Beyonce To Play Etta James In New Movie

At Last Beyonce is heading back to the big screen and once again she will be singing. Sticking to what she obviously knows best, Bey will be playing the role of famed soul singer Etta James in the new movie, Cadillac Records. The Dreamgirls actress will join Adrien Brody, Jeffrey Wright and Cedric the Entertainer in the 1950s-set film, reports Actor Matt Dillon has been replaced by Oscar-winning Brody in the role of Leonard Chess, the founder of legendary blues label Chess Records, after scheduling conflicts forced him to pull out of the project. Filming is due to take place later this year (08) in New Jersey and Mississippi.

And for those of you who don’t know who Etta James is, she is most famous for her beautiful song “At Last”. Check it out below.


  1. Will Beyonce wear a fat suit??? 😆

    J/K. Etta James is WONDERFUL. I’ve got her 20th Masters Greatest Hits CD. She can SANG! Mmmm, Adrien Brody? LOL. I don’t know what it is about him, but he’s……….got swagger that makes him sexy LOL And Cedric the Entertainer is my man! Love him! Jeffrey Wright is one of the greatest, in my opinion, most underrated actors of our time. Dude is awesome. Congrats to Beyonce and the rest of ’em. It’s another role with music/singing, but maybe she’ll get to express her acting chops even more with this character. Thanks for the news! :brownsista: And FIRST! 😆

  2. Well that’s good for her..but I can’t get it in my head how she’ll will do this one?. Can’t wait for this one to come out! :thumbsup:

  3. I think Bey will do a good job at this role. I can’t really see anyone else doing this role except for Queen Latifah (unless there is some unknown superstar actress out there that can pull this off). Beyonce will have to put on weight for this role to make it believable. The two ladies have a minor resemblance, and Beyonce will be able to imitate her voice well. Plus, I think she’ll try to perfect this role because she still feels like she has a lot to prove after Dreamgirls.

    Etta James is legendary to me. I love her music. So whatever they do, they better make this movie believable. I guess we’ll see what happens when it comes out. I just hope that people don’t keep casting Beyonce for the same type of roles… One female cannot portray every female artists from the past. She’s already done, Carmon Jones, Diana Ross and now she’s doing Etta James.

    Make the third time the charm Beyonce, and do this one right. Move on to different roles after this movie because you’ll never get selected for serious roles if movie directors don’t see you as a versatile actress.

  4. Oooohhh I can’t wait to see this! Beyonce can gain weight easily… but how much will she had to gain? And I believe they will add fake parts to her to make her look even thicker. But I agree, she will have to move on to other roles besides just singing. What role has she played where she doesn’t sing at all?

  5. Can’t wait for this to come out :dance2:

    Although… I would highly advise Beyonce against gaining weight for this role. She should use a small fat suit and facial aesthetics :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  6. They do not resemble but make up can fix that. I agree with you guys, this should be the last singing/acting role for her. She may try to really nail it this go round….but I hope she doesn’t go way over the top b/c Bill condon said he had to tell her to calm down, and that Dena does not sing that way when she was singing for dreamgirls

  7. [quote comment=”19829″]Oooohhh I can’t wait to see this! Beyonce can gain weight easily… but how much will she had to gain? And I believe they will add fake parts to her to make her look even thicker. But I agree, she will have to move on to other roles besides just singing. What role has she played where she doesn’t sing at all?[/quote]
    I deleted your e-mail by accident but meant to let you know Toy I added Meagan Online to my links page. :thumbsup:

  8. Oh…and not to beat this topic to death, but to segway a bit; I say it’s damn time someone give Etta a bio-movie. She’s classic! And she’s still here with us! I’ve got her music streaming whilst I work right now.

  9. I think they like to wait until people die before they do Kanyade .

  10. Miss James is INCREDIBLE!!! She is truly talented. I am not a Beyonce fan, however I respect the hardwork she does and success she has achieved. That being said, this will be a horrible movie. Etta James has such a raw, in-your-face personality, but Beyonce’s “acting” is so mechanical and emotionless. Is Beyonce going to attempt to sing any of Etta’s songs? For hearing sakes, let the answer be no. I hope I am wrong, Etta James deserves to be represented well. Unfortunately, that is probably not going to happen. I wonder how Miss James feels about the casting.

  11. she is white looking enough to pull that one hopefully she’ll get an oscar? the one she is craving for?…. congrats i wont watch it anyway

  12. Beyonce only gets singing/dancing roles because she can’t act. I can’t imagine Beyonce in a serious role, she’s a deer in headlights…. her commercials are bland with no emotion. Directors and Producers are more interested in her looks and name.

  13. I am not happy for her. I won’t lie. And, I’m not because it’s ridiculous and unfair that she should be given roles over actual actresses. There aren’t many roles for African American actresses and it’s not right that she should be afforded this and that merely because she’s a gorgeous woman… And, I have a feeling that this script will be put together much better than the Dreamgirls script (although the movie won’t do well at all as people have grown tired of musicals and biopics, without phenomenal actors, always seem made-for-tv). Anyway, as I said…it will probably be a better script, better put together and Beyonce will be apart of that, even though everyone knows she cannot act because…..why? She’s gorgeous. Cause, let’s face it, she is famous because of her physical appearance…sure she can sing and dance but she does so about the most vapid, meaningless things: “drop down low and sweep the flo (she doesn’t say “floor”) with it” and “Check on it”? Please. Beyonce is a superstar singer NOT because she’s talented but because she’s gorgeous. Without that face and body, she’d be some anonymous backup singer in the credits on a Babyface album.
    And, I just don’t think it’s right that she should displace talented actresses.

