Beyonce To Launch Fitness Video Games

After accepting her Woman Of The Year award at Billboard’s fourth annual Women in Music event Beyonce told the press she’s ready to launch her own line of fitness video games. “I’d like to get involved in video games, since I really love the Wii Fit. I think it would be a great idea to incorporate choreography because for me my workout is way more fun when it involves dancing as opposed to running on a boring treadmill. “So I would love to do the same kind of fitness game but incorporate dance and performance into it. I think a lot of women would enjoy that.Will you be checking for her new fitness video game?


  1. Now I can break my hips trying to do the Single Ladies routine via Wii Fit.


    Make that money, Beyonce. Money, money, money. I think her fans will like it…provided they own a Wii…

  2. Peyton...... Alicia Keys "The Element of Freedom" out in stores December 1!!!!!

    Good for Bey Bey 🙂

  3. I think this is a really cool business opportunity. Everyone knows she works hard to stay in shape, so this could be really successful.

  4. Beyonce looks more and more like her mom the older she gets. As for the game, I’ll wait for reviews.

  5. I’ll make me a bootleg one..She has enough ways now to get my hard-earned money…..the movies,cds,perfume etc…lol…Good for BEE!

  6. She aint getting no more of my money, Shid, I bought her album,Went to go see Cadillac Records Twice(Ghetto and ignorent black Folks…SMH, i missed Beyonce’s part because they wanna fight…SMH!!!)omg, then i saw Obsessed,Bought Obsessed and saw her in Atlanta…Okay she got my money, NO MORE!!!!!!!!!…SMH

  7. Your title is deceiving Brown Sista. She says ‘she’d like to’. There’s no talk about it being in the works.
    I play Wii with my nieces and nephews, and it’s a work-out in itself. Especially with a cracked rib. LOL!

    I don’t have one, I’m going to get one once I move to Myrtle Beach in January. If she does do a video game, hopefully it’ll come out in May or December, that way I don’t have to buy it for myself. LOL

  8. Yea when I read the title I was like “I thought she said she would like to do video games”
    I think it MIGHT sell well I mean alota people like her body (jay one lucky man)

  9. Do Zumba – it’s easier and cheaper and it helps.

    if she does it – good for her.

  10. Girl give it a f-cking rest!I don’t blame her one bit, Her dumb -ss fans are the one who should hold hand and jump that’s some triflinility!

  11. I think its amazing that she is still finding avenues to market herself!!- i won’t lie tho, i was hoping she would start tryin for a baby after this album but not cuz im tired of her i just wanna see her pregnant lol. I think this business venture might be a little too Letoya Jackson for the queen of pop but if anybody can pull it off its B!

  12. Ari,luv your selection of pics for your columns-B is looking great as ever & i know her fitness video games will be a hit just like her songs

  13. LOL!!

    shes not making it!

    She just said when asked “She’d like to”

    gees ppl!

  14. If ppl actually believe she got that body just doing fitness I got a bridge to sell ya lol

  15. i don’t understand why the stars are making money off of fitness video/games…they have no fitness exprience to really show their fans how to stay fit in a healthy way. Because they have great looking bodies from all the extra time they put in to themselves to stay fit…we suppose to believe they are the fitness expert in working out to!!

    give us some credit…stop taking our money…its fraud to export people who have no real exprenice in fitnes safely.

    Stay with what you know…and leave the rest to the real fitness experts!!

  16. @ DEB almost every celebrity has a trainer and works out many times a week so they should know alot about fitness, and the customers are in control of theier own money not the consumers so nobodies forcing them.

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