Beyonce Teams Up With Pepsi

PepsiCo. is looking to get into the Beyonce business. The beverage juggernaut has reportedly signed a multifaceted deal with the pop singer that will include standard advertising like commercials as well a multimillion-dollar fund to support the singer’s creative endeavors.

Beyonce released a statement saying: “Pepsi embraces creativity and understands that artists evolve. As a businesswoman, this allows me to work with a lifestyle brand with no compromises and without sacrificing my creativity.”

The collaboration will reportedly kick off right around Super Bowl time. Beyonce’s performance at the halftime show, also sponsored by Pepsi, will be followed by a new commercial, the fifth the singer has done for the brand since 2002. A limited edition line of soda cans bearing Beyonce’s likeness will also be distributed throughout the U.S. and overseas.


  1. Jay-Z is a very shrewd businessman. He has been at the top of the rap game for about 20 years and really shows no signs of slowing down, a rarity for an artist who specializes in a form of music that idolizes youthfulness. He is teaching Beyonce the game as well. In music when an artist’s album flops like 4 did it generally signals a change in the artist’s career. They may still remain somewhat popular, but radio tends to cool towards them and eventually so does the public. The exact opposite has happened with Beyonce. If anything she has become more popular and took two situations that could have been a negative, the poor sales of her album and pregnancy, and made them work to her advantage. I think Beyonce knows her label may be cooling towards her and thus this Pepsi deal will enable her to do things that her label probably would not be willing to foot the bill for, like making videos for songs that the label doesn’t really want to release, just as she did with the Bday album. Smart move on her part.

  2. I like it. LOL. Photoshopped to the gods but I like it. I don’t drink soda anymore but I always favored Pepsi over Coke. This isn’t BKC’s first time to do business with Pepsi. This is definitely a smart move. The face image reminds me of ………. I won’t say, but it’s cool, too. I wish my Cowboys would make it to the Superbowl *crosses fingers* ha! I’d love to go to New Orleans (again) and I’d love to witness the spectacle that is a Beyonce concert LIVE! lol 🙂 Happy Monday everyone.

  3. I don’t drink soda anymore but I always favored Pepsi over Coke.

    Same here, Kanyade. Coke is more sugary, while Pepsi is more acid-y. I used to love burn I got from drinking it. Weird- I know. LOL

    Still, I stopped all sodas about a year ago and my body is better for it.

  4. all bodies are better for it. and you’re right. the burn of Pepsi is everything LOL.

    looking at the grocery cart full of soda. when i worked at target, people, families would come in and buy soda by the cases. we had to put a limit per purchase. it’s truly bad for you. in moderation, it’s okay, but that much? 6/7 cases? *sings* soda in the morning, soda in the evening, soda at suppertime. too much.

  5. 50 Million dollar deal. King Sh#t.

    Only Beyoncé and Micheal are the only musicans to have a American Pepsi can. LEGENDS!!!(I said American can btw, even Bey has a overseas can, so don’t go there).

    She looks absolutely STUNNING in the ad and on her can.

  6. Good point linzay. Ima a dew the dew girl thank God. The part I cant get over is “sacrificing my creativity”? It shoulda said “the various videos I steal from youtube”.

  7. Beyonce’s last album flopped and the world is hardly waiting for her return. A big Pepsi promotion is how she is hoping to save face. Through Pepsi she will “present” her music, which requires her to walk around on stage in her panties, something the great Michael Jackson never had to do. He never sold sex and never had to package his music for the masses. No matter how many times you delusionals call her a King she will never be one and she will never be a replacement for the King of Pop. Beyonce is a mediocre artists and 4 proved that. Her leaked single showed what happens to her music when the public isn’t seduced by her hot body and fake wanna-be a white woman hair.

    Long with the true legends and down with the pretenders to the throne.

  8. Smh delusion at its finest. How did “4” flop when it was #1 for 2 wks in a row and outsold, rihanna, alicia, etc 1st wk sales? And you’re in denial if u think folks aren’t hype every time bey release an album. Bey has been nonstop successful for almost 20 yrs and she is definitely in her own league. Get over it.

  9. This chick got power. As a believer I pray that she begans to understand that she was not just put here to sing and make money but to give back and use this power to help others!!!!!!!!

  10. MAJOR! This is business at its finest and Bey is DEF a business woman. @T cosign dont forget it DID go platinum AND #1 for a couple weeks AFTER it leaked over 3wks early AND w/o the aid of a #1 single in the states OR top 10. Not many can do that. Plus “4” promo was cut to a minimum due to her pregnancy so now that Blue is here, she is ready to her in own words “get back to business” Playing no games~

  11. preach britney!

    “4” in the eyes of the music industry was mediocre. younger artists have taken over & beyonce needs to make a splash to get back into relevency. her first real performance at the superbowl will draw some buzz but unless she comes back with a new sound & less wig swinging & rolling on the stage, her comeback will over before it begins.

  12. I know tasha32 but people stay in denial when it comes to bey. Lol at bey being irrelevent yet she makes headlines for just going to dinner. And i dont know what music industry some of u are talking about but in reality 4 is bey most critically acclaimed album to date. Bey has 1 era where she wasnt everywhere due to her pregnancy, and her critics thinks that means shes finished. Lmao this is beyonce we are talking about. She stays on top.

  13. @Linzay

    Exactly! Jay-Z knows the bizness, look at Damon Dash, Rachel Roy probably learned a lot too from him…them! This was a wonderful power play branding deal. With many people not drinking sodas, the mayor of NY restricting soft drink consumption, the timing was great! I love what branding can do for artists because the music industry is on a downward spiral. Beyonce looks gorgeous, beautiful ad! I don’t think this move will take her back to where she was a few years ago, it’s not like that anymore.Things come in seasons…a 50 mil deal, not shabby at all…but, the money changers live by the moment, looking the next big thing and on to the next one…there’s too much media, news gets old quick…She’ll be like movie stars, Halle Berry, J-lo, Will Smith and Denzel…the ability to select choice projects, tour, act, produce, sell fragrances, clothes, etc…she’s so rich and beautiful and that alone has longevity!

  14. Roc nation women running things Rihanna Diamond tour selling out . she just sold out the 80.000 seat stadium in Paris while Bee making move. roc nation mgmt on fire

  15. The music industry is on a downward spiral because they keep backing images and not talent and people want more bang for their buck. I have a feeling that the deal is big but not this big. She is going on a downward spiral because the interest is not just there for her. Not saying anything bad about her but no one is really checking for her new music. Not a mass amount of people anyways.

    She definatly made her stance in the music industry. But she is beginning to fade away.

  16. Good for beyonce, but I need to not drink soda lol

    I feel like I’m addicted to the carbonation though.

  17. Dang how easy you cheerleaders forgot she was just advocating the move your body campaign with Michelle Obama

    now the opportunist is pushing sugar.

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