Beyonce Tries To Stop Lil Mama

MTV recently aired a behind the scenes look at this year’s 2009 Video Music Awards and a brief clip of the audience appears to show Beyonce trying to stop Lil Mama from crashing Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ performance. By no means is the footage scandalous, it is however interesting to see Lil Mama’s state before she went on stage and Beyonce’s reaction to her crashing her husband’s performance.


  1. It kind of looks more like Lil Mama is trying to pull Bey on stage and Bey’s resisting….

  2. It’s more like Beyonce was wondering what she was doing and asked her and Lil Mama tried to pull her on stage and beyonce resisted…

    It dont matter, it sill is wrong!!!!

  3. @Snij-ino lil mama face was like “Why not?? oh u don’t like. TOO BAD!” sorry but that’s a NY CHICK 4 ya. NewYorkers just don’t care. Im one so no disrespect to fellow NewYorkers. Poor B, cuz if she would’ve got stupid lil Mama look like she wud’ve gave her da business.

  4. Dang I missed it i wanted to watch that show it looked like lil mama wanted to be seen if she was really feelin it she wouldnt have stopped and tryed to get bey to go up with her. and where is bey at in that pic???

  5. I think bey was trying to keep lil mama from going onto the stage. You can see she pulled lil mama wit her other hand but Lil mama snatched her hand away. I’m sorry but lil mama just made herself look stupid. didnt she say that she was feelin the moment and didnt know what she was doing. *whateva* She look like bow wow anyway. and when you a girl, that aint nothing to be proud of.

  6. Oh…too funny..Lil Mama was determined to make a fool of herself. Bey’s expression is like WTH is going on…. first Kanye and now this s**t! LOL

  7. Beyonce was lookin’ like B***h wtf In a silly way….lil mama knew better then that

  8. Poor Beyonce had quite the evening. LOL. The last look was more a what the freekum dress is going on tonight. LOL. She was trying to stop lil mama after Beyonce declined her invitation and realized what was going on.

  9. lmaoooo @ bey.. that clip is priceless .. i wish they had more.. no one knew she tried to stop her until know i wonder wat bey has to say about it… lmao.. lil mama im rooting for u and ur success.. but u just make it harder and harder for urself

  10. @signature barbie..lmao.. imagine of bey actually said that.. that wud have just been too much!! thats i luv bey

  11. LOL, Beyonce sure did have quite a night didnt she???

    Lil MaMa knew what she was doing, so whatever.

    Still hiliraous nevertheless.

  12. Bet Lil’ {stupid} Mama wishes she would’ve kept her butt by Bey now.

  13. Either way lil mama is stupid for that what she did. But it does seem like she just came up and grabbed beyonce and beyonce snatched her hand back and tried to stop her

  14. One way or another I just don’t think it’s as big a deal and ppl are making it out to be. Yes it was rude but it was mildly rude, nowhere close to what Kanye did. The poor child was just overcome by the moment and meant no harm or malice.

  15. Bey couldn’t stop that lil munchkin from disrupting her man’s performance? Afraid to get her wig pulled off? Lil mama looks like she can scrap lol.

  16. @ JBL

    Here is the thing. That is their job, it’s their art, they had a show that they rehearsed and planned for it to go a certain way, she was wrong to bring her lil uninvited behind up their. She wouldn’t like it if bow wow pulled something like that on her. She is a lame she gets on that dance show talking all self rightious like everyone is beneath her and she does something so tacky. She is pathetic.

  17. The fact that we’re commenting means we are making too much of it, but hey this is a gossip article. Anyway, before I saw the video I believed Lil Mama when she said she just got caught up in the moment and impulsively jumped on the stage. However, after seeing this video, it’s very clear that she planned on crashing the performance, disregarded Beyonce trying to stop her and and slowly walked on the stage. At the end of the day, it was still disrespectful.

  18. Beyonce is too cute, her night was full of surprises. Love me some Beyonce.

  19. they are always “borrowing” or paying homage to someone(umm can we say swagger jacking?) so it servers them right to be rudely interupted….Go Lil Moma!! She is my hero… Bey and Jay are so Rude they deserve some bad it was so short!!! and her wig would have been flying off thats why she really didn’t try to stop ole’ girl…she thinks shes street..huh, i think not!!!

  20. ayo saw the video over at bossip. haha. pure comedy. lil mama, i will say, looked as if she were in a trance and wanted to take beyonce along for the ride. lil mama is about 20 lbs even with that weave. you mean to tell me beyonce couldn’ta gripped that chick like she got working arms. beyonce let her slide. yeah she don’t really know lil mama so touching her to begin with was much. but she coulda tried harder. that look she had on her face was so fake like. chick you ain’t surprised, you knew what you just did. lol. that was comedy tho. if it were me, i’da took lil mama’s hand grabbed it and so we can sway from side to side listening to the rest of the performance. that way i don’t look mean and she don’t look too crazy. but hey maybe that’s just me.
    then again i don’t care for jay-z’s music or much new music, really.

  21. Some of these so called “entertainers” lack professionalism, that is why some of them just dont last in this industry. I must admit that I am not a hugh Bey fan, however; I think this was a bad night for her because of Kanye and then tring to stop this lil piece of a person from going on that stage. I can appreciate Bey’s professionalism and the fact that she did try to stop lil-who-cares from going on stage.
    As for getting caught up in the moment, how would she like it if some crashed her show? Would she have been professional enough to continue like JZ and AK? I think not!!!!
    She needs to grow and get a grown up name!!!!
    When will the kids grow up…..

  22. im pretty sure if it was one of us in beyonces shoes we wudnt have started a figt wit a 19 yr old girll..come on people stop

  23. I looove Lil Mama! Beyonce’s music is great, but I don’t see the harm in a fella New Yorker getting on stage for a moment. She didn’t speak but just added to the flava. Jay-Z & Beyonce are snobs and cry babies IF they had a problem with it. Green Day realized that it would enhance their performance if fans came on stage to show love for them and their music. Pete Wentz of Fallout Boys couldn’t wait to jump up on stage. It seems that Jay’s “big ego” should’ve been boosted by Lil Mama’s love for him & his music.

  24. Lil Mama did plan this. She though this would get her some street cred and positive publicity. She released a song like the day after. She’s a lil’ disrespectful dummy. She better be glad Kanye were there or she would be the a55 of all the jokes.

  25. I think bey was resisting AND tryning to stop lil Mama! She got played, I felt stupid for her! What made her think she could just do that! They need better security as it is cuz you never now what crazy fool is gonna jump on stage

  26. I just believe that what Lil Mama did shouldn’t have upset anyone. It’s insane to me how so many people can support Alicia Keys’ behavior with Swizz and then dog Lil Mama for jumping on stage & dancing. It’s crazy!!

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