Beyonce Turns Up The Heat In NYC

The artist formerly known as “Sasha Fierce” is set to heat up Union Square this Tuesday, February 2nd. To celebrate the launch of her debut fragrance “Heat,” the singer will be illuminating the central destination with a fiery red smoky fog. The scene is meant to “infuse the winter landscape with a steamy, sexy aura that embodies Beyonce’s unique appeal.”

The singer will also be appearing at Macy’s Herald Square the following day, where she will be signing autographs and taking pics with the first fans to purchase the Heat 3-piece fragrance set.

And in case that is not enough Beyonce news for ya, you can check out videos below of the singer shooting a Vizio commercial and her upcoming appearance on “60 Minutes.”


  1. She looks great and can’t wait for the performance at the Grammy’s. LOL at the interview will be watching that as well. Also people lets remember MUSIC break.(just a reminder that probally won’t help lol)


  3. LOL, she made sure she dropped her perfume before Rihanna could release Route 22 in June. She is so insecure and reason #1 why she won’t sit down.

  4. I like Beyonce and respect her hustle but her trying to be everywhere and dominate everything is really becoming over kill. I really believe that she is addicted to fame, money and being in the spotlight.

  5. I just wanted to say how would you know if Rihanna did her perfume first or not. Rihanna could have started her thought after Beyonce. Or it could be that Rihanna got her thought to make a perfume since Beyonce was doing one. Or Beyonce could have did her afterwards but who knows. That is between them and you shouldn’t choose until you smell both. Both could be nice to wear and smell great. Give people the benefit before you start to hate.

  6. DAMMIT!!! there goes vizio’s low prices…arrgghh another reason to dispise her in the 2010

  7. I wish people would get off this Rihanna/Beyonce thing. Beyonce is well established far beyound Rihanna and it’s no competition. SMH. I mean yes Rihanna is an “IT” girl now, but everyone has had their share of the spotlight. Rihanna will die down and the next star will come and everyone will be like Rihanna who?

  8. I like how the 60 minutes show starts with “Beyonce is a polished PRODUCT that took years to manufacture or make” LOL. So true, a product.

  9. After seeing the perfume commercial, I hope no one calls Rihanna a bunch names because of her manner of dress in photo-shoots and videos! I expected sultry, sexy, hot but not strip club/soft porn. The COMMERCIAL is soooooooo desperate and over the top! I hope it airs late at night, alongside the 900 numbers and meet other singles commercials. Beyonce, Rihanna and Ciara aren’t role models, but they do prosper because of the young people who follow them. The subliminal message is I have no real worth, but to offer you my body. The ghetto version of these music videos won’t be as nice and the dividends, nil!

  10. Why does the commenters on mostly all urban sites hate Beyonce??? I seriously don’t get it. Did she committ some hineous crime that I missed???

    Anywho, I own a VIZIO, love it. Superbowl commericals??? I see you Bey.

  11. Rihanna wouldn’t have a damn perfume if it wasn’t for Beyonce’s husband……Jay Z! Get over it!

    Heat actually smells good and these videos has nothing to do with the perfume. Anyway, Bey looks great and I look forward to her commercials. Make that money Bey! Endoresement Queen.

  12. Only celeb perfume I’ve liked so far is Halle. Bey looks old & tired in that 2nd clip.

  13. lol@ the artist formerly known as ‘Sasha Fierce’….i swear B is one of the smartest businesswomen in the game,she used the Sasha gimmick to sell records and nw she has dumped it

  14. @ JOLIE, you’re exactly right. Sasha Fierce was a gimmick for money. Her handlers are super smart. This commercial…sigh…these spastic dance moves are just…please STOP IT. LOL.

  15. @Rockon Who yo ass always comin’ under a B post to hate? Sit yo ass down somewhere.

  16. ohh pls b go away too much, reminds me of when jlo was everywhere. she is addicted to fame…….

  17. Isn’t calling her a seductress the same thing as calling her a h@e in a polite manner? She likes it. She’s not classy at all.

  18. GIGI- She lets people imagine and fantasize, you and I both no; no one except Jay unfortunately(lol) is getting that.

  19. ok why is every1 acting like one of the dancers wasn’t a tranny. no, im not tryna be funny. Please don’t tell me its a masculine female. maybe its just me, i had 2 pause the video-that’s a dude. Maybe its just the norm now, drag queens that’s y it isn’t a big deal.

  20. A break from music? Just take a break period. Spend time with your hubby, find yourself, grow, get a hobby like sowing, i don’t know, just get out the light.

  21. RUSERIOUS-She can’t she would LITERALLY have to stay in the house right when she steps out to go shopping, dinner etc….she be photographed and blamed for it because people would be complaining about her having a life.
    Because you know when she is gone for a week or two and she gets snapped by paparazzi the pics will be all over the internet right?(including this website)

  22. @17150918-Do you know what her songs ‘Green Light’ & ‘Kitty Kat’ really mean? Do some research. We don’t know who else is hitting that, she’s not perfect like she wants you to ‘imagine’ and ‘fantasize’.
    @RUSERIOUS-he’s her groupie a.k.a. as a (mindless dummy). Lol.

  23. Green Light means a man can leave and no ones stopping him, and yes Kitty Kat means what it sounds like so you do some research. Are you your music? or your clothes? or your job?

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