Beyonce Videos Dominating You Tube

DivaAccording to the Associated Press, Beyonce is the unofficial Queen of You Tube, easily besting artists like Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears and Rihanna for most views. Leading the pack is the video for Beyonce’s single “If I Were A Boy”, which so far has been viewed over 34 million times. Next up is the video for “Single Ladies”, which has been viewed a total of 22 million times. The singer’s record label is hoping to have the same success with Beyonce’s most recent videos, Halo and Diva. Though originally released exclusively to iTunes, both videos have now officially been added to You Tube- and are building up views slowly.

Diva in particular is leading the pack- amassing 1 million views. While Halo has been seen 700,000 times. Diva is also quickly moving up the charts, comfortably resting inside the top 50 on the Hip Hop R n’ B charts.



  1. good job bey…of course i contributed to some of those views, where my money at matthew?

  2. Great for her, now all she have to be is the queen of myspace and she’ ll be fulfilled , it’ s not against you Stephy (Happy new year girl) but it’ s funny how those stuff are irrelevants when it comes to other artists yet matter so much to her, I would prefer halo climbing up the charts, by diva being a success we all know r&b is dead

  3. Well, she HAS been killing the charts thus far@Voice and selling pretty good. Bey is doing fine. Great for her.

  4. halo is not even r&b and both songs have not yet been officially released to radio. diva is the new upgrade u to urban radio. pop is eating up single ladies and i for one hope they milk it dry til they pick up halo cause that’s who the song is being served to and if it becomes a hit there, it may cross over to urban radio.

    anyway, i’m not even surprised she’s the queen of youtube. those millions of views are not coming from just fans/stans, they’re coming from those who claim she’s overexposed and they are so sick and tired of her…….LOL.

  5. Besides, halo is more commerical(believe it or not) so since SL is getting more Pop Airplay, it is going to take a minute for halo to do its thing on the charts. I had want they had waited to put Halo and made a video for something like Ave maria which would not take the attention of Diva and THEN put out Halo. I changed my mind after seeing the video for halo but still, I think they would have been better pressed to wait until SL started going down which it won’t for a good while.

  6. I am convinced this chick has bloggers and reporters on her payroll …

  7. Wohoo, I think Diva is going to kill the charts anyway and maybe even crossover. I know it shocks some “detractors” but the radio stations love them some Sasha. LOL. It is what it is and even Beyonce fans need to accept it for now. Halo will get its shine soon, maybe in a month or two. For now let’s enjoy the fact that Sasha is doing her thing for Bey on the charts.

  8. actually this post is super false. Beyawnce is like number 3 or 4 on the youtube most watched vidoes list. STANS are dilusional

    miley Cirus, Rihanna, and Leona has her beat on youtube…

    do some research

  9. You would be dominating too if you released four new music videos at the same time within weeks of one another and your company is over marketing everything you do. You don’t have to be Einstein to figure that one out.

  10. It’s common knowledge that she’s jakked alot of video ideas/songs/poses from other artists & dares to put her name on them because she changes a word or dance move. So IMO they may be #1 watched but hardly original.

  11. Thank you, Stephanie. I knew you were going to prove what you posted. GM to you, BTW.

  12. @ stephanies links (not stephanie herself):

    all links lead to personal articles written. not numbers or facts. the most intelligent thing to do is go to youtube and compare avrils “girlfriend” 100 mill to beyonces 34mil…

    thats all im saying….i love me some facts

  13. theladiehuntress, your article was written in September of 2008 but Beyonce’s videos didn’t come out until October 2008. Your facts are old- mine are up to date. Your article is also listing the most viewed videos of all time, while my article is only talking about videos of 2008.

    Thanks for sharing though 🙂

  14. @ voice. I agree, I remember when some of us fan of Letoya–were happy about how she ruled 106 & park #1 spot for weeks on end, with her debut ‘torn.” the bey stans, went nuts laughing, ain’t nobody care about no 106 and park countdown! now you know darn well, if beyonce had lasted that long on the charts, no one would have boo hooed 106. As you say, things that are considered insignificant accomplishments for other artists, are over blown with beyonce.

  15. uhmmm dont see your point..when your god that you worship gets over 100mill then she will dominate…

    retract the she dont even know you lol

    sigh…i remember why i stopped blogging now…have a good day people…

  16. It is 2009 and Barack Obama is about to make World history with one of the most talked about and visited Presidential inaugurations that will never ever be repeated and all you guys can do is fight over how many downloads Beyonce Knowles has on you-tube. Geez, we really need to get our priorities straight and focus on what is really important.

