Beyonce Unveils “Girls” Video

Pop diva Beyonce solidified her return to the music scene by releasing the highly anticipated video for her comeback single “Run the World (Girls)” earlier this evening on American Idol. Not necessarily known for her business acumen, Beyonce changed all that by pulling a strategic move and bypassing debuting her video on VEVO and instead opting to have it air on “Idol,” a move that assured it would be seen by at least 20 million American viewers.

The Francis Lawrence directed clip is almost five minutes long and features stellar choreography, something Beyonce became known for during her Sasha Fierce era. The African dance sequence at the beginning is beautiful to watch and is a reminder the singer tried to bring something new to the table.

Expect to see this routine again at Sunday’s Billboard Awards, where Beyonce is not only set to perform, but will be honored with the newly created Millennium Award.


  1. “Not necessarily known for her business acumen…”

    (Can a Bey-fan help me with what Beyonce’s net worth is? )

    I swear, I wasn’t ever a Beyonce fan, but just seeing how people go after her makes admire her for always giving 100%. Like are underhanded jabs like that even necessary ?

    With that said:

    The video was fine, however the song is still mediocre for me. I liked the first few seconds when she wasn’t singing 🙁

    Sidenote: I couldn’t stand ‘Single Ladies’ because it sounded like a sing along church song. This reminds me of playground girls song !!

  2. I love the video the dancing and outfits were very hot, I was getting a Mortal Kombat vibe lol. And I think she actually did take some stuff out, because I didn’t see some of the things that the people at the listening party were talking about. But overall great vid.

  3. @john- mortal kombat homie?! too much video games lol

  4. Danielle- Beyonce doesn’t even know her net worth lol.
    One thing you have to give to Beyonce she isn’t afraid to take risks with her music. Even though I’m not the biggest fan of this song, it sounds like nothing out right now (not just the beat either) as does alot of her music. Can’t wait for live performances.

  5. Danielle- It is a childhood favorite lol, but I’m talking about the outfits/theme esp. the yellow dress.

  6. Beyoncé really outdid herself AGAIN! Compared to what the current pop stars are bringing to the table, this is a different and new direction. The dancing is INSANE!!!!!!! that opening sequence had me jammin’!!!!

  7. Lady Gaga come get our video back. This is a copy cat video, garbage song, garbage video. This video wa a waste of maney becuase this is not gona do nothing for that lack luster song. Sorry!

  8. The video needs to marinate with the public and radio for at least 24 hours before we can say whether or not it will help the single out. A video usually helps a little and so far it has helped the song jump from #137 on iTunes to #88.

  9. The video was ok, nothing spectacular. The dancing at the beginning was hot, but every thing after that not so much. It’s time for her to reinvent herself. This video and song look like they could have easily come off her I Am… Sasha Fierce.

  10. With a few exceptions of instances here and there I LOVED IT! 😛

    Particularly the dancing in the beginning.

    The still shots, I don’t get. Perhaps there’s an overall narrative that will be explained? Should be explained?

    I expected the fellas to dance and not just ‘guard’ or ‘blockade’. The moves in the beginning sequence were stellar. Again, loved it, loved it, loved it! 🙂

  11. The video sucked are people serious? People are clouded by the coochie popping and dance routine, but the video itself was wack as hell! I don’t get how women are running the world by dancing in front of a bunch of men with shields and vests. It’s just shots of outfits and her looking like she always does. I just can’t get with this chick. The song still sucks, along with the video, but because her stans are as simple-minded as she is, a visual makes them like a song.

  12. Beyonce did more than just coochie pop. She brought different styles to the vid. What other singer is doing that. Beyonce is taking risks this era.

  13. This video gave me what I needed. It’s different and she KILLED the chero. The opening would have been enough for me if she didnt do another single dance but she did and delivered VERY WELL. I also cant wait to see this performed live in full. Overall, I think one of her best videos to date.

