Beyonce Vacation Pics + News

Beyonce was spotted in Hawaii recently vacationing with hubby Jay-Z and nephew Jules. The singer was photographed covered in sand from the neck down and word is it is an exfoliating method she picked up from the beautiful brown skin sistas of Brazil when she was there earlier this year shooting a video with Alicia Keys.

And here is a bit of news that right now I will classify as rumor. Several Nigerian websites are reporting that Beyonce was paid 2 million dollars to perform at the wedding of Bella Adenuga, the daughter of a Nigerian billionaire (CEO of Globacom). The ceremony is said to be a three day affair with the wedding taking place tomorrow, April 24th.


  1. There are more pics on other sites, and Julez and everyone buried her in the sand.
    It was really cute.

  2. @Kendall, yeah, they are cute.
    I see someone is enjoying not having to watch what they eat. LOL. I love you, Bey! Exfoliating huh? When I take my nieces and nephew to the beach this weekend, I might let them bury me like they’re always begging to do. LOL

  3. This is great to see the Knowles/Carters enjoying themselves. They were both great at Coachella. Beautiful thing to see true black love thriving and prevailing.

  4. When these pics first came out these were the only two. Since then more have surfaced to explain why she looked like that. But earlier her stupid fans on her fan sites made up that dumb story and went around all online posting that carp. I swear they are psycho and will say anything to explain away anything odd about her.

  5. @ Dana, why would you even be on her fan site??? Just a question. Its weird to me when people who are not fans of her go to her fan-sites and message boards.

  6. I am not a fan of her Body, However it is good to see her out and about enjoying herself πŸ™‚
    As for the Nigerian thing, I will not be surprised if it is true, Contrary to popular belief, Africans have money and tons of it, Get a passport and Travel πŸ™‚

  7. I wasn’t on her fansite JZZMINE, I was on another blog, several blogs as a matter (Essence, Toyas Worl, TGJ) of fact and saw them leaving that same stupid excuse everywhere. Beyonce fans are mobilized like Obama supporters. They send out emails and post on blogs to get across whatever message they want to convey about Beyonce.

    Surely you know that.

  8. LOL, I read that exfoliation ish on Essence this morning myself. Common sense told me the girl had been buried in the sand. But because people were going at her hard and saying she looked like a pale, fat old lady, her fans came up with something and even claimed she talked about the procedure in some interview.

    Btw, even though the pics aren’t posted here I saw some with Jay and Jules. Jay is so attentive to that little boy. He treats him like a son and Beyonce truly is a great aunt. You can tell they are a close knit family.

  9. It seems as if she’s happy and having a great time and that’s great enjoying her time off. And if the rumor is true, I ain’t mad at her get that paper.

  10. Oh yea and you can definently tell she’s having a good ol time eatin whatever she wants lol.

  11. People are really arguing whether Beyonce was buried in the sand or was exfoliating? Are people serious? This is such a nonsensical top;c to debate about. Sometimes I wonder how old are Beyonce fans.

  12. i feel so sorry for her, people will say anything. I dont think fam is worth all the mess she go through. She cant even take a vaction in piece, let alone dig in her nose, lol

  13. I want Beyonce to work with Terence Trent D’Arby/Sananda Matreiya on her next record. Listening to his works now and the man was sooooo ahead of his time. Unrelated to the topic at hand which is what exactly? LOL So yeah, somebody get this message to Bey’s people. Collaboration w/ TTD would be sick.

  14. Actually she was covered in sand because she let her nephew bury her in the sand just good ol family fun that is all! I heart BEY!

  15. I love to see people enjoying their lives and having fun. That’s what life is all about, living, loving and enjoying this great world that God has blessed us to enjoy. love to see black people doing fun things because we get enough negativity about black love, so this is refreshing.

  16. I was just on SR and i saw some other pictures, Beyonce is getting Fat, she looks GOOD and i personally love that look, she look healthier than that make believe extra small waist and “Big hips and butt” However I hope she loses all that weight before her next album, she knows how her “Fans ” are…

  17. @YOKESSM, I’m best friends with someone whose father is the head of a Nigerian corporate entity. I don’t agree with what you said about Africans “having money”. While there are some that do (usually those who have their own corporations), those that work for others and claim to have money in Africa come to the US to find out that there, they are merely “middle-class”. Also, those “with money” represent an extremely small population segment.

    Also, Americans are not the only ones in the dark about others. I’ve found that Africans are more often than not in the dark about the diaspora – even when it comes to events that happened on their own soil (slavery). Would it be fair for me to tell them to get a book and read/get a passport and travel? Because I’d surely be justified.