  17. It’s 09 so I’m going to keep this clean but Britney, Rihanna, Leona has more views than Beyonce.

  18. Damn! Even when its good news people still find a way to put Bey down!!!!! GOOOOO BEY!!!! I’m going on you tube right now!!!!! LOL!

  19. @curtis,

    it was wise of them not to even consider releasing ave maria. that would have flopped and completely stalled the momentum the album has now. halo and diva were the best choice for the second set of singles. i mean if she would have ignored the fact that diva was getting airplay, it would have gotten the upgrade u treatment (a song that had potential to be a big hit, but she ignored it). halo is going to do wonders for her already great WW sales and dominate the european countries like IIWAB did. halo may be slow picking up in america, but it will pick up. urban may neglect to play it at first, but if it rules on pop, they’ll have no choice than to pick it up. diva will do for halo what IIWAB did for single ladies

  20. If she has 33 million views then why has she sold only 1.5 million copies of I AM? I understand the same people usually view her videos multiple times but how has she only sold 1.5 million? Anyway Avril, Rihanna, and Leona are the biggest You Tube Artist….not everyone is hating!

  21. @ Whew

    Only 1.5 mil? This album is selling faster than her previous two and better than the artists you mentioned!

    Bey is currently dominating right now. Hate it or love it

  22. rihanna is wayyyyyyyyy better than beyonce jazmine sullivan is killin beyonces voice right now too

  23. @ Lola

    Finally, someone other than Stephanie and myself know music. to sell 1.5 million copies in 5 weeks if phenomenal. Just so ya’ll know. At this rate, she will reach triple platinum quicker than little wayne who is on his, at least 20th week and has only sold 2.88 million.

  24. Congratulation Bey,That A Good Look. Hopefully Your Views Want Be Deleted Again By Viacom Copyright B.S. Youtube Is Rigged And Biased Only Certain Artist Is Getting A Pass. Both Beyonce & Ciara Was Robbed To Under 1 Million Views Count When Riri Gggb Release.

  25. @Lola
    Yes Only 5 Weeks! Beyonce is a major artist right now but her #’s are not reflecting that. 1.5 million is 5-6 weeks is lame for someone of her caliber. Taylor Swift’s album Fearless released in November but she has already sold 4 milli world wide, I understand her album has been out longer than Beyonce but only by a month. Beyonce will not sale 3 million more albums within the next month, so once again this is wack for someone of her caliber. Britney released her album about 4 weeks ago and she is already at 1.2 million without promotion, double videos being released, and barely magazine coverage. The point is Beyonce is overexposing herself and she is not hitting Lil Wayne #’s, Alicia #’s, Taylor #’s, she may have a hit single for “Single Ladies” but thats the only song that will carry this new album.

  26. I am happy for anyone on the charts these days. But it is nice to know how well someone is doing because this a site for accomplishments and lifestyles of BrownSistas, so I am happy for her even making the list. Not to get off subject, but I was watching a documentary about NWA and they were basically saying how they were rejected when they first came out and now they are like the main link to their form of rap music. I said all that to say that regardless of who is first last, etc. a brownsista is making waves and doing well. What is the problem?


  28. Britney has the #3 album in the country and Beyonce is #2. Britney will continue to fall as her fans stop buying her album is bulk. Britney is past her prime and no competition for Beyonce’s Black Girl Swap. 😆

  29. All im saying is Beyonce’s numbers should be bigger than they are especially being that she released a double album, two sets video releases, and two sets of song releases. Britney Spears is doing great with no promotion, only two videos, and her tour is selling out. Beyonce’s fans are the ones buying the album in bulk and they purchased two versions of I AM. Also Britney is Platinum at this point, yes she went gold in first week she sold 500k compared to Beyonce’s first week of 480k. Beyonce cant even pull in #’s overseas, in Europe she only sold 70k this is why she is now trying to work with Alexandria…..only Americans are buying into Beyonce….Britney can go all around the world and sell out concerts by herself its a fact.
    I applaud she she has had so many You Tube viewings but come on now, the same people clicked on that video more than once. Overall when she is pulling in Michael Jackson, Elvis, Barbara, Celine, Bette, and Madonna #’s then I will be amazed.