  14. Please Dont,
    this IS a serious role… Etta was a troubled woman… And, I’m thinking Beyonce accepted the part after doing Dreamgirls because she thought she could prove that she has depth as an actress. Well, she doesn’t. And all this part is going to do is add fuel to the “Beyonce was jealous of Jennifer’s Oscar win” fire. But this part might be a bit easier to watch (okay, we’ll probably still laugh at those highly emotional scenes when Etta is doing drugs are being beaten by some man) as Etta was a bit tough and Beyonce’s voice is…well…it’s as “tough” as it gets…

  15. Etta James is not as large as she once was these days so I don’t get why people are flinging around fat jokes. It is not in good taste.

  16. Yes, she lost a lot of weight. I googled images of her. She looks good for her age. As I stated above, even when she ‘was’ younger she was average. My fat suit comment was in regards to her years here:

    But the time of this film seems to be earlier on when she was younger. :brownsista:

  17. ^^^ you’re right. But since Beyonce has been putting on weight lately… I guess this is why. Hope she does a good job. This’ll be interesting to see.

  18. @ S. Paradise
    You are right. Why not give this role to some new undiscovered actress? Why is Beyonce being typecast with same roles when we all know she can’t act. I could picture Faith Evans as some1 mentioned on another blog. Hell, Faith’s been thru drugs, abuse & (no disrespect) weight problems. It’s time YT hollywood wake up and smell the coffee! I’m tired of them casting popularity over raw/real talent. Why was Angela Bassett not nominated for portraying Tina Turner? Why was Denzel not nominated for the movie “The Great Debators” or “Macolm X”? Why is Nia Long not getting roles Beyonce gets, when she has been here for the longest time? Why did Anika get the short end of the stick for being in DREAMSGIRLS? Anika can sang.

    Beyonces as Etta James :noway:

  19. Etta wasn’t a cow and even if she was her weight has little do with her or the role. Beyonce doesn’t have to be a clone of her. Angela Bassett wasn’t a clone of Tina, hell she didn’t look anything like her but she played the hell out of the role. Beyonce will more likely than not only be required to sing, plus I think this is just a bit part. She isn’t the star.

  20. [quote comment=”19849″]I am not happy for her. I won’t lie. And, I’m not because it’s ridiculous and unfair that she should be given roles over actual actresses. There aren’t many roles for African American actresses and it’s not right that she should be afforded this and that merely because she’s a gorgeous woman

    :iagree: 100%

  21. You guys are so right. This is not just a singing dancing role, Etta James is more than that and Bey better be able to pull this off!! Also to the comments above, I am growing weary of these musician Bios. It seems like ever since Jamie Fox did an awesome job in Ray…everyone wants to copy! Ray was a classic and will be one of those movies you can watch again and again.

  22. I think Kimberly Locke (American Idol Finalist, celebrity fit club) would have been a better pick for Etta James. Good luck to Beyonce anyway, sincerely

  23. Ms. Etta is a piece of work, I hope the movie catches that aspect-her reported lesbianism and drug use

  24. :brownsista: You Go Beyonce! Congrats on the role! Etta was phenomenal, and I’m sure Beyonce will pull this off! :brownsista:

  25. Is Bey still putting out an album this year? Anyway, good luck to her coz she aint that great of an actress.

  26. Well, this should be interesting. Beyonce lacks Etta’s vocal talent, but when Etta James was young, she was FIIIIIIIIINE! Etta battled addiction, and Bey may really get the chance to act. Bey is pretty, so that will help, cause so was Etta in her day. I will go see it.

  27. Paradise

    Please take off the rose-colored glasses. Beyonce can not act! Beyonce has no depth as an actress because she has no depth as person.

  28. if im right beyonce has 5 movies under her belt, and shes a remarkable singer, but i think its time to try something on a different role with out the singing, people want to see the other side of her. that way people will start turning heads, thats the way hollywood its all about.

  29. She’s a great singer but her acting is terrible. There’s no emotion behind it & she always looks lost. They should have gotten a great actress to lip sync like they did with the dorothy dandridge movie.

  30. This is not good. Beyowolf is an ok singer when it comes to singing her own songs. I will personally hunt the chick down if she slaughters my song “At Last”. Tip to Beyowolf…leave the verbrato at home please. Beyonce is not good with rejection and because she didn’t win the Oscars for Dream Girls, she will make us suffer until she does. She mentioned in an interview that she wants to be the first female to win the AMA, Grammys, and oscar b4 she turns 30. I agree with Liyah in all of her comments as well. Beyonce can not act…I don’t think she’s capable. And because of her questionable status in the music business she gets picked over real african american actresses who’ve actually studied acting.

    Let me tell ya’ll as well, I’ve been reading other blogs postings about this and whitey is mad as hell about this news. Go figure. They friggin LOVE Etta James and the fact that Beyowolf is portraying her in a movie has a few of them pissed off. And rightly so because Beyowolfs acting is straight :booty:

  31. Please take off the rose-colored glasses. Beyonce can not act! Beyonce has no depth as an actress because she has no depth as person.


    :iagree: As Jaime Foxx put it to Dinah Jones (Beyowolf) in Dream Girls, “You know why I picked you as lead? Because your voice has no personality”

    In regards to her acting and singing…no truer words have been said.

  32. Bey is trying to keep it safe because she knows her limitations. Acting is definitely not part of her resume. She should be careful though because in my opinion she`s a little overexposed. She may want to scale it back a little. I just wonder who`s going to be chosen to play the great Sara Vaughn. One thing for sure, they better have some serious range. Sara was in the octave range. She could really blow!!!!!

