Beyonce Turns Down “Star” Remake

It appears Beyonce is really serious about taking that break in 2011. The singer, who was rumored to be up the lead female role in the remake of “A Star Is Born,” is now said to be officially out of the running. According to the film’s producer Basil Iwanyk, Beyonce was offered the role and really wanted to do it. However, Warner Brothers Studio’s insistence on having the film ready for a summer 2011 release made it impossible for the singer to accept. “We wanted Beyonce, she wanted to do it, but it was hard to figure out her dates and her deal,’ Iwanyk said on the black carpet at the Clash of the Titans premiere. ‘She just came off of a huge world tour and Warners wants to have the movie for next summer, and so we just couldn’t work it out.”

Word is Rihanna or Alicia Keys may be offered the role instead.



  1. either taking a break, or having a baby. I’m beginning to wonder….

  2. she needs to take this ride for as long it will last because you never know when things will dry up and they eventually do because hollywood does not have many artist, no matter how talented and in demand they are now, with longevity at such a heightened level. everything slows down, except for madonna and tina turner.

  3. I am happy for her, She is a terrible actress,But millions of people see her as an idol she can’t be overworked Otherwise she won’t serve it like she is supposed too, Now is the real test, If her fans love her that much, a month break won’t stop them from buying her merchandise 🙂 Oh and congrats on the pregnancy 😉

  4. i luv alicia but no honey, and def not rihanna the big screen aint ready for that big ass head

  5. @delphine, shes not a terrible actress lol shes jus not the best.. i think she nailed all her roles except for cadilac records, sum parts were dreadful to watch but her singing was gud but the serious acting parts were :bag:

  6. Whatever makes Beyoncé happy, I’m all for it, and if thats taking a break, I’m cool. I will be here waiting on her return. She deserves a break. She is a amazing artist in my book, and she gives us fans her all(and thats all any fan should ask for and expect).

    And there are worst actors than Bey, so yeah, if you don’t like her in a movie no one forces you to watch.

    Love Beyoncé 🙂

  7. :iagree: finally she needs to stop acting period the can’t act worth she can carry a good note but not as good as brandy

  8. Lalala: No i had it right the first time 🙂 Terrible Actress 🙂

  9. I don’t think Bey, Rih or Keys deserve the role of that classic film. It should be someone. But I really have no idea.

  10. She should’ve took this role, she will regret it. And she did great in Cadillac Records that should’ve been her last movie because it was her best acting yet but in Obsessed it seemed like she took a step back.

  11. She Can’t act. Aren’t there any triple threat stars who can sing, dance and act? and neither Rihanna or Alicia Keys seem to fit the bill.

  12. I dont wanna see her act again lol!
    Plus, shes been busting her ass for the past 10 yrs. A break is needed.

  13. I don’t think Alicia or Rih are going to be cast as the lead if they start filming very soon because Alicia’s on tour and Rihanna’s about to go on tour so…

  14. BEYONCE GETS THE ROLE BECAUSE SHE….SELLS. ITS NOT ABOUT LEGEND OR WHO CAN ACT ITS ABOUT WHO will turn a profit! THAT’S WHY SHE WAS SO MAD ABOUT DREAMGIRLS THEY USED HER ONLY TO SELL THE MOVIE..SHE REALIzed that once she saw J. Hudson receiving every award their was to get! No offense mrs. knowles carter…I would leave acting alone.

  15. When was beyonce mad, okay who would’nt be upset if they did’nt win a award that wanted..THATS CALLED BEING HUMAN!!!

    And WTF, she turns a role down and still people are finding a way to hate…SMH!!!

  16. LMAO…I am really sorry that you equate hate to realism!! Using the word mad was not the proper word. Let me change that to embarrassed!! Why don’t you go on youtube and look at her facial expressions for each award she lost to jennifer hudson it was obivous. Let’s see Golden Globe, Oscar…did I say Oscar? NCAPP, BET, wow the list goes on and on. Let’s see Beyonce was the star of the show are marketing promotions was center around her camp..her song “Listen” was phenomenal!! Still did not win nothing, natta, zip! She was used for marketing corporate america does it everyday. For the record I hate no sisters..none!

  17. @MYSHEL, And Beyonce has every award for singing…EVER!!! So is Jhud MADD..NOOO… Like i said, i was upset when i lost the championship game four years in a row… LIKE I SAID, who would’nt be upset..SIT YO ARSE DOWN!!!!

    And i was not referring to you ass a hater, thats why i did’nt add that to ur part, i was talking to the HATERS saying she is not good as brandy..But from reading ur response, u sound like Hater…SMH!!!

  18. It is what it is. She’ll go on to do other things.

    Ironically enough (maybe not so) “A Star is Born” starring Judy Garland was on television this morning. 🙂

  19. How’s about this, people? How’s about NOT doing ANOTHER remake of “A Star is Born?!”

    Is no one else aware of the fact that there are THREE versions, for crying out loud?

    Kudos to Bee for sticking to her word about taking a break, for no one else’s benefit but hers and her family.

  20. @ BARON, I agree. Hollyweird (these days) STAY slaying the classics with ‘remakes’.

    CLASH OF THE TITANS, anyone? Ugh. The original was better…cheesier and better. And what’s up with EVERYTHING in 3-D?!?!?! UGH! 🙁

  21. I think mixing actors and singers is not so popular anymore. With all three of them, act will be the same. There are many great actresses out there who need opportunity

  22. Alicia or Rihanna? Ummmmmmm NO! Let a professionally trained actress do this thing. Stop playing around with these singers and mess. :noway:

  23. Sorry but neither one Alicia/Rhianna can’t sing like that. If lip singing will do it than maybe. Beyonce cna really sing but she’s preggers so that’s why she won’t be able to do it. Also Tyler Perry wanted her in his new play For Color Girls Only and she wasn’t able to do that either.

  24. BEY, you know I am your number 1 fan but you were a mess in Obsessed. Please, contact your acting coach in the movie Cadillac Records. You did a phenomenal job in that movie. I mean, you completely stole the show. Please, take some acting classes with that coach during your break. You have the potential BEY, you just need to relax your stiff shoulders ( a la telephone vide) and you’re good. All the best. You can do it. 🙂

  25. Maybe you should read the article dummy Polly Pink. :bag:

  26. She turned it down? Did she watch one of her movies over the holiday? 😆

  27. she still has millions of dollars, awards, and a trillion other things under her name, so 1 movie won’t hurt her.

    and it’s funny how the main ones who think she can’t act, have seen ALL of her movies.SMH

    anyway best of luck to her on her future projects.

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