  30. Some of you live in your own little made up fairytale worlds. What do you all call no promotion? Britney has gotten nothing but non stop promotion and publicity from the mainstream media. Britney’s face rules most blogs and magazines almost weekly. There isn’t a day this woman isn’t shoved down our throats. I tell you some of you women are so bitter and hateful you would rather see a privileged white woman succeed over your own damn sista. Attempting to use Britney Spears to tear down Beyonce just won’t work. It is lame and pathetic and shows how blinded by hate some of you are.

    You can’t even compare the sales of Taylor Swift to Beyonce because she is a white teen pop star singing about being dumped by a Jonas Brother. She is a tennie bopper and her sales will always be fuled by fanaticism.

    Beyonce is hard working sista who deserves her success and I am proud of her. I am no stan or fan. I just hate to see this woman always getting ripped in favor of white trash.

  31. @dana

    sad isn’t it? i couldn’t have said it better myself

    continue to let the white devil do it’s voodoo on you b. spears lovers

  32. @whew

    judging by that first sentence, it’s apparent that you are just spewing bs becuase you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. double albums NEVER sell as well as one album. it’s always been a harder sell and the fact that she’s managing to sell that much and keeping up with the others in sales is great. i see you are a brit stan though, ain’t that a shame? you rather come on here and uplift white trash that is selling an album based off of hype than to support a sista who is selling her album based off of hard work. please stop using the excuse britney did not promote. you do not need to promote when mtv, e! news, ET, access hollywood, people mag, us weekly, ew, rolling stone and vh1 are doing the promotion for you. unlike britney, most black artists do not have the luxury of all that free promotion, so they actually have to WORK to sell their albums.

    she’s not doing well in europe? she crossed the 2mil worldwide mark in 5wks. those sales did not just come from america. she only sold 70k in the UK? where did you hear that? last i checked, she was platnium in the UK and you need to sell at least 300k to be plat there. btw, her album was #9 on the charts this week in the UK so there is no way she could have only sold 70k since the album dropped. do you want to try again? oh and most of her european dates are sold out. i believe last i checked, she had to add 2 extra shows in ireland (3 shows total) and added another date to london in the biggest arenas there BY HERESELF. you are just a hater and did you really think you could lie and people wouldn’t catch on to you? try again sweetie……..i can’t believe that bs was coming from a brit stan of all people. shows who you support cause a sista would not be getting away with the terrible performances brit has been giving and most certainly would not be welcomed back with open arms had they lost their kids, gone out and showed their vaginas and partied their life away (all this on purpose). i’m sure beyonce, alicia, keisha and any other black artist couldn’t get away with it. i’m sure whitney and lauren are still waiting for their documentaries on mtv and the white media praise that britney is getting. i know i’m going off subject but it just pisses me off when black people go on black blogs and down talented black artists in favor of white untalented girls who get away with any and everything when it comes to the media!

  33. @Wohoo….$4 million???? That is probably just her regular tithe (10%) payment for the year. Nothing special..

  34. @dana,

    i was typing my response and did not see your reply. i agree 100% with everything you said

  35. @pearlsreveled

    you are right, there is nothing special about giving 4mil dollars out of your pocket that you didn’t have to give…nothing special about it at all. btw, that has nothing to do with tithes, it’s money she gave to the church in order for them to build transition houses for homeless people in houston. SMDH at you typing that. a penny that any celeb doesn’t have to give is special when they give it because it’s a penny that helps somebody else.

  36. Say it again woohoo! Say it again! This ain’t even about Beyonce for me. This is a larger issue concerning a sista people are trying to throw under the bus in favor of trash- PURE TRASH. Say what you want about Beyonce but that girl works her butt off and has EARNED her spot in the sun. As Blacks we always have to be perfect and work twice as hard just to get half the respect of a white artist. Some of you should be ashamed of yourselves, just ashamed.

  37. Congrats to Bey. I sure help these numbers…along with my clan LOL.

    At first, I was the only one in the house who love B. I fell in love during the B Experience. I’ve been hook ever since. You bet I have her music blasting in my room LOL. My older brothers would always complain. Until one day, Greg starts playing IIWAB. Now, he listens to that song more than I DO! The other one recently got hook in the BDay era. His favs are Upgrade U, Get Me Bodied. One day he came to my room and he said, “I don’t know what’s up with me but damn I like Beyonce”. I was like “Late much” LOL. Late he was. He even goes back to the NO NO NO days, and he likes Single Ladies, Diva…
    He was telling me only Dad is not into B in the house. I was like oh oh wait a second. Earlier that day, my dad and I were driving home from school and work, the momment SL hit the radio he threw his hands up and start dancing to it LOL. Trust me…THAT was a site to see LMAO.

