Beyonce Tops The Charts & Makes History

Billboard Magazine has released the official Soundscan numbers for Beyonce’s new album I Am Sasha Fierce and as usual they are pretty much in tune with Hits Daily Double’s estimates from last week. HDD predicted sales of about 500-550k and Beyonce came in right under that with first week sales of 482,000. These number are good enough to put Beyonce at the top of next’s week’s album charts- however, not all news is good. T.I. and Rihanna refuse to let go of their grip on the singles charts and thus Beyonce’s Single Ladies was kept out of the top spot. Single Ladies however does occupy the top spot on the R n’ B singles charts and the digital sales charts.

The singer also makes a bit of history along with rapper T.I. For the first time in Hot 100 history two singers will occupy the top 4 slots on the chart. T.I and Rihanna with Live Your Life, followed by Beyonce in second and third place with Single Ladies and If I Were A Boy, and then T.I again with Whatever You Like.

And in other BK news, the singer performed on the Today Show as part of their Toyota Concert Series. Check out pics from the performance below and click here to see great high quality video of her Single Ladies performance.

If you have trouble viewing the videos below you can see them on the-> Today Show Website.

1. Crazy In Love Performance

2. At Last Performance

3. Tyra Banks Performance With Male Back-up Dancers


  1. Yeah for her….I am proud of her and TI. TI is doing big things on the charts and I think it is great to black entertainers shine like this. Congrats to Robyn/Rihanna because she is part of it too.

  2. :lol2: 482k? YOu mean to tell me Taylor Swift sold almost 600k? Beyonce is falling quick, and her stans are making every excuse in the book. :loser:

  3. Whew, 482K is still damn good. That’s near gold on the first week. Most artists aren’t doing that even after a year’s time of being out. Now rather than cause drama, even allow this to be a positive thread or get out. Really. You are just as bad as the “stans” just bring this kind of vibe in here. I agreed with you in the other thread so it is not like I am trying to start with you. I am tired of the back and forth that Bey fans and those who are not have concerning her.

    I would not call it a flop. Below expectations? Yep. But most artists would love to “flop” like this. Now again, you don’t like her, let this thread go. We know what you think, stop bring this kind of vibe. Wow.

  4. BUt Curtis, if you expect to read all things great about Beyonce you should go to her fansite. If this were Rihanna only selling 100k all the Beyonce fans would be on a Rihanna thread saying how much she sucks and thats what she gets, now when someone says that about Beyonce there are excuses made. Lucky for me this is a free country and I can spew what ever I like about a person who is doing nothing for us or the black community. This is not good for Beyonce, she is a major entertainer in our day but her album sales are declining…..this album did worse than Bday. There is no reason why Taylor Swift a new artist is doing way better than Beyonce. Stop directing comments to me if you dont like what I have to say. This is why Beyonce threads gets the most comments because her stans feel like they have to defend her and respond to people leaving their opinion.

  5. 482,000 is darn good considering her album leaked over 2 weeks ago. Congrats to our sista for doing so well. Those who are mean spirited have been calling for Beyonce’s downfall for years but it hasn’t happened yet. She has a hit album and two hit singles. The fact that others have sold more or even less than her means nothing. Congrats to Taylor Swift and Lil Wayne on their first weeks sales as well. One artists numbers in no way are indicative of the value of another artist. Who is hotter right now than Beyonce? No one. Give our sista her due. Single Ladies is a icon making single and craze that has swept the nation. Brown Sistas are doing it to the max. Go head Beyonce.

  6. To Curtis- Remember, Matthew Knowles predicted she would sell between 700K-1M. She sold just over half of his predictions. Not to say it’s a flop but given all the promoting she’s been doing, that number is not that solid. It’s her lowest for sure. I’m not a fan of Britney’s music but I think Britney will sell more than any of the ladies this year. So I am afraid Bey won’t stay number one for long.

    I think she looks hot though!

  7. I know, coco. Believe me, I know. LOL. I am not making excuses, but I think a factor in that is that she a regular double CD and a deluxe double CD and people really wanted the Deluxe because of more songs. I think it threw some off. That was not a good idea at all.

    As for Britney, she probably will sell a lot. She always does. Bey won’t be #1 next week but not because of BS but because of Kanye, Guns-N-Roses and Luda debuting their albums. No way she will be #1 next week and that’s ok.

  8. Mathew’s HOPES of the album selling 750,000 mean nothing and this album isn’t her lowest selling. Her debut album Crazy In Love sold 317,000 in the first week according to Billboard. I am not even a fan like that but I recognize mean spirited people when I see them. A flop? The album sold 482,00 and her songs are number 2 and 3 on the chart and the Single Ladies video is a smash. Can someone show me where the flop is? Get over what other people and their fan base sold. Beyonce is Soul/Pop and Taylor Swift is Pop/Country. They are different artists and neither better than the other. When Beyonce disppears from the media, charts and magazine covers then you can say she is a flop or over, like Janet who I love but see the writing on the wall. Beyonce is actually at the top of her game and we as sistas should be proud that one of us is running the game right now. Congrats to her and job well done.

  9. I think if Matthew didnt open his mouth and assume Beyonce would sale a million no one would care, but he brought these expectations to the public. Beyonce and team lost money because it took more money to promote the album to the fullest, travel expenses, wardrobe, and video shoots. Beyonce is Beyonce so why does she have to promote to the point of overexposure? People heard the album in advance and didnt like what they heard, so they were turned off. Also, what turned people off was the whole Jennifer Hudson thing, Beyonce asking to perform for Barak, BC Jean song, and her releasing singles same day as Michelle.

  10. :thumbsup: @ dana. Now on the flip side of that, when Beyonce fans are bringing those high expectations and she fail to meet them, this is what brings the drama too. It goes both ways. It is good thing, you mention Janet because to me, Janet has done so much she don’t need to be making records to sell. She should be making records she really loves and forget about how much it will sell. She is an icon, she shouldn’t act like a rookie. BTW, I am saying that because I don’t want Bey to be doing that either. I long for the days where it won’t matter how Bey sells because it would be already understood as for her place in the industry and what she brings to the table.

  11. Congrats to Beyonce! I love the album! :brownsista: Beyonce looks fabulous in that catsuit! Loved the performances on the Today Show as well!

  12. Curtis you say your not making excuses for Beyonce but that is exactly what your doing. In my opinion Beyonce cd flop “it will cell more later” she is a big star and she is bring in numbers like if she is a new artist and that the truth. I will say it again these numbers make me laugh :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: so call me a hater.

  13. Okay so……..
    CIL 317
    BDay 541k
    I Am 432k

    So that means her record sales are declining, first albums are usually lower because it sets the standard for an artist….sales after should be progressing. Beyonce should be doing more than her last album but she is selling 109k less than her last album.

    Alica Keys (Icon)
    Songs in A Minor 236k
    Diary of Alicia Keys 618k
    As I Am 742k


  14. Umm, Kanye is predicted to sell 450K next week. I guess he’ll be a flop too! Whatever!

  15. @ Whew Diary of Alicia Keys sold 6 mill in the U.S. and “I Am” won’t make it to 4 mill, so will “I Am” be considered a flop? Is she loosing her fan base? Just asking.

  16. Dana this is Beyonce 3 LP not the first one thats a big differents. Alicia Keys first LP sold 236k “I think” then # two sold 618k and last one sold 742k in its first week. So tell me again how is this not a flop for Beyonce even though she will sell alot more in the future. I will say it again Stop making excuses for her.

  17. janelle, I am not making excuses. I am saying that it was a bad idea from the start to have both a deluxe and a regular double CD. No need to pick my post apart when I am making my point clear. Like I said to whew, I will say to you: why even bring this kind of drama? If your fave artist did this, I would not do that to them. Hell I am happy with all sistahs doing great things. Whether it is 100K or 1 mil, #1 is #1 and 3 str8 #1s solowise and 6 str8 if you count DC is great.

  18. That’s great for Alicia. Now ask this, will Alicia sell that many the next time and if she doesn’t, is she a flop?

  19. Congrats to Beyonce for her 3rd #1! :brownsista:

    Janelle, you do know there were only 7 albums that debut higher than 482K in 2008?

