Beyonce Tattoos

Get Your Beyonce Tattoos Before the Beyhive Scoops Up the Limited Edition Collection

BEYONCE TATTOOS It looks like Beyonce has jumped on the metallic tattoo craze and has teamed up with Flash Tattoos to introduce her own line of the popular product.

Described as Fierce. Flawless. Fabulous, Beyonce Tattoos is Flash Tattoos first line to be creatively directed and co-designed by a celebrity, in this case, Beyonce herself.

Beyonce X Flash Tattoos is a 57-piece custom collection of Beehive logos, honeycomb prints and lyrics from some of the singer’s most popular songs.

Several of the designs have already been worn by Beyonce in her videos, and can be spotted in most of her recent Instagram photos.

The collection is available now at and at only $28, is pretty economically priced.

If Beyonce tattoos aren’t your thing, then how about some new music, and possibly another video on the horizon? Word around the water cooler is that the pop diva was spotted recently shooting another secret video for a yet unheard new single. As with all Beyonce rumors, only time will tell if this is true or false. At any rate, stay tuned. You know Beyonce has no plans to let the second half of 2015 go by without making some serious noise on the music charts.


  1. This Gimmicky Queen!!! I love her..however she reminds me of one of those really good minister that can just stand still and people would just fall on the floor! God forgive me..get your money BEY!

  2. This blog was the ish years ago what happen to the commenters? I decided to check back

  3. Life. Posting slowed down as I started doing other things. Only recently have I started updating again.
    Lovely of you to stop by again 🙂

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