Beyonce Tributes Michael Jackson

“He is the reason I do what I do,” says Beyoncé about her musical idol, Michael Jackson.

The singer has been a huge MJ fan since she witnessed his performing genius as a five-year-old fan. One of his early songs, “I Wanna Be Where You Are,” became one of her favorites and she chose it for her first audition.

When the Jackson family honored the “King of Pop” on October 8th at the Michael Forever Tribute Concert in Cardiff, Wales, she taped this special performance of “I Wanna Be Where You Are.”

Michael’s three children honored Beyoncé in calling her an energetic talent who “continues in the legacy of our father by being committed to the art of performing.”

Beyonce’s official Facebook page uploaded this professionally shot video of the performance below… check it out.


  1. Isn’t it obvious that she wants to be the next Michael Jackson. …Even with all of her Grammy awards and money, it will never happened.
    She doesn’t compare to his artistry, genius, his originality, his library of music that will always stand the test of time and his signature dance moves.

    She is one of the best entertainers of her generation, but she or noone else from her generation is on his level. Not Britney, Gaga, Usher, nada…

  2. @mytheory u might want to get professional help for your beyonce obsession. It’s funny how u hate her & yet you’re the first to comment on her post. Your opinion is not a fact. Lots of people in the industry have called bey the michael jackson of this generation. A lot of people feel she is the closest thing 2 him. Your opinion is just that your opinion.

  3. I remember watching this in low quality when it was uploaded and wondered when the HD would be released. She ATE this performance it was EXCELLENT. When it was said she would perform this song I admit I was like NO, I’ve seen her perform it too many times but she TOTALLY switched it up and I LOVED it. Her voice, dancing and look were ALL on point. No complaints.

  4. I like Bey but she ain’t no where near close to MJ. MJ was a global mega star!! NEXT discussion!!!

    She did a good job here.

  5. I knew this was coming. Beyonce just wants her name to be in the same sentence as Michael Jackson otherwise what is the purpose??? Once she started using live performances as videos I knew she was trying to do the more modern day Michael Jackson. The difference between she and Mike is he is beloved and she is that girl people love to hate.

  6. I think Beyonce is great in her own right, and she is certainly is the top performer among her peers.

    That said, she’s not in the same stratosphere as MJ when it comes to originality, creativity (Countdown video redux, anyone) or innovation.

    But then, that wasn’t the point of the article. I’m just glad someone as recognized as her continues to tribute and thank him for all his contributions to the world of music. The pop world owes him so much, but many shy away from ever paying him gratitude because of the controversy and rumors. RIP MJ.

  7. Beyonce did a great job. She is a true star, not a wannabe. I like the fact that I can listen to her cd, go to a live show and it sounds the same.

  8. I think this was a tribute to MJ that she was asked to participate in and she did just that. Nothing more, nothing less. Has she been likened to being the MJ of this generation in the media, I would say yes. However, who’s arguing that she Is exactly? I don’t see her saying she is. Has anyone see any footage of her saying she was the next MJ? I’ve only seen her reference him when she talks about being inspired by him as a young girl. As there have been a boat load of other young artists inspired by him as well, so nothing new there. Whatever your belief about her, I think she did a very good job all in all.

  9. YAS!!! Nice tribute. 🙂

    And Blanket looks so uninterested most of the time. LOL.

  10. @my theory AGreed, she should be proud of being her, she can’t be Michael Jackson, but she is beyonce!!!!!!!! Be happy with at

  11. Beyonce is a bimbo her last album failed because nobody likes the deep stripper, after years of shaking your rump out da blue you wanna go Adele on a bitch? ? Girl boo unless she has a banger for me no maam

  12. It’s so funny that the same people talking about she could never get to the level of Michael Jackson were the same people who were the most critical. Now since he is no longer here you want to give him praise. Some black people are the most critical of other black people. Here it is the young lady Beyonce been busting her bit since a little kid, dancing in heels doing countless shows to get were she is now but we still criticized. Especially when there are not much of is in the public light. Why do we still condemn of own people for working hard.

  13. This is why I’m a fan.

    I personally, have never heard her say she is “the next Michael” or “female MJ”. But she doesn’t need to be she is already her own person and alot of artist need to realize that..stop trying to be somebody else.

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