  20. Well according to Janelle, Alicia’s latest album is a flop because it’s not selling what the others did.

  21. @Tiffy Were talking about first week sales not the over all and no Alicia Keys I Am is not a flop other wise she wont have sold what she did in its first week.

  22. I never used the word flop, if albums are being sold they are being sold.
    What im saying is Matthew and Beyonce were stuck on her making 750-1Million and running around talking about Icon status, and the album is her best ever. This album was too gimmicky and the sales proved that people were not interested…..

  23. @Curtis
    I think if Alicia doesnt sale as much on her next full album then its not a flop but it shows a declining fanbase. Same with Beyonce, her fan base is declining.

  24. Well Nickelback sold 700K on their last record and came in at #2 with about 320K or so. Times are changing. Kanye sold over 900K and is expected to do 450K next week. I don’t believe that though. I think Ye will do more.

  25. @ Whew, “I Am” won’t sell as much as “Diary” and that’s for sure! Lil Wayne sold over a million in one week and he’s only at 2.6 million. I doubt if he’ll sell 3 million.

  26. To me a flop would be Beyonce selling only 200k because her last album did 500k, now if her “next album” declines under 400k into 2-3k then thats a flop.

  27. Since you guys so hell bent on the word flop. I will say that Beyonce first week sales were really bad for a person like her and I would say she didnt flop she sold excellent and congrats to Beyonce on job well done.

    @Curtis I wasnt say that her cd was a flop I was talking about her first week sales that all and to answer your question if Alicia did bring in numbers like Beyonce first week yes I will say its a flop or for you guys I would say that it was really bad.

  28. I think Britney’s album sales will be the real test to see who is doing what. I kinda of think she will do about 600k because alot of people are waiting and her new material is absolute fire. Honestly no one is really feeling new Kanye, I love his new album but others are on the fence because he is singing with a voice box. Beyonce, no one is really feeling the whole Sasha Fierce gimmick so alot of people downloaded the album or skipped it. …so I can see why there #’s would be low. BUT how do we explain Taylor swift almost selling 600k? Everyone is living in the same times so how is a new country artist selling more than big artist? If people like an artist they will purchase an album no matter what. Jennfier Hudson new artist did about 260k so Beyonce is doing only 172k more?

  29. how do u except to sell albums in the economy stress.people are trying to save money.Hit daily double said beyonce sold 505,

  30. @Sa Mia
    Friday is BLack Friday, retail stores are expected to take in millions from consumers on sale items. The economy is bad but people will always find a reason to purchase what they want. So in that case Rihanna only sold 160k because the economy was bad last year too! If were going to say this about Beyonce we have to say it about everyone…Lil Wayne sold 1million but because of the economy he sold less? Taylor Swift sold 580k but she sold less because of the economy? No Excuses.

  31. I agree with everything you said Whew. Beyonce fans is taking what I said about her numbers been a flop as to meaning the whole damn cd is a flop and that not true at all. I know Beyonce is going to go to sell million hell even 2 or 3. All am talking about is her first week numbers were really bad for someone like her that it and like you said could they explain why Taylor Swift is selling more than Bee.

  32. Whew: Very Very Intelligent Person, I love how you don’ t get irritated at them, Just flip the coins and show them how hypocrites they are, I knew that beyonce cd will sell less than “b-day” I also knew that no matter what people will find a way to make it seems like Those sales are soo great , And how historical and great she is, Nothing is New Same Old Same old, It’ s so Tired but if that helps them (Beyonce stans Management) Feel better, I’ m all for it :brownsista:

  33. Britney Spears’s album is suppose to be a test of what? A test to how fanatical her white female fan base might be? LoL, some of you are really desperate to take down this Black woman aren’t you? Britney’s first week sales have nothing to do with Beyonce anymore than Taylor Swift’s first week sales had anything to do with Beyonce. You all were predicting Rihanna would be the end of Beyonce and that has yet to happen. Britney’s star has fallen badly. Ain’t nobody checking for Britney like that in this country. Britney isn’t dominating the media right now. No one is going bonkers over her video or song. As a matter of fact her song did reach #1 and then fell out of the top 10, beaten by TI and Rihanna who took the spot back. Back in the day Britney would have owned that spot forever but now she is just a footnote. A fallen star trying to regain her spot is what she is. But let us just say she did sell more in the first week than Beyonce, does that change what Beyonce has accomplished? Does it take away her 2 hit songs and #1 album? NOPE! Beyonce is still killing the game and keeping her detractors busy talking about her on these blogs.

  34. “Everyone is living in the same times so how is a new country artist selling more than big artist?:”

    Million dollar question stans like MRS JONES wish they could answer, Like my sister said dont nobody hate beyonce, we all at least like one song about her, It’ s you the stans that people hate, beyonce album flopped for a purpose, to show you that you aint the boss of nothing it’ s our money so we buy what the hell we want, point bare, deal with it oh , :lol2:

  35. Given all the promotions, 482K is not that good of a number, especially that her father predicted 700K-1M for the first week. She only sold over a half of what their expectations were. I don’t believe she will sell more next week cause let’s face it, Britney Spears has will have her album out and my guess is people are gonna run and get it. Go figure but that’s the case.

  36. And Whew is clearly deranged. Why is she attempting to compare Taylor Swift to Beyonce? If by her numbers reasoning a whole lot of people out today are more talented than Tina Turner, Diana Ross and Aretha Franklin simply because they have sold more. Pop music sells more than Soul music and Gospel music but are you going to tell me some of these pop acts are more talented than our Gospel singers? Her reasoning holds no weight and is only used to tear down a Black woman she so clearly hate because of her own inadequacies as a woman. She is attempting to put a value on Beyonce’s musical career based on someone else’s music and that is ridiculous. Taylor Swift sold more in the first week but is she a bigger star than Beyonce? Is she a bigger draw than Beyonce? Can she walk down 5th Avenue and Harlem New York and be recognized by almost everyone? NOPE AGAIN! Get over it already. Beyonce is a success. People are flipping out over her right now and no amount of venom from you can or ever will change that.

  37. Thelma
    build a bridge and get over it bey’ s success has always being determined by how much records she sold that’ s her fans number one argument ” 150 millions records sold around the world” why all of the sudden the sales don’ t count anymore? That’ s hypocritical, We all know someone in our church we can pick put next to beyonce and make them sing her weave away, And we all know that some people are very talented [fantasia] yet can’ t sell big, No one denied that fact , But what you need to accept is that Beyonce’s management [and i didn’t say her] expected more, and let me tell you something girl, When god is with you, and your karma is clean no matter what people try to do , you stay on top, A.keys had drama aroudn her album release with that marshmallow/mashownda/mashotism person yet she came on top, why because so far from what we know she didn’ t step on anyone’ s toes in her climb to success, If beyonce is destined to be an icon, no matter” how we try to tear her down ”

    and that is such a ridiculous statement and i’ m tired of these females thinking that everyone hates on them or trying to put them down newsflash you are your own haters calm the d-amn down,

    like i said, if it’ s her destiny by tomorrow we might learned that her album in fact sold 1.000.000 k the first week and someone made a mistake, or she might even sell more, If it’ s her destiny no one can change it, so enough with the speeches

  38. Beyonce looks hella good in that form-fitting suit!

    Too bad she couldn’t hit that half a mil mark but close to it is darn good. Beyonce’s an amazing performer and I’m proud of her success :thumbsup:

  39. Nobody said it flopped. People just said it’s kinda weird that she is an established artist but a new artist sold way more than her. If nobody cares about how other artists do then why are there rankings. It’s a friendly competition and no hating over here but let’s face it, she got beaten by Taylor Swift (whom I still understand the appeal myself but I guess). It’s a friendly comparison and Beyonce’s fans shouldn’t be mad about that.

    PS. I am not a fan of Taylor Swift but I think she is very popular too and she is young.

  40. How many times must you ppl be told to stop cursing? You see there are censors here and yet you all keep doing it. Well I will keep deleting your posts. So if you all want to write a whole novel full of curse words and then see it deleted, keep doing what you are doing. I got all day.

