Beyonce Wants To Play Lena Horne

With the death of Lena Horne fresh on everyone’s mind, talk of a biopic about the singer’s incredible life is once again being discussed. Over the last few years everyone from Janet Jackson to Alicia Keys has seen their names floated around as potential actresses to play the iconic singer. However, another name has now entered into the fray, and I can’t say that I am shocked.

According to online reports, Beyonce wants to not only play the role of Lena Horne, but produce the film as well. The singer produced her last two films, Cadillac Records and Obsessed- the latter went on to gross over 75 million dollars.

Beyonce has made a career out of playing musical icons. The pop diva won critical acclaim for her role as Etta James in Cadillac Records and a Diana Ross like character in Dreamgirls.

No doubt this news will upset many. However, take solace that this is all still just speculation, innuendo and rumor. Beyonce was also linked to the role of Eartha Kitt after her death and so far nothing has come of that.


  1. WiTh all due respect Beyonce should NOT play Lena Horne the best actress would be Halle Berry. As a actress Beyonce is not convincing every role she has done has been Beyonce “playing a role” and not very good. She need to improve herself way more for me to think she could so Lena Horne’s legacy justice.

  2. I would prefer to see Beyonce play this role rather than dull and boring Halle.

  3. Despite the flack they get Beyonce and her father are very smart. They remind me of Diana Ross and Berry Gordy. Berry knew Hollywood would only offer Diana roles as mammies and maids so he bankrolled all of her films to assure she got quality roles. Beyonce and her dad are now doing the same. Sure Beyonce has had a few good roles, but they quickly dried up… as they always do for black actresses. Kudos to Beyonce for taking things into her own hands.

  4. considering the fac that no reputable source has reported this, I doubt there’s an ounce of truth to this. It’s obvious people make up dirty mouth like this to get others to bash the woman. It’s quite sad actually!!

    I googled these “online reports” and only your site and something from a Tom Joyner forum popped up!

  5. No doubt this news will upset many. However, take solace that this is all still just speculation, innuendo and rumor. Beyonce was also linked to the role of Eartha Kitt after her death and so far nothing has come of that.

    Read it b!!tch

  6. @Gwen,

    I read it dumbass. My point was, I didn’t understand the purpose of this dirty mouth post!! There are many rumors like this. Just like week, there was a rumor that she wanted to play Mahalia Jackson on another forum, then she wanted to play Angela Davis, now she wants to play Lena Horne? I know for a fact that people make up these rumors on other forums in hopes that it spreads to sites like this and all over the web in hopes that it’ll lead to the woman’s bashing. Poing proven with the whole “this will have many upset.”

  7. Beyonce for me is a great actress although there are some people, saying that she is NOT!!! and those people are so blind!!!she did a good job in every movie that she made(for me)…i lovveee beyonce’s ethics…she is really really serious when it comes to entertaining people and showing her best talent that she has….so whatever decision that she made, i know she will do it nicely and with full effort and i know i will be amazed on what decision that she made…

  8. Lena Horne, Eartha Kitt and Angela Davis roles/films are very important films and I hope more seasoned actresses get to play them!

    Beyonce was good in Cadillac Records, but those were scenes and not her as a leading lady carrying a whole film where a range of emotions are needed, an upper and lower register of acting skills.

    Just because somenone can bring in the box office and have the capital to produce should these very groundbreaking iconic women/artists and their legacies be pandered. But, it’s her choice to bankroll whatever she likes (I know these are rumors), just hope she can respect the craft and put in the work it takes to become a fine actress. I know she gives her best at what she does, but acting is different than music that can be so strategic and stage and acting is a pure art form! Why even seasoned film actors aren’t always great on Broadway…Julia Roberts and Katie Holmes.

    Slumdog Millionaire was a small indie film that did big things when it generated an oscar buzz…it wasn’t the celebrity names that were dropped or the 100 million dollar budget, but the incredible story, the actors that brought the story to life, it was “real” and we believed we knew more about the slums of India and the people that inhabit them. Unknown actors told a beautiful, bittersweet story.

    Lena’s story can be told by some new emerging actress or Alicia Keys (my best celebrity pick) and Beyonce produce the film like Jay-z did with the Broadway hit “Fela”…or like Jada with “The Secret Life of Bees”…cast Rihanna as Eartha Kitt…Angela Davis, Paula Patton…money shouldn’t rule everything, substance should!

  9. I remember gossip that Alicia Keys will be playin her.

  10. beyonce is 2 big (physically) 2 play eartha kitt and i dont think she could get her signature voice down either. beyonce as lena horne =/ its better suited 4 halle berry or maybe even paula patton

  11. Nooooooo!!! Alicia Keys or Halle!!!!! Beyonce please sit down and let someone else shine…please

  12. WOHOO- I agree with you, because there were reports everywhere that Alicia Keys was to play Lena Horne this is the first I’ve heard of Beyonce wanting to play the part.