  33. Sorry to post again so soon but I have to vent a little. I definitely hope it`s not true that Bey is coming out with a new album this summer or even this year. It goes back to that word again “overexposure”!!! I know Ms. Bey loves to get her camera time on and she loves to bask in the glow of the spotlight, but enough is enough. We don`t need her in our face year round. Is she that insecure? I`m sure she can find places to travel and stores to shop(upgrade) and give us all a much needed break. I guess she thinks she needs to keep shaking it like a polaroid picture so that we won`t have a lapse of memory. Bad idea Bey. Take a seat for awhile. Someone please tell me it ain`t so!!! :lol2:

  34. I don’t know about this one??? I can see Queen Latifiah on this particular project But not “that chick” i can’t see it !!
    Honestly can you see beyonce doing something gritty such as a lesbian scene ,or shooting up or smoking some drug ? I can’t see here reaching out of her(BOX)or messing up an image her a her family so constructively built. but then i can be wrong!
    Then again the producers my go a whole other way with it, i really want to see if she can handle the vocals on those songs Ms.james

    You have to keep in mind the producers know “BOUNCY” has built in audience so she is going to put butts in the seat .

  35. why is hollywood her stans and her family are setting this woman for failure? this is so nasty ….

  36. Bee is going to set it off! This will be her breakthrough role, and Hollywood will have her in roles for years!

  37. I don’t like this.She has my best wishes, but I simply can’t see her as Etta James. I don’t think she can act well enough to pull off this role, and I would rather see her step out and try something other than another role as a singer. Besides that, I don’t think her voice is strong enough. I agree with previous posters that there are actresses that would be better suited and are truly more skilled at the art of acting. Producers and such would rather make a quick buck off of her name than do a movie justice. I kind of feel like they are using her name and taking advantage of her, and it’s kind of a nasty thing to do. Like Jessica Simpson’s dad telling her how talented she is and how great of a singer she is all the while throwing her on stage in short shorts and a bikini top. Success and money but it’s a dirty thing to do. Beyonce can become a legend of her own without trying to be the well known ones before her.

  38. Damn yall!!!
    The movie aint came out yet and listening 2 yall u would think the movie has already been out and the trailers has been seen!!!
    This is crazy!!!
    Yall already setting it up n yo mind that she’s going 2 do bad!!!
    This is 2 sad!!!

  39. Another post from voice WHO SWORE NEVER TO POST AGAIN. You sure are a woman of your word.

  40. Yes, Terrence beyonce has reportedly been working with timbaland and the freemasons for her next album. The album, just like any other album is for her fans: people who enjoy listening to her music. So change the channel when you see the video and avoid beyonce posts, since you need a break from her.

  41. Beyonce is so determined to prove that she has what it takes to be a serious Hollywood actress. Personally, I don’t think she is a good actress. If this does not work out, she will have embarrassed herself again because everyone in the business knows how desperate she is to be part of Hollywood’s elite actresses club. She better bring it because it is obvious everyone will be watching to see if she sinks or swims.

  42. i think this is a bit part. i don’t think she is the star. i think she sings a couple of songs then exits stage left. i saw carmen hip hopera, austin powers 3, fighting temptations, i just couldn’t sit through dreamgirls after that

  43. :stop:

    It really amazes that this chick can’t act but yet she keeps snaggig good roles….I think this part should have went to a more deserving real actress, just because Beyonce can sing doesn’t mean she’s the right person for this role…If her horrible performance in Dream Girls didn’t wake everyone up I don’t know what will…


  44. I heard this is just a rumor… And, I was immediately like “no, it’s true. It’s all over the net” but….I thought about it and….
    …This commitment comes almost a year after she said she’d begin work on another film. Why did she wait so long? Why did she extend her tour… Wouldn’t it be safe to assume that since she said she’s begin filming another movie in early 07, she had been offered at least one role in 06? Okay…
    She was cast in “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,” right? Well, news of playing “Maggie” was unmet by news of any commitment to do a film. And, a hectic Broadway schedule means no time for promotional interviews and appearances, anyway. So, ’07 would have been booked or arrangements tentative at best. But when that fell through, when she was replaced, there was no news of a movie in ’07. And, I don’t know if any of you have heard yet but Tina Turner has a new play, yet another life story is slated for Broadway this year…
    And it makes me wonder…. after “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” fell through, was there no news of a film last year because this project, another play and a play about Tina Turner no less, was blowing in the wind?? I think so. I really believe Broadway was her paramount object because she commited to one play and I really doubt the producers of “Cadillac Records” would wait until two months before filming (set to being in March, right?) to cast her in the role. I believe, however, she could have been offered the role a while ago, when casting first began. But she didn’t take it…
    Meanwhile, Tina’s play was workshopped and, as it turns out, it’s not just another life story…but a complicated one, biographical and mythological, with Egyptian history woven into the familiar plot…the part is very demanding…and with news of this a month or so ago, this new twist, guess what suddenly arises? Beyonce’s going to play Etta. Yep, suddenly there’s reports of Beyonce’s accepting a movie role, not even two months after reports of Tina’s workshopped play. One that requires much of the actress. Aha! At last we hear that Beyonce’s doing what she said she would in early ’07. She is doing a movie! A movie that will begin filming in March (right?) And a role which, becaause of all the concerts, she’s likely not had time to research, to prepare for…. (But maybe hers is another method. I don’t know…) I think this movie, if it pans out, can be chalked up to her quest for the Tony being derailed.
    -Sorry so long, just wanted to share what I’d heard about it being a rumor-

