Beyonce Unveils H&M Video


Beyonce’s first commercial for H&M’s summer collection has just been unveiled. The video features a new single by Beyonce titled ‘Standing on the Sun’ and will no doubt be compared to the singer’s previous campaign for Pepsi. Both feature Beyonce dancing and both feature new singles. However, the Pepsi campaign is light years above this one. Not only is ‘Grown Woman’ a better single, but the overall concept for the Pepsi commercial was better as well.

But don’t take my word for it, peep the commercial below and judge for yourself.

… and speaking of ‘Grown Woman,’ Beyonce performed the single for the first time on tour earlier this week. Check out the fan uploaded video below.


  1. She has done it again!! The weather the looks amazing!! This song Standing on The Sun is the biz, it screams summer jam so ready for a release!!Remind you this is a commercial let the hate on a 1.31 seconds begin!!

  2. I thought the commercial was nice. The Pepsi commercial was better though. I also like the black hair on Beyonce;it helps to bring out her features more.

  3. I luv the black hair on Beyonce as well.. The song is a bit catchy I can’t stop watching the clip.. TY for posting it up

  4. same tired i wanna be white woman.i think im tyra banks jr..booty tooting..nonsense..NEXT!!!

  5. i like both commercials. i like the summer beach feel. i love to see the brownsistas doing it for themselves.

  6. Very nice. I like both songs also. Also, I really like the darker hair on her as well. Looks good.

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