  14. ummmmm. for real? this should have been a single ladies followup or something. if she just danced all the way, it would have been waaaaayyy better. lol the video is lame. and you can tell she is trying way to hard to be hard. and edgy and all of that extra stuff. wow. i always rolled my eyes when ppl compared her to Rhianna, but i can see she is biting from i really really think she cares a lot what people think about her….i really do. she is definitely trying to please everyone. i could even see a little bit of (work) and Ciara in here….

    p.s aren’t women feminine? how does runnig the world entail, putting up the finger and fighting and being confrontational, isnt thatacting like men? doesnt that defeat the purpose? any ways…

  15. I am NOT seeing what others are seeing. I thought after watching it that the video was over hyped. That’s all I can think of. I know she was TRYING to bring something different but when doing African dancing, I felt she should have went HARD with it. She looked retarded with some of the moves and with this being a “STRONG anthem” for women (not girls), she should have been stomping it out like, ‘AND WHAT?’ The shots were beautiful and all, and the outfits on point, but the dancing wasn’t it for me at all. =/

  16. Parts of it were epic, parts of it were meh.

    I LOVED the dancing in the beginning and I love that B constantly pushes herself and takes risks in her fashion sense, her music and her dance style. So I really loved that.

    Didn’t need to see her flip the bird. It didn’t fit the video. The scene with the Alexander McQueen-esque shoes was a little too you-know-who for me. The hyena scene was random as hell. For all the “We Run the World girls” call and response I still felt like the ladies were putting on a show for the guys. The guys stood around and watched as the ladies danced their asses off. Call it women empowerment if you want. I call it the same old over-sexualization of women in music videos.

    The song will never have the mass appeal that Single Ladies had. It just lacks the catchiness and simplicity that will make this a commercial hit. That being said, I will always respect Beyonce for going there and taking risks. She’s a BOLD woman and I admire that.

  17. Didn’t need to see her flip the bird. It didn’t fit the video. The scene with the Alexander McQueen-esque shoes was a little too you-know-who for me. The hyena scene was random as hell.

    I agree about ‘the bird’. Don’t have to gesture to let us know she’s awesome and not taking no stuff. I mean, what’s she got to be angry about? She’s a zillionaire and is pelted yearly with awards and accolades LOL

    The stills (gold dress, white dress, hyenas, horse) were random. But I’d like to think (figure out) that there’s a purpose and not randomness in splicing those scenes with the freeway dance sequences.

    Frankly, she could’ve done without those scenes and kept it pure choreo (which was awesome, minus rolling around in the dirt *cough*), because those scenes do nothing for the whole of the video.

    I said I wasn’t gonna comment too much on this vid. 😛 I did enjoy it. It marks the continuation of an era, I think, moreso than a beginning.

  18. Some really nice images and shots…beautiful!…great dancing…the song is just too weak…for such beautiful footage…who knows what will happen…but, she has an album full of songs and this is only one…the “music video” isn’t what it used to be…we have so much media…why branding is huge…Beyonce is a strong brand…she will continue to be one of the top tier artists out today…this single is like Xtina’s single that didn’t resonate…I don’t remember the name…but, she’s back in the spotlight and I’m sure her next cd will sell much better!

    Beyonce just won’t have everything on lock…or as her fans prefer…”shutting it down”…it’s a different season…opening and closing all the award shows, being mostly used for magazine editorial, etc…her star power hasn’t diminished, just changing, evolving as did Janet’s, Madonna, Cher and Diana Ross’…just like the film showgirls, there’s always another girl waiting to grab that number one spot, right now it’s Adele who’s music is selling with and for many like myself without videos…next Gaga (she will be the next queen of pop)…then Beyonce (a new album, film and DC Tour + merchandising)…with Rihanna in and out of the BB Hot 100 (+ her film debut, touring and merchandising, christmas music or greatest hits + bonus tracks)…and the list goes on…AK, Mary J. and someday another musical phenomenon!

    Beyonce fans should stop expecting so much from her and maybe she can better flow and use her undeniable talent!

  19. @Tutu – You are so right! When I saw her put up the middle finger, the cursing (although it was bleeped out), the constant coochie poppin’ gyrating, fists in the air, and her back up dancers looking like $2.00 hookers, I was asking myself, “How was this supposed to be an anthem for girls?” Anthems are supposed to uplift and encourage femininity and respect for yourself. After viewing this video, that was not the vibe that I got from it.

  20. Best part of the video was when Beyonce looked up with her head piece on and stared into the camera. She looked amazing and there was almost a mystery behind her eyes…almost like she knew she was about to f*ck some shit up proper.

