Beyonce vs Beyonce

Beyonce battles her virtual self in the latest commercial for Vizio televisions. The singer tries to convince a viewer that the real Beyonce is just as amazing as the one he is watching on television. Does she succeed? Check out the video below to see for yourself. And don’t forget to tune in to ABC tonight to watch Beyonce’s soon-to-be traditional Thanksgiving Special featuring performances from her I Am…. World Tour.


  1. I like the commercial. I think its different from the other commercial that she have been in.

  2. Rihanna stans are so hypocritical. They complain about people hating on her but then proceed to hate on Beyonce in the same breath. And people say Beyonce stans are bad….

  3. lol are you kidding me? lol ok i just think she looks silly. actually i think this whole thing makes her look funny. jmho.

  4. Cute concept! But should have shown a bit more, because if someone would just happen to see this commercial without knowing the concept, they’d be wondering what the hell it’s about. LOL.

  5. She does look cute on here. I think I like her style of dancing in a short dress or pants because I covers her private parts. I didnt get grossed out here

  6. Loved it, she looked beautiful and fresh faced. LOVED the I am tour last night, cant watch the full DVD she’s such a humble person.

  7. .Oh and i see you guys the ones that hate “over sexed” everything 😉
    There are words in the dictionary for people like you all.

  8. Loved the concept of the commercial.

    And her special was really fun, I picked up my DVD yesterday and it’s amazing.
    She is a beautiful woman inside and out. With a kind spirit, and an old soul.
    Love her 🙂

  9. Why is she only about sex? It gets annoyig she is how old? She just look silly to me, We need something new Mrs Carter

  10. You make think it looks funny but guess who continues to laugh all the way to the bank? May I add with TALENT! Now the hair gets on my nerves and I dont belive talent is a look but she should do something with it.. But overall a fun video and it served it purpose.

  11. Geez. Enough of this woman already. Beyonce has to be the most OVERRATED BIMBO in the industry.

  12. That face she made as she was walking away. Too cute. I’m going to have to make that into a gif.
    And I agree with whoever said the commercial served its purpose.
    Love Beyonce.

  13. Beyonce once again showcasing how self absorbed and egotistical she is. Every intervie is I, I, I.. Even Oprah Winfrey, who is a Billionaire and runs her own empire everytime she talks about her show or anything involving her career it’s always, always, ALWAYS, we, we, we. Beyonce could learn a thing or two.

  14. Great video and the concept was good. Love the very last part of the video when she walk away, you go Mrs. Carter.

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