    CYNTHINIA- Weren’t you talking about unknown actors playing the part and capturing the essence of it, then go on and say Rihanna, and Alicia should play the other roles??? Or did I read it wrong?(im just wondering)

  13. I knew it as soon as they said she was dead…i said watch Beyonce jumped at the opportunity to play her….Paula Patton would be a great choice!

  14. Halle Berry should have never did Dorothy Dandridge she was horrible!! The part should have went to Theresa Randle…she did a cameo of D.D. in the movie Girl 6..killed it!!

  15. Some of you here have short memories. Do any of you remember who was first mentioned to play Lena Horne? It was actually Janet Jackson, but after the Superbowl incident word was Lena Horne personally nixed that idea. All these names being thrown around are rumors. Everyone has attached Alicia Keys name to a role and movie that isn’t even in the works. All of this is heresay and speculation and jezus f’n chrise the writer told you dummies that but some of you are so darn hard at hearing.

    I’ll give DooDoo… oops… WOHOO one thing. When it comes to a Beyonce post things are sure to get heated with her worshipers and detractors too blinded by their love and hate of her to see, hear or think straight.

  16. i believe it was janet jackson who also wanted to play miss horn but miss lena said she did not want janet to play sure she would say the same about beyonce.

  17. @17150918

    Not to be confusing, my choice would not be Beyonce for any of the RUMORED prospective roles…Lena Horne, Eartha Kitt or Angela Davis, but as a producer the sky is the limit. Her acting isn’t there yet, in time that can change, I won’t be surprised at all!

    I mentioned celebrity names because nowadays it’s about branding and studio execs prefer to take chances on recognizable names and faces to pump up box office receipts, so unknown actors have to go the indie route and sighted “Slumdog” as an example.

    Alicia Keys because I feel she can pull off the acting and do a credible job, her look is much closer to how Lena looked and what hollywood responded to in the 1930s…even though, we haven’t seen a lot of her acting, “nanny diaries” and “Secret lives of bees”…she showed her dramatic and light-hearted comedic acting….without seeing Rihanna as an actress, I’ll be surprised if she can’t act and I’m ok with being so wrong…I think Rihanna playing Eartha Kitt would be a great fit, if she can act?…the way Eartha was and the music she made…”C’est Si Bon,” (live on you tube) “La Vie En Rose” or “I Want To Be Evil” …the whole nasality thing they both share and their awkward (different) yet beautiful facial look…Rihanna could do the “bat woman” look and voice I’m sure (her caribbean accent helps)…convey the story of Eartha’s exile from the United States to europe (mostly paris) after being blacklisted in Hollywood for offending then first lady, Ladybird at a whitehouse luncheon over…some similaries there…Rihanna is more beloved overseas and not liked as well in the states…acting is about bringing reality to the screen…these are my blogworld opinions and choices…you never know who’s reading them!

  18. No freaking way. She would probably ruin the role trying to show herself off. i hope and pray they pass on her terrible acting skills and find someone who could play the part a million times better.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  19. I have to agree with the ones who said NOOOOOOOO!!! i know this may be a rumor because they have said that about other roles she supposedly wanted to play like wonder woman, angela davis, eartha kitt. i think it is a publicity stunt which is what entertainers do if they are smart. But i believe they should introduce a new person to play this role and like the person who mentioned slum dog millionaire, the new comers can bring the passion. thanks for the posting.

  20. Beyonce is a great entertainer but I dont think she’s ready to be acting in major motion pictures. She was lucky with the few she has done and I loved her in Austin Powers. And I love Alicia Keys but she’s not ready either. I think everyone is putting so much into this because they want to see a singer play this role but none are really qualified.

  21. Diana Ross is an actress and a good one at that. Has anyone seen Lady Sings The Blues, Mahogany, the movie in which she plays a schizophenic. Diana Ross can bring it.

    In my opinion:

    Janet should play Eartha. Janet has that natural sex appeal, the allure, natural glamour, presence, sophistication that Eartha Kitt had. Plus, she is the same height.

    Lena Horne should be played by Alicia Keyes.

    And the only person that can play Diana Ross is Tracee, her daughter or Chudney.

  22. hell NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Beyonce YOU CAN NOT ACT GET THAT THROUGH YOUR THICK ASS HEAD STICK TO SINGING AND PERFORMING ….I rather see Halle Berry or A.keyes and no not just because there ”Fair Skinned”

  23. Alicia Keys cannot act people.

    Paula Patton would be a great choice for Lena. Shje was the unsung hero of Precious.