    P.S. Now, on the other hand, If it is true, there’s no way she’s releasing an album in June. There’s no way a “dance album with an international sound” will run alongside early screenings of the film (Shooting begins in March, right?). It would make it even harder for critics to see her as Etta…

  45. I don’t know about this Bee. She may want to think this one through. Is this all the roles she can do. Singing ones?

  46. [quote comment=”19979″]I don’t know about this Bee. She may want to think this one through. Is this all the roles she can do. Singing ones?[/quote]


  47. Well im not going to see period. Dreamgirl acting skills was wack. But she is a good performer stick with that girl.

  48. i agree with voice
    i think she has been picked for the role just to be the target of an other backlash beyonce cannot act she cannot make things believable enough …
    [witch is the reason why the whole sasha thing is either a mental disability or bullshit or both]
    she got cheated in dream girls her mother dad and fans were talking about how deena will be her oscar winning her breaktrough as an actress what hapenned ? not an oscar not even an golden globe and an incredible backlash on her
    and they are at it again and of course dumb ass stans will sit there encourage her until she bump her head in the wall…
    again… i really hope she can pull this one trough i really hope for her that she took some acting classes…unless B loves to be called nameS…

    ps: she can not even sing like etta? how long are we gonna watch while they are making fun of us

  49. “I am not happy for her. I won’t lie. And, I’m not because it’s ridiculous and unfair that she should be given roles over actual actresses.” :hifive: Absolutely right, give someone else a chance. We’ll be oversaturated by her real soon, if not now.

  50. to renetrice

    why can’t you be happy for beyonce.
    Please laeave her alone!
    If the director sees it fit then let it be.

  51. Will somebody please tell Beyonce Knowles to give up her dream of being an Oscar winning actress. She sucks at acting. If Dreamgirls was suppose to be her break through role, then God help us.


  52. :dance2: I can’t wait! Bee is going to be the talk of Hollywood and have more roles opened to her. Y’all think you hate her now! You wait and see after this project!

  53. S. Paradise find a hobby! You’re making Beyonce life too important in YOUR life! :stop:

  54. WHY!!! You went to a famed acting coach for dreamgirls,And yet your acting “SUCKED”. I’m not a big fan if she want’s to get back into the game take on a small role, in a film get your’e acting skills up
    better yet take some ditication classes along with some acting classes i know you want to show people you have the skills.

    Iris you may be right! It just may be a bit part.

  55. No more singing roles! I wonder will she put on some weight b/c Etta was a thick beauty!



  57. @ jumpy, i heard the acting coach was on set and would help her through each scene. that seems excessive and if a coach is physically present shouldn’t the performance have been better?

  58. kriss said,
    January 28, 2008 at4:23 pm Quote

    to renetrice

    why can’t you be happy for beyonce.
    Please laeave her alone!
    If the director sees it fit then let it be.

    I just think more consideration should go into casting. I am cocksure that there are many others that would take this film sky-high. But, if directors fall to Beyonce to play them, via automation, the result will be flat, commonplace films starting a mediocre actress.

  59. [quote comment=”20018″]S. Paradise find a hobby! You’re making Beyonce life too important in YOUR life! :stop:[/quote]

    Some would say ANYONE who blogs about Beyonce (or any other celebrity) needs a hobby… And, maybe we do… Whatever… I gave my little tidbits…take the gossip or leave it…I don’t care…

  60. She only got the role, because of who she is. Her fanbase is huge, so the film producers are probably banking on her fans supporting the movie. Beyawnce’s “acting” skills and singing abilities aren’t strong enough to play Etta James. I can’t imaging her singing “At Last” with her shaky voice. Hopefully, the movie isn’t all about Etta. The costars will have to carry her, since she’ll be struggling through the movie. She’ll definitely have to lipsync. It’s like a slap in the face for all of these other actresses who’ve been in the business for years and haven’t gotten their big break. They should offer the role to someone who can make it believable.

  61. Everybody knows that Beyonce Knowles is not a good actress. I don’t care how hard she tries and how bad she wants it, she is just not believable as an actress. It is obvious that the producers are using her star power to sell the movie.

  62. :hater: There sre some crabs in this barrell….Damn! I mean did I miss something. I re-watched dreamgirls on HBO the other day…She played her part…what they gave her. She really was good in portraying a diana-like character. So all the falling out like she is just the worst ever…get over it cause it isn’t that serious. Moving forward, different people named several women they thought would do good in this part. Etta was not as big as queen latifa in her early years. Beyonce will do fine. I heard Etta hand picked Bee so all the casting talk..there was none. She is consistantly working and doing her thing. She isn’t on drugs, or a party girl, or sleeping around so i am puzzled on ALL THE DISLIKE! Wow…it is crazy the way people act like she really did something that pissed them off. What did she do? All i ever see her doing is working and minding her damn business. Oh…and making her paper. Hopefully the writers will give her role some debth, something they did not do in dreamgirls. it was a movie clearly about the effie character. If there is debth and she does her thing…SHE WILL SUCCEED. Don’t pull her in your petty-crab-barrell…..Bee is doing her thing! :bowdown:

  63. bee-sting, you did NOT hear Etta hand-picked Beyonce…She could NOT have done that as this movie is NOT about her…she is a peripheral character in the story, one of MANY artists whose lives will be highlighted in the film… Etta had no say in who was cast in any of the parts…she probably couldn’t even stop her own voice/music from appearing in the film if she wanted to… I don’t know why you thought you could tell such a blatant lie? 😐

  64. I know I definitely don’t dislike Beyonce- just give someone else a shot- ey?

  65. They can tell such lie b/c they don’t want to hear the truth. Beyonce can’t act. They rather sugarcoat the truth and direct our attention away from the truth by reciting list of accomplishments. Oh and how she is paid actress more than Halle Bary. :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

  66. I think the reason people are so hard on Beyonce when it comes to her acting is because she was so confident during the whole Dreamgirls promotion. She kind of boasted like she owned the movie and really believed that because of her success in the music business and the fact that the media and everyone else falls at her feet because she is pretty; she was going to rack in all of these awards for her acting and at least get an Oscar nomination. It just made her look full of herself. And then the whole Jennifer Hudson thing just made her look like a complete jealous jerk. All that drama was just over the top and insane because for once, she wasn’t the center of attention.