    My brother couln’t believe it. He left the room shaking his head.

  38. @Dana
    Britney barely promoted, all she did was GMA and the overseas performances, Womanizer was in heavy rotation but other than that the blogs were not talking about Britney. Perez Hilton had minimal coverage, TMZ, and others. Beyonce promoted like crazy and released 2 songs the same day and 2 vidoes to follow. Britney Spears being white has nothing to do with it, you Beyonce stans are crazy. Britney is a big pop star in America so of course they will be compared and their albums dropped the same time. If im hateful then you are an ass kisser!
    Taylor Swift is a prime example of how Beyonce is not selling like she should. Yes, Taylor is part of the teenie boopers but a well established artist like Beyonce should be selling more than a country pop singer….this shows that she is no Icon. Taylor isnt selling more than Celine, or Barbara, or Madonna.

  39. This is suppose to be [at least] a positive blog about B. I see some negative folks are trying to turn it into something it is not…like always. They are so predictable when it comes to B.

  40. @Woohoo
    Race has nothing to do with it! I must add Britney Spears album is fire! I Am Sasha whatever is Garbage, this is not Beyonce’s best work. Britney didnt release an album based off of an alter ego that is a ghetto mess. If you are a Beyonce fan you should be upset that she said she wrote over 70 songs but none were released on the album because she has 2-4 writers on a song. Also, you should be mad that she played her fans by released a segregated album one for blacks (urban) and one for whites (pop).
    Beyonce’s first week she only sold 70k in Europe, now weeks later she is at 300k…..In America Beyonce has sold 1.4 million. Beyonce is not huge overseas, only Americans are buying it. Beyonce is not bringing in big #’s like you think.

  41. @dana

    preach it girl! preach it! you are absolutely right when you say black people have to work twice as hard to earn the same respect. i was SHOCKED when i found out THE ruby dee had NEVER received an oscar nomination until american gangsta. til this day, i’m still perplexed as to why angela did not win that oscar for what’s love got to do with it, but some white people can receive nominations over and over again. i’m not one to cry racism as the first thing, but it’s become apparent that when it comes to the media, they uphold whites in higher regard than blacks. lil kim is still having some problems bouncing back after going to jail but paris hilton bounced back thanks to the media. lindsay lohan is still getting work thanks to the media.

    do we honestly think brangelina would be held in such high regards if they were black? a white man that leaves his wife for a white woman, has 3 babies by her, adopts three, all of this while unmarried? if the other woman was black, she’d be called a whore, a $2 slut who opened up her legs to a married man and the kids would never have any peace of mind at school. of course that doesn’t happen with brangelina because they are a white good looking couple who are considered saints. there are black artists i don’t enjoy, but you’ll not catch me downing them and uplifting white trash over them either. keyword, white trash cause there are a lot of talented white artists out there who do the right thing, but once again, you’ll not catch me on a black blog, downing black artists to lift up the likes of britney, lindsay, paris, etc.

  42. Good thing Beyonce has a fansite so all of her fans can go there and read all things great about her. If no one wants anything said then blame the host for posting, until then we all have the right to comment and to dispute ideas that this chick is doing something different or abnormal. Some of ya’ll really on her payroll, its amazing how people can touch a nerve in others about someone that none of know…..she is not paying your bills fall back and let people say what they want, if you all are so called Beyonce fans then you should know the truth and be able to get it across without using the word hater. I wonder if any of you are using the word hater in the below Ciara post? You people will say whatever you want about all the other female artist but as soon as your GOD comes up everyone gets their panties in a bunch. IDC, until this chick stop stealing from others and come up with an idea of her own then I will be amazed. Until then keep worshipping someone who steals songs from other artist, buys her way in movies, saturates the market, steals dance moves, and so on.