  41. It pains me to see the hate so many Black women have for each other. If it isn’t Beyonce then it is Rihanna and if it wasn’t them it would be whoever else is out there that makes you all feel inferior. This type of hate for a woman is not normal. The almost high many of you get trying to convince yourselves and the world that Beyonce is a flop when facts show otherwise is almost frightening. You don’t have to be a fan of this woman, I am not. But why this incessant need to call her a failure with a #1 album and two songs in the top ten?

  42. To Stephanie: I read somewhere online that Brown Sista was a classy blog. I give it to you and your posts being clean and your not getting into personal attacks. However the women who post here are no different than those one ybf and mto and lack class. I truly wish I could find a really classy blog that has intelligent Black women who have something going on for themselves, maybe then they wouldn’t feel the need to tear down all our our successful Black women. Ciara, Rihanna, Beyonce, no one is safe from the wrath of evil Black women here. :bag:

  43. Newsflash I love rihanna alicia keys jennifer hudson mary j blige keyshia cole india arie tyra banks
    now that i left beyonce out of the lest does that mean i’ m insecure? and i feel inferior? now if i add beyonce to the list does your opinion changes about me? :brownsista: get together

  44. I call her failure because her father put their business out there to us by stating that she wants to be an icon and she will sale 700k -1 in her first week. If Matthew wouldnt have said anything It would have been better, but now everyone is looking at the numbers and saying its not right she should be selling more. If we were here calling Beyonce fat, ugly, or unaccomplished then you could use the word hater because that is obviously not true, but if people are commenting about a post that is posted then its our opinions. Why must we kiss black people’s butts because they’re black? Beyonce and Jay have built their careers using blacks but no one says anything, but we have to respect them? To this day Jay raps about selling drugs to his people, and brags about what he has and we dont. Beyonce wears blonde wigs, making statements like “I always wanted to be latina”, and said she was okay with Loreal lightening her skin but yet no one says anything. I dont :bowdown: to people because they are black.

  45. Beyonce was apart of kicking two girls out the group by releasing a video for them to find out about it, but they were friends for years.
    Beyonce was apart of kicking Farrah out of DC because she was in the hospital sick
    Beyonce accepted a grammy and didnt allow the kicked out girls in the group to accept the award even though they wrote the song.
    Beyonce tried to get full credit for writing irreplaceable until Ne Yo outed her

    After not winning an Oscar, Matthew Knowles was in the press room talking about they are racist and MLK would be ashamed.

    While filming Dreamgirls Matthew wast trying to get Jennifer to sign on to his management company, she said no and thats when they start bad mouthing her and Beyonce saying if she wanted that part she would have gained weight and had it. Also, she said basically she wasnt envious of Jennifer, “I have 10 Grammy’s Im already famous”

    Beyonce and her family has wronged so many blacks in the industry, dont dare come here and say others are haters because we dont bow down to someone who is shady. If you want yes people move on to Beyonce’s fanshite

  46. Thelma no one is hating on Beyonce all were talking about is her first week numbers been bad. Is that wrong? NO its not because if it was anyone else you guys probably would be saying the same thing about that artist also. So please stop with the black people hating on other black people.

  47. Wow such hate and time to post repost about a woman you dont like ^^^^^^^^ Wow what are you like ten ?

  48. WOW. Why do you guys call people :hater: when they don’t agree with you. They are just stating their opinion. Not everybody is a fan of Beyonce or Alicia Keys or Britney Spears or whoever but it seems that if someone disagrees, he/she is a hater. Is that a new kind of thinking???? And on this blog it always happens when Beyonce is the subject. For example, I personally prefer listening to Alicia Keys than Beyonce but that doesn’t mean I am hating on Beyonce. I think she is beautiful and sexy and talented and charismatic but again, I don’t have to like her style just like I am not fan of Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera. Nothing wrong with them, I don’t even care if they’re black, white, red, yellow, green, it’s just my personal taste.

    Also the theory that because I’m black, I have to endorse black. That’s not right. I like listening to some white artists as much as I like listening to black artists. That doesn’t mean I am not supporting black “female” cause I am not a huge fan of Beyonce. That theory is ignorant to me. And calling people here “angry black women” just cause they are not huge fans of Beyonce is also very ignorant. There are a lot of black artists out there that I am not fan of cause their music is not my cup of tea. So according to some theories here, I guess I hate on a lot of people and I am not 100% black supporter. SO WRONG. If I say I am not a fan of Lil’ Wane (which is true), would you still call me a hater????? No. But you call me a hater only cause Beyonce is not my favorite artist and that’s the only argument you can come up with.

    As far as how many albums she is selling, I say “good for her”. The only stuff I notice is her promotional tour is always very long and full and that number is kinda small relatively to all the publicity. Last year Celine Dion sold 250K on her first week without a single out and pretty much with little to no publicity (no music videos, no SNL, little radio play), It’s a small number but compared to how long she recorded her album (1 month I read) and how much she ended up selling (4M reported), that number is OK. So Beyonce’s number is not bad at all. Just bad compared to what Matthew predicted but a lot of artists will give their right arm to sell as much. Mariah sold over 500K on her first week but overall, the album only sold over 1.5 M (as reported), So I don’t think Beyonce’s fan base has decreased. It’s just when you wanna declare yourself an “Icon”, you should have numbers to back it up and I mean very strong numbers. I heard on Oprah that Dion has sold more than 200M albums, Mariah over 150M. Those artists pretty much have sold 30M in some of their past albums. They are icons. Beyonce is not an icon yet.

    Anyway, happy thanksgiving everybody and why can’t we just all get along????? :hifive:

  49. It’s a pretty much known fact that Country/Pop music usually sells more that R&b/soul music, so I’m not surprised that Taylor Swift did a little better than Beyonce. But to tell you the truth, Beyonce and her fans should be happy the numbers are a little lower this go around. I know this sounds strange but most artists, not all, but most artists tend to have bigger overall numbers when their first week sales are not so overhelmingly high. Look at Lil Wayne, a milli in his first week but only 2.6 albums sold to date. Look at Beyonce’s DIL, sold 317,000 its first week, but is certified DIAMOND, which means over 10 million sold worldwide people.

    Oh and Beyonce is no icon. She and A.keys are the closest ones nearest to that level we have today, but she just isnt there quite yet. Oh but she will….someday. :bowdown:

  50. Great for her to make history :thumbsup: :brownsista:

  51. She looks ridiculous in that black outfit and she has no booty at all. Not cute! She sold 487? Not good! This cd didn’t do great at all. Maybe b/c its the same childish, kiddie lyrics let’s get real, she is 27 grow up already, be a wife to Jigga and have some kids. If she doesn’t want kids so what but please put the mic DOWWWNNNN! Her time has come and gone. She had a nice long successful run, a little overrated in my opinion but successful. Leave it to the young bucks, 25 and under. When you start pushing 30 the industry looks at you in a different way. Like it or not. That’s just the way it is. :loser:

    And I wish someone would tell Stephanie that people are going to curse whether you spank them on the hand and tell them to stop or not! We are all grown. You don’t need to have a blog if you don’t expect people to speak their mind. Please get it together. I don’t know a blog on the net period where people can’t speak their mind and say what they feel whether its, rude, nice, ignorant or whatever. Its a battle you will NEVER win. I hardly come on this sight because I feel like my mother is running it or something. People shoud have a broader vocabulary but hey you can’t change the way they want to speak, if thats what they choose to say leave it alone already. My goodness! Its a lost cause boo! 🙄

  52. People on here are talking about Kanye selling 450k but have you heard most of the songs? They are terrible! My GOD! He’s singing through the whole cd no one wants to hear that. Someone may like but not the kid! I didn’t know Alicia sold that many with her latest cd, wow now that’s awesome. She really did great. And the way people fight over Beyonce love/hate relationships. The way she is trying to declare this ICON status she should be pushing that 700k. Every dog has its day! Her and her family need a touch of reality. And the fact that she didn’t send her condolences to Jennifer Hudson makes me raise my eyebrows even more. But enough talk about these chicks, minus Jennifer I love her! The Real Housewives of ATL reunion was great, I LOVE NENE!

  53. I just have one question….???

    Can someone or maybe even an “expert fan” please explain to me why I am reading at other places that Bey’s album was count at 482,000 cuz her album is a double disc so both discs were counted as TWO even though people only purchased ONE copy? Which in actuality means to me (JMO) that she only really sold 241,000 copies. I’m just asking…..

