Beyonce Unveils New Single

For the second week in a row Beyonce has chosen to turn to American Idol to unveil her latest musical offering. Last week it was to debut the video for her single “Run the World (Girls)” and this week it was to give her first live and televised performance of “1+1,” the second single off of her upcoming album “4.”

Reportedly written by The Dream and with a decidedly R & B feel, “1+1” is as different from “Run the World (Girls)” as one can get. Reminiscent of the power ballads from the 1980s, the song finds Beyonce begging to just be made love to. If “Run the World” was for the ladies, then “1+1” is without a doubt for the lovers.

The single has already been made available for download and probably not a moment too soon. As great as many people think the “Run the World (Girls)” video and performances have been, it has not been enough to catapult the song back into the iTunes top 10. After peaking at #12 earlier this week the song has once again started to lose steam and now sits at #18.

On a high note, the “4” album is officially available for pre-order and doing so will reportedly get you the new single for free.

Check out Beyonce’s performance of “1+1” on American Idol below. You can also view the cover art for the single and a new promo shot above (click to enlarge).


  1. wow…this gave me chills.
    i have to say, this is who i think Beyonce really is. i think since DIL. she has just been faking. thats maybe why some people couldn’t get with her like that. but this song too beautiful…

  2. I wouldn’t give a damn if no radio in the world played this and it was number 936 on Itunes/Billboard this is a standout love song. So beautiful the lyrics, her emotion, tone, grittiness is just so vulnerable. Can’t stop playing it.

    And she’s it seems as if she’s not “afraid” anymore to release what she wants. Great risk and brave move Beyonce no MAINSTREAM artist is doing music like this right now…none.(yes I copy and pasted MY comments)

    TUTU- I totally agree with you as my statement above shows.

    And the performance was beautiful, passionate, this is the superstar.

  3. Amazing… It has a Prince vibe to it. I love it and her performance was superb. I’m glad she is taking risks.

  4. @Sista

    Here is the Tracklist for “4”

    1. 1+1
    2. I Care
    3. I Miss You
    4. Best Thing I Never Had
    5. Party (featuring Andre 3000)
    6. Rather Die Young
    7. Start Over
    8. Love On Top
    9. Countdown
    10. End of Time
    11. I Was Here
    12. Run the World (Girls)

  5. This song is just sooo beautiful *tears*

    I could smack her so gotdamn hard right now for releasing that RTW shyt. Bey I love you, but sometimes u really do some dumb shyt.

  6. I would have come back with Till the End of Time. But like Gaga she may release 10,000 songs to Itunes before the album comes out.

  7. LOL- No, need for that. I am aware that much of this info is readily available online. Many ppl know it before they even get here. They just come here to talk about it 🙂

  8. i was hoping that she would release Till The End of Time, that song is just all kinds of awesome. This song is okay for me, Ive heard songs like it before…doesnt really stand out all that much. Best of luck to Beyonce though.

  9. I was hoping for End of time…. I like this song, it’s classic Beyonce. But it also classic America, maybe End of time will be the single for europe…

  10. I love DIL so much,I can never forgive beyonce for sacrificing that crooning ebb soulful tone of hers to the detriment if pop garbages it earned her “stans” but the real fans I believe felt slapped and now she wants to win us back ,I don’t trust this blond haired hussy passing for the real beyonce ,this song is gorgeous shame on her for nit releasing it first.

  11. Damn ipad!!!!!!!!!!
    Crooning and soulful
    Of pop garbage
    not releasing

  12. LOL @ “blonde haired hussy” hahaha!
    I see what you’re saying though Melinda. After years of Upgrade U like tracks, I forgot that Bey started off as a powerhouse R&B singer.

    I am so in love with this track. I’ve totally ditched Til the End of Time and wore this sucka out. Stunning.

  13. Am I the only person that thinks bey isn’t worrying about getting a number one single?? she’s doing what she wants, I feel like this album is gonna be her most personal…she’s already established herself has a entertainer, number one singles aren’t important I think she’s just doing music, not because of what hot right now, not what her label wants she’s doing. What she wants and I love that…nobody is doing what she’s doing what she’s doing right now. I looove this song I like till the end of time but this one just took its number one spot lol

  14. @Mesa if she weren’t struggling for a #1 single/album she wouldn’t be on high profile shows, and Idol back to back. Stop making excuses and downplaying the lackluster singles and redundant performances. She is off her game, lacks direction, and falling embarrassingly short of proving this “new genre” of music. The competition is real for her now and her lyrics can’t compete.

    **I didn’t listen to this single, don’t need, too to know that she has no direction at the peak of her career**

  15. Um, am I the only one who thinks that she sings this song very beautifully and her voice is just amazingly stronger than it used to be back in the day BUT the song is ok? like, it’s good….but I don’t know, I don’t think it’s as good as what everyone else is saying but I DO believe that it’s a million times better than Girls and I agree with whomever said that it does have a Prince vibe which I like and I DO believe this song is representing Beyonce in her truest element which I commend and like. However, it didn’t give me chills by any means nor am I playing it on repeat ’cause I don’t think it was THAT good, but I’m happy she’s making music that’s moving people. I definitely like that. I think it’s a single her fans can respect and stand behind and I wish her well, but I personally will not be supporting the album. Glad she’s taking risks…shows she’s confindent in whom she is and the fact she didn’t mind cuss-singing and talking about making love on national TV in the middle of white-pop AMerica shows she’s REALLy bold. Good for her.