  21. There is no one on the horizon to take Beyonce or any other black female’s place CYNTHINIA. Black women have been all but eliminated in the music field thanks to colorism. Besides Beyonce, Rihanna and maybe Alicia Keys, there are no other female artists who can sell records or ticket seats. Just as we lost the black bands, black girl groups and black male singing groups, so too shall the black female singer eventually one day be a thing of the past.

  22. Sorry, but this video is way overhyped. Nothing special at all. Thank God for Adele who doesn’t need visuals, teasers and over hype to sell her music. It is obvious Beyonce is feeling the heat from her competition in the pop world from the other white divas.

    This music video and song will not have the global success of Singles Ladies. But her fans will eat it up and praise it as the best thing since sliced bread.

  23. I liked the video, I don’t think people really understood it. The dancing was dramatic and different loved it. She has hyena on leashes like “you can’t f*ck with me” and the dancing in the beginning as to say “I can keep up with the men to”. I really liked the video great visual, but as usual people come in this post to talk about things other than it.

  24. I really liked the video, everything was so different, and I understood it. Dancing with the men in the beginning as if to say “I can keep up with the men, don’t count me out” and with the hyenas like “u can’t f*&k with me” I enjoyed the visual. But as usual there are people who knew they wouldn’t like the video anyways because it’s Beyonce, and talking about stuff that has nothing to do witht the topic at hand. Can’t wait for the performances.

  25. She looks FAB in the video – *sans the white hair* – Her body is def on point. The clothes were awesome and the song is still annoying as hell and the choreo was dope but she looked mad uncomfortable during most of it. It’s like this I Am Sasha Fierce Part II


  27. i didnt like it, feels like i seen it all before somewhere in the 80’s.

    tina turna mad max and the thunderdome…

    and any other hard rock video in the 80’s looked the same.

    and tupacs going back to CALI

    cute though *yawns* song still wack

  28. Why does Beyonce always manage to make her videos look so CHEAP. How the fuck did Frances Lawrence direct this,
    This video is not about female empowerment its about using your sexuality to get what you want
    This video is such a copy and paste of

    Shakira Waka Waka
    Janat Jacksons Togthere Again and Escapade
    Rihannas Hard, Lady Gagas Alejandro, Madonnas American Life and MJS History Teaser

    Straight up swagger jacked Gagas outlandish style
    Rocking a Queen look, which Jlo just did with On The Floor and come to think of it sampled a well known song only difference OTF is better

    This is a damn mess, I REALLY THOUGHT SHE WAS GONNA BRING IT! with all the teasers and trailer

    And premiring it on American Idol was a huge FAIL, because now the whole of America has seen this

    Damn Rhi Rhi, Gaga got you acting a damn fool

  29. I mean the video is beyonce , ill choreography, nice outfit, great sexual suggestive poses, It’s hot for all intents and purposes , I am till not impressed maybe because it’s beyonce secretly i always hope to be blown away by her to be able to understand the people that act a fool when it comes to her, but as usual I’m presented and expensive smokes and mirror.
    3/5 stars from me.

    ps: “African dancing”? GET THE UCK OUT OF HERE.

  30. For all yall saying her dance moves was nice or she kilt it, make sure you give Janet her props cause that was Janet all the way in the beginning of the video. i would suggest Beyonce get some more help. i think people around her is trying to set her up for failure. I don’t know could it be her dad, Jay-z or the the both of them working together. Her dad mad cause she dropped him and jay-z want some babies so I don’t know what’s good but this video or song isn’t 🙁

  31. “I call it the same old over-sexualization of women in music videos”

    I thought the same thing, We run the world by popping our butts and hips for them to enjoy ? We caress them? Get in between their legs?

    “Beyonce fans should stop expecting so much from her and maybe she can better flow and use her undeniable talent!”

    I can’t stop thinking about that statement, if this was by anyone else but beyonce I’m sure i would have said “GO GIRL” without much thought, but her fans, the invented awards for her, her multiple grammys, i expect THE BEST, and she is not it for me, she is great but not the best.

    @Ranjay : Who is to blame for that ? We as a people started accepting mediocrity and “good looks”, instead of pure raw talent, I love rihanna but she should not be more successful than a jill scott, Beyonce has NOTHING on janelle monae, Not taking anything from anyone but it’s the truth, I was listening to “the way” yesterday and my little sister walks in like who is that ? I thank the lord for Alicia keys to me she is the only one holding down the Rnb and soul sound while remaining relevant.