    And by the way, hubby is congolese and family is nigerian. Just in case.

  18. Naija: I am Senegalese Born, and raised, My Husband is Ivorian born and raised,we spend every single vacation in Either Ivory coast or Senegal, We’ve been To Lagos and To Accra, Now that we both gave our back round Check what? If you giving me your heritage story was any indication of your knowledge on the continent, I think I have the upper hand.

    It was not my intentions to make it seems like The continent of Africa is straight ballin out of control, The reason why i posted that comment was because people act like Africa is a jungle where we have to cohabit with wild animals, They Think we don’t have squat to eat and that what they consider normal here is a luxury there, and all of those stereotypes are wrong!

    Do i blame them? Not really they don’t travel , and all they see is what on TV,How can they affirm or deny anything if they don’t know the whole story? But every time i encounter some dumb questions, I have to explain myself to people, so my comment was a sort of preemptive strike πŸ™‚

    Now You claim to know so much about the whole continent, which shock me that you would so Harshly “disagree” with me ,Idk what type of rich African people you encounter but the ones i know my family included have serious money even when they come here, and even if i was to consider the “middle class” comment, Most American are not even middle class, They’re poor, so what was your point?

    I’m Not trying to Insult anybody I love America and Americans to death, I just have a thing against ignorance , and i had the feeling that some of the beyonce fans (That were saying on other blogs that the rumor was false because Africans never saw as much as a million in their lives ) were going to bring that sheyt here so i struck first

    and when you say Africans are in the dark about what happened in their own soil (Slavery) that already lets me know that You haven’t study there, or learned much about any country, So at this point the discussion is closed πŸ™‚

    ps: Take a look at Africans students in The united states , and all across the world, Trust me We read, and travel a whole LOT, and almost everyone has a passport back home,but i guess you knew that already since you are Nigerian…Right?

    Sue me πŸ™‚


  19. @Yokessm, I don’t claim to know about the entire continent of Africa (obviously not), but I do know plenty about the economic situation due to my profession. I’d argue that I know more than most in this regard because it’s what I do (on an international policy level).

    In addition, yes, the majority do come to the US to find that they are merely middle-class.

    You needn’t “love America”, at least that’s not what I’m asking at all (that would be absurd). I’m simply stating that these stereotypes about Americans “not traveling” and “not knowing” about others are consistent throughout the continent. In my country of residence, as well as the last two we lived/worked in, we found that our African brethren were equally as clueless as to the state of others throughout the diaspora, if not more so.

    I find that we act very hypocritically toward others, telling them to get a clue when we ourselves don’t have one (as a collective). We ALL need to learn about each other because listening to a Beyonce record and tossing about slang doesn’t make us experts on African-Americans or their culture. It’s not even their culture…it’s pop culture.

    I’ve found that the ignorance is all around, and before I tell them to get a passport and a clue, I’d rather fix the problem at home and encourage fellow naija to do the same.

  20. @ Yokessm, also, I just noticed your statement about my study. As I already mentioned to you, I’m from Nigeria (Lagos), born and raised, and studied on soil and later at Oxford. ASSumptions tend to make asses out of those who assume.

  21. Well the Africans that I encounter on a day to day basis about their utility bills…don’t have a damn thing!!! Expect Americans to bowed if you are in their country. For example the ones that move to america and do not know what it is like to have cold weather. So of course as soon as it get cold they have the heat up to…hell do not get me started! I know this is off the subject but I work for a utility company AFRICANS are our worst customers..the very worst!! I do not understand how the hell you come here and complain a about a light or gas bill when there is only one lightbulb in your whole damn village…LOL

  22. @Naija:
    I misunderstood your post Completely For that i apologize, You are talking about something completely different than i am,i have zero Nigerian in me, i don’t know what you know:) however myshel is THE exact reason for my first comment.

  23. YOKESSM- This is off topic and a whole different post(the marriage one) but since you’ll probably never look at that particular post again, what did you mean when you were commenting me and you said “look who’s talking about God”.

  24. Miz B Hey sister: Don’t even Entertain this Myshell person, She wants to talk about how many light bulls there is in one’s village yet she couldn’t pin point her own if paid to do it abi? Tchrr
    Bella is Beautiful!!!!!!!!


  25. Is Bey having a Wardrobe Malfunction in that pic?

    I hope not…

  26. Yea it is a wardrobe malfunction, I think it’s quite funny and slick of SISTA to change out the pics.

    YOKESSM- Oook…nevermind.

  27. LMAO@”Most American are not even middle class, They’re poor, so what was your point?” Where the heck did you get that tidbit of info? SMMFH

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