  24. Oh dear, remember the last time? Not again.

  25. 1) I do agree that Beyonce would be ill-suited to play Eartha Kitt (who could, though?) or Lena Horne. (Angela Davis might be a good fit though)

    2) Hollywood is in business to make money. Please believe the number 1 objective in the production of a feature film is to make a profitable return on investment. A biopic about a black female needs a great deal of starpower behind it in order to get publicity, and Beyonce has no short supply of that. Rest assured her name will continue to come up in discussions like this regardless of whether she herself has any interest in playing these parts.

    3) While it would be nice for the faceless black women (and other women of color) to get more leading roles >> see #2

  26. Beyonce was very convincing in Dreamgirls which is why she received 2 Golden Globe nominations for her role. She was very convincing playing Etta James especially when they found her drugged up in the tub.

    When it comes to delivering Lena Hornes PERFORMANCES, Beyonce is perfect because Lena had perfect vibrato and Beyonce has perfect Vibarato and critics have always suggested that Beyonce is better playing movie roles because she always delivers.

  27. I love you bee but please NO. Beyonce the performer YES MA’AM, Beyonce the actress makes me cringe.

  28. Joe- I agree with your first paragraph and the vibrato, I study vocals and Beyonce has prominent yet effortless flowing vibrato, one of the best in the busines. I don’t know about her playing Ms. Horne because I’ve honestly never heard her sing, but they did have one thing in common, two beautiful women.

  29. @Joe, you felt Beyonce delivered in ALL her roles? Obsessed, too? She delivers in drawing audiences I’d agree.

    “Beyonce wants to play Lena Horne” … not surprised to hear this rumor. I just hope it remains a rumor. There are more actresses, more talent out there than just the favored few (Halle, Beyonce, Halle, Beyonce, Halle, Beyonce).

  30. Lol im not suprised. Beyonce is the go-to girl for a black/singer role.

  31. How come ms b wants to play every dead black artist? That is really wicked…May Lena Horne rest in peace.. Let they lady rest!!! Damn!!

  32. Yes Bey get that Money by Producing those Movies and Acting your Behind off… Nothing wrong with that!

  33. No No Beyonce we all know this role will go to Halle Berry Halle Berry!!!

  34. She has to produce movies because no one wants her in their movies. Please believe me Hollywood is not breaking down the door for her to act in movies. I say go for it. Why not if you have the clout and power to produce your own movies why not do it. No she is never going to be a great actress it’s just not in her. We have seen actresses that were okay but kept working on their craft and got better the same with singers. Look at Mary J Blige she has definately gotten better. I think it should be Janet and I think she will be great.

  35. She can play whatever role she wants to. She still won’t get that Oscar award that she desperately wants to add to her collection. Why does she want it so bad, because an Oscar award is the most pretigious award in the entertainment business. She wants it just to say she has one so she can gloat about it, like she does with everything else.

  36. Only comment on Beyonce acting is too many people won’t give her the chance. They’re too stuck on seeing her as Beyonce and That.s not her fault. As far as Lena Horne, I think Vanessa Williams should play her. I’ve been saying it since her death. Maybe i should take it to Facebook? Lol Beyonce would be a good second choice. Halle a strong third because I want a real singer not Halle lipping. Lena deserves that much.

  37. No one wants to give this woman a chance at doing anything they act like she’s the worst actor they’ve ever seen, and I doubt that. Also this is just a RUMOR, this is literally the only site I’ve seen this on.
    ANONYMOUS- An Oscar is the biggest award in ACTING, Beyonce has won every award she can in music and I believe she probably just wants to challenge herself.


  39. It would be great if Beyonce or Janet produced the biopic but playing the lead role, I hope not. I love Beyonce’ as an entertainer but her acting skills are much to be desired and the same for Alicia Keys – not a good actress at all.

    Paula Patton would be a great choice due to the visual similarities or Zoe Saldana, Thandie Newton, or even Jurnee Smollett as Ms. Horne in her younger days and progress to Vanessa Williams as she matured. Please, I would hope the producer and/or director would not select a an entertainer with marginal acting abilities because of their singing ability.

  40. Is there even a movie in the works??? So many people are getting fired up over(maybe) nothing.

  41. This is just a rumor and people all over the continent are outraged, Yet her minions swears that she is the best at everything and everyone loves her, I guess it is just one person entering millions of others body to protest the ridiculousness of her so called “Acting” career uh?
    Black people…

  42. Honestly, i don’t want to see Beyonce play Lena Horne. Beyonce is a ok actress, but not excellent at the craft of acting. If Beyonce is doing Ertha Kitt, then just do Ertha! Sheesh! Alicia Keys is beautiful and talented like Miss Horne, but if she is going to play her, Alicia would need more acting coaching. Paula Patton would be great as Lena Horne, she is a very underated actress. Jada Pinkett would also be a fierce Lena.

