Beyonce to Release New Music Soon

According to Billboard Online, new music from Beyonce could be just around the corner. The singer’s longtime producer, The Dream, told the entertainment weekly he has been in the studio with Beyonce since the summer and that a new single will mostly drop before the singer performs at next year’s Super Bowl.

So, what can fans expect from their Queen Bey? Well according to Terius, so many songs have been recorded that the possibility of several singles being released before the Super Bowl is quite likely.

As for the follow-up album to 2010’s platinum selling ‘4,’ The Dream says he has been “involved in every part of the process” and that Beyonce is meticulously setting up her return. “She’s got her stuff going. She took the summer to start recording, and now she’s in a place where she’s ready to start gearing up to reveal her plan.”

Stay tuned.

Beyonce isn’t getting all comfy-cosy with the public for nothing. I smell a new single this month.


  1. Yarn she ain’t queen for nobody stop idolizing these celebrities already.

  2. I can breath now. The Queen is coming the other *artist* had there time already, and I’m ok with that but I know for a fact that the Queen was getting something together for her BeyHive!

  3. Sista I sure hope a new single this month but I was thinking more on the lines of next month at the earliest either way I’m pumped! I doubt she’ll put out more than 1 single before the Super bowl however! We shall all see 🙂

  4. I think she might make an announcement about her new single this month, but actually release it next month. Im praying that there will be 0 leaks this time around.

  5. Why? Most people have their singles leak ahead of release. Leaks never sank anyone’s single. What you’re really praying for is that the public doesn’t get a chance to judge her music without all the hype, which shows what you must really think of her music.

  6. What you’re really praying for is that the public doesn’t get a chance to judge her music without all the hype…

    *gasp* 😆

  7. The album might do well…just being honest her sales not as good as they used to be…and thats for every R&B singer out there…and she is just too phony to me…so BEYONCE WILL NEED TO COME WITH IT…AND I MEAN THAT AND COME 100% ORGINAL THINGS

  8. @Britney_BITCHES What are you talking about? That never even crossed my mind. There doesn’t have to be a big production or media blitz behind any song Beyonce or anybody else does in order for me to like it. Instead of worrying about what i like and pray for.How about we pray together in hopes that Britney and those vocals can come back to life.

  9. She is not an R & B singer. There is this new girl out her name is Elle Varner I hope I spelled it right and her single is I Don’t Care she is bad. The whole cd is just ridiculous. I use to love that about this site that they use to put all brownsista’s on here now it’s the same one’s over and over. Can we get some variety on here.

  10. @sean of course u don’t but we all know wte Bey puts out whether it’s good or NOT,… It’ll be forced down our ear tubes some kind of way!! I can deal with the hype if the quality of music matches other than that, it’s like dreading The Year of Psychopaths’…Lol It’s her ignorant Fans who worship her in a seemingly unhealthy manner, that I utterly disgust!!

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