Beyonce Unveils More “4” Videos

Beyonce has unveiled two new video performances from her upcoming “Live at Roseland: Elements of 4” DVD. The first is of her single “End of Time,” which debuted earlier this evening via BET’s 106 & Park.

The next is a performance of “I Was Here,” which features backstage and personal footage from the singer’s life- including a glimpse of her on her wedding day and her gown (3:37 mark).

Check it out below.


  1. the video werecool, i love “end of time” great workout video, the emotional blackmail she is playing is not working on me, her personal life is hers to keep as far as i am concerned, i was here was cool, i’m sorry to say but it sounds like a funeral song to me , makes me sad.

  2. “I Was Here” is a beautiful song with a beautiful video. Like I pictured it to be.

    @ROCKON- But ur STILL checkin up on her?!?? Doesn’t seem like a nobody to me..but on the other hand you do.

  3. @The other lol- yes the wedding dress is awesome- I’m pleasantly surprised at how nice/classy it is! Not trying to be snarky, but I seriously would have expected something flashy and deepcut.

    @John- I don’t even bother any more.Clearly if people can be as disdainful as they are, they have all mortgages/student loans paid and all their lives in order.

  4. LOVE this woman! Doing ALL this while w/child. That “I was here” is SO touching, I liked all the different clips included showing her remarkable journey over her career. And that EOT performance was EVERYTHING, she was going OFF! Cant wait to get my DVD next week and on the 29th. Money DEF worth spending for a TRUE show! That wedding dress was FAB, she looked so young and cute, blushing and all. She LOVES her hubby 🙂

  5. So end of times didn’t deserve a video, does beyonce knows she could have her baby and then shoot proper videos, her fans won’t mind… Oh well nice songs but “4” … I’m still on the fence.

  6. Nice videos, but I think lots of the footage shown, we’ve seen in the other dvd’s as well. I Was Here makes me sad but End of Time is my jam!

  7. I love ” I Was Here”‘s video and “End of Time” has some awesome dance moves.

  8. Wow, I thought I would never see the day when Beyonce Knowles would become so desperate to stay relevant. First the over the top pregnancy announcement to the daily staged photos of her walking thru the streets of NYC and now releasing photos of her wedding dress 3 1/2 years later when nobody really cares.

    Why can’t she just bow out of the spotlight for a while and comeback three or five years later as a reinvented artist.

  9. She don’t have to try because she has real talent something these others artists don’t fully have.. So Beyonce will always be relevant sorri to disappoint you next

  10. @IN LUV- Exactly!

    She’s preggo and happy and thats all that matters. There’s no expiry date on talent and that is a fact.

  11. She is desperate. She has released what, six or seven songs off her latest CD four months and none have cracked the top ten. Yet Adele has released, two songs off her CD, both went to #1 and her CD is the top seller of the year. …yep, Beyonce is desperate because her CD underperformed. What better way to take the attention away from her underperforming CD than to annouce a fake, I mean pregnancy and now show pictures of your 3 1/2 year business arrangement, I mean wedding.

  12. “She has released what, six or seven songs off her latest CD in four months and none have cracked the top ten”

  13. Love the videos! I don’t know why these haters are so desperate to see Beyonce’s downfall. LOL. Sure this is her most successful era, but that’s okay. In an era where five number one hits only gets you close to two million scanned, Beyonce made R and B music and went against the grain and without any top ten hits managed to go platinum. She is still relevant and Party is the number one Urban song in America. Don’t get your hopes to high haters, the baby is just a bump. Bee will get back to business and you all will just have to wring out your towels.

  14. i love the i was here video, i just love to see her going through the timeline because as she mentioned before in an interview, she never though she would even get this far, so it is indeed a blessing for her and the fans alike. great video

  15. I loved the “I Was Here” video. It just certifies why I am a huge Beyonce fan. It’s a beautiful song and I love how she always gives us just a little bit of private self. Just for the fans. Beautiful, great job.

  16. Along with her new album, Beyonce has presented her fans to a new alter-ego named Sasha Fierce. The singer affirms that this new persona is the fun, more sexual and more aggressive side of her. This is however the “general public” version of the story. The esoteric meaning revealed by the symbols surrounding this new persona is much deeper: Sasha Fierce is a symbolic representation of an artist taken over by evil to obtain success.

    “I have someone else that takes over when it’s time for me to work and when I’m on stage, this alter ego that I’ve created that kind of protects me and who I really am”.

  17. Go away and have your baby I have been tired of Bey for a while and so have a lot of others. I am glad that 4 is done or is it? because it seem like she keep coming out with more videos pertaining to the 4 album. I am happy she will have a new passion (mother hood) take some time off and reinevent yourself come back with some fresh new joints. In my personal opinion she has not really had hot music since B day. That is when she was doing her best work to me the 1st 2 albums after that its been mediocore to me. I would love to see a new Bey with new hair do and the whole 9 her whole image has been the same for her whole solo career its time for a new tune and new style. AFTER bonding and taking time with her child since she definetely has the money and means to do so. I thik this chld will be good for her and Jay on so many ways. But yeah its time for her to pull a magick trick and disappear from the stage life but we will see what happens.

  18. Yeah, I wish she would wait to get her baby, and then work on promoting more songs, unless she plan on releasing another album after she gets the baby… Idk I like end of times , but beyonce is played out to me, at least the way she is handling “4” wasted potential…

  19. Im SORRY the Songs are so wack it cancels her looks, talent, and the SHOW period!! AND I wish they would KEEP her OUT the rnb and soul category, she is a POP-her own crap music for gay men!!!

  20. If the songs so wack y u checking up on beyonce… N this album is rnb soul .. She dont got to prove to u.n no one else.. She here to stay.. So get use to it n its more than jus gay male who listen to her music dummies.. If u watch the videos u could cleary see that. Lol ignorant ppl have nothin to do but be haters..

  21. UM nobody really has 2 check for her because she does a good job of forcing crappy music to the masses whether its radio or tv but that the obvious rite what wrong is being called a hater from children who probably just dont get it, so i’ll give u a pass but remember me when u grow up and say to urself dam i actually used to like that garbage! Bawahaa….which is the exact reason this so called history being left behind will be beyond less than iconic! #dueces!!!

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