Billboard Honors Beyonce

Though her career may be floundering at the moment, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles has still been a musical force to reckon with over the last decade. Noting her considerable contributions to the world of Pop and R & B music, Billboard has announced plans to honor the singer at this year’s award ceremony with a special Billboard Millennium Award. Billboard had previously named Beyonce their “Woman of the Year” and “Top Female Artist of the Decade” back in 2009.

Set to air May 22nd, the Billboard Awards are returning after a five year hiatus and have so far managed to snag performances from such big name artists as Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Jennifer Lopez.

No word whether Beyonce will attend the show, but now that she is receiving such a prestigious honor, I doubt she will want to miss it.



  2. Career floundering at the moment?? “sista u a under cover hater for real. I’m convinced. Any way everything ^^ said minus the hating ass black women part.

  3. Great honor, she definently deserves it. Getting such awards at age 29 speaks for itself, about her talent, craft, work ethic etc. Congrats Beyonce.

    C.J. Grow up.

  4. CURIOUS- I seen a little shade in this post though I don’t know if she’s hating.
    And I wouldn’t say her career is floundering maybe her SINGLE is on the charts is right now, big difference.

  5. LMAO at “floundering” leading to the Run the World post! Wow.

    I wouldn’t say that Beyonce’s ENTIRE career is floundering just because of one single…a single that hasn’t been promoted in the least, performed, supported by a video, etc. That’s a totally unfair thing to say in my humble opinion. If that were the case, every black singer’s career is “floundering” ie. Jill Scott, Kelly Rowland, Chrisette Michele, etc. The SONG may be floundering, but an entire CAREER? No.

    Congrats Bey! This is awesome.

    @C.J, really?

  6. Congrats to Beyonce, This gives me something to look forward to at this yrs award show

  7. Ha. Beyonce’s career is hardly floundering based on one single. That being said, not sure I can say she should get a Billboard Millennium Award. I would think that would go to a more accomplished artist. I mean, Beyonce has been amazing with the Destiny’s child and as a solo artist, but she’s only put out 3 solo albums and has only been a solo artist for 8 years. I just feel like artists like Tina or Janet who’ve been in the game much longer with more influence, more albums and more hits should be getting an award like this.

  8. See how C.J. talks as if Beyonce is white or some other nationality. I told y’all many Bey stans are racists.

    Don’t blame me because the public isn’t feeling her hot new sound 😆

  9. I wont even begin to comment on the “floounding” career bit. I just want to say congrats, her work ethic is UNMATCHED over the 15 years she’s been in the game. Well deserved….I cant wait to see this. Ri and Cee Lo Green and J-Lo I think are tributing her. This should be good. I just hope Bey also graces the stage and shows the world once again why she is who she is…….

  10. Why are my comments awaiting moderation? And why wont my correction to the word floundering save? Oh well……

  11. LOL @ Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez paying tribute to Beyonce. Jennifer has always been too big for that and Rihanna is no longer a newbie. Her accomplishments rival that of Beyonce and in many instances have surpassed her.

  12. See how C.J. talks as if Beyonce is white or some other nationality. I told y’all many Bey stans are racists.

    Go visit Just Jarred and peep what they have to say anytime a Beyonce article is posted. Those white chicks loathe Beyonce with a passion and routinely call her fat and claim she wants to be a white woman.

    Lighskin black women do the same thing only in reverse. They sit on black blogs waiting for someone they don’t know and have never seen to make a mean comment about Beyonce so they can spew their special brand of hate.

    In their world if someone they think is a woman and black does not like Beyonce or her music then they must be super dark skin and jealous. That goes to show who many of these crazy fans are and why they really like Beyonce.

    To them Beyonce is a manifestation of their belief that light skin women are superior to dark skin women.

    The true haters have been exposed.

  13. Congrats to Beyonce that’s a huge honor. Sista you may be right but her CAREER isn’t “floundering” her single (with no promotion) is 🙂 .

    @Jessica- I love Rihanna but her accomplishments are no where near Beyonce’s. She does have more number one singles but as far as respect, pretigious awards (like this one) etc. then no. Seems like it’s going to be a good show overall though, I’m liking the performance line-up.

  14. Of course she’ll show up. She has a (flop) single to promote. The beyonce promo machine don’t play.

  15. Sista I was gonna say that you sound like a hater with that ‘floundering’ comment, then I actually looked up the definition to the word and I can see where you are coming from.

    ‘floundering: to make clumsy attempts to move or regain one’s balance.’

    i still think that this single has the potential to do perform better once the video drops. I guess we will have to WAIT and SEE.

  16. LOL is this a joke how can she win this wards when it was confirmed Britney and Eminmen were the TOP SELLING MALE NAD FEMALE ARTISTS OF THE DECADE


    I see Sony bought this award to distract everyone from that Fail of a single

  17. Congrats!

    They knew she nor Jay Z would come unless she was getting something. Smart business move Billboard.