  43. @ Whew, Umm, Taylor has sold 2.2 Million Worldwide !LOL and Beyonce has sold 2.3 Worldwide! Britney has sold 2.1 Million Worldwide! Now if you’re combining Taylors first album which has sold 1.8 million Worldwide and her current album which has sold 2.2 Million worldwide you could get 4 million!LOL But then you would have to add up Beyonce’s other albums too!LOL

  44. Whew
    This is a Beyonce blog. No, Britney’s Circus is not ‘fire’. The only song I like when I gave it listen online is well…Circus. Blackout trumps Circus anyday. That’s not saying much either. Her performances live much to be desired. A couple weeks ago I was watching her old performances from her ‘peek days’; I fail to see what the big deal is. The lipping is a turn off. I feel sorry for her…just a little.

  45. beyonce has sold 2.3 million worldwide.
    question do you get money for your video getting plays on youtuble or something?

  46. Um Whew, Beyonce sold 102K in the UK during the week before Christmas alone!LOL Where are you getting your facts! Your internet team is slipping!LOL

  47. Umm Whew, Beyonce was certified Platinum in her third week and sold Platinum in her fourth! You really need to fire you street team, because they’re whack!

  48. @whew,

    continue to uplift white trash on a site dedicated to BLACK SISTAS and down those sistas all you want. call that album “ghetto” and call computeralized crap that is lipsyched when performed live fire all you want, it’s your perogative. i don’t have to think bee is all that worldwide, those sold out concerts and her last tour proves otherwise. i hope you enjoy your “non ghetto” album and have fun at the concert. have a nice night!

    i don’t think you get paid, but it plays a small part in determining your position on the billboard 100 chart. streaming from myspace and youtube count for a small percentage, but the bulk comes from airplay and digital sales. although this week, i did read that time warner wanted to part with youtube because they think youtube is hindering sales.

  49. Umm B’Day sold 6 Million Worldwide! Whew must be sniffing that stuff! Beyonce headlines Worldwide tours!LOL Whew, I think your hatred is clouding your good senses! Beyonce has already sold out 4 upcoming shows in Ireland in minutes of tickets being released! I mean you don’t have to like her music, but no need to make up stuff! How pathetic!SMH

  50. Whew, now let me get this str8: You say that Britney’s album is fire. Okay, it is your opinion but like Wooho said, the woman is getting MAJOR promotion. She even gets a documentary and she has a “Comeback story” to boot and she should be selling WAY MORE than Bey consider that her fan base has always been bigger and always been selling more before. If BS’s album is THAT good, then it should be doing Taylor Swift #s and BTW, sales don’t make your album great since you say that the reason Bey is not doing as well as you think is because her album is not that good and she is “overexposed”.

    You have the nerve to say that Beyonce is overexposed and that is hurting her. Do you not know that the ONLY black female artist of her age group(20-29) that can do what she has done is ALICIA KEYS? Maybe Rihanna has the chance to do it herself with her next album because her fan base is building and she is doing her thing overseas. Other than that, really? These comments I see really piss me off. And another thing, the woman is going on an 110 CITY TOUR WW after only doing 77 cities WW. I mean, if there is not a demand for this woman, this would not be happening. Whew and people of your ilk, let it go. You don’t like her, fine. You’re fans of other artists, peep the writings on the wall. Bey is doing her thing.

  51. Melissa, TS has only 2.2 WW? I didn’t know that. Note I said, ONLY 2.2 mil in the context of people saying that Bey is doing terrible because she is not doing TS #s. That means just about all of her sales are from the US which makes sense being that she’s a country artist. Do not people realize that in 2006, the biggest selling female artist in the US was a COUNTRY SINGER?

    Have I entered the Twilight Zone?

  52. This is way better than the last album that Bey had to shoot new videos for her re-release of B-Day album. Although I loved her last album than this one but I have to admit that Bey`s “I am… Sasha Fierce” was fierce for the marketing. U Go, girl! Luv U, Bey!!!

  53. I agree with you@ Snijana. The girl is not selling like she should because BS don’t perform without lip synching. In fact, peeps in the UK is angry with BS because she lipped in X-FACTOR. If AMATEURS DON’T LIP then how the heck is a “Professional” performer doing it? But Bey did her think on X Factor and she has been selling even better over in the UK than before.

    Are some folks dealing with reality here? They ask if people getting to defend Bey but are they getting paid to trash her? To find whatever to make her look “less than”? Like I ask, Have I entered the Twilight Zone?

