Beyonce Takes Manhattan

After celebrating the New Year with her hubby in Las Vegas, Beyonce jumped on a plane and headed back to New York, where she was quickly spotted by the paps entering an office building in mid-town Manhattan. The 30 year old singer was accompanied by her longtime bodyguard Julius and was snapped wearing those black studded leggings, whose design she was accused of stealing by French fashion house E-Label. The company never did file suit against the singer, so I assume they must have come to some sort of an agreement. No doubt Beyonce being seen wearing this design will result in a spike in sales for either E-Label or the singer’s own “Dereon” line.


  1. I saw close up pics on another site, her skin is damn near flawless. A true natural beauty.

    You still should post her new L’Oreal commercial, Bey looked absolutely gorgeous in it 🙂

  2. looking GREAT!
    Like I can actually say I love her hair color and style, and she looks younger almost!
    Go Bey!

  3. I would like to first say that she looks beautiful, second I hate those leggins and third weight loss? Good for her

  4. She looks so beautiful 🙂 always in style…can’t wait for the next CD…Love Her go “B”

  5. Bey hasn’t been a thick person in such a long time. I must say recently she has look a little thicker, just NYE she look thicker. Still she is a natural pretty women.

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