Beyonce: I Wish I Was Born Latina

Leave it to Beyonce to cause controversy- even in Spanish. Latina Magazine recently interviewed the sista about her Spanish language album and in the interview Beyonce stated how grateful she was for the support of her Latin fans. Beyonce then went on to make this statement: “I’m just jealous that I wasn’t born Latina. I wish I had been because the culture is so beautiful. ” It is my personal opinion that Beyonce was probably just doing an extra bit of butt kissing. However, as a Black woman she should have known better. Such a statement looks bad and wreaks of self hatred. Plus, I doubt a Latin star would have made such a statement concerning Black people simply because they have crossover appeal among us.

Jennifer Lopez went so far as to decline to have her music declared Black at the MOBO Awards (Music Of Black Origin) in The U.K some years back. Jennifer stated she was a Puerto Rican and felt it her responsibility to represent her own people. I applaud her for that- she was right.

Beyonce is leaving me puzzled with this statement however. I wonder how the rest of the Black community will feel about her statements once they become (more) public.

Beautiful Crossover: Q and A with Beyonce

Think about it: Although there’s a long list of Latino stars who’ve crossed over to sing in English (Shakira, Ricky, Paulina…) what non-Latin star has successfully sung in Spanish? We can’t think of anyone, which is why Beyonce’s new all-Spanish EP, Irreemplazable, is such a big deal to us.

We caught up with her recently to find out why she took that risk–and which Latin stars she thinks are hot:

Latina: So, your name has French roots. And, you know, you could have pursued singing in French. But you’ve chosen to sing in Spanish on this album instead. Why was that?

Beyonce: Well, I did actually sing a song in French at the Oscars. It was very hard. But that gave me the confidence to sing in Spanish because if I can do that, then I felt like, well maybe I can sing in Spanish. I’ve always loved the way Spanish sounds with music and with melodies. It’s just so beautiful and so passionate. I also grew up in Texas and I remember listening to Selena all the time.

Latina: How did you learn to sing in Spanish?

B: I only took classes for a few years in middle school, when you learn to say things like, “Where’s the bathroom?” But, even that helped me with my pronunciation when I got in the studio. I still get a little nervous when I have to do it live, but I’m getting pretty good at it, especially when it has a melody attached to it. I take a lot of time and focus because I want to do it right.

I go through everything with Rudy Perez who rewrote my songs in Spanish–he is so incredible and he completely gets it. So I don’t have to correct anything because he’s right on it all the time. Then I learn each line phonetically, how I would say it. It’s hard–my songs are hard enough to sing in English! We all want to know: What was it like to work with Shakira on Beautiful Liar?

B: She’s amazing. The day we did the shoot, she had been on tour and I was doing a promotion also, so we only had two hours to rehearse. Usually you have two or three days to prepare, but we were so busy we hadn’t even seen each other since we recorded the song. We ended up both freestyling some moves and that’s how we came up with the choreography. She taught me some things and I taught her some things. But, it was so great because she was so easy to work with and so supportive, such warmth. There was no negativity or competitive energy, just love and respect.

Latina: What was it like working with Alejandro Fernandez?

B: Oh! I told one of my best friends, she’s Cuban, that I was working with him. And, she was like, “You’re lying!” And I’m like, “No, I am!” And she’s like, “You know who that is?” She schooled me so I would know.

When I met him, he sang in the studio and I was like, God! He’s incredible. He has soul and passion and his voice sounds like a man, a very masculine man. I loved it!

Latina: You’ve also worked with Alejandro Sanz, I remember, it was Destiny’s Child and him singing “Quisiera Ser” during the Latin Grammies.

B: That was my first experience singing in Spanish, and that actually was the reason why I did this project because we got a great response from the fans. It took a couple years because I was scared. But I’m a little older now and I’m not as afraid to try uncomfortable things.

Latina: Who would you love to work with?

