Beyonce Just Dropped Her New Album

Just before the stroke of midnight Beyonce released her fifth solo album, the self-titled “Beyonce,” exclusively to iTunes. The album, which features nothing but a black cover and the singer’s name, contains 14 songs and 17 videos. That’s right… a video for every single and three more to grow on.

The “Visual Album,” as it is being referred to on iTunes, is economically priced at $15.99 and features collaborations with Frank Ocean, Drake and, of course, Jay-Z.

Interestingly enough, “Grown Woman” is featured on the album as a video, but failed to be included as a single. “Standing on the Sun,” which was featured in Beyonce’s H&M commercial earlier this year, failed to make the album as well.
Video previews added below…


  1. She DEF shut up the naysayers. She’s her own BOSS and she knew EXACTLY what she was doing. I just sat back and watched ppl throw shade/talk ish I KNEW she’d drop it when SHE was ready. I just didn’t know it would BEY this HUGE! I cant wait to hear and watch all the videos. This was a brilliant idea. TWO lead singles are set to hit the radios next week. I heard talks about her performing at the Grammys in January which it makes sense. I downloaded the album this morning, my favorites so fare are; Drunk love, Ghost, Heaven, Xo, Mine, Yoncé/Partition [ Jealous, Pretty hurts. And I’m not even done….WELL done Bey

  2. Visual album = crap songs … She does this all the time and folks eat it up. SMH.

  3. Ok, so I watched all the 30 second clips and nothing caught my ear. Even the creativity of some of the videos didn’t do the songs justice. But ok. I do however think that this was a very smart move for Beyonce to release her visual album the was she did. But, I’m not one to rush and buy music now and days. Right before Christmas too? This was a smart move.

  4. I think its too much too soon. Releasing the entire album and every video all at once on the sly may secure her a #1 spot because they released early and when no other big acts are releasing, but over time, I don’t see the album or the singles doing well because they have all been put out at once. There is now nothing to look forward to. Also, I didn’t find any of the videos compelling. Not enough dancing. Too much posing and raunchiness, ala like Rihanna.

  5. She needed to go outside of the box and keep herself relevant some how and she damn sure did it with this! Round of Applause for Mrs. Carter!

  6. Her own boss okay. I can guarantee you a meeting is going on right now about dropping her. Music industry has no loyalty to anyone anymore and if this album is not a success she will be dropped quicker than a heartbeat. Music is not selling right now but no one wants to admit that it is because it is just crappy music they are releasing and people would just much rather not buy it.

  7. I think she is the boss too because she is now doing things her way and releasing songs and pictures and saying what she wants when she wants it. That is what every artist should do have control of their career and let out what they want not be controlled by someone who does things their way and make all the money. Kudos to her

  8. This is only part 1, so there is a part 2 coming sometime next year. Go Beyonce!

  9. I liked the video for Pretty Hurts and I liked the message. Beyonce that I haven’t really watched much.

    I think her releasing is crazy smart. I’m happy for her. Go on.

    Black girls/women doing great things:

    E. Badu – model for Givenchy
    Rihanna – tops Billboard #1s or something
    Beyonce – releasing her album when least expected and receiving all kinds of kudos for the work, the visuals, etc.
    12 Years a Slave’s Lupita – being all gorgeous and talented and receiving rave reviews.

    Etc. Etc. Etc.

    I got nothing but positivity and love today.

  10. SHE is doing her THING! #1 in over 72 countries, sold over 80K in less than 3 hours. I’m happy….

  11. Congrats to Beyonce on pulling off this huge, huge marketing effort and eliminating the “middle-men” and that includes the labels, music critics, marketers who don’t know how to market music, who tank many artists due to how they want to market, promote and the singles they choose to release. My sister, a big Beyonce fan, said a while ago, she didn’t see why all artists didn’t just put out a video for all their songs with their own money, Beyonce has and the videos look high quality! The music is second to the visual nowadays, so she scored big!

    This was the marketing coo of 2013, not to make comparisons, but she shut it down, in her own lane, while Miley Cyrus was this year’s “it artist”…Beyonce found a way around under-performing (instead a number #1 album is forthcoming), hedging her bets and giving her devoted fans what they want, all while on tour and Instagram…Awesome Feat!…people will just have to wait and see the final outcome, the news cycle is so short, people will critique and criticize, binge-watching or consumption is cool, but short-lived, but it’s a no-lose situation, given she makes her serious loot from touring and her brand overall. In the meantime, she will continue to sell-out concert dates and work this sensational buzz!