  32. You can definatley tell her father was no where near her when this mess was made. I could not finish watching this. She needs to atleast keep her dad on as a consultant. Because this aint it. I see why her father and Jay Z where arguing over this mess. Her husband wants to keep her as that teenager he starting dating all those years ago and her father wants her to mature as an artisit.

    She is just way to old to be doing stuff like this. She is starting to be like the other two mega stars that won’t grow up. Jlo and Mariah Carey. There is nothing wrong with becoming a mature adult woman and they all should try it. That was just terrible. The video matched the song and that is why she had all of those teasers to the video to prepare people for this mess.

  33. “I call it the same old over-sexualization of women in music videos”

    I thought the same thing, We run the world by popping our butts and hips for them to enjoy ? We caress them? Get in between their legs?

    “Beyonce fans should stop expecting so much from her and maybe she can better flow and use her undeniable talent!”

  34. Ummmm Shontelle, if you don’t understand the concept of the opening scene where she is dancing with those two guys, then shut the h*ll up! YES AFRICAN DANCING/FOOTWORK,do your research honey or “GET THE F*CK OUT OF HERE.


  35. @Shontelle

    If you don’t understand the concept of the opening scene where she is dancing with those two guys, then what are you talking about “GET THE UCK OUT OF HERE?”

    Yes, it is African dancing and footwork,do your research honey before you disagree with something.


  36. You know we can’t criticize without at least attempting to paint a picture of what we would have done different it’s not fair… So what would y’all (fellow hellno sayer lol) would have done different with the video?

  37. SincerelyJouet
    first blood Ghanaian raised in Ghana visit a total of 20 african countries I WOULD KNOW ABOUT AFRICAN DANCING,Where have you been? what have you seen? Most “African” dances have a message behind it and can only be executed by Distinguished people OF THAT REGION, And the popular dances look nothing like what she just did so why don’t YOU research before coming at me crazy.

  38. Ummm, I could care less where you’re from, doesn’t mean you need to down put what I said. How do you know what nationality I am? I did mention that if she were to do African dancing, then she would need to go hard with it. Did I not say that? You are right, most African dancing does have a message behind it which is why I wasn’t impressed. So who the h*ll are you to say “GET THE UCK OUT OF HERE” if I am disagreeing with how she presents African dancing in her video like she said she was originally???

  39. Shontelle,

    I could care less where you’re from, doesn’t mean you need to down put what I said. How do you know what nationality I am?

    I did mention that if she were to do African dancing, then she would need to go hard with it. Did I not say that? You are right, most African dancing does have a message behind it which is why I wasn’t impressed. So who are you to say ‘get the uck out of here’ if I am disagreeing with how she presents African dancing in her video like she said she would do originally???

    I think you came out my comment crazy ma, so read my original statement again. =/

  40. @jouet
    she is emulating skeeta and mpantsule from east and south Africa , it’s more insulting than anything considering that she uses about 5% of both dances and combines them together as if both cultures are even a tad similar.
    but I guess it is African dancing …

  41. @Jouet
    i was referring to Sista’s comment not yours i did not even read yours, The reason why i got pissed at it was because during “deja vu”, she acted a coon in the sand and people deemed it “African” dancing , it’s like you can act retarded and say it’s “African” and people will eat it up, and it annoys me.

  42. Exactly @Melinda. To me, and maybe it was just me, I just thought she was concentrating to hard to look good and at times look like she was trying to pop lock, while the two gentlemen were moving insync and smoothly. LOL. I didn’t like her “version” of it. That’s all.

  43. But now that i read it, i see we are in agreement, So my apologies for the misunderstanding.

  44. EPIC FAIL TRY AGAIN!!!! Team Rhianna. Bey is starting to look very coked out to me. She is extremely thin and she looks not like her self@ all I been suspecting drugs use for a while. She got the Whitney thing going on when the drugs started to first show on Whitney back in the day. But I will say the dance was fair it seemed like ol school Janet Jackson but she managed. Even though I’m not a fan I feel like the video will help her on the charts. But I think Rhianna is the Baddest in the game bey is so common its the same ole beyonce on stage, video, interviews she has no swag and versatility. She tries though. I want to know WHO WROTE THAT S*** LOL. This would have been a great song for willow smith just my opinion.