  54. yeah, Monica. This era, they are doing the darn thing marketing this album. From the beginning and like you, I feel B’day is the better album but this album is still strong. I am happy for the girl. She has work hard and it is paying off. I think it will continue and I hope other artists, especially the sistas are successful.

  55. Random thought: I feel like there was more “Sasha” in B’Day than this album.

  56. @chad, i agree with you. I enjoyed the up tempo tracks from bday more than the ones on this album. I think these are some of her better slow ballads, halo, scared of lonely and broken hearted girl and my sh**. if we combined the two albums it would jus be perfect….

    @the topic: since avril lagvine’s girlfriend video has 111 million views and it has been on youtube for two years and beyonce’s if i were a boy video has gotten 33 million views and has been posted for roughly three months…why isnt it plausible that beyonce is doing really, REALLY well on youtube?

  57. LMAO @ 42 Go sit down Jenaki, that’s my wife everyone, she finally made it to the world of blogging.

  58. @ Curtis, Yes, Taylor has sold 2.2 Worldwide and Beyonce is at 2.3 Worldwide as of last weeks numbers. They are both doing well as well as many others too. Folks are just on another level with hate when it come to Beyonce!

  59. ok steph i’m not sayin that your information you have is wrong because alot of site got that same info an lot of people was like no thats a lie because thats is were everybody stay goin to ,but its already gettin busted out as a lie on other web sites an they found out that youtube took down some of the other artists down that had alot more then bey. but i think that was put out just to get her more buzz because how they use to talk about bey is not how they talk about her now but i have to give it to her PR TEAM they are good. but they do need to realize that people are stupid .

  60. @Dana

    we need more black women like you
    God Bless you
    Very well said


  62. i read this in a news paper article.. y would they lie.. omg.. google it.. this comes from i believe..omg it was in the paper lol.. y cant people admit shit.. go on youtube,….

  63. Beyonce videos are doing well on you tube and they have not been on there as long as Take a bow, which has 40 mill and has been up for 8 months- I stll listen to “take a bow”.
    And yes Rihanna made Beyone step her game up!

    And She gave more than $4 million to build the church’s transition apartments for Houston’s homeless.
    I didn’t skip over it.

    * I can’t look up/at Miley, ever since she sung on that show “thangs get bettar” LOL, Rihanna just stared @ her

  64. Folks are just MAD!LOL Congrats to Beyonce for being the most viewed on youtube in 2008!

  65. Okay you guys do understand that pepole like me who are not Beyonce fans have watched her videos on youtube. So youtube views mean what?? Its too bad Beyonce got Halo. I acutally like that style of music but I refuse to give her ONE RED CENT!!! I REFUSE to support an artist because they are black. I support quality music. Sade, Anita, Kem, Brian McKnight, ect. What if a black restaurant opens in my town. The food is low quality and the waitstaff are rude??? Should I patronize their business. NO. Beyonce sells crap and I’m not buying. When she is proud of being a black woman then maybe I’ll think about it.

  66. “If I Were a Boy” has been watched more than 34 million times alone while other high profile musicians have made enormous dents on YouTube: Soulja Boy, Rihanna, the Jonas Brothers and Chris Brown among them.

    Here’s the lie – If you go to youtube and pull up, Rihanna or Chris Brown, you might find that fifty different people may have posted one of those singer’s song, each video getting millions of hits, but with Beyonce’, if you’ll notice, you’ll only find one, “If I were a Boy” and one, “Single Ladies”… with embedding disabled (which means that nobody can copy the video and post it anywhere else – so, if you want to see it, you’d have to go to youtube to watch that one video.

    Technically, Rihanna’s “Umbrella” may have been seen more times, but because it was watched on 50 different channels… it doesn’t count!

    That’s why when you see the video posted on a website other than youtube and you try to play it, it says, “content removed” – because it’s not the “official” video, so as soon as someone posts it, they have it removed so that all the hits will go to that one video making Beyonce’ look like she’s “broken” some sort of record, when the reality is that she didn’t.

  67. beyonce is not black,she is a blonde white woman thats what she chose,so you guyz stop saying we shud support a sista,i support alicia keys that is a sista

  68. @ me

    So….Bey is not proud of being a black woman???? How did you come to determine this, pray tell? I’ll wait…..

    Oh Lizz…. 🙄

    I see desperation has set in on some of these comments.