  12. Ha! This how you do it. Hate it or love she still winning. lol Bey sat back and let those other artist drop their mess and watch them flop and then she stepped out of the shadows.

  13. Wow!! Love the album! Blow/Cherry oooooh weeeeeeeee! Rocking out,,,,drunk in love! I’m sorry this is why she’s the best!

  14. I can’t say im a hardcore fan, but I respect her talent and work ethic. blow, flawless, XO, TOP faves. Is it oversexed, yeah, but the whole world is. I forgot how beautiful she was.

  15. Ok i misspoke. I just watched the Blow video..A lil bit too much for me. The song is hot but damn, leave sumthin to imagination. the bottom jiggling, humping the car, maybe Im a prude, but just calm it down a tad.

  16. Brownsista, why did you have to reference rih? I didn’t know Rih started the rachetness. I thought Miley was Queen of that!

    Did rih invent rachetness?

  17. I don’t use the word rachet. I don’t think what Beyonce is doing is rachet. I don’t think what Rihanna does is rachet. I have no words for Miley Cyrus.

    I referenced Rihanna because her videos are heavy on sexy visuals whereas Beyonce’s are heavy on dance visuals.

    Granted, I haven’t seen all the videos, but those I have seen have been boring and overtly sexual… a la what Rihanna does.

    The best video so far I have seen is Grown Woman. Its inventive and the dancing is hot.

    Everything else kinda bored me.

  18. Amazing!! No one expected this. Do you really think they didnt think about the problem of releasing all the songs at once? Come on! This girt is ten steps ahead and so is her team.

    @BRIA how in the hell you know they gon’ drop her? She had a budget of 50mil to promote her s+i+ and Columbia is getting a big fat piece of it. She is making them money. And they didn’t have to spend 25mil on promotion alone like Gaga. have several _/_/_/_/_/

  19. Question then sister: Do you find Rih’s overly sexual behaviour & songs ‘Entertaining’? Or is it that you think Beyonce is capable of doing an ‘Adele’ type album and doesn’t need to stoop to Rih’s & Miley’s level of using Sexual Gimmiks to get attention & get Chart success?

    Note Im not quarreling just asking your views.

  20. I have not heard or seen the album yet BUT I must say this was a genius business move for Beyonce I am so proud of her doing it her own way. I admire powerful women who take control of their own destiny. It almost brings me to tears. What she did is bigger than the music to me. Beyoncé you did that! As far as music I still love who I love but beyonce to me for a now different reason.

  21. I knew she was gonna do something like this, I even stated it in a previous post, smart move. Jay Z almost did the same thing. I think it’s very smart for an ESTABLISHED artist to do, force the ppl to buy your music if they’re curious with no promotion etc. Mark my words this will become the new craze in the industry. I haven’t heard/seen anything yet but I’m hearing rave reviews.

  22. So I listened to the album first without the visuals and songs that stood out for me were “Blow” and “xo” the rest needed the visuals. I like “grown woman” a lot after seeing the videos. This album kind of reminds me of a lighter 2/11 as far as substance but more pizazz as far as production

  23. I watched all the visuals and have to agree with Blacksista that some of the songs NEEDED a visual. But on the whole the album TO ME is Beyonce really venting about a lot of stuff.

    For the first time, FOR ME, I “see” Beyonce. I feel like she is breaking free of all the corporate stuff and just letting “her” show.

    And that’s all I’m going to say. I’ve got nothing but positivity and light. Her surprise album drop surprised the industry and she’s reaping the rewards for doing “her” and following her mind where concerns her career.

    Peace & blessings good people.

  24. I predict that this cd will be hot for 2 weeks and then after that all of her hard core fans will have brought it all and it will fade away.

  25. I predict longer than 2 weeks being #1 and standing test of a great album. Think about it, Beyoncé release without any visuals/promotion and when she did she broke records worldwide. Album chart wise being #1 she will hold that title for maybe 3/4 weeks but then she will be #3/#4 for another 2 weeks and maybe still in the top 10 for another 2/3weeks. This album is amazing and it will stand the test.

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