to her age 27 years old and has accomplished more than most 60’s era legends. its sad to me how people like etta james is considered a legend n only had not even a handful of hits and if it wasnt for beyonce doing that movie a lot of people didnt even kno who she was n nobdy said beyonce was the next michael jackson she would tell you that herself but let her get about another 28 years in the music industry n i guarantee she will be ONE of the top selling artist of all time jus like mj as for right now you can give it up NOBODY can touch beyonce thats what people meant. n it’s funny how people say her music doesn.t touch people and only put beyonce’s fast club songs in their comments, they didnt wanna mention survior, listen, me myself and i , stand up for love… ill stop there

  126. All this talk of Beyonce being an icon is ridiculous…I guess we have her Dad to thank for that.

    You don’t hear Prince or Mariah talking about wanting to be recognised as icons, because they don’t need to. Its already obvious that thats what they are, and I say this as someone who likes Beyonce and doesn’t listen to either Prince or Mariah.

  127. @melissa…if it was sold-out prove it with a link for me to connect on,cause i live in atlanta and i know several people who work at the civic center and to my understanding it was NOT SOLD OUT!!!!! :roll:.And for the the video: :stop: the presses nothing new or game changing about the video,its just as much as a :loser: vid as she is with her 2003 dance moves!! long lives a real icon she will NEVER BE ==> :dance1:

  128. all these bloggers coming in here to defend beyonce & INSULTING everybody else are not just fans but workers of her company :hater: ‘s they are !!!! notice when other former dc members are the topic these same usual ones that post for bey don’t do so for them :thumbsdown: !! these are undercover MWE WORKERS in here to defend this insecure :loser: of a woman,how i know she is fading she is hardly being about or do anyone see her on covers like back in 2003-2005 she was everywhere now she is doing covers that don’t even cater to black people or our music which looks like an act of desperation to stay relavant :thumbsdown: !!!the only thing thats big about her is hype about her career NOT TALENT!!!! :loser:

  129. oops i meant to say being talked about,in a good light that is!!! oh and THE GAME diss her in one of his concerts and aired some of her dirty laundry!!! ๐Ÿ˜† seriuosly she needs to go :bag: for a couple of years!!!

  130. ^^If anyone is a hater, it’s you!
    What does the Game know? He’s only trying to get a rise out of JayZ. You actually believing what he said at that concert shows how gullible you are.

    And for the record, Bey has been on pleny of covers this go ’round: Ebony, Essence, Self, In Style, Vogue, etc. Fading, I think not. ๐Ÿ˜†

  131. ^^^^^ ๐Ÿ™„ no sweety if anyone is a :hater: is,YOU,cause someone like myself & many people is starting to see through the illusion of who she is as a person :loser: .what she does for a living is not who she is :thumbsdown: .and as for the game i scene a shot of his concert on youtube :thumbsup: & for the record JAY-Z STARTED WITH THE GAME AND MORE RAPPERS :thumbsdown: ,trying to diss them cause he doesn’t sound good or can get a hit using the autotune :loser: !!! did he learn from ETHER,i guess not :thumbsdown: !!!! and as for him not knowing her TRUST THERES PEOPLE IN THE INDUSTRY LIKE HIM WHO GETS A CLOSE LOOK AT WHO SHE REALLY AS A PERSON TO KNOW WHAT THE PHUCK HE’S TALKING ABOUT.CAUSE HE’S FRIENDS WITH PLENTY ATHLETES HE GETS THE INSIDE SCOOP FROM THE FELLAS THAT TOSS THAT.AND IF HE’S LYING SHE AND COKE KNOWLES CAN SUE HIM FOR DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER IF ITS NOT TRUE!!! bye :hater:

  132. OH!!!! AND AS FOR HER BEING ON COVERS OF MAGAZINES THE ONES THAT USUALLY DON’T CATER TO MUSIC STARS ESPECIALLY BLACKS LIKE MARIE CLAIRE MAGAZINE ๐Ÿ™ (AND MANY OTHERS MAGAZINES LIKE MARIE CLAIRE)MOST OF THEIR READERS DON’T EVEN LISTEN TO HER GENRE OF MUSIC WHICH WAS WHY THE ISSUE SHE DID,DIDN’T SELL-OUT :thumbsup: !!!! LIKE I SAID B4,ACT OF DESPERATION JUST TO STAY RELEVANT :thumbsdown: !!!!!Don’t get me,she is beautiful,talented :brownsista: but those things are carnal(externally fades with time),when people can relate to you as a human being such as admitting to being flawed,to humbling yourself saying you make mistakes like everyone else such as hurting people feelings (and careers)and how wrong you can be to,then people can get a feel for you cause you’re being true to yourself ๐Ÿ™‚ .bey don’t possess those characteristics as a positive person, :noway: ,within herself cause she don’t display them,she is so robotic and rehearsed in other words,PHONY :thumbsdown: !!!! :noway: WILL I SUPPORT HER UNTIL SHE BECOMES REAL AS A PERSON AND SHOW IT THROUGH HER CHARACTER AND MUSIC!!!And she needs to grow up she needs to realize she is almost 30 hell she already looks it and been dressing like it for almost 10yrs ๐Ÿ˜† !!! BYE :hater: =====> @JUST A THOUGHT

  133. Just 4 the record i checked out the game diss and he said out his own mouth in an interview it was just a freestyle and he don’t know who she’s been with. he said in freestyles things just come out but his beef is strictly with Jigga. im not a fan of B but im not a hater. People luv 2 run with negativity by 2morrow they will have the names of the players(who she neva slept with)

  134. I don’t think it is necessary to bash beyonce just because her fans give her to much credit at this point in her career. We cannot deny that she has talent. Her live performances are second to noone in this era. Now I won’t say that she is on MJ status, but she has broken barriers for both african-americans and women in terms of winning awards and so forth.Reading through this thread its mostly been adults vs teenagers which is understandable. beyonce in a sense is this generation’s MJ, that is why they are making such comments. they don’t really know otherwise. they weren’t afforded the opportunity to experience him live and realize the impact he has had on the world. However a faulty comparison should not result to degrading a talented artist.

  135. I think she paid attention 2 her last 2 videos being really boring…. this is colorful and extremely live and creative and LOOKS LIKE EFFORT was put into it. Sweet Dreams is not one of my fave songs but it goes well with the effects of the video.

  136. wth I just realized how many other comments there are for this post wow…… where was all this passion in well more important topics?

  137. She is trying to dance like keri hilson man what a copy catter..

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