  69. OOOH…this post has been so entertaining!

    The Beyonce fans are definitely holding it down today! Like they say at McDonalds…I’m lovin it!

    I gotta go over to the RiRi post for today…I’m sure somebody done dragged B’s name up into it by now…hey where are the icons??? I need to put in a laughing face! LOL

  70. that’s crap lingre—- I personally have watched bey’s videos and they were not offical! true some of them were removed but that was when the videos were Not offically released yet……and even then the videos had lots of views? stop trying to rain on the girls parade!

  71. Wohoo baby girl i love you. All of your facts are ON POINT. and whew..shut up. please. you are so incorrect. Beyonce’s album is her fastest selling album to date. Taylor swift is a teenie bopper you’re right, which is why she is selling. SHe has a MUCH more powerful fan base. teenie boppers make up the largest consuming community in music and movies, look it up. the teenie boppers were n’sync, back street boys, and old b. spears. they usually sell much faster than Taylor swift so she isn’t even doing as great in comparison. Beyonce has a primarily older audience and she still does well so please, be quiet and come correct. Thank you. BTW, beyonce is at 2.4 million world wide and 1.5 million in the u.s. so be quiet..god i don’t mind haters but i hate incorrect haters.

  72. I got it from the horses (wow see how I did that she wears weave so much we dont know if she has any) mouth. She wishes she were latina. the whole creole song, when she isn’t even creole. Is she from LA? Does she speak another language? Has she mastered the english language?

  73. Okay everybody, time to move on. lol Besides hasn’t anyone learned that debating Bey stans is like debating religious people. lol

  74. @ me

    Plenty of celebs and black women wear a lot of weave, so miss me with the bs you are spewing. 🙄 Her mother is Creole, so that is why she did the Creole song. You are reaching….

    Again I say, some of these comments are desperate attempts to tear the woman down, but they won’t work! Quit spewing hate and get a life!

  75. i still mantain she is not black and proud if she is then she shud come out in public and clarify the loreal scandal not send a pr statement,…….i am not suprized she made 22m view,she has a huge stan base,each stan is psychotic,i wonder how many times does each stanz watch her videos bcoz it dsnt mean that she has 22m fans…..wud someone create an official youtube award for her then we will all be quite….alicia keys is more biracial than bey but who is an authentic sister between the two.

  76. something just clicked in my head all these comment we are having are useless and they create more tension and we dnt need it,the moment we create competition,egos and number 1 this and that,super power,icon you are also creating an enemy,negative energy….the world is at war because of greed and the power of domineering,we need to stop for a moment and think of the power of contentment and bliss….lets us pray for world peace and stop this attacking and defending the people we dnt even know,they dnt pay our bills….peace.

  77. the knowels are very smart:

    If you go to youtube and pull up, Rihanna or Chris Brown, you might find that fifty different people may have posted one of those singer’s song, each video getting millions of hits, but with Beyonce’, if you’ll notice, you’ll only find one, “If I were a Boy” and one, “Single Ladies”… with embedding disabled (which means that nobody can copy the video and post it anywhere else – so, if you want to see it, you’d have to go to youtube to watch that one video.

  78. some of you are so pathetic to try to tear that woman down like you do. i swear bey is the most hated chick in the industry, which actually seems to make her more popular… so keep doin’ your thing haters!!

  79. @ whew and woohoo

    Whew thank you for actually knowing your facts, yet again. her album is selling at a really fast rate. She has sold 2.4 million worldwide in 5 weeks phenomenal. Taylor swift has sold only slightly more because she is strictly an AMERICAN artist, not world wide. Another good point to add about how dumb woohoo’s comments were. You are so right about the teenie bopper bit, but teenie bopper’s make up more than 50% of all music and movie consumption in America. so she SHOULD be selling more because her fan base is WAY bigger. Another thing to add is that, she ain’t even close to the teenie boppers of the late nineties like N’ Sync, old B. Spears (who isn’t even close to outselling beyonce domestically or not), or Backstreet Boys and so forth. They used to sell 10 million records, and she only got her little 2million and she already on decline. SHe is doing VERY well for this day and age, but she is incomparable to beyonce. Beyonce also has a song rising fast…something Taylor doesn’t. Taylor has yet to have a number 1 hit…explain that know-it-all. i don’t claim to know everything, and love to here new music, but if someone is gonna say something, please be right. I don’t mind haters or dislikers, because frankly, i’m not even a beyonce fan, but i do hate incorrect haters, they bother me.