    Believe me, she will definitely be a little more tight lip and humble about this project now that she knows that acting is more than just showing up, looking pretty and saying your lines and that getting an Oscar award is not as easy as she thought it would be.

  67. Folks going to be picking themselves off the floor when she sets it off on the big screen!

  68. @ Iris if you need a acting coah every step of the way that’s when you know damm well you can’t act worth a damm


  69. You want to know what good acting is? Good acting is Daniel Day Lewis in No Country for Old Men, Meryl Streep in Sophie’s Choice, Julia Roberts in Being Erin Brockovich and Angela Bassett in What’s Love Got to Do With It.

    When Beyonce Knowles can step up her game and do what these trained actors and actresses do that comes natural, then we have a conversation worth talking about. Beyonce Knowles playing Deena Jones in Dreamgirls was not acting. She was dry, wooden and had that stupid deer in the headlights stare. Just like she does in all of her movies. Why because she is not an actress, she is a singer who desperately wants to be an actress. She is an entertainer just like Janet Jackson, Madonna and Britney Spears.

  70. You want to know what good acting is? Good acting is Daniel Day Lewis in No Country for Old Men, Meryl Streep in Sophie’s Choice, Julia Roberts in Being Erin Brockovich and Angela Bassett in What’s Love Got to Do With It. When Beyonce Knowles can step up her game and do what these trained actors and actresses do that comes natural, then we have a conversation worth talking about. Beyonce Knowles playing Deena Jones in Dreamgirls was not acting. She was dry, wooden and had that stupid deer in the headlights stare. Just like she does in all of her movies. Why because she is not an actress, she is a singer who desperately wants to be an actress. She is an entertainer just like Janet Jackson, Madonna and Britney Spears.

  71. I am extremely happy for Bee, the more movies she does the better she will become she does need more acting and coaching but if she digs deep enough I believe she can pull this part off she should absorb herself the way Jamie did with Ray.

  72. ^^ I think Daniel Day Lewis is in There Will Be Blood. But I totally agree that he’s a great actor, one of the best in the business imo, everything he does is solid perfection because he actually ACTS and cares about the craft, unlike many so called actors that are obviously just there for the paycheck and the fame. My favorite movie of his is Gangs of New York, he nailed his role completely! :dance:

    As for Beyonce, I’m not against her playing Etta, but I also agree that there are probably tons of other actresses that could have used this role to breakout into the industry, actresses that could really use the exposure and have definite talent and longevity. Give the unknowns a chance!! lol 😆

  73. Acting is not Beyonce’s forte nor does she have a passion for it. She only wants to act for the fame, money and notoriety. Actors and actresses are the A-listers in Hollywood and are treated like royalty. She only wants an Oscar because it is the most prestigious award that you can get in the entertainment business.

    Beyonce can’t act.

    Her acting skills are just – laughable.

  74. I wonder why she’s said nothing about it…no official word from her people, right?

  75. [quote comment=”20161″]I wonder why she’s said nothing about it…no official word from her people, right?[/quote]

    S.Paradise, I see that this is really, really important to you. Anyway, congrats to Beyonce for being the only African American on Forbes Top 20 Earning Women in Music! She came in at #5!

  76. lmao as if forbes goes to do the inventory in every singers’s out there account lol lmao oh people are so foolish

  77. Actually Forbes checks through endorsements, record sales and touring. Unfortunately for beyonce, forbes checked from June 2006 to June 2007. Her US tour started in June, so the money she made off the tour was not accounted for. That is why she managed 5th PLACE.

  78. Etta went through some serious stuff and I can’t imagine Beyonce being able to understand the complexity of that. I am not saying that to be mean but this lady went through some down and out times. I am sick and tired of Hollywood picking this girl for every singing role. This is not actually going to be a singing role. She is actually going to have to really act and I don’t see that happening.

    You don’t have to look like someone to play them. I could have seen Sanaa Lathan playing this role. Just to mention there are tons of black actresses out there that could have played this role. She is not the only one of for that matter the best one. I don’t understand why this woman is so overrated. But I guess if record companies refused to promote other black female artist and this is all you see you would tend to think that she is the best out there. Chrisette Michelle would have been perfect in this role as well. I really hope they re-think this. Because this could be a really great movie.

  79. Beyonce’s tired behind is still trying to prove that she has what it takes to be a Hollywood actress (LOL).


  80. Melanie, yep! And, as long as it’s important to you (general you) it will continue to be important to me. If this is the topic that’s poppin, I’m here… Although, I can get quite riled up in fashion topics…check the Jill Scott lingerie post! 🙂 Whereever you are, so am I!

    Mandy, Madonna’s $125 million dollar deal wasn’t accounted for either and she managed…I think 1st place but numbers could have been better…so it’s probably pretty accurate across the board, even with the numbers skewed.

