Beyonce Tops The Decade… Again

You can put a ring on that- a championship ring that is. According to the RIAA, who earlier today released a tally of the decade’s highest Gold and Platinum certifications, Beyonce has scored the most certifications of any other artist- racking up a total of 64. The singer also led the league in ringtone certifications- garnering 19.

And while this is great news for the singer- there is a bit of bad as well. In a rare occurrence, a German court has actually sided against the singer and her label in a lawsuit in which a manufacturer claims Beyonce wore an unauthorized reproduction of a copyrighted design by Iskren Lozanov in her “Video Phone” video. While the United States does not allow clothing designs to be copyrighted, Germany does and in this case it is keeping the video from being aired in that country. Sony, Beyoce’s label, said they planned to consult the singer and were most likely going to appeal the decision.

Pictures of the bikinis in question can be seen below.


  1. People have no integrity these days. Why not ask to wear the design legally or not reproduce their work. There is no way they can claim that is not a rip off or reproduction. Geez, pay the ppl already and admit you were wrong.

  2. I’m glad the designer spoke out on principle. That’s wrong to take someone’s work and not give them credit … or payment.

  3. Achieving goals and collecting trophies and garnering accolades such as these have always been a part of who she is, so congratulations to her on these feats.

    As for the swimsuit. Wow. Give proper dues to the creator. The similarities are too distinct to just call it coincidence…

  4. ringtone certifications? LOL i didn’t see that the first time around. what does that mean exactly? :/ i remember reading something about soulja boy and flo’rida having ringtone sales out the wazoo.

  5. lol wow, now we have to tell a designer when we pu they’re clothes on? lmao ppl will find anything

  6. lmfaooo she still trying to set herself apart from Rihanna and ….keep trying Beyawnsay, one day it will happen.

  7. @ Love,

    I think it’s more a permission thing. I mean in the instance that I copied this swimsuit and wore it to the beach, nobody’d notice or care; but Beyonce wore it; Beyonce = $$$. He just trying to get in where he fit in…….at the minimum; and at most he’s demanding that his designs be recognized as HIS, you know, artistic integrity or whatnot.

    *sips koolaid in the shade*

  8. Congrats Beyonce!!!!!
    You & Gaga need to hurry up & drop that Video A.S.A.P

  9. I don’t know, it just seems like every since Beyonce said in an interview that she wants to be an icon and legend, everything from that point on seems like it has been orchestrated so that she always comes out on top.

  10. Congrats and well deserved. Now! everyone look at them two outfits and which one would you honestly wear? The Beyonce one and yes I’m a stan, fan or whatever but I will keep it real. The other one looks like Stevie Wonder put it together so they should be thanking Beyonce and Company!

  11. @Rockon are you serious? If anything Rihanna needs to continue her copying Beyonce’s way. Talent wise!

    I think she deserves it. Not her biggest fan but this woman as completely WORKED her butt off to get all her accomplishment’s and she deserves it.

    As for the twin outfits and lawsuits ummmm, yea there should be credit given but like someone said… when do we have to acknowledge when we wear a designers cloths. I would think the designer would be honored by it. But hey, anything for money right?

  13. I think Beyonce’s Suit looks 100% better but that is just my opinion.

    When will that Gaga and Beyonce “Telephone” video be realeased already!!!

    Give Beyonce & Gaga another #1 Song…

  14. Why are we surprised? This chick stays stealing from ppl & it’s about time she got put on full blast.

    Just like her songs she changes one thing and puts her name on it as an original. The only thing original about this girl is her fingerprints. Would she really be getting all these accolades if the truth about her thievery came to light?

  15. Rockon you need to go suck a penis. Every time there’s a Beyonce post you come hating. That nick name is mad corny and so are you. Hop off of Beyonce’s dick already damn.

    Beyonce made that swim suit look good though. The designer is going a little too hard for me. He should be happy she wore his design.

  16. Congrats Bey she works her a** off and that is what life’s all about working hard to get what you want/deserve.
    As far as the swinsuit situation tha really has nothing to do with Beyonce, and more to do with the designer of the replica swimsuit. But of course the famous one has to pay for someone else’s wrongdoings.

  17. Just because a celebrity makes it to international status doesn’t mean they are above laws in other places. If Germany designers have copyright laws and he copyrighted his design then it is what it is. He has every right to protect HIS work. He created it and is probably famous in his own right. As protective as Beyonce and camp are about their brand then they have no business trying to get over on anyone. What if someone comes out with a perfume bottle that looks just like her Heat bottle? Or what if someone copied a Dereon design? You better believe the Knowles camp will be on it, shutting things down. That German desinger is acting within the law so no one can complain.