  18. Billbaird wants ratings – love her or loathe her people will watch to see the hamminess of the matter.

  19. Congrats, Beyonce! Wow, folks can’t even offer a simple congratulations and move on. Sad…

  20. Wow. I respect Beyonce’s work ethic, but honor her for an eight year solo career and mediocre music. I can see if her career spanned 25+ years or more in the business and she evolved as an artist, but seriously.

    It just seems like every since she announced that she wants to become an icon and legend, awards have been thrown at her left and right. And right before her new CD drops after her first single flopped. Something sure does smell fishy in the fridge.

  21. BEyonce you deserve this award!!! You worked your tail off for it! And no matter what the haterz have to say whether you have had a solo career for 1 yr 8yrs or 10…U have done your thing! PERIOD….CONGRATS! “FlOUNDERING” NOT! why haterz? Congratulate STOP HATING SO MUCH PEOPLE!!!! Stevie wonder can see how much she has accomplished in the last decade..and he blind! BUT NOT THESE HATERZ!!!!!!!

  22. I agree, Britney and Eminmen sold more than Beyonce, hell even Mariah has more billboard number ones than Beyonce. How does Beyonce get this award? And why are we just how hearing about this? Why wasn’t this announced a month a go when news broke about how who was nominated for awards for this event? They broke news around April 14th about who was going to be nominated for awards, correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t that also around the same time when her single came out? Wouldn’t that piece of news possibly helped the performance of that single? Rihanna gets nominated for 18 billboard awards (the most at one time) and a month later we find out about some Millenium Award going to Beyonce a few weeks before the awards show takes place. This chick can’t stand to see someone get more attention that she does. I believe she wants to be an icon, but I think she’s going about it in some underhanded and sneaky ways. Not cool.

  23. Some people just don’t want to see this woman succeed at even breathing. My gosh, you can not buy EVERYTHING, some things are given to you for your hard work and contribution. Get that through your thick skulls people! Billboard as well as many of others think she deserves this award, if you don’t..well to damn bad.


  25. If someone made an ward saying “daughter of god himself” beyonce fans will take it and rejoice,it’s like you have no way to think crittically artist of the millenium?really? When did they make that award?I’ve never heard of it have you?I mean I wanna say congratulations but just liker her having more Grammy than Michael Jackson I’m perplexed.Congratulations I guess

  26. @Bri

    “Wow. I respect Beyonce’s work ethic, but honor her for an eight year solo career and mediocre music. I can see if her career spanned 25+ years or more in the business and she evolved as an artist, but seriously.

    It just seems like every since she announced that she wants to become an icon and legend, awards have been thrown at her left and right. And right before her new CD drops after her first single flopped. Something sure does smell fishy in the fridge.”

    People don’t necessarily hate Beyonce, just the politics because it’s mostly sales and marketing…I remember when Soul Train gave Ashanti “The Aretha Franklin Award” on her first outing…I never say what a person deserves, but I could see Janet Jackson etc…as a society we have confused popularity, accolades and celebrity with the truth…it will be a good tribute none the less…after Gaga’s Special (inspite of how much she borrows from Madonna), the Billboard Awards Show has its work cut out for themselves!…this marketing ploy will generate a bounce and buzz, as it ought too!

    I’m just glad that there’s some good music out and more people in the game…”The Voice” is going to unleash some true talent…we’re moving into a “feel good” time again and the music is reflecting this natural spiritual pull…so expect change…a 43 year old singer and actress is back on top, most beautiful woman…Obama who had a very low approval rating is back on top…more black people have started their own businesses…in this deadbeat economy people are rising above their circumstances…the music will also reflect this period…you will see more diversity at the top, the money depends on it!

  27. Yep beyonce is the best artist to have come out in a thousands Years, Screw Mozart and the entire Classical Era, Screw Michael Jackson, Screw Prince, Aretha Franklin can’t sing for nothing, Beyonce is simply the best at every single thing in this world. Congratulations at another WELL WELL deserved Award.

  28. by the way all the Stans not knowing what floundering means, and spawning out at Sista made my day, NO ONE can convince me that beyonce Stans have any sorts of brain power AT ALL.

  29. Well since I was one of the ones who adressed Sista I will respond. I don’t think anyone was “spawning out” at her we, or atleast I, was just informing her that Beyonce’s CAREER isn’t “floundering” but more-so just her SINGLE, at the moment. I didn’t see a comment where no one indicated Beyonce was better than of the ppl you mentioned..except yours 🙂 . And that “theory” that Beyonce’s fans have “no brain power” is rediculous. Come on.

  30. 1: You were going to respond anyway.
    2:Beyonce=Singer=Fail single=Career being questioned since after 10 years this is what she serves; and that is the best i can break it down for you.
    3:”rediculous” nough said

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