  43. Plus, Halle Berry already did Dorothy Dandridge, so I highly doubt she would do Lena Horne. I say Paula Patton, Alicia Keys or Jada Pinkett are my pics. Journee Smolett is a little young to play adult Lena, but a wonderful actress nonetheless.

  44. I so agree 100% with Joe. I truly believe if Beyonce was cast for the role, she will bring it home more than 100%. Beyonce acting has gotten much better and I fell she would do the role justice. It’s just a shame all of the hate about her. Alicia doing the part I don’t think she would be a good cast for the role. Paula Patten she would do the role justice also. Janet Jackson I’m sorry but she is not a good actress.

  45. Janet is a far better actress than most of our music-stars-turned-thespian-overnight.


    SMH Janet was acting on stage and tv before most of these singers were born. And acting convincingly!

    Its all rumor.

    RIP Mrs. Lena Horne. 🙁

  46. love Beyonce, Love Lena! maybe they should go to Broadway to see what talent is undiscovered for this role.

  47. @ GET REAL

    An Academy Award is the highest and most prestigous award in the entertainment business period. It is the Grand-Daddy of all awards.

  48. Ok ANONYMOUS- Please tell me how so, when it is for…ACTING?!?!

  49. Bey Bey, do us a favor and stick to “singing”, “dancing” and modeling. Leave the acting (and designing) to the professionals that are talented in that way. Don’t make a fool of yourself anylonger. A jack of all trades and master of one or two is not a good look diva.

  50. This would be a good role for Paula Patton or Zoe Saldana or possibly an unknown actress. We do have actresses in black America people. We don’t have to borrow singers to act. SMDH! Bey, Alicia and others could contribute to the soundtrack but we need raw emotions and depth in this role, not elementary school play.

  51. absolutely! she’s an entertainer, novice actress and singer much like the late Ms. Lena Horne

  52. also, other front runners would be paula patton, jada pinkett-smith, halle berry, nia long

  53. please dont get beyonce…what about the girl that replaced “effie” in dream girls….

  54. I feel as an actor/actress playing a living or deceased person you should be abale to embody them. Denzel looks nothing like Malcolm X but there were times when it felt like it was him. Halle Berry resembles Dorothy Dandridge and was able to pull it off. Jamie Foxx captured the essence of Ray Charles.

  55. I say this one should go to Halle Berry. She has more of the better look and talent to play this role.

  56. @ Please excuse me I totally agree and observing from Beyonces’ past acting roles she does not have that it factor to become someone else. She is too into herself to let go and become the character.

  57. Nooooo! I want Alicia Keys to play Ms. Horne or maybe an EXPERIENCED actress like Jurnee Smollett

  58. Not! Lena Horne is a Legend and her biopic should have the best “ACTRESS” portraying her…. Beyonce will need major speech lessons among other things….However With her work ethic she may be able to pull it off if she takes the role serious….But ummm yeah let this stay a rumor…lol!

  59. Both Halle and Beyonce are too dark and have broader features then Lena. The role should be played by Alicia Keys or an unknown.

  60. i will NEVER go see a movie about lena horne starring beyonce! NEVER, her ego is toooo big, plus lena had MAD class, soory B, she’s a singer, but she is not the same classy lady sorry. I’d say alicia or paula, or somebody else PUHLEEEZE!

  61. yeah what about Jurnee,she’s agood choice even if she doesn’t look like lena as much as alicia. Lena would roll in her grave if she knew beyonce was starring.

  62. Eartha Kitt should be played by Syesha Mercado, former American Idol contestant. I knew that from the moment I saw her and heard her sing….of course the Queen Bee should tackle Lena Horne….I think Beyonce would be way better than Halle or anybody else…why? Because she is getting better as an actress if you are following her acting career, and can bankroll it herself if need be….I would choose Alicia Keys secondly to play Lena Horne but I think she is pregnant and would acquiesce to the Queen Bee…there aren’t that many great roles for Black actresses, so Beyonce would be correct to want this plum role and I hope to see her accomplish this….she deserves it…Beyonce works hard to be where she is. She is loved by many.

  63. Jurnee Smollett would be the best actress hands down to play Lena Horne. Jurnee has what it takes to do Ms Horne justice. To me I think she is one of the best young black actresses in Hollywood. She just don’t get the respect that she deserves for her work. If Jurnee play Lena Horne, it could finally make Hollywood wake up and realize that she is the real deal. And who knows. She just might get to have her Oscar moment just like Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Hudson, Mo’Nique and Octavia Spencer.

  64. I think Beyonce is a good actress but she needs to Challenger herself more. It seems like she plays the same roles over and over again. I would like to see her play more dramatic roles. Show Hollywood that she is more than just another singer who acts. I would like to see Beyonce play a crackhead or a role that she really have to dig deep. I am getting tired of seeing her play singers

  65. Playing a singer in a film when you are a singer is not challenging at all

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