  45. Beyonce looked good in the video & I enjoyed the dance steps. But in all honesty I did expect more. The high expectations were due to the over hyped promo that her ppl were putting out i.e. 3-4 video teasers sent to blogs & youtube, the “leaked” info about the video set, the auditions of hundred & hundreds of dancers, & the video release date being pushed back. You would have thought that this video would end all the sickness that plagues the world, the way they were carrying on. And then after ALL of that I finally see the thing & I am like O_o… it looked like many videos I’ve seen before, just that the wardrobe was on point, & the couple of cool dance scenes.

  46. The song still isn’t selling. For all this hype it’s only at 51 on Itunes. I am sure her people are not happy.

  47. Umm no thanks. Its too juvenile for me & Bey’s older than me too.

  48. HEY let’s keep it real, If it was someone else singing this song, we would all be jammin to it and acting a fool without a second thoughts. What will be the downfall of beyonce is those underserved accollades and awards, i mean she can have zero material out and somehow she will win something, It’s like her stans and hollywood see something oh so great in her and we are like what is it? that’s why people rush to see her videos and seem so angry afterward, beyonce is smokes and mirror, plus a nice voice, she is good, just not as good as people want to force us to believe, The video is cheap, she is a married woman she needs to respect herself more than she is doing, but then again that will mean respect her husband, hmmm.
    Anyway i wish her the best , but i think beyonce is cooked, there is no more juice in she is the best she will ever be.

  49. Damn
    This is more than a bonus Bey :-).
    I know I will enjoy this Bey season too.

  50. Awesome video by the very talented beyonce. Cant wait 2 see her get honored on sunday. And can the jealous rihanna stans please sit down somewhere? Rihanna could never in her life do even half what bey does because she dont have bey talent. Bey got beauty, body, and talent. People hate cause she the total package.

  51. I respect/admire Beyonce, she could have easily..very easily, hopped on the electro bandwagon but she was fearless/bold enough not to.



  54. Stans will defend anything this chick does. Some of the dance moves were cool but its just an ok vid. And it wont save that song I’m sorry it was DOA

  55. Earth to Beyawnsay, please push the evolve button at your earliest convenience. That video is a hot gumbo MESS!!!! She’s got collard greens, Spam, Pasta, Melba Toast, Pork Rinds, all kinds of fat back foolishness in that unfocused video. The theme did nothing to connect with the song that allegedly represents empowerment. Rolling around in sand AGAIN, dancing hard like her career is on its last leg, emulating Gaga, featuring a Rihanna Hard flag, and tacky stringy filthy looking caucasion type hair is just not working for Beyawnsay anymore. The video was too all over the place and she looks right stupid in the beginning shaking like she’s in withdrawals or needs a back scratcher. LMMFAOOOOOOOOOOO Yall see how her neck came off her shoulders? Body double is rumored. LMFAOOOOOOO Back to that shaking and seizure like movement, what kind of dance was that? Then the River Dance routine kicked in. LMMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO She can keep this crap and file it away with the flop single. End rant.

  56. #Hard #Rhythm Nation #Bad Romance…it’s nothing new, but I enjoyed the video.

  57. @Keeping It 1000 – I thought I was the only one who felt that Beyonce may be using drugs. People can curse me out and call me all kinds of names if they want to. But, let me tell you something, when you’ve been around co-workers, friends or family members that have used drugs, you know that look! Not only does it show in her face, but it shows in her demeanor at times too. Have you noticed how Beyonce acts “spacey” at time? As far as I can tell, she wasn’t always like that. Mark my words, the girl is using something.

  58. I like the song now! before it was a mess listening to it but after seeing this video and B stepping at the beginning I have now watched it five times and will continue too. Nice video and it’s a grower. If everyone liked it than something would be wrong with it so this is good..

  59. not bad is i say so myself, and i dont really listen to her.

  60. Ok, you don’t have to like the woman but..using drugs??? Come on. I’m not saying she is or isn’t because WE don’t know. But to insinuate that is despicable, and shows your hate for a ‘sista’ who’s done nothing personal to you.

  61. &john,like you said no one knows,why do they have to be all of that?beyonce is not above using drugs ,Her demeanor is weird to me but I don’t care enough to figure it out but they have their opinions,quit with the poor beyonce song it is annoying.

  62. @John – I never said that I didn’t like her. I also never said that I hated her. Those were your words, not mine. For you to respond the way you did to my comment clearly shows that “you” were the one taking it personally. I was just merely stating my own “personal” opinion about the drugs, because I’ve unfortunately been around people who have had that “look”, and it stemmed from drug use. So, I can recognize it right away. Why is it so impossible for you to believe that Beyonce may possibly do drugs? Many people have been saying for years that Whitney Houston looked and acted as if she was on drugs. Alot of people didn’t want to believe it. Next thing you know, the truth came out. These singers are not invincible, flawless or perfect. My opinion was not given to attack Beyonce’s character. It was given purely from an observational standpoint.

  63. People think their opinions are facts these days. I never said “it’s impossible to believe she was on drugs” we don’t know, and since we don’t know, why even state something like that though? That’s all I’m saying.

  64. @John – I “stated” it because it was again, my own “personal” opinion. My comment was about how “I” and nobody else mind you, feels about Beyonce. You can school me on what not to say about Beyonce, yet for someone who doesn’t know me from Adam, you can take the time to accuse me of not “liking the girl”, going so far as calling my viewpoint “despicable” and also accusing me of “hating” her. You can say all of those things about me while not knowing me, but I can’t say “anything” of my own about Beyonce because as you put it, “we don’t know”? Well, come to think of it, you don’t know me either. But, it didn’t stop you from forming an opinion about me. And, correct me if I’m wrong, but last I check, your name on this thread is, “John”, not “Beyonce”. So, there’s no need to take what I say personally, seeing as how my comment wasn’t even directed towards you.

  65. @John you are not respecting people’s opinions. You are trying to say you never said it was impossible, but you also don’t seem to want to think it could be possible. So you cop out with if we don’t know when even state something like that though?

    Question if it were another celeb male or female would that be your position as well?

    I don’t know what it is Beyawnsay has done to make her fans/stans to think she’s perfect but she has shown many times that she is not. She is not the best at anything, she has flaws and is subject to criticism like other artists.

    If they think she’s using they explain why. It’s just not put out there by them that she’s a crack head, they explained why from experience/observations.

    Yet her stans will break another artist down bit by bit when they fail, flop, etc. But don’t let people pour on the criticism about Beyawnsay. LOL, I wonder if they would defend themselves, family in the same manner. LOL

  66. @ shawn101 I agree her demeanor has changed and she looks like a druggie now. NO she did not use to look that way. Its all gone come out it always does. But her stans will debate you to death if you allow them. When they come for me I just keep real and tell them to go troll somebody else child. Because IT IS WHAT IT IS!!!!!!. That Rhianna rain want let up lol she is getting older now Rhianna is still very young. She is admired highly by bey husband, fashion icon,n all the above. I know her stans hate to admit it but Rhianna has really took a lot of Beys shine when her n Jay done umbrella it was OVER!!! For as her new joint run the world this is just not working for her@ all. I wanna know who WROTE THAT S*** 4 real lol

  67. SHAWN101- You’re darn right that is your opinion. Gotta respect it.

    ROCKON- You’re not even worth replying to..hypocrite.

  68. Why drugs really? LOL @ some people thinking! LOVE IT!

  69. drug additced transy..thats what this video leaves me thinking of…smh…oh how far the great has fallen…

  70. @John you can only respond if you truly have a factual rebuttal which you do not!

    The video is horrible and the song is juvenile garbage and if people thinks she looks like Courtney Love DEAL WITH IT!!!!

  71. No I’m not responding to YOU, because you’re just a delusional, and hypocritical Rihanna fan/stan. You’re always so quick to jump in a post with Beyonce’s name on it (someone you don’t like). Thats’s why I didn’t want to respond to you.

    SN: Am I the only one who see’s several “new” names pop up everyday?..Interesting.

  72. im not new!!!…lol very old poster that tends to forget about this site. i can count on a beyonce post for a good laugh.

    but i love this blog for REAL post like on makeup, fashion, sisterhood and relationships…

    its the commenter that at times make it tacky…

    i may rarely comment but im always lurking and laughing

  73. LIVERPOOL- I wasn’t talking about you personally. And if it’s not you then no need to be defensive 🙂 .

  74. The video is okay. I love Beyonce the performer… her music? Not so much. It really doesnt matter because her live performances will be what keeps her above the rest.

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