Beyonce Teams Up With Ellen For Latest Commercial

Comedienne Ellen DeGeneres debuted her latest American Express commercial on her talk show yesterday and it features none other than our girl, Beyonce. As always Bey is pretty and Ellen is funny. Check it out for yourselves up top.


  1. saw the commercial, it was fnny. beyonce’ is barely in it though.

  2. I love Ellen and her talk show. She is so funny and down to earth.

  3. Ellen is so funny! I like Ellen too, she’s just plain out down to earth. Funny commercial. Beyonce’s barely in it, but hey, it’s not her commercial. She didn’t even have on her ‘Look at me! I’m Beyonce!” shirt on and Ellen could just star in her commercial. (Humor implied) She did well though, forgot to give her some kind of credit.

    ‘Why can’t one person just call one person?”

    AmEx has great commercials…now if they’d only give me one of their nice cards…

  4. Lol, joke’s on me. I thought this was an Ellen and Beyonce commercial for American Express, but it is just an Ellen commercial. Still, I love her AMEX commercials because I’m seriously entertained and involved for 30 seconds.

    Gotta give props to Ellen for rocking a tie so smoothly. She and Janet can wear the tailored for women men’s look so well!

  5. The commercial is cute. Ellen is too funny! Beyonce looks fab as usual! Beyonce stays making the benjamins! Not mad at her at all. It’s good to see beautiful successful black women getting their shine on!

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