B: Well, I love Luis Miguel, but I still have to get educated, you know? I love merengue, but I don’t know the names of the artists. I just know that I love to dance to the music. Good music is good music, you know? It doesn’t matter what type.

Latina: Which Latin artist do you think is cute?

B: I think, Alejandro Sanz and Alejandro Fernandez.

Latina: Have you ever considered touring in Latin America?

B: I have to go. I’ve never performed there before. But now, I have this album, so maybe I’ll take a month off and visit some places in Latin America at the end of the year. There are certain trips I’ve been saving, so I have something to look forward to–and Brazil is one of those places. I’d love to go there.

Latina: Do you plan to keep singing in Spanish?

B: I don’t know, I’m trying to see how this goes. But do I enjoy singing in Spanish. I think it’s so cool. I want to learn more, but right now I don’t have time. I’m always so busy–I haven’t had a real vacation since I was about 13. So when I finally get a break, the first thing I want to do is learn how to cook, and the second thing is to learn Spanish.

Latina: What’s one thing that you’d like to tell your Latina fans?

B: I would thank them for embracing me. I did radio (promotions) this morning for hours and hours and I noticed a big difference between speaking to all of the Latino stations and speaking to the pop stations or the other stations. With the Latino stations, there was so much love and everyone is so genuine. I’m just jealous that I wasn’t born Latina. I wish I had been because the culture is so beautiful. I’m very grateful Latinos are embracing me.

–Interview: Angie Romero Source


  1. Oh well, typical Black folk behavior is you ask me. If we are not proclaiming all the other races we are mixed with then we claiming we want to be something or someone else. I keep trying to imagine Jennifer Lopez telling Vibe magazine she wishes she was born Black simply because Black people have supported her all these years.The Hispanic community would have worn her azz out. Let’s see if Black folks do that or will they make excuses for her because it was Latin people rather than White people. You know if Beyonce said she wish she was White we would be mad. But wishing you were Latina won’t seem so bad to many of us. No wonder we are hopeless.

  2. Where do you think
    Latina women &men come from? Through us- African/Blackwomen and African/Blackmen.

  3. *shaking my head* Did she really not realize what she was about to say before it came out of her mouth?!? Why, Lord, why did she not say instead that she really likes or loves Latin culture?!? I really don’t think she meant it but VERY poor choice of words!

  4. Well, at least she didn’t say she wanted to be white!!!!!!!!!
    I noticed her skin tone was getting lighter and hair was getting blonder.
    I love being a sista with all that comes with it.At least I don’t have to tan.Hahahahahahaha

  5. Oh lord, it didn’t take long for the bullish to start flying. Don’t try and play that Latinos are from us bit. Tell them that and see the reaction they get. Latins claim nothing but their Spanish side and will deny tooth and nail any affiliation with Africa or dark people in general. They are even more mentally screwed up colorwise than Black people are. Beyonce is foolish and has no common sense of pride in her Blackness and insults her Daddy’s side of the family every chance she gets. Her statements are no suprise to me.

  6. Linds, have you ever heard Beyonce speak? Hell no that fool didn’t know what she was saying. I know retarded people who speak better than her. rotflmao

  7. And people support this dizzy broad! That’s what really scary! People will call you out your name if you don’t kiss the ground she walks on. That was by far the dumbest thing I’ve heard all year! Wow Bee!

  8. Wow I was just speaking up for Bey on the KeKe (I’m not black) article, I made a comment on how Bey always claims her blackness..I guess i spoke too soon because she has now turned around and said something equally stupid..Wheather she meant this or not she could have used a better choice of words, she could have simply said thats she loves the latino culture and let it at that..I agree with the first comment black people, we are the most self hating race on the planet, we always want to be mixed or something other than what we are..That was really ignorant what she said, it will be interesting to see how people will respond to this comment considering that everyone dogged KeKe for making dumb a$$ race comments.