    @ Whew & Janelle…. I get what you both were saying earlier and I can see how Ol’ Matt came up w/ that prediction if that’s how they are counting her album sales. Very, Very smart of them to pull that off and market it like that! Ol’ Matt is the true hustler! To bad all the planning/gimmicks/alter ego thang’ backfired on them!

    Anyway, I am sure w/ her worldwide upcoming tour & her other projects, she will no doubt get more sales and her numbers will rise even higher, but I too question… for an Mega-Superstar artist…. them debuting numbers are NOT the biznezz!?! ?

  54. LuckyCharm: I heard that too, I heard she actually sold 231k but i have no proof so i’ m taking billboard’ s word, But at the same time she did have two cd why idk,if it was one beyonce and the other sasha i would have understand was it a ploy to get more sales or more money? Idk, either way God sees all of us :bowdown:

  55. Hi Voice… Happy Thanksgiving Sista!

    I hear what you are saying…. I’m just a lil’ confused because I know she has crossed over to appeal to others and I know her fan base is HUGE…. so why the low debut numbers? I thought her die-hard FANS were RIDE~OR~DIE for this chicka? Where was all this love & support that’s written/commented about that I read almost everyday on darn near every blog??? She is “the baddest in the game” right? No one does it like or can compare to her right? So where are the numbers to reflect that? I am also confused on this “2-For-1″ count when she really only sold half the number posted??

    Her own dear hubby said it best….”Numbers Don’t Lie, People Do”, so where’s your numbers Bey??

  56. 🙄 …. sorry meant to say….”I am also confused on this “1 as-2 disc count when she really only sold half the number posted??

  57. you know what i’m tried of herein bee stans say it was good because were in recession :noway: ok T.I sold 500,000 copys the movie TWILIGHT made 70mill breakin 1998 movie deep impack record that made 41mill an we sure wasnt in recession then like some one said beyonce shouldnt open her mouth talkin about icon cause thats when people really watch you an she shouldnt of said she dont want to be a it girl no more because people are listenin and thats what got her there 🙄

    but off the subject for people with open minds go see the movie twilight it real good an go get the book because its even better i have read the book and it has a hole saga to it i’m on new moon right now an soon will be readin the other two to the saga: eclispe and breaking dawn and now there goin to do new moon now because of all the money they made

  58. The 2 disc set counts for 1 cd sold

    I also read that HitsDailyDouble is reporting that Bey sold 505K….but Billboard is reporting 482K…

  59. Happy thanksgiving Luke, Yeah I think she might have sold 500k u know? No way in lord heck her stans are that disloyal U know? or maybe they was too busy getting to the bottom of how rihanna can’ t sing idk, baddest chick in the game my very perky behind :lol2: Either way Ave maria is still the ish and so is iiwab

    dr philly: :iagree: with everything u said and twilight is THE BOMB i read the book too

  60. I like Beyonce but I thought this cd was a weak “JMHO” and to me the number show for it. Do I think Beyonce flop? No and I think in the long run she is going to sell a million or more because she is Beyonce. Wasnt it Matthew who told billboard Beyonce was going to sell 750k to million her first week. So if Beyonce fans want someone to blame because people is say her numbers are bad/flop look to Mr. Knowles himself for that he started it.

    Anyway Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  61. no beyonce album is disapointing, never the less, im no stan. beyonce sold 482,000 so wat. and as far as i know beyonce sold 505.000 but anyway


  62. Beyonce is having dry spell? She has not one but two hit singles and they are both still in the top 10. Her album sells 482,000 copies and debuts at the top of the charts and you guys say she is having a dry spell and falling off. Are you serious? Now I have been here since the beginning of this blog so those who have read my posts know I am neither a fan nor stan so please don’t try and run that ish on me. Some of you are living in looney land and clearly do not know a dry spell when you see one or what it looks like when an artist falls off. Fallen stars don’t have albums that sell nearly a half million copies in one week and have two songs in the top 10. Not to mention Single Ladies occupies the top spot on no less than 5 charts on Billboard. Have any of you visited Billboard and read what they had to say about Beyonce? They sure as hell aren’t calling her debut a flop and I think they would know more than some of you. Beyonce is musically at her peak. Her video for Single Ladies is sweeping the globe and has a become a sensation. It is being called her “Thriller”. Geezus Christ give credit where it is due. This friggin’ girl is on fire right now and the fact that this album sold less than the last means nothing. They can’t all sell the same. Your logic and reasoning is without merit and emotionally based. :thumbsdown:

  63. anyway..the tyra show was fun the guys were god but i prefer the ladies because the dance moves look better when the other females have hair to swing as well…love the catsuit i bet that thing was warm out there in the cold

  64. :lol2: u lames/ yall hatin on beyonce tell me have one of u sit down with beyonce and had a conversation yall dislike her because of what happened with destiny child but dispite all of yall hating she still doin it big I havent buy a cd yet because i aint got paid yet beyonce gone be on the scene for the next 3 years wit dis one album and and the 2nd delux and yall knw it get ready hatas cause u in for a long haul and ucant say u not hatin cause wat yall sayin aint lovin or liken so it can only be wat????? HATING HATING HATING BYE HATERS YALL CANT SEE MY GIRL BEY when she step in to the game she shut em DOWN HUH UH YAH U KNW :hater: SO :bowdown:

  65. @JBL – I gree with you.
    I think beyonce’s album will do well.
    Single Ladies is a real surprise. Honestly, I didnt expect that song to go anywhere near the top ten.

    450k for kanye west will be awesome too, but he might sell more or less than predicted just as beyonce did. Britney Spears is sure to sell at 850k or at least 600k.

  66. :booty: :brownsista: Beyonce #1 she will always sell…

    PS> Don’t forget to buy BEYONCE’ ….I love her…#1

  67. Congrats to Beyonce on 3rd consecutive #1 album :thumbsup:
    I’m already anticipating the videos for the 2nd singles.

    After their 3rd albums circle, I hope DC3 have another reunion because I’m missing them together terribly :sad:. They’re the kind of group I enjoy seeing together and appart…

  68. Taylor…Britney… Brown Sista… when did they get in this space… I sure there not thinking about our Sales…they just selling…And we just bringing down our people and let everyone voice what they want to say… SAD
    When are we going to talk about Black Women in a good way?

    I guess we move on next to talk about the first Black FIRST Lady? Hair,clothes,shoes…etc. Get it together Brown Sisters..

    Beyonce she only one BROWN sista……

  69. Albums don’t count for double unless they are over 100 minutes in duration and Beyonce album is not. It only counts a single!

  70. Beyonce looks good and she probably was working it! However, 482k is less than what she sold on B’day. I think it’s time for Bey to do another videology dvd to get the sells up lmao!

  71. So I just watched the Today and Tyra performance and interview on my TiVo. She did great on both! I actually enjoyed the Tyra interview, just because she asked some off the wall questions.

    I won’t get into all the negativity that is spread throughout this post, but I totally agree with JBL. I have learned from visiting these blog sites that it is too easy to tear down these artists/entertainers. I try to steer myself away from that, and instead applaud their success, ambition, and/or God-given talent, and support those I like. I try to skip over those that I am not a fan of. So with that I say, go Bey!