  18. @curios
    2 ROCKON-i noticed 2,evrytym ere s a post on bey u jump 2 h8n.n u say u dont care.

    y u lwys folowin bey round if u dnt care????

    Rihanna nids 2 stop parading her naked ass n boyfriend n get workin 2 get whr bey is

  19. Congrats Bey! And she made that swimsuit look hot! LOL@ the person saying Bey needs to get on Ri’s level. I damn near fell out my chair when I read that but then had to remember where I was and just SMH! Bey is one if not the hardest working woman in showbiz so she deserves all the spotlight she gets. She’s NOT just a pretty face with great fashion sense and minimal talent so get it while you can………

  20. This is really nothing to celebrate. Eminem is actually this decade’s best-selling artist (check your SoundScans, not your “certifications”) and Beyonce has a long way to go overall if she wants to catch up with Janet, Whitney, Mariah, etc.

  21. Lmfao!! that designer thing is so stoopid! Haha.

    People just try and find anything about Beyonce and try to relate it to them! LMFAO!

    We have to tell designers when we wear their clothes!?


  22. will you idiots stop with the rir bey thing, can you all get a life…. b will soon fall and i hope all her fans are ready to catch her……

  23. Apparently the designer and the designer’s country DO NOT TAKE LIGHTLY the blatant ‘stealing’ *cough* ‘being inspired and thus duplicating’ one’s designs. Check the laws of that country and how it deals with fashion. This lawsuit isn’t for naught. There’s some credence here. Bey and them should ‘fess up or pay the man or whatever. Right is just right. The end.

  24. Congratulation , beyonce you have made it, because there is so many haters, sista keep doing what you doing because u know being a black women there will be haters . This Bit$h is fierce and for all you idiots trying to drag her name down, this sista is banking. U guys Just wake up go to work everyday with beyonce on your minds. I support all my black beautiful successful sista even if i dont like them. We are so busy hating on each other success while the world is passing your dumb azz bye.Its already bad enough we have whites make mockery of us. Thats your job is to hate and you guys are doing it will. Go beyonce bank that money and laugh at these low life, boring, uneducated, miserable people that gives you the motivation to just knock them down.

  25. Congrats to Beyonce and her accomplishments. She’s a phenomenal performer and deserves the accolades she garners.

    The bathing suit incident is clearly copyright infringement. Someone (a stylist, designer, or even Beyonce) saw this suit overseas and decided to duplicate it and the similarities are clearly an unofficial reproduction. As an emerging icon, she should have clearly requested that designer to create one specifically for her and given the designer acurrate credit for his/her designs.

    I’m pretty sure she’s against unofficial reproduction of her albums (ie bootleg copies) because that discredits her record sales, she should display the same respect for another artists work. She should have managed this incident prior to any court proceedings because she can clearly see that this is a replication of this designers work.

  26. The lawsuit is silly. and doesn’t the waredore person pick out outfits for the video shoots? I have seen behind the scene stuff before and the artist doesn’t pick out the stuff. LOL. So of ya’ll are really reaching with the stealing stuff when it comes to Bey. If you buy a song and change the lyrics, melody, cords or whatever you can put your name on it. You brought the original song from the song writer to do as you please. DEAL WITH IT PEOPLE!!! Also Why is it only stealing when Bey name is attracted to it? and sampled when anyone else is attracted to it? ANswer please….. I’m still waiting?

  27. KANYADE- Just what if Beyonce and her team didn’t know that they were wearing a “replicated” swimsuit? That’s why I say the knockoff designer should take blame.

  28. ^^Cosign. People are always complaining about Beyonce changing one word to a song and getting credit for it. Well, that’s just how it is. It may not be fair, but if an artist contributes anything to a song no matter how small the contribution, he/she can receive credit. And best believe Beyonce isn’t the only artist to do so.

    Madonna is an icon and has been sued so many times for copyright infringement and accused of stealing her whole career, from her “iconic” songs to her “iconic” poses. LOL And she’s 50+, still killing chicks half her age. I don’t see anybody complaining about her “stealing.” She’s a bonafide icon.

    On topic: Congrats, Beyonce! I absolutely adore this woman. She works extremely hard for her success.

  29. Bottom line is if you need to SAY you want to be a legend it isn’t in you. Diana, Madonna, Janet, Tina, Cher and others are icons because they put in the work and they wear it well.

  30. Glad she is successful, don’t know who valid the lawsuit is against her. However it’s very clear that the entire look was copied from the suit, bracelets, pose, sunglasses and hair. Best way to deal with a Rihanna stan, not fan, is to ignore.

  31. ME- I’m pretty sure if they were ASKED back then they all would have said yes they would like to be.

  32. 17150918,

    Shrugs. Ultimately, ALL of this is conjecture on our parts. We don’t know the ‘true’ facts and probably never will. Sighs. Another lawsuit thrown out and/or settled. But I do find it unlikely that members of her team ‘wouldn’t’ have done the research. She gets partnerships with designers to wear clothing; someone is keeping track of those pieces as well as any ‘made’ pieces, I’d say. But again, all conjecture ultimately. I’ll not speak on this again. This’ll be old news next week anyway (or until the next Beyonce post is put up LOL).


    I would somewhat agree with you on supporting one another, but you managed to damage your statement by insulting those you intended to educate and by using the word hate and hater. Oh and this…

    Go beyonce bank that money and laugh at these low life, boring, uneducated, miserable people that gives you the motivation to just knock them down.

    It’s not always about the money; but some of her fans seem to think money = ‘true’ happiness and success in life.

    Not everyone on this blog is a “low-life”…can that really be determined through a couple posts? Can that be gleaned by one person’s ignorant response or one person politely disagreeing on one aspect of this conversation?

    Uneducated? UNEDUCATED? There’s LOTS of HIGHLY educated ladies that visit this site. LOTS.

    Boring and miserable? Those terms are pure fiction conceived only in your opinion which isn’t worth much seeing as how you don’t know us personally…

    I understand you and others like you getting frustrated when someone who represents the type person you describe says bad things about Beyonce. But for those of us who question, who query, who make note of, who speak respectfully in opposition to something concerning this celebrity or any other celebrity cited on this site and others…well, we can’t all be summed together as one can we?

    You talk about white folks making mockeries of us…because we aren’t all in alignment with one another’s thoughts? ideals? feelings? goals and successes? So should we all be in agreement and NOT have differences of opinion?

    And this world that’s supposedly passing us by…Oh really? REALLY.

    I just don’t understand why we can’t have a difference of opinion or a discussion without all the vitriol spewed from both sides? and dear God without somebody throwing out the word “hater” and/or “stan”. Can we retire those two terms? I have. Others have. Why don’t you follow suit, too? 🙂

    There’s a couple ladies on here who we don’t always agree but we are respectful and can have discussion even though we don’t see eye to eye. Dialogue and conversation I’d take any day over summarily agreeing. We are not always a monolith; we are as diverse as it comes.

    I suppose though, if you calling “us” out makes you feel better…sighs. Do what you will. This is just the internet afterall.

    Be blessed all. Have a great weekend. 🙂

  33. KANYADE- True…true lol. Also you were mature enough to type my screen name unlike some others.

  34. Congrats Beyonce !!
    Those bikini’s look alike, a LOT! So maybe his lawsuit is legit. And the glasses too.

    But w/e….

  35. Congrats to Bey on her accomplishments.I still think she is overexposed, but i give credit where credit is due. Miss Beyonce works hard and she is a helluva entertainer. I just wish her, um, overly hyped fans would get a life and quit trying to argue with every person who may not like Beyonce.

  36. honestly both of those bikinis are kinda lame but the glasses r cute.. and im sure it wasnt bey’s fault, blame the person who made it cuz i know bey dont have the title of seamstress under her belt

  37. I feel sorry for this generation, But congratulations are in order, it takes a certain kind of woman to know how to make money off of people’s ignorance.

  38. Please look beyond the bikini. The bikini was copied. THE STYLING WAS COPIED TOO! Why? The big bangles, the shades,THE FRIGGING HAIR???!!!! WTF

    Her team need to step up their game and shield her from this sort of embarrassment. Obviously a stylist just ripped off the whole thing. Why didnt they just contact the designer and ask for a modified version?
    I dont blame B for a thing but her people need to work.

  39. hmmmm its not just some obscure designer. he did the design for leading underwear line Truimph… and Sony is being sued not Beyonce.

    “Lawyers for Sony argued Beyonce’s underwear had been inspired by Spanish artist Pablo Picasso, but a judge recently dismissed their claim, ruling in Triumph’s favour because Lozanov’s design was so unique.”

  40. Beyonce is on everyones mind all the time! The girl is beautiful, talented and rich! Get over it!

    Congrats on reconfirming why she is the ARTIST OF THE DECADE! Beyonce is a beast in the music industry, I love it!

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