  9. This quote further solidifies everyone’s evaluation of beyonce as a simple-minded, inarticulate and uneducated broad. Beyonce is very talented but it seems to me that she lacks common sense. Even if she does wish she was born latina, why would she make that kind of statement when she knew it would be published for the public to see and possibly cause insensitivity among her black fans.

    I do believe that beyonce really feels that way as well. Hence her collaboration with shakira in which she purposley coordinated for her and shakira to look like twins, with the same belly dance moves, hair style, wardrobe and everything. On trl she even stated that she pretty much begged for shakira to do the collabo with her. Beyonce seldom makes any wise statements so I am really not suprised at all.

  10. wOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant believe she said that shit!!! wasnt she at the BEt awards earlier this year, chanting along to “im black and Im proud” when they honored james brown? SMH…I dont understand it, I agree with the black people wanting to be mixed with sumthin, anything more glamorous than black. I could understand if u looked as if u are mixed, LEt everyboody tell it, they mixed wit sumthin. WHy so much self-hatred? i dunno, We are the most innovative, trendsetting race on the planet.. MAny races immulate us and dont want to acknowledge it, but i must say that I am a proud Black person and would never want to be anything other than whut i am, BLAcK! and PROUD!

  11. Beyonce has always been considered pretty but stupid. I don’t think anyone cares what she says one way or the other. I never pay attention to what comes out of her mouth, But that may be because I’m a guy. 😉

  12. I’m more concerned with the fact that her interview read as slow and stilted as she speaks in real life. If your written interview is just as bad as your TV interviews, that’s sad.

  13. 2007 is not BEYONCE year. Release BDAY three time, got sued by DESIREE, claim IRREPLACABLE as her own, fall during a performance, flash her audience, HOUSE of DEROUEN has promblem got ship back becase damage material now this

  14. Her skin is definitely getting lighter, you can’t help but notice the increasing difference between hers and her sisters. She obviously does wish she is something she’s not, which is sad because as much as we hate to admit it a lot of young girls look up to this person

  15. it’s funny to see people try to justify beyonce’s actions when they were dogging keke the other day for stating her racial make up! now when beyonce states she WISHES she was another race, it’s “oh at least she didn’t wish she was white” black people trip me out i swear! the world is blinded by this girl’s ignorance!

  16. It is amazing what quality make-up can do. I doubt if Beyonce’s skin is “getting lighter” she has always been light skinned maybe she is playing it up now by wearing soft tones on her face. Hell I used to be darker growing up b/c I stayed in the sun (my best friend as well). Once I hit mid twenties and now I am well into my thirties I am naturally a few shades later (and so is my best friend). It’s your sunning habits. Plus make-up is constantly improving for women of color. Beyonce gets bronze when she vacations. Stop the madness, she’s not Michael Jackson and she is her mother’s daughter, they’re all light skinned! Let’s not start with light skinned/dark skinned again it’s old!

  17. By the way I agree with everyone on this board, that was a comment was beyond ignorant. And if she meant it, she should have never said it out loud! To say that you wish you were born into another culture. Self-hatred.

  18. *Shakes head* Beyonce has always been inarticulate but saying something like that is stupid, even for her. Did she not realize that her albums sales dipped after she said she only made “Black music”? By saying that she alienated a big portion of her audience, and now this statement is obviously going to upset a lot of her fans. Someone who is meant to be the epitome of a succesful, talented “Black” woman saying she wishes she was born into another race. I can’t believe people are saying “At least she doesn’t wish she was white”. So that makes it ok? Ridiculous. No wonder so many Black people are growing up confused, the self-hatred is getting passed from generation to generation.

  19. When I think of Latino people I think Spanish speaking, not ethnicity. I run a youth center in South Los Angeles and the kids and families I serve are very often dark skinned Spanish speaking people. The afront was to Americans and not Black people. I agree that there is a lot of prejudice all around. UCLA just did a big art show honoring the African presence in Mexico. I know when I travel to NYC I get asked constantly if I am Latin. I have learn not to be offended and the person I visit there is a very dark skinned man puerto rican man who was upset with me because I got so upset. NYC is an interesting place. I respond by saying no I am not Latina and that this is what Black people look like everywhere else in the nation. Latinos are mad at Jessica Alba right now cause she won’t call herself a Latina. But Beyonce always refers to herself as a Black woman making Black music. Could the opinions be geographical and cultural differences or understanding of culture and race?