    *turns up I Can’t Take No More loud enough for some to hear*


  73. It is being called her “Thriller”

    :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:
    Oh please

  74. ^^^ I agree with you Voice :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

  75. Are some of you crazy? What makes you all think Britney Spears is will move such a large amount of records? Do you all not remember her last album sold less than 300,000 copies in the first week. Her single Womanizer isn’t even considered a solid hit. It hit #1 for one week because of downloads sales and then dropped the next week. Are you all aware her song has only been out for 8 weeks and is already outside of the top 10. If I were A Boy has been out for 7 weeks is is #3. Single Ladies has been out for 6 weeks and is #2. Whatever you like by TI has been out for 16 weeks and is #4. Do you see a pattern here? Womanizer is hardly a great song and outside of her die hard fans no one else is feeling the song or video. If Britney is so hot where is her buzz? Has anyone seen her out performing and promoting her new material? Her album comes out next week. Britney Spears is not Justin Timberlake. She has not broken out of the teenie-bopper crowd and proven she can sell records to adults and keep the teens who are now grown. Her last album proved just how far her star has fallen and this album will prove the same. Britney is no match for Beyonce. Beyonce wipes the floor with her. She can’t hang with a sista. No white girl can. LOL at you losers thinking washed up white trash is a threat to Beyonce and her awesome work ethic, good looks and top notch manager. :lol2:

    And Whew is still a loser. She hates Beyonce yet peep her posts, Beyonce is all she post to here. Don’t you all realize that it is ppl like you who make Beyonce as hot as she is. :loser:

  76. lol dark sista i actually spent alot of my morning teaching my brothers girlfriend the single ladies dance…haha she was surprised that i knew the whole dance…than my mother kept peeking around the corning embarrassing me haha and shes like “you are not driving home!” i guess she thought i was a little tipsy

  77. @Mario :lol2: Were you? Very Cute picture, With your cheesy self

  78. HELLO ALL!

    GOT TO SAY BEE Killed this performance to me. I jus tlove to watch her perform. Love her cd too. THe girl is bad. Give credit to where credit is due honey!

  79. her music is so wack that song singlke ladies is so dum and immature for her im so sick of her shes played out

  80. Looks like Beyonce has #1 album in the world and the #1 single in the world according to the world charts! This is the second week at the #1 single in the world!

  81. Let’s just keep it all in perspective here…Are these solid numbers? sure Is number one good? of course Is this a flop? No Will it go on to sell well? sure

    However, for an artist of Beyonce’s status, the massive promotion, the pursuit of icon status with this album, and just the high expectation of Beyonce and camp themselves, these opening numbers are not what they wanted. Yes they will take them, they have to but Beyonce and camp like to do things big, break records, and have everyone talking, so just like Matthew said they wanted the big numbers and under 500,000 isn’t it for them. This has nothing to do with the economy because being broke is nothing new and ultimately people buy what they want when they want, regardless if the bills are due. If they love a song or an artist then they will buy the album, it is just that simple. This is just the beginning, believe me Beyonce and camp are getting ready for phase two and this album isn’t going anywhere, they will make sure of that. So everyone has a point.

  82. Yes, this is a flop for beyonce. it will probably go double platinum stateside and world wide sell an extra milli (591 k worldwide as opposed to 746k of b’day ).% of music artists never sell 100k check ur facts. 482 is NOT an amateurs sales, Jazmi e sullivan 60 k first week, Taylor Swift first album 66k first week). see my point. also a-keys sells more than beyonce hands down.. but she is NOT progressing first album went 6x platinum, second went 4x plat and 3rd went 3. beyonce is 4 3 and probably 2 with this one. But don’t knock her, she is still doing well. and kanye sold 957 k in a week and then took a whole year to pass 2 milli. So beyonce didn’t meet her expectations but she is doing decent all the same.

  83. Didn’t beyone say b-day was the diva album her whitney la bodyguard or micheal thriller lmao :stop:

    This album is trash the only song on there that is worth a shout out is scared of lonely :thumbsup:

    The rest is b-day left overs and whitewash records :lol2:

    And if any one who say they love Diva hmmmm thats say’s alot about themself as much as freakum dress but i’m not gonna get in to that rats 🙄

    Lets just say single ladies is like crazy in love and get me bodied. It’s fun catchy and dancable but one day you’ll find your self listeing to the lyrics thinking WHAT?

    Call me a hater cause right now i am and what are the stans gonna do about it 😆

  84. I think that if the sales on the first week were not important Matthew would have never made the comment he made, With that said it’ s a flop if you look at who beyonce is and how much she has accomplished, build a boat and ride that b-tch over it

    nd if any one who say they love Diva hmmmm thats say’s alot about themselves

    Lets just say single ladies is like crazy in love and get me bodied. It’s fun catchy and dancable but one day you’ll find your self listeing to the lyrics thinking WHAT?


  85. 482K is not an impressive number. I don’t care what anybody says. It has been proven before that other artists can do more than that so I am not impressed by those numbers at all. I am not hating, just stating the fact.

  86. Britney Spears’ record label is so unsure of her ability to sale that they are releasing her album a day earlier than albums usually go on sale. Albums in the US are released every Tuesday. Brit’s camp is putting hers out Monday so they can have an extra day of sales over the artists coming out that week. Why aren’t the negresses who so worship their white matron on this site bringing that up? Do they not want people to know that Britney’s first week sales will be for 8 days and not 7 as is traditional? So say Brit pulls out 500,000 in her first week, will they pretend as though that extra day just didn’t exist. I tell you Black women will do anything, even back up YT to tear down another Black woman who is doing better than them. No wonder your men run from you in fear into the arms of other women who aren’t so bitter, angry and aggressive.

  87. Lauren oh shut the F– up You sound so ignorant, negresesses, C’ est toi la negresse OUais Self hating wh-re

  88. Everyone gave bey her props but still we have to be some kind of negative stereotypes against black women, because we don’ t agree, Girl sit down somewhere, Britney’ s album come out on her birthday stupid , just like beyonce’ s Bday came out Thursday november 4th 2006, Did they released it later to make the album flop? I think YOU beyonce’ s stans are the real bitter one, I can say whatever i want about bey at the end of the day i know w eboth have a life, but yall try to live into the poor girl’ s life, Just shut, up Racist

  89. You back again Voice :lol2:

    Negresses like you should be asleep. Don’t you have to get up early to care for Massa’s kids, cook his food and clean his floors and worship his woman :lol2:

  90. It’s my first time posting here although I visit this site very often.
    I’m not a fan nor a hater of Beyonce. I just enjoy her music but I have a question: is 482,000 copies considered as a flop in the US ? (I’m French and here in France the market is less important so to me 482,000 in ONE week is huge). I ask this question because on one hand there are her fans who say that is very good and on the other hand people who dislike her who say that it’s no good so I’m lost 😆 . Besides it seems that Single Ladies is a huge hit in the US so I think it will help her to increase her albums sales.

    @ Lauren: Brittany’s album will be release on Tuesday, December 2nd (the day of her birthday) not Monday.
    @ Voice: Are you French? “c’est toi la negresse ouais” 😆

    Sorry for the syntax or spelling mistakes I’ve made ( I need to improve my English).

  91. Look, if u wanna buy it, buy it. A recession doesnt stop ppl buying. You can like whoever u want, whether its Beyonce to Britney to Slipknot. Personal taste. doesnt make u a hater if u dislike a black artist or their music even if they’ve sold millions or won countless awards. ( Depends how u phrase it but…)

    Me personally, it take a lot for me to buy and album… cos I’m cheap like that. I used to tape songs from the radio so that tells u something. 😆 but if I really like the songs, then i’ll buy it. Well download it. I bought the first 2 Beyonce albums, but i’ll probly download the songs I like.

    Hi loulou :hifive:

    Sales figures are relative to the country size as well as the indiviual artist. ( People expected more from her but its still good IMO) Here in the Uk, that figure would b absolutely huge. I think the biggest selling debut album of all time here was Leona Lewis, it sold over 300k at the end of last year and within a couple of months, sold almost 2mil. So that was huuuge.

    I was surprised at where it entered in the charts, ‘If I were a Boy’ is currently no.1 but the album entered at no.10. leona’s re-release of ‘Spirit ‘is at the top right now although it will probly change tomorrow .

  92. @ loulou:

    I’m so happy there is a french person I can talk to!

    (Sa me fait super plaisir, j’espère que tu viendras poster des commentaires plus souvent pour qu’on puisse discuter do nos brownsistas..)

  93. To Lauren- Britney’s album will be out on Tuesday which is her B-day not on Monday. Look at your calendar before making statements. Monday is the 1st and her album will be out on Tuesday the 2nd. I can’t believe your ignorant comment calling us negresses got me defending Britney Spears who isn’t an artist I like. But it’s people like you that keep the racism going and going in this country. Just cause I don’t buy an album from a black artist doesn’t make me a hater or a non-supporter. So you’re telling us that you bought every album a black artist made?????????????? If you didn’t then maybe you should apply your own theory on yourself and not insult us with your childish “negresse” comment. And Britney Spears is not our matron. You also said no wonder black women’s men run away from them, well no wonder white people don’t like black people, maybe it’s because of narrow-minded people like you that we all have to suffer. Open up.

    To Marie and Loulou: comment- allez vous mes belles????? 482 mille est un grand nombre mais pour un grand pays comme les Etats-Unis ce n’est pas vraiment impressionant. Les artistes comme Mariah Carey et Celine Dion ont vendu plus avant (dans les annees 90) et d’autres artistes ont fait mieux la semain derniere. Bien sur qu’en France ce nombre serait gigantesque parce que la France est un petit pays (de taille je veux dire) et en plus Beyonce a fait tellement de promotions que ce nombre n’es pas proportionnel a son investiment. Et puis le fait qu’elle est deja une artiste etablie, ce nombre est … moyen.

  94. Mario: Loool But you know what i mean right?

    loulou :Je l’ ai casser non? :lol2: Ouais je parle tres bien le francais je suis Ivoirienne Chinoise et Jamaicaine Loool :thumbsup: et toi t’ est francaise mais toi meme Tu sais tres bien que considerant le fait une artiste comme beyonce 482 milles la premiere semaine c’ est un grand flop, c’ est meme huge, Personne n’ a jamais dit que c’ etait une vaurienne mais ma question est, Si les ventes ne comptait pas pourquoi sont pere se serait permis de faire un tel commentaire? du genre ouais elle va vendre 750 milles la premiere semaine, Les fans de cette nana se foutent un peu de notre gueule, alors quand elle vent de grand nombre houra c’ est la meilleure et quand elle vend moyen, comme par hasard les ventes sa compte plus?

    Coco et Mari: Je savais meme pas que vous deux parliez francais :lol2:

  95. Je trouves ça trop genial qu’il y ait autant de personnes parlant français ici!

    Pour Beyonce, j’admets que son album ne s’est pas trés bien vendu la première semaine! Perso je m’attendais a plus!
    De plus je ne pense pas qu’ils va vendre enormément au final!
    Je sais pas si vous avez vu mais il n’a pas entrer le top 10 dans plusieurs pays et les ventes mondiales dépassent à peine les 100000 ce qui est trés bas comparé a B’day (qui ne s’était pas non plus vendu extremement bien)!
    Pour moi un album qui s’en ait super bien sorti c’est GGGB de Rihanna qui malgrès les “mauvaises” ventes la première semaine a su remonter la pente et finalement est devenu l’album le plus vendu de 2007 dans le monde!!
    Mais ayant écouté l’album de Bey il n’y a aucune chanson ou presque capable d’assurer a bey un longévité dans les charts aprés plusieurs semaines (peut-être Halo…).
    Tandis que Rhi: Hate that I love you, Don’t stop the music, Take a Bow, Disturbia Reahab et bien sur le cultissime Umbrella! Toutes ces chansons on assurer a Rhi de pouvoir rester dans les classements mondiaux et finalement son album a été un enorme succés!

    Tout ça pour dire que I am… risque fortement d’être un flop pour bey tout comme Here I stand ou E=MC l’ont été pour Usher et Mariah.

  96. Marie moi aussi comment sa ma choquer qu’ autant de gens parle francais vous etiez ou mdrrr loool
    Tu a tout a fait raison sur ce coup et je pense aussi que I am sera un flop

  97. Sorry Mario but it’s fabulous to talk to people that talk the same language than you! I think you can understand….

  98. marie its ok im only kidding i just wish i could speak another language..i had lessons even outside of school…i just keep giving up

  99. 482k is not a flop, however, she still didn’t live up to high expectations of first weeks sells.

  100. Mari,Coco,Voice,LouLou: Si On se mets tous a parler en francais ils vont avoir la rage lool, Mais je suis contente de rencontrer des francophones maintenant quand je vais lancer mes petites remarques sournoises je serais pas la seule a rigoler lool :lol2:

    Mario: Aww sorry we’ ll teach you french 🙂

  101. :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

    I can’t believe that the number 482K got us to discuss this subject so seriously.

  102. Tout ça de francophones? Sérieux? C’est trop cool 😆 . Franchement je pensais que vous étiez toutes strictement anglophones 😆 . C’est sûr je viendrais poster plus souvent.
    Est-ce que vous vivez toutes aux Etats-Unis?
    Thanks for the answers now I understand.
    @ Voice: super mélange!
    @ Marie: well… I’m not sure about your statement because it seems to me that Single Ladies is a huge hit in the US and If I Were A Boy is doing good too so maybe it will help to increase her albums sales like Irreplaceable did for B’Day. By the way I saw that I am… Sasha Fierce entered at no. 20 in France.

  103. Je vis A los angeles je suis ivoirienne et jamaicaine Lol

  104. lol ENGLISH!!!!!!!!! YOU ALL ARE KILLING ME! i guess yall found my weakness haha i cant argue if i dont understand :booty: :booty:

  105. :lol2: @mario

    merci loulou je sui super contente aussi maintenant on peux se lancer des petites remarques sans que personne ne sashe looool

  106. oh kanye west is selling 600.000 the first week but i guess that’ s not imporant uh? :loser: s

  107. 600.000 ! That’s great! Actually I didn’t expect so much!
    ( Bey must be very very frustated if you know what I mean….).

  108. ….And here I thought we were in a recession! 😆
    Whats the next excuse?

  109. Voice you know what that mean right the recession didnt stop Kayne West fan from buying his album. :lol2: :lol2: Congrats to Kayne. I figure he would have sold at least 550 to 650k the first week since Best Buy was sold out and I had to go too another store for the album.

  110. @ Loulou:

    I wasn’t talking about the lead singles actually!
    We all know thet the lead singles (generally) do better than the others!
    But sometimes not; For example if you take B’day Irreplaceable was a way bigger hit than deja vu or ring the alarm and that’s what helped to increase the album sales!
    But now, I don’t think there’s any song in I Am…that can match the success of Irreplaceable and increase the album sales !
    Halo is a good song but I doubt it will be a huge hit (tough I’m sure it will enter the top 10 ) so I am…has very little chances to be on the charts for more than 60 weeks if you know what I mean! Except if she decides to release a deluxe edition which I’m sure would be a good decision!
    That’s why I said that I don’t think that I Am… will have great sales like Dangerously in Love or GGGB cause these albums had great singles and stayed on the charts for a while (USA and worldwilde)!

    ( Voice: contente que tu sois d’accord comme ça tu pourras m’aider quand ses fans en furie viendront m’attaquer lol)

  111. The album is nice, I really like Welcome to Heartbreak, Heartless, Street Lights, Amazing, Tell me That You know, and Paranoid. The album is different and thats what I expected from Beyonce, something different but its the same songs repackaged from Bday. At least Kanye didnt have to make an alter ego album to cater to whites and blacks, he just made one album for all races. This is something I cant appreciate from Beyonce’s album, dont insult me by making an ebonics ghetto album for blacks and giving white people opera and other beautiful songs. I am still baffled that no one else noticed Beyonce made a segregated album.

  112. whew i honestly believe that it was more the people talking about it being one for blacks and one for white that what it was realy meant….i dont look into all that much…to me i feel like she made one disk for her regular fans that loves songs like get me bodied and crazy in love and she made another disk that was introducing her fans and new fans to who she really is…at least thats what she has been saying to the media…and i kinda believe it and if her real intentions were black and white i dont care because i love the “white” album… my father use to tell me i couldnt wear tommy growing up because he was “racist” (which is untrue) but i wore it anyway because i could care less because if i liked it i wore it

    marie i know its ok babe!

  113. Hi everyone,
    Whew 😆 I think its funny that you’re calling it a segregated album!

    I used to be such a HUGE fan but with this album I just feel like the real fans got short changed. The idea was to break into a new market and the real fans were an after-thought.

    Mario, fans are fans – there shouldnt be Regular and New fans cause that creates the impression that not all fans are equal….. BUT…. funny enough the money that they use to buy the album is the same. As a Regular fan I feel just a little bit insulted the same way as Whew. That’s playing into a sterotype – is she trying to say that we “The Regulars” are stupid and we’re not deep like ‘other’ people. She should’ve trusted “The Regulars” with her REAL self and not tried to tap into a new market with it, cause at the end of the day its “The Regulars” who bought the alumb and not the New fans she was courting!

