Beyonce: Time’s Most Influential Titan

Time magazine’s list of The 100 Most Influential People in the world is out and Beyonce makes the cover and tops the list as the most influential Titan.

No doubt with Beyonce involved, controversy will ensue, but I have to side with the magazine on this one. Beyonce is That Chick right now and she proved it, dropping a surprise visual album that to date has sold over 5 million copies worldwide, and shows no signs of slowing down.

Whatever this woman says or does becomes a part of pop culture and that cannot be denied.

In her brief interview, shown below, Beyonce says topping this list was a goal of hers. Some may call it ego, I know I do, but she said she wanted to do it and she did.

Beyonce and her music may not always be my cup of tea, but you’ll never see or hear me deny her influence on culture and music.

Beyonce is Time’s Most Influential Titan of 2014, a title that could not be given to any other artist and it is well deserved.

Bravo Yonce.


  1. If you set high goeals or standards for yourself I don’t see it as being an EGO thing, I see it as being a big accomplishment. I have set many goals for myself, most of which I have achieved and are VERY proud of myself. When I set my mind to something I go full stream ahead. Congradulations Beyonce!

  2. Congrats to Beyonce, she does deserve this honor! She’s in good company, even though, I don’t really think this lists are indicative of what is really going or our current status in this country, but it’s a nice honor. When such list includes Miley Cyrus, even tho’ she did do her thing, still. Beyonce has definitely secured her place in history and will forever be a strong entertainment brand, current and future legend (which happens over time)!

  3. @Cynthinia

    A lot of writers, especially bloggers, fail to accurately report the list as it is. The list is broken down into categories and Beyonce is in the Titans category. They don’t claim she’s the most influential person on the planet, hell, not even in music did they say that. She simply makes the list of 100 influential people and got the cover.

    We all know those who really RUN THE WORLD, will never cover any magazine and we will never know their names.

  4. Congrats Bey!!!!

    Sista since you are not a fan of Bey’s music are you a fan of Rih’s music then? Smile.

  5. Beyoncé is an egomaniac.
    I still think she is worthy of the cover and honor though. No one else in music is more worthy than she right now. She wants to be top dog and works hard to be just that.

    Maybe one day when her ego is full she’ll find time to be a mommy. I don’t buy the “I have it all routine.” You can’t put in the hours she herself says she puts in and be a hands on mother. Her child may be on set with her, but that’s not hands on. Jay or her mother or someone else is putting in the real time to raise Blu Ivy. That’s just common sense.

    Congrats anyway.

  6. Sista since you are not a fan of Bey’s music are you a fan of Rih’s music then? Smile.

    I like far more Beyonce songs than I do Rihanna songs. Rihanna’s music is too pop and fluff for me.


  7. Everyone does not have to like this chic. I have never and I will never understand the big fascination with this basic singing and dancing lady. If you have seen her perform once you have seen all she has to offer. She is doing her thing but that does not mean that everyone has to like her.

  8. Congats to BK. I believe she eats, drinks and sleeps being #1. What I admire most about Beyonce is her drive and work ethic. Side note: BK will really impress me if she ditches the blond hair! lol

  9. These lists (Forbes, Time, People) and awards are promotional tools. It’s something that most will not and cannot achieve; hard work, talent and all. Very few will get a machine behind them and Beyonce did acquire a very powerful one, her lot in life and good fortune! Not all artists want to be in her position. Mariah Carey didn’t take the “most powerful” road, obviously not her cup with an estimated 500 million net worth and a long stream of chart toppers. Beyonce has a lot of fans and many of them celebrities, she’s just Very popular (everyone loves a winner), that’s why she’s a strong brand and celebrity personality.


    I agree, who really influences this country are the media titans, oil companies, banking corps, industrialized prison complex, pharmaceutical companies (including beauty brands) and commercial farmers and stuff off of Scandal. They give us the most elusive and difficult role models or titans to emulate, when I would love to see the top app designers make the cover, they influence my life a lot, at the gas pump, and when buying a chicken or some wings, I still can’t believe the prices. We haven’t seen a new black female superstar since Nicki Minaj (kudos to her K-mart Line, very well done), so Beyonce and the old gang are still at the very top or enjoying the pinnacle of their success, deservingly so!

  10. Beyoncé has worked hard for what she has! Congrats to her. She has always given the fans what they want music music music. Has any noticed she comes out with something every year that women does not take a break she knows the industry is tough.

    @Kim lol your right enough with the blonde already!

  11. Well Sista, They should put us on the cover of Time then!!

  12. Beyonce and her music may not always be my cup of tea, but you’ll never see or hear me deny her influence on culture and music” such a TRUE statement. I love her and she deserves all the success and recognition she gets. Her work ethic is unparalleled and unmatched to date and doesn’t show a sing of slowing down. Why should she stop doing her “job” as an entertainer just because she had a child!? Anyway, cant wait until those new Joint tour dates are announced for her and Jay!

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