  20. I respect Beyonce’s ambitious nature, but I can not support this statement.

    I don’t think any rational person, Beyonce fan or not, can justify this comment. It is not what she meant, but what she said that speaks to how she actually feels about being a Black woman.

    This statement coupled with her image makes me believe that she indeed wishes she was born a Latina.

    People who have been formally educated are taught to disguise their TRUE feelings on taboo issues by being politically correct. Beyonce, Keke and Polow have not been, so until someone coaches them on how to be PC they will continue to be as RAW and CANDID.

    Always believe a person when they show you or tell you who they REALLY are.

  21. That statement is a slap in the face to the other fans who buy her cds & go to her concerts. Makes ya wonder what this country bumpkin says about us behind closed doors.

  22. That’s a comment I would’ve kept to myself! It’s nothing wrong with admiring another culture, but I would’ve never pulled that one. That’s as bad as Kelly stating if she had Beyonce’s fair skin, her records might sell!

  23. I can’t really put into words how tired I am of seeing this self-hatred being displayed by celebrities of our own race. Seriously, how can she be happy when she feels this way about herself? Why should anyone look up to this woman that can’t even respect herself and her roots? I may not have Beyonce’s bank account, her fame or her status, but I feel that my life is way better than hers because I love myself and where I come from. She wishes she was Latina for more than just cultural purposes I’m sure, her ever changing skin tone tells that. I’m sick of our celebrities period! Pardon my French but if they aren’t running around looking like whores on Hollywood streets doing ignorant crap like dog-fighting and promoting promiscuity, then they’re taking the mic and talking about how they hate their race and wish they were something different. I’ve never purchased any of Beyonce’s merchandise/products/movies/whatever else she’s overextended herself doing, and that’ll never happen now. She isn’t representing me; none of these fools who talk like this are. I’m so disappointed with the black celebrity community in general that it’s just sickening. The only way I can truly express my contempt for this mess is if I stop promoting it; and that is what we should all do.

  24. Sick of It, i see where you are coming from. I just wish there were more black celebs with her status and audience who spoke sense and educated our young to love who they are and not wish they were something else. Although i think we may be taking what she said too literally and we’ll never know the extent to what she meant, it is important that these type of issues are discussed because comments like hers give out the wrong message. A lot of other races see beyonce as representing us and by her saying things like that really doesnt help. She’s already made it seem as if all we do is shake our butts. the amount of times i’ve seen people call black women beyonce just because they are the only black women in the club is annoying. People need to start supporting black women who really respect who they are and what they stand for like India Arie, you wouldn’t find her saying something as tactless as that.

  25. I really think she was butt kissing also. (she does that some time). She coulda put it in a different way. But yes, that is wreckless these days, b/c people take things very serious nowadays. Didn’t she say something before like “she makes Black music” and it effected her B’Day sales? That’s what I heard. Now I see why she does not say much she seems to say silly things. Tisk. Tisk.

  26. When I read her “wishing to be latina” statement I was at lost for words. Beyonce wouldn’t have never been “BEYONCE” if it wasn’t for us. Then she’s going to make a stupid statement like this? Butt-kissing or not she must have either lost her mind or she showed her true colors.
    Never in my life have I wish that I was something other than Black.

    I could only wonder how this would affect her African-American fans, parents/family, friends now. I think she just talked her way out of respect. Then again there are some mis-guided fans that love her so much that she could never or say anything wrong, so for that matter they will continue to support her. There are some blacks that will do that. I could bet on my bank account if this was Mary J. Blige that was publicly wishing she was latina, her fