Beyonce Visits Macy’s In Chicago

A big star visited a big store on State Street Thursday. Thousands of fans lined up to get a glimpse of Beyonce Knowles. The superstar is in town to celebrate a new venture.Excitement was building in advance of Beyonce’s appearance at Macy’s to mark the opening of the first ever, in-store shop that will carry her clothing line, House of Dereon. Her fans packed the atrium to see the Grammy-winning singer, actress and fashion maven.

“She’s not like anybody else. She’s different and I love her,” said Brianna Boykin, fan of Beyonce.

And when Beyonce hit the stage, the fans went wild.
BeyonceBeyonce and Mother Tina KnowlesBeyonce

She was joined by her mother, Tina Knowles, who designed the clothing line, and who also designed the wardrobe for Beyonce’s former group, Destiny’s Child.

“This is our life. My grandmother taught my mother to sew, and my mother sews for me, and when I have kids one day, I’ll sew for them, and Dereon is my grandmothers maiden name, so it’s beautiful that we can keep her name going,” Beyonce said.House of Dereon launches in Chicago just in time for Glamorama, but some of Beyonce’s fans have already bought her clothes.

“I have on her jeans right now,” said Robyn Travis, Beyonce fan.After getting a glimpse of their idol, some fans were star struck.”It was like, wow, that’s Beyonce. She’s real,” said Ricky Williams, Beyonce fan.Some were moved to tears, and it’s that passion that influenced Beyonce to come to Chicago.”It’s just no place like Chicago and the fans are just so loyal and so excited and we appreciate them,” said Beyonce.

Glamorama has grown over the course of its sevens years and caps off Fashion Focus 2006. It takes place Friday night at 7:30 at the Chicago Theater, where Beyonce is the headliner.


  1. I saw that white suit she is wearing in one of those House of Dereon ads.It had chains and I loved it so.If I could afford it I would snatch that outfit up in a minute. :hmph:

  2. Her and Mama Knowles are doing their thing.Congratulations to them both.Black women running a business- it’s the American dream. :koolaid:

  3. Me thinks I am tired of her now even though I really anticipate the next single Irreplaceable and seeing the DreamGirls in Decemeber.Somehow I still feel like I have nearly overdosed on her.

  4. :koolaid: Bee looks stunning in the white suit…i like it and would rock it also in a min.:dance1:

  5. I’m sorry, but this line has not appealed to me yet. :thumbsdown:

  6. The line is very nice, but not really affordable. I have several pieces and I had to stalk sales at Macy’s to be able to afford them. :brownsista:

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