  16. This song is ok. It’s lacking SOUL! With all the over singing I should be able to FEEL the emotions in the song. It’s simply not there.

  17. Well I happen to LOVE this song and how she’s singing it. She’s singing it w/much conviction and passion and I love that. And it sounds as if she’s singing it directly to her husband and I also feel she’s doing what SHE wants to do and good for her…..

  18. Man I just wish some of my other favorite artists had the same opportunities to sell their work. Beyonce efforts are almost brainwashing if I did not know any better

  19. Why couldn’t you deliver this after DIL? Why couldn’t stay that soulful? I think I’m definitely buying the album this time, first beyonce album in 7 years … I love end of times so much it’s on replay, and 1+1 is about to be too, If beyonce’s album doesn’t sell well, than she just need to understand that she has a bunch of phoney followers who only like her when she’s objectifying “dumbing” herself down, and screw them, you can’t hide this kind of voice behind poppy rhymes!

  20. I do believe Beyonce is going the Gaga route of promotion. This is just a promo single ala “Hair” so sources have said. An official second single will be released before the album drops, and my guess is that it will be fan favorite “End of Time.” And it’s more than obvious Beyonce isn’t chasing “hits” this time around. Her music sounds like NOTHING on the radio, and she’s doesn’t need to. She’s no longer an ‘IT’ girl. She’s a well-established artist trying to take her craft to the next level, and no amount “hits” will get her there if the music isn’t good and can’t stand the test of time. Beyonce needs to be making timeless music not catchy pop tunes that people only remember for 2 seconds and then quickly move on to the next. Her songs this era (minus RTW) show that she seems to be moving in the right direction. At the end of the day, quality > quantity. Always. Can’t wait to hear the rest of “4”!

  21. I LOVE this song. It’s so raw. I agree with @John I wouldn’t care if this didn’t even make the charts this song is beautifully done and something I’LL be listening to for years. And I don’t think Beyonce really cares about “hits” either this time around.

  22. Hey quit being fake, talking about she is not chasing hits you only saying thaT because she hasn’t charted so far, if she had we wouldn’t hear the end of it, as far as i am concerned she should have never chased hits to begin with, Her voice alone is more than enough to carry her through the industry successfully it’s unfortunate that she wanted to be a sex kitten, her own fans are talking about she is slipping and blah and the nay sayers are the one defending her, i’ll buy the album too, go new beyonce at her age and with her experience she should def respect herself enough not to play the half naked game.

  23. I love the acoustic guitars, she should make a video WITH jay z screw all these male models let your husband shine babey, i would love to here her sing “California king bed” with rihanna, melting the harmonies, no one trying to outscream the other, it would be so beautiful.

  24. YASMINE- Since I was one of the people who said I don’t think she is, I wanna tell you that I think it’s disrespectful to basically call me a liar. To be honest I don’t know if this will be a “hit” or not but I fell like it will stand the test of time. And I honestly don’t care if it doesn’t chart at all because I love it just that much.

  25. It’s a pretty song but she tries to over sing to much. And MY GAWD will Bey give up the dam wind machine already!

  26. This is a nice song. I like the album version better.

  27. @ YEA I SAID IT The wind machine is her signature and everyone loves but your hating self. Anyway I love that song. So soulful, so passionate and just beautiful. I want that album.

  28. @Yasmine..She isn’t chasing after a hit with this one cuz its not an official single. It’s not meant for radio, its a promo single for folks to pre-order the album.

    It’s too early for me to say whether she’s chasing a hit or being self-indulgent. Cuz RTW certainly is self-indulgent crap to me. But either way Beyonce is damned if she does, damned if she don’t.

    Beyonce can never get it right for some folks. Her voice is so beautiful on this track …but AS SOON AS I heard it I already knew folks were gonna come with the same tired comments about her lacking soul, over-singing, yadda, yadda. Eh…whatever

  29. A song charting or not has never been a determiner for me. Its nice to know, I suppose, but if I love the song(s) I’m buying the album regardless.

    Its nice to see her return to “soulful” ballads. I think I might need to hear the studio version of this. She sang with passion but oversung a bit. Maybe coz she’s singing live? Or trying to sing over the spinning fans (and ‘fans’)? 😉

  30. FYI: i know alot of black women who can sing sing like this. its common in the black community..

  31. I luv the song……. Its how im feeling rite now..

  32. Here is the new my lil phoney..she can sing and shake her horseytail @ the same time! Wow mommy I want one!


  34. ^^^ok ROCKON we understand you don’t like her…time to move on.

  35. I’m not surprised. When a celeb goes on a TV show, their agenda is 99.9% self-promotion. Even Oprah said that her favorite guests are real-life people cause she knows celebs are only on her show to promote something. Even when she went to Oprah’s finale, she was there to promote her single, not so much to honor Oprah.

  36. Once again…this song is meant SOLELY for promo. Her SECOND single will be released this week. 1+1 was simply to assure buyers where she’s going with this album …especially after the so-so response to RTW (Girls)

  37. The song is hotttttttttttt. Bey’s voice/singing on this, just makes me want to stay in the bed with my husband non stop. She did yhe damm thing, she sangggggggggggg this song.

  38. boring song. I like Me myself & I and Speechless type songs.

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