Beyonce Unveils ‘Formation’ Video

BEYONCE FORMATIONLess than twenty-four hours before Beyonce is set to take the stage with Coldplay at Super Bowl 50, she’s released a new single and video titled Formation. As expected, the single is a Tidal exclusive, however, the video is not. Feel free to check it out below and do let us know what you think.

Based on online hysteria, everyone is loving Formation; me, not so much. This is supposed to be some pro-black, all the way down for the people message, but in my opinion it is overshadowed by Beyonce’s ever-growing arrogance. The song’s visuals show one thing, but the lyrics are all about her obsession with herself and her perceived notion of greatness. It is shallow and it is why her singles and videos must be released together, because if you’re forced to listen to the song alone, you’d hear just how terrible it really is.

Formation does nothing more than use the plight of black Americans as a backdrop for a song that is all about her ego.


  1. Thank God someone said it. An absolute travesty. The lyrics are hateful. Pure hate and self indulgence. I’ll pass. I’m not bowing down to this garbage.

  2. Lawd, the sheep are already on social media claiming if you don’t like the song/video you’re a racist. Jesus help us all.

  3. This is Beyonce song and you’re not supposed to listen to the lyrics. You’re supposed to look at her half naked body and pretty blonde hair. Anyone looking for meaning in a Beyonce song hasn’t been paying attention for the last decade or so.

  4. I watched the video and I understand how she’s being hypocritical. I liked when she was a true artist and just did her thing. Now she’s just following the trend and the song is nothing but a simple production with lyrics that have no quality at all. Beyoncé can do better an take control of her identity and career but she’s just making her coins and keeping it moving.

  5. Beyonce started to show her ass with Bow Down, a song that was clearly aimed at other female singers. She says a lot of nasty shit in her songs and is allowed to get away with it because she throws in the word feminist. I’ve always supported her, but actively started backing off after she did that single. At the time other female artists were constantly being asked what they thought of the song and had to suck it up and smile.

    Beyonce is not pro other women being successful, especially if they’re black. I haven’t heard her sing the praises of any black female singer. Adele, Shakia and Lady Gaga are the only singers she’s praised. She also doesn’t work with other black female singers unless she can steal their music and pass it off as her own. The one song she did with Alicia Keys never came out.

    Its time the media stops kissing this chick’s ass and call her out on her nasty attitude and lyrics. She’s the type of artist that smiles while calling other women a bitch. Very underhanded. And if you want proof of how nasty she is and the affect she has on her fans, just look at how the Beyhive behaves online and towards other female performers. They are enjoying the drama that is surrounding Rihanna right now. Hit up any social media site and you’ll see. They hate competition. They hate women. No shock there seeing as many of her fans are gay men.

    If Beyonce was such a great influence you would see it in her fans, but instead they are angry, mean and malicious, just like their idol.

  6. Wow refreshing to see thoughtful critique on bey. I think her meaness comes out in her music because lets keep it real she is not an articulate person as we have seen in various interviews. Its not surprising she sees other women as bitches and lower than her. She tries to play it off but she secretly thinks shes superior because shes “creole/light” i mean she calls her dark father a negro. Lol smh. The song is embarassing.

  7. Great post. I’ve seen the video once. Love the visuals. The lyrics? Eh…

  8. @Cree, it turns my stomach at how some fans of Beyonce have behaved towards Rihanna’s album release and sales situation.

    Why can’t two Black women be on top? Why can’t two Black women exist in pop media on the same level? Why it three? Or four? Or more?

    It boggles the mind the “glee” that I see on the social interwebs—glee that these severe fans take at the rise or demise of one popstar or the other.

  9. Fans have online Stan wars with other fandoms. The Beyhive hates everyone and have long despised The Navy in particular because they were just as strong and vocal online. These ppl are sick actually. They’ve attached themselves to an artist and attempt to live vicariously through them. The artist’s success or failure they view as their own. It’s why they’ll turn on their fave if things start going down. Look how Rihanna’s own fans started attacking her because it was taking the album too long to come out. Beyonce fans did the same back during the 4 era. They started contacting Columbia offices cursing folks out. I remember a rep tweeting for them to stop. It was around that time fell apart. The fans even turned on each other. Their message board was on fire, with fans calling each other everything but a child of God. A Demi Lavato fan just attacked her for not being successful enough. Like I said, these fandoms fight online amongst each other and like a sports team, they all wanna be behind a hot artist. They all wanna say they’re a part of something hot. And the Beyhive are by far the most sick and deranged of them all. I also agree the Beyhive hates women. They’re mostly gay black men who have very little chill. Beyonce is their gay icon and they will fight tooth and nail for her because deep down they see her as the woman they wish they’d been born as. It’s really deep. These stans aren’t fighting for the artist, they’re fighting for themselves.

  10. @ Kanyade, I’m sorry some of your comments keep ending up as spam. Don’t know why, but I always fish them out and approve them ?

  11. Am I the only person that doesn’t think the roll out of Rihanna’s album was a mistake? I think it was purposely done. I bet Beyonce’s roll out goes smoothly. Riri was crazy to hop on the Jay Z train and allow him to control her career now. It was one thing when she was a newbie, but now she’s as big as his wife and you know the Carters can’t have that. They purposely set out to tank Rihanna’s album. Jay Z has signed every light skin female singer over the past decade and they’ve all failed to go anywhere. From Rita Ora to Bridget Kelly, even Shakira, once ROC Nation gets a hold of them, it’s over. The Carters are insidious honey. Onky a fool would let another artist control their career.

  12. Well stated Sista…well stated. Your write up and comment about stans is completely on point.

  13. Beyonce is a artist that just does whatever…She is inconsistent and she steals from other artist. You cant even describe what type of artist she is or what type of song she will do because she will do anything. If she wants to be so pro-black where is she at the soultrain awards? Where is she at the Betawards? She has been missing in action but makes sure she attends the mtv awards…All this stuff that has been going on with black people and she hasnt spoken out about anything. All of a sudden she wants to get in formation! She loves her negro nose? Why cut it off so many times then? You love your afro then take the weave out. Yes, creole women can have blonde hair but you aren’t one of those women who were born with blond hair… Everyone wants to be an idiot and be brainwashed by a person who does not even know who they are. Making sure you know yourself is the most important thing that anybody can do.

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