  80. and thank you who ever made the point about country music being strictly a u.s. thing. beyonce world wide is much better, thanks for providing the full numbers. that means that overall beyonce is out selling TS (by a little). but, truth be told, i agree with the other guy about Sasha. this album is the best, but there was more sasha in B’day.

  81. My girl Beyonce is the best her and Jay Z made 160million. Sasha till the end.

  82. It’s amazing to me how some of you go out of your way to rationalize and explain away her sales/non-sales, popularity/non-popularity, appeal/non-appeal. Absolutely amazing. I can only hope some of you put this much fact-finding and research into your own discourse. At the end of the day, do you really ‘care’ about her YOUtube views? album sales? number 1’s? photoshoots? magazine covers? non-Oscar nominations? I mean, it’s obvious you DO care…I’m just wondering how much. Peace and blessings; please get a life and stop running these posts up to 100 comments on a subject that’s just so-so. It’s not even real gossip!

  83. I have a program that can make any artist hit 100 million views in one week.
    Would you claim her to be the best too? This too funny.

  84. @Dumbmar
    Who are you? Sounds like Rihanna spokes person I speak for no one but me I love Beyonce AKA Sasha. You want to talk about rationalizing Rihanna would not be a success if it were not for the infamous Beyonce at the end of the day she was here first and so she will remain first oh and you have more comment than me fool.

  85. Her name is be-yond-ce becaues she goes above and be-yond-ce.

  86. I hate to upset some of you,but Beyonce’s cd is garbage. She has maybe 3 songs that I consider real music. Since Rihanna has gone pop, everybody wants to go pop just to make money. I have to sayRihanna is truly a trendsetter! As for Beyonce, She use to be my favorite artist when she song realR&B music like me, myself, and I and some other good songs. Yes, she has a nice voices,but when you get older, you listen to lyrics. I have to say the lyrics for Diva and Videophone are horrible and little bit immature. I know only the young people are buying this because a more mature person couldn’t get into her music. There are a lot of good artists who have made some great cds but aren’t promoted and not on heavy rotation (Brandy, Tamia, and Tony Braxtion). I guess the record label didn’t pay the radio station enough money to play these artist’s songs 5 times in one hour! I just feel like Beyonce’s music is still targeting teenagers,but she is almost 30 yrs. old (no substance). Her first cd was more mature than the last two! I guess she can sing about anything and she will sell becuase she is the it girl! I did by Sasha Fierce, but that is the last Beyonce’s cd I will ever buy.

  87. It’s funny as hell y’all going back and forth over SOMEONE ELSE SUCCESS.
    Good for Beyonce for being the most viewed on youtube, but all this cattiness and searching the net trying to prove who has the most valid info about beyonce album sells and so on is a bit ridiculous. Beyonce’s fame and wealth isn’t benefiting anyone on this board. I hate when ppl try and use “tearing down a successful black woman” mess whenever a beyonce topic comes up. Well If you keep up with Beyonce like that then you will know that beyonce herself tries to tear down a successful black woman ( Le toya, Latavia, Kelly, Michelle, Jennifer, Janet and plenty more to come). Beyonce say she’s all about women empowerment , but ONLY if their behind her and not in front of her. Well I’m done typing cause I’m sure y’all will carry on with all the charades and I’ll stop by now and then to get a laugh. HA HA!!!

  88. DIVA is aleadykilling the charts and she hasnt even officially released the next 2 singles yet. She is the queen of it ALL…to come out with her albumat the end of the year and already ppl are blowing up YOUTUBE to see the vids is phenominal! Also for Rollingstones to call IAM…SASHA FIERCE #1 album of 2008 is a great accomplishment! Beyonce is a legend and no one in te game RIGHT NOW is handling biz like Mrs Knowles-Carter. She is that BITCH!!! 🙂 I mean that in all due respect! lol GO BEY!!!!

  89. o.k this is my thing with “sasha Fierce”. I like beuy when she was a Texas girl, with good hair, natural beauty, and a real love for the music. She was excited to perform and see the fans. Now, it’s like, the bare bones of why she love music is gone.

  90. The youtube star thing is not right because Britney Spears “womanizer” has been viewed 50 million times, and “Circus” is viewed 19 million times and that came out after “Single Ladies” and “If I were a boy” not hating just stating facts.

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