    Im also unimpressed with the sudden notion that Ive been relegated to the status of a “Regular” fan – as if there’s something better out there than the money I use to buy her music.

  114. Marie: Bah bien sur cette conasse ne voit pas plus loin que le bout de son vieux nez la, Ca me fait contrekiffer grave de cham max quoi! Je l’ aime bien mais elle se la pete un petit peu trop, et j’ ai l’ impression qu’ elle croit avoir tout compris alors elle fait meme pas d’ effort pour changer ou avancer dans son “art” mais t’ inquiete i got your back ils me connaissent ici! lool
    Plus Halo sound like leona lewis slapped her into it

    Janelle: Exactely Yeah and when britney comes out she will sell millions, Why because she has a huge fanbase, and she is real and we love her no matter what color she is, she made mistakes and learned from it,lol i’ m just done with watching “for the record” and i love the girl

    Whew: I love The album, Kanye is very talented [obnoxious] but talented

    Mario: Tu sais que I mean You know [LOOl] that the album was segregated Ghetto, cocky, mindless, and very bland songs for the blacks [of course we are stupid, stupid enough not to see through her] and the “beautiful” meaningful, “timeless” song, for the whiteys How tasteful

    Luxe: I agree

  115. Mario, not true about the media and public perpetuating the black/white idea…her team said from day one that one was meant for urban radio and the other for pop…. Her Father may have even explicitly said it in that interview…
    As for Beyonce, did you hear she was nominated for a Golden Satellite award? It means nothing, these awards..they usually go unrecogized except for the web and she was nominatd for Dreamgirls as well but…it’s a start and if it’s the least of her nods (though I seriously believe she’ll get a Golden Globe nomination – she got one of those for Dreamgirls as well) as least it’s somethng.
    I don’t know about her performance, honestly. I’ve read the good reviews (found the reviews, finally!) and the bad ones and I’ve seen the trailers and putting it all together it I couldn’t be “talked out” of thinking her scenes look like an extended music video with all the overly dramatic dialogue before the bridge or something.

    Hey, did you hear about the other sista Viola Davis having her nomination revoked because of some mix up? She was nominated in the same category and her name appeared right before Beyonce’s on the list and then suddenly the list was “updated” and ballots were recounted and she was bumped off the list…It seems really suspicious…and I would say people should make a fuss because she’s a sista and a phenomenal actress but, as I said, these awards are infamously worthless so she likelycould care less. People have got her down as a sure thing for an Oscar nom.

  116. @ Marie: ok I understand.
    About Kanye I think it’s cool but I don’t trust estimations though. They predicted Beyonce to sell between 500,000-550,000 copies and see what happened.

    @Voice tu me fais vraiment trop rire (dans le bon sens). Il y a certains points où je suis d’accord (pas tous).

    I don’t think she made a segregated album, I think she was too afraid to change her style totally. It’s strange that some of you think that because I always thought that Beyonce’s fanbase in the US was white for the most part (because of all the stories I heard about her skin color, the L’Oreal ad, etc).

  117. People are just not into Beyonce, her alter ego or her over-sized ego. She wants so bad to be into everything and her over saturation of the market is turning people off. No 482,000 is not a flop, but to a superstar like her it is probably a disappointment.

  118. Majah: I heard about Viola Davis, and people keep on wondering what did poor bey did why does everyone “hate on her” she is triffling, if you strip the glams and the money away, she is the scandalous girl down the street you want to slap!

    Loulou: Lol je suis juste Real loool
    I also think she was too affraid to change her style too but in that case why sit there and tell us,i’ m not affraid, i don’ t need to sell another album, yadi yadi yada?

  119. when I read some of the comments it sound childish 2 me . Trust me Im no fan of beyonce but it sound 2 me that u all celebrating because she failed or didnt well as every1 expected. What the point in that, it has not benefited u as ur not making money each time she fails. Anyways her ablum was not good at all apart some songs and I think she should have took few more months off and let people miss her. Not alot of females artists are selling at the moment including christina. I think she might release it again like alot of artists have already i.e. Rihanna, Chris brown etc. I love Kayne he is always going to sell lol even when he is singing.

  120. Britney is crap :thumbsdown: i wouldnt waste my money on her. :noway: I was soo excited to watch her appear on x factor (UK talent show) she was soo crap that that the contestants were better then her why? Because she didnt perform live not one word, even when she doesnt perform live, she is the queen at miming that you wouldnt care. But in the show she was soo bad at the miming as well. I love the OLD Britney and she gone. 🙁 Plus her new single womaniser hasnt reach number one at least beyonce reached number one. Britney is not going to sell millions in the 1st week trust. She might do better then beyonce or same or less but not millions def.

  121. beyonce is cool, leave her alone…she’s doing her thing. As for Britney, she is deff NOT crap, she wouldnt be where she is today if that were fact. Just stop all the Hatin’ all together and support who u like and passover who you don’t. no need for name calling.

  122. Oh and I think you got it twisted sista, Britney’s single did reach number 1(on billboard), while neither of Beyonce’s single(s) have…atleast not YET!

  123. I personally am not celebrating for “beyonce’ s” bad numbers, However i will have a cool aid celebrating her stans’ s big slap in the face for them to say beyonce will sale 750k, I would have been happy for her if she did,but since she didn’ t i’ m not laughing at her at all, i’ m laughing at the stans aka the idiots that should be busy building their lives instead of beyonce’ s ego, at the end of the day when i get up from that computer My life is great, i got a great family,thanks to god, I love what i do and make a great living out of it,So is beyonce, so her and i are on the same level when it comes to being the best we can possibly be.
    How about the stans? So far from what i read it don’ t seem to me like they do anything some of them are still in high school Come on now :lol2:

    Happy Holidays

  124. Well with today’s economy and the recession going on 482,000 in one week is DAMN good. Although A.K sold more in the 1st week the album wasnt that good. People were press to see what she cooked up since “Diary of A.K” I love me some A.K but its Bey’s time to shine and that she is doing VERY well…STILL #1 on the billborad 200 and her singles are # on the charts too. Liek JIGGA says the##’s DONT LIE! SO GOHEAD BEYONCE WIT YA BAD SELF YOUR CD IS THE BOMB!!!

  125. Hey, darksista. People are STILL debating this topic. LOL. This is crazy.

  126. :iagree: With keep it real and not to mention her CD is soo good! I like Alicia Keys too but that last CD was some GARBAGE this CD I AM… has so much depth and rang in it. this is Beyonce’s best CD to date in MY opinion.

  127. What up dark sista chilling over here. You know bee pissed at her father. I know i would lol. Like i said alot of people on here that r fan just making excuse why please. The album is no good to me. Like i said DIL was the best album out of all three. Im so tired of the single ladies routine i have to change all the time. Waiting for Kanye to come out.

  128. I AM….IS HOOOT! 482,000 is not a flop!!! With this recession going on she did very good. I think it was time for her to change her style up, this album is giving you EVERYTHING pop, rock, rnb and so much more. People love to hate on Beyonce…im not a big fan but this CD just made me one! Her album is doing quite well #1 on the Billborad charts and the r&b singles chart both sigles are ALL over the billboard charts. THE NUMBERS DON’T LIE. So with that said her CD is definietly going to do well…just like “B-DAY” they downed that album too and it did HELLA good. GO BEY YOU ARE THAT BYTCH!!

  129. I must interject and disagree with you on Alicia Keys’ album, I AM. You talk about RANGE??????? Her album has crazy range. Her songs extend from soulful to pop to rock, not to mention the content of the songs themselves! But to each his own.

    :hifive: :brownsista:

  130. I agree, Kanyade. I feel Alicia redeemed herself with As I am because Diary was not all that. In fact, I say it is her best album even over Songs in A Minor. She did the damn thing musically and deserved every accolade that came her way. It is funny though because if you judged it off No one, you would have thought the album was going to be weak.

  131. Hey Curtis how are you? Beyonce should get an award for most talken about person :lol2: I don’ t know if it’ s a bad thing or good thing but we can’ t stop talking about her :bowdown: more power to her i guess Lool

    Crazy Sexy Cool: On a scale from 1-10 what is your musical knowledge?