  81. My point is that if the US leg of the tour was accounted for, her earnings would have gone up from the 27 million to possibly 38 million, like Shakira earned. Yes Madonna’s deal was not accounted for, but besides her and bee, everyone’s earnings were pretty accurate. Christina Aguilera’s earnings included everything she earned ON TOUR and endorsements. The same goes for SHAKIRA and even Madonna. Their tours were accounted for in full, but Beyonce’s tour earnings were restricted to the European market. I again thought rihanna would be on the list, but didn’t find her on it. Didn’t she release her second album around 2006? The one with SOS and unfaithful.

  82. [quote comment=”20221″]Yes Madonna’s deal was not accounted for, but besides her and bee, everyone’s earnings were pretty accurate.[/quote]

    Are you sure? I doubt they were the only two who made deals that didn’t get figured into the final calculations…it sorta doesn’t make sense that they’d extend some sort of rule to only the two of them…I’m sure they did the same with everyone…the list wouldn’t be worth a hill of beans, otherwise…So, yeah…I bet the final calculations, while maybe short of actual earnings, do reflect the scale or “list”…I bet it’s pretty accurate…

  83. Oh its not ansingin role? the hardest thing this effa had to deal with was choosing wich lace front she would rock ,she has no experience whats so ever of struggle if she did it would show… so she better pass that one…or not im still laughing on dreamgirls and it would get old soon so she might wanna take it! :bowdown:

  84. Jennifer Hudson and Alicia Keys are getting offered movie roles left and right. Ms. Beyonce had to grab something so she wouldn’t be left out of the loop. We all know how desperate she is to become the next Julia Roberts.

  85. VOICE, we know YOU LOVE BEYONCE. You just can’t stop posting after you swore never to get post again. You are the true definition of A HATER. You need your beyonce fix/ haterade everyday. My point is the time limit Forbes chose worked to the advantage of artists like Shakira and Christina, who had completed their tours, but worked against the likes of beyonce and faith hill who were still touring.

  86. First let me say, I’m not a hater. I think Bey is a wonderful entertainer and is beautiful.
    Even though I like her, I don’t love her. Cause she does not connect with me emotionally. She never has and probably never will. Reading your post I think most of you would agree with me, that she does not connect. That’s why she come across as so superficial or fake. You can sell records and be superficial but you can’t sell movie tickets without connecting with the audience sitting in the seat. All the greats like Angela and Denzel make you feel something when you watch them. Bey makes you say ok she can sing and she ‘s pretty, but do I feel her character. In dream girls, I didn’t feel her, but I did feel Jennifer as did everybody else.

  87. Tip : “you can’t sell movie tickets without connecting with the audience sitting in the seat” especially telling a story of a life struggle when she herself had everything handled and offered to her :noway: if etta james let her play her character then i dont know

  88. mandy baby? how do u feel about beyoncé loosing her n:1 place on man the top 99 ask men ? im sure youre sick about it are u okay ?

  89. Voice how do you know so much about someone you hate and berate at a whim? You are a BEYONCE stalker and you sound UGLY so I know you must look UGLY :loser: :booty: :loser: :booty: :loser:

    Tip, I like Beyonce but I feel you and agree with your statement somwehat. Well said :thumbsup:

  90. Voice, please, you know you are far from gorgeous. For the Askmen, I didn’t see Alicia or Shakira on that list. They sell lots of records. Artists do not need an endorsement from one magazine to prove they are marketable. How many of those men who voted have actually gone out to see a Scarlett Johanssen movie or bought a beyonce or rihanna album? Beyonce’s marketability as well as Alicia’s and several others is very evident in her SALES FIGURES AND THE MONEY SHE EARNS.
    On a more serious note, I hope you deal with your issues because I see people like you everyday hating someone else because you feel inferior, then turning it around and hiding under the facade of a strong sista. It’s ridiculous.

  91. Again, your comment on how she has had everything handed out to her and her incapability to portray a life of struggle just gives you away, voice. Hope you get help and learn to really love you, and not be jealous or hate on others. Nothing is sadder than making someone the center of your hatred when human beings are supposed to be creatures of love. Hope you deal with your issues. HELP ANONYMOUS TOO

  92. Lmao :lol2: u stans people are so easy to play with toys r us aint got none on you i didnt even read what you said i just wanted to see you type your heart out trying to convince me about ur mama lmao 😆

  93. To Mandy and others beyoncé’s fans

    i have one question since yall seems to be beyoncé’s closest friends
    what struggle does she had to get trought her entire life? Now i decided not to argue with beyoncé’s prostitutes
    anymore but i love ettah james, and every other sister that are there today
    because of something they overcome. Good for you if beyonce is your hero
    seriously it’s great that you manage to wake up at 5:00 am to defend her its good for you.

    what struggle did beyonce have to deal with? let me give you an example of what struggle is..

    Struggle is when you are hungry so hungry that your stomach hurts but there is no food ,
    there is no one with you to help you , and you’re so desperate that you wanna die because the word set you out to fail
    you wanna work but your skin color stop you from doing it, when you know you can achieve whatever but people expect you to do something else
    because you’re beautiful and atractive
    that’s struggle

    Maybe yall been spoiled all you life and still are so its easy for you to feel beyonce(lets hope so because if not you all are sad persons)
    but some of us had to deal with stuff your little minds can’t imagine some of us overcomed the worst bullshit ever
    so don’t blame us if we are eager to see people that look more like us …
    i can sit down with etta james,mary j blige,keyshia cole,alicia keys,lauryn hill,or whitney houston (to cite a few)
    and feel their pain and be able to say “i’ve been there before” i can listen to alicia and say yep i’m a superwoman

    beyonce can’t because her parents always did everything for her she even said that she left in a great neighboor and had an housekepper
    her real struggle will start the day people that she love will turn on her because that always happens and she won’t know how to be strong because
    she never been on her own, in today’s world you have to respect people because they have money but i dont i respect her as an human beign
    but she is far from knowing what life can do to you so she CANNOT pull this character off she is emotionless
    i can tell by the way she act or make herself cry on command and by her lyrics “drom down lo and sweep the flo with it”,”i can do for you what martin did for the people” “when he sees me in this dress ima get me some” that’s all she is about sex
    so don’t expect people to sit and watch her tear down a legend

    Bottom line she doesnt have a personality (if she wasnt a singer she’ll be the next similar thing video model/stripper )
    her voice is weak (listen, resentment ,dangerously in love)if she sing aka destroy/kill “at last” i don’t know what is going to happen to her,im praying for her ass she aint the only one that have crazy die hard fans, somebody is going to let that girl know that she cant keep on with the bullshit…

    Respect people’s life and past and most importantly get a life
    i can’t imagine being here defending somebody that i can’t call and cry to if i feel like it
    get a fucking life get a fucking education and raise your standars

    Celebrities like beyoncé get fans like yall: and i understand myself

  94. Voice is still in denial, how sad. I feel for you, really do.
    Came and left, you sound like voice. Not accusing you of anything, but just saying hmm. On the struggle and challenges you
    have faced, I also feel for you. But let me get this straight, you dislike beyonce playing etta james because she has had a good life? So in your opinion one has to ”deal with stuff my little mind can’t imagine” before the person can be considered by you as fit to play a deep role. Better yet one has to have led a difficult life to even be considered by you a singer, just like Alicia and Mary j. Struggle is not just physical, in need of money or food. You respect your struggle, don’t be too careful to overlook others or misjudge because theirs is not ”your physical struggle’. Your comments about her ” her parents doing everything for her and people eventually turning on her” spew nothing but ”RESENTMENT AND JEALOUSY”. Check yourself.

  95. Didn’t see the ”get a life and education” comment. In response to that, I am getting an education. I live in W. Africa Ghana to be exact, took the SAT recently and didn’t do too bad, 1820. I hope to get into a university by september. That’s about it. I’m here on a BEYONCE POST because I’m a fan, yep. Why are you here? You and voice. Since you are not fans, one would think you’d be on a Mary J post or Alicia. But you are here,and I need to get a life?

  96. I am from the ivory coast korea and jamaica,i speak french english and spanish and i’m in law school graduating this year see the difference?not knocking you down of anythin but i knew you were some teenage girl [typical beyoncé fan] but i didnt think that you were from ghana or nigeria or an african english speaking countries cuz yall always look up to girls like beyoncé [able to show legs ,turning on men,blond hair,famous,glittering] that is your definition of emancipation/success right ??? how sad …. please and girl when i talk about people turning on her im not saying that i wish so i’m saying that in life those kind of stuff always happen and you have to be strong to handle that wich she is obviously not i’m here because the post is not only about beyonce but you can’t see that can you ?

  97. Mandy,
    may I step in? People are quick to assume that anyone who says anything negative or holds some unfavorable opinion of Beyonce is jealous… And, she’s insanely successful, so I could see someone believing that…it’s makes sense on the surface, right?
    But it isn’t true…People rail against Beyonce because she represents a insidious trend in this country: the obsession with beauty. It’s so bad that we render everything basely sexual…we can’t even buy a burger without ogling some oversexed whore. And, we’ll ride the Jessica Alba train even though we know it ends in absurdly incompetent and unbelievable acting. And the Britney Spears saga…it’s not about some falling star…it’s merely us mourning the loss of beauty, cringing at our fleeting fixation.
    Beyonce is that…beautiful. Can she sing? You better believe it. And dance. And that’s it. But she comes at a time when beauty precedes capability and so she gets stuff she deserves-like “pop” stardom-and other things she doesn’t-like awards for the most uninspired and unsophisticated writing; like movie roles; like clothing deals (House of Dereon? Really? I thought it was Baby Phat and Rocawear and Apple Bottoms).

    And, all of it is because she’s gorgeous… If she were not, she would be Kameelah of 702, singing backup for Sunshine Anderson; or Tweet, whose debut project is one of the best of our generation yet could not manage to see her over the sophomore slump. And, if Beyonce did not know this…that her beauty precedes her…if she did not rely on it, she would be Amel Larrieux, a woman who concerns herself first with her art, Beyonce would be a woman who appreciates the modest crowd.

    Beyonce is ultimately a beautiful woman, she “eats” because of it…and she knows it…And, I think she knows people loathe the fact that her abilities should be so exaggerated merely because we like to look at beautiful people.
    If she does this movie, she will either be insipid, falling flat as she did in Dreamgirls or she’ll overact. And, do you know why? Because she isn’t the least bit interested in being an actress…she wants, as she’s said, to win an Oscar. And, do you know why that is, why she concerns herself most with receiving the highest honor in a field in which many have studied their entire lives to excel? Well, it’s easy. She’s grown accustomed to favor.

  98. Why do yall let somebody that’s in the entertainment industry affect ya lives? Yall worse than people obsessing over Britney Spears. 😆

  99. I disagree with S.Paradise, as per usual. I think Beyonce is very talented. Her vocals are on point, she can dance, she is an amazing business woman, and she is beautiful. Having said that, I do think she needs to work on her acting. I have yet to see her play a role that is not typecast, and that challeges her range. I think she is still new in this arena and will evolve in time. I am a true Beyonce fan, don’t misunderstand me. She is the hottest in the business and no one can touch her right now. I would just like her in a role where she is not singing, and she is focused completely on acting. She needs a gritty hood rat role in my opinion, something totally unexpected. It will hapeen, but until it does, I choose not to see her movies. I own every albulm and DVD I can get my hands on, but I have yet to support her acting endeavors. Being the perfectionsit and consummate performer she is, it will happen, trust me. Her acting will come up, and I can hardly wait! She rules in all that she sets her mind to, so watch out world!