    Hey lady, i would be pissed at Matthew too, I can’ t help but feel like beyonce is a great person, a great artist but she is just surrounded by people that [involuntary] tarnish her image

    Kanyade: :iagree:

  132. Darksista, I am doing fine. Just surprised that this is still a topic but other than I am cool, how was your holiday? 😆 @ On a scale from 1-10 what is your musical knowledge? That was not cool.

  133. @Crazy Sexy Cool Just because Beyonce cd was TRASH and her first week sales show for it, that doesn’t mean u have to diss AKeys too make you feel better about Beyonce. Bee fans/stans are funny :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

  134. Janelle, aren’t you doing what you say Beyonce fans are doing? Maybe she feels that I am is better than As I am(I don’t agree with it but so what). Seriously. What if Beyonce sold a Mil, would you say that it is great then? Like WOW. You are just as bad as Bey fans who get wrapped up in her sales.

  135. Curtis If Beyonce had sold million I still would have said that the cd suck and no am nothing like Bee fans

  136. I think JBL is as delusional as the 482,000 people who brought the album…her “Thrilller”, OMG! Do you realize how groundbreaking MJ’s iconic (yes, iconic! 😆 )”Thriller” video was…and you equate that to “Single Ladies”? Needless to say, her newest project is less than inspiring… 🙄

  137. @maja
    What? Viola was nominated but it was revoked? When was the last time the committee made an error like that? It sounds suspect, im not blaming the Knowles because there is no proof but I wouldnt doubt if they had something to do with it. During Dreamgirls it was said that Matthew was pressuring JHud to sign with his management co. everyday and she kept saying no. After that the Knowles started talking foul about her, Beyonce made comments about her having 9 Grammy’s, she said if she really wanted to play Effie she would have gained weight, After the Oscar loss Matthew said in the press room, “This is racist, and MLK would be ashamed” he made a big fool of himself.

  138. Whew
    yeah they bounced viola 🙄 i mean someone is working hard for people to hate beyonce more and more everyday

  139. I love me some Viola, she has been in the game for years and years. I first saw her on Law and Order and then Antwon Fisher. Very powerful! Now this bothers me because the real black actresses really not getting shine.
    Where is the article I can read, I tried to google but didnt find anything

  140. Oh and I think you got it twisted sista, Britney’s single did reach number 1(on billboard), while neither of Beyonce’s single(s) have…atleast not YET!
    I was talk about Britain not the U.S. lol i dont really check out the Billboard. Yeah beyonce was number one but only 4 a week.

    @ Dark sista, I know what u mean, I didnt mean directly @ ya. Stans are mad and will always be mad not matter what artist they support.

    “As for Britney, she is deff NOT crap, she wouldnt be where she is today if that were fact.”

    Yeah back in the days but now she is really wack. Just check out her crap performance on x factor. I know she been through alot and I dont doubt that but she really needs to get it together otherwise she should have took a break. Didnt she flop on her other album blackout? :thumbsdown: dnt knw that for a fact. To me right now both her and beyonce are on the same level (Britney has more iconic songs tough).
    I think or predict she flop or sell less then expected.

    love Kayne and Take That both gonna do well 🙂

  141. lol @ Nicole
    love M.J Thriller, Why cant most artist thesedays do what he does keep delivering. Lucky 4 me I didnt beyonce buy the album I listened 2 it on her myspace and youtube.

  142. @xx

    About Britney, I wanted to state that she had poor sales for Black out (290k first week), but take into consideration that the album leaked way early, she was going through a public breakdown, she failed on MTV, and she did no promotion….im not excusing it but that is darn good for what was going on at the time. Blackout is fire! The album is hot to me maybe the best popl album I’ve heard in a while. I have to agree with you, Britney has more iconic songs.

    We need a new topic

  143. urban…pop…who distinguished that one was for white and one was for black? im black but i listen to pop music…who cares

  144. 482k is good but Papa Knowles was on some world domination ish! LOL!!! Taylor Swift outsold Bey? Dayum that is not a good look. I agree with the person that said the double disc thing was too confusing. I didn’t buy it b/c all that miss mash of music all together just didn’t get it for me.

    She was trying too hard to be everything, pop, rap, urban, classical, acoustic, and all that just didn’t work for some people.

  145. For those who care, the results are in. Kanye topped out at 443,000. I thought he was going to do more.

  146. Beyonce sold 254K and has past her two week B’Day total! :brownsista:

  147. Britney aka “Cheetoling” has “Iconic Songs”? :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:
    wow I blame Beyonce for introducing the word “Iconic” to the blogosphere , thus resulting in the sullying of such an honor.
    I’m sorry how can a certain few of you who claim to be bored with Beyonce’s “lack of depth” go on to herald that craptastic “Circus” with lyrics talking about how men and women wanna “do”her, and deep introspective songs like “If You Seek Amy”
    (F _U_C_K_M_E) from a woman who had a public mental breakdown, went through a divorce, has a substance abuse problem, and currently isnt even deemed fit to retain full custody of her kids, and is 27 and still needs her father to sign on for guardianship”
    and have you seen those sedated snoozefest of a performance?, no to mention she needs to stop roaming Maddonnas closets for leotards (now you know had it been she who shall remain nameless) god she cant even crank out those robotic , boy band pom-pom arm movements like she used to, that had all yall thinkin she can move (if you dont move youre feet, I just call it arm formations)
    I’m sorry but that is just mindboggling! that girl has always been as compelling as a roof shingle , and the fascination has always mystified me 🙁

    Taylor Swift has a broader audience because she’s an Country Artist! in fact Counrty artist typically outsell other genres because the majority of the country is the demographic that listens to country music, even though Taylor Swift has more pop appeal, but alot of country artists are doing that nowadays. Hell I dare any of the above named artists to drop an album the same as the Jonas Brothers! now that would be a slaughtering, however I don’t think that it would serve as a slight towards the lesser selling as it would depict a larger and more enthusiastic target audience, the tweens are consumer monsters! Nonetheless I was never into 1st week sales, nowadays it seems like everyone takes at least 3 years to promote one album (arent we still hearing singles of GGGB?) so it will be years (unfortuantely) for one to determine if this album is a success or not. So while the 480k is not the crazy, bloated, overlyambitious number papa knowels projected ( I never heard Beyonce make such a projection), it pretty much did what everybody else expected it to do, so whats the big deal again?

  148. whatever…
    for some reason im addicted to “smash into u” …
    I keep replaying it over and over…
    im loving the beyonce cd..
    sasha fierce…not so much..

  149. Ok first of all it’s obvious that Janelle is an alicia keys stan and Whew is a Rhianna stan, you always bring them up in your post comparing them to Beyonce. Yeah Beyonce records sells where not what Mr. Knowles expected but that’s first week sells but lets not forget that Whitney houston who in many eyes is considered an “Icon/legend” highest first week sells, in her entire career, came from *Just Whitney* with only 205,000 copies and that album became her lowest selling ablum, but all her lesser “first week” selling albums became her highest selling albums so lets stop being idiots about first week sales. To the people that are compareing Bey. with people like Rihanna and Taylor swift, just stop now, because bey has achieved more than both of their careers put together, one record that didn’t sell as much as some expected in THE FIRST WEEK, does not decide an artist status. The album still debuted at number 1 and is doing great on it’s second week, keep in mind that B’Day wasn’t as big as it became until the delux addition was dropped. Single ladies is a #1 hit and has been for almost 3 weeks now, and If I were a boy is not too far behind it. I can’t wait till she releases halo and I hope she releases disappear or sattelite aswell. I love the CD, I think it’s her strongest album to date, despite first week sales that some idiots can’t get over. Love the “I am” side so much, the “Sasha Fierce” side is ok, but I like how she finally uses her voice in the ballads with the nice high notes and all. And yes, I am a beyonce fan, I don’t care if you want to call me a stan or whatever, and yes if her record sells were higher I would be very happy that’s because I want her to do very well, after all that is what you usually want for your favorite artist right? And for the people saying “O stop worrying about these singers and blah blah” that’s like saying, “stop worrying about what football team wins the superbowl this year” some people’s sport is their music and their artist is their team..

    I think the CD will be a big hit overall and I do believe she will reach Icon status someday, but one thing is for sure she has already written her name in music history.

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