  100. Ladylee,

    I so agree with you!!!!

    I’ve been saying this for years. Love Bee just want her to take two to five years and perfect her acting and then take on a role that is going to knock america off there feet. But she doesn’t do that. She is more like record, movie, record movie. She’s trying to get her bank up. I’m not mad at that either but at the same time, she not progressing. What is sad is that she has nothing but Yes people behind her and not telling her how she really look on screen. ALl they see is the Singer Bee. She just need a reality check and not by her click.

  101. S. Paradise, Beyonce is a talented sista that happens to be beautiful. Your comment would probably fit an “artist” like Cassie, Kat Deluka, Christinia Milian who can’t really sing but have gotten a break because of their “looks”

  102. S. Dot,
    :hifive: You know our girl will come through, it’s just a matter of time. I would even like to see her on Broadway when she steps her acting game up, she’s got a strong and powerful voice for that. She’s due to have an album out this year I understand, but she’s keepin’ it on the low. I even heard a rumor she’s been dabbling in country music. I’m not sure about that one. She’s too soulful to pull that off in my opinion. I eagerly await her upcoming musical projects.

  103. Don’t forget to check out the Grammy’s this Friday. Beyonce and Tina Turner are reported to be doing a duet together! That’s a good look!!

  104. I agree with S. Paradise. Her comments are on point. Beyonce is a good performer but she is highly overrated because of her looks and image. As far as her acting, she has no passion for it. She shows no emotions because she has never struggled and she is not a trained actress. Jennifer Hudson showed her emotions when she performed I Am Not Telling You because in real life she has been where her character Effie had been. Beyonce just wants to do it because she desperately wants an Oscar award. But I think she learned that having pretty face and mediocre voice is not enough to win you a Oscar award.

  105. Anonymous, sounds like you know Beyonce personally. Can you say for a fact that she hasn’t been through some rough times in her life? A Black woman born and raised in America, free of problems – sounds kind of erroneous to me.

  106. Beyonce was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She said it herself, she knows nothing about being poor because she grew up in a nice neighborhood, big house with a maid. She also said she doesn’t know how to cook. The woman is clearly a spoiled brat who is used to having everything offered and handed to her. That is why she thought winning an Oscar would come so easy.

  107. Just because you come from more privilege than others, does not mean you have not had struggles or a story to tell. If anything, she’s probably had a harder time because she has to get past all the haters. People being so mean, insensitive and judgemental. I love it, you guys on here, excerting all your energy, wasting your time spewing your venom about a person that you claim to abhore. I sit back and laugh!! :lol2: You guys know more about her business, her music, interviews, personal affairs, than the average groupie!! YOU GUYS CRACK ME UP!!! me!!! up:lol2: :lol2: :lol2: 😆 :lol2:

  108. Beyonce IS FAT enough to play Etta James! She already has weight issues so this is a no brainer!

    Anonymous and S. paradise should be MAD at their parents for the poor struggling life they had to live. Don’t be MAD at Beyonce! Spew your hate at your moms and pops! Or, get over it!

    Ladylee I’m convinced you work for Beyonce. You sound like a straight up employee!

  109. Real Talk,

    You never know man, I just might!! Or I could just be a strong, beautiful, black Sista, lookin’ out for another one. Not down wit’ hatin’ on anyone, not even the haters. I was just trying to put it all in perspective, and reveal the irony. OOOPs! Gotta go,…another laugh attack comin’ up!!!… :lol2: :lol2: 😆 😆

  110. I think beyoncé is probably a really nice woman that don’t mean any harm, but that probably let the fame get to her head half people here would probably do the same… i also think that she is a very jealous person and will betray anyone from friends to family to get where she wants to be, but who are we to judge her?

    Musically i think [get ready]She canNOT sing as well as people want her to, i mean i’ve been harrased by crazy fans to listen to “dangerously in love”,”flaws and all”,”resentment” i still heard the same vibrato voice and i knew under this great ability to vibrate her cordes there wasnt any voice under , i dont think she can dance neither however i give it up to her choreographer that has great moves and great ideas

    i also think she is extremely uninteligent and inarticulate, body like i think she is a coke away from being obese and need to stop squeezing herself into tiny outfit that makes her look like a whale,fashion like i think she has no game at all she wear stuff that anyone could get anywhere,and should i talk about her acting skills??? but this is all my opinion!!!!it can’t vary from one person to the other …

    While i think she can last for at least 5 or 6 more years i foresee [not wishing] a near end to her carreer not because she is dumb,and untalented because people seems to forgive her like she is just a 5 y.old that made a mistake,but because of her fan base, i swear those people will kill somebody one day !!!i personally know couple beyoncé fans and they convinced me that almost all beyonce’s stans are mentally challenged ,they will attack you,threatens you,insult you over beyoncé and this is no joke i don’t know what kind of voodoo this family put on people but those that fell in the trap are hooked,and the more they go crazy over beyoncé the more you resent her and it’s not rocket science to guess what will happens to her….

    To make a long story short i wish her the best even tought i think she is one bad aspect of how people see black women, i admire the way she just brushes people off her like on one else matter but her, but she need to have an assembly and talk to her fans before its too late
    ps: she cannot play ettah and will make a fool out of herself ,then again does she cares?
    love yall

  111. Amazing, the amount of responses that a Beyonce thread will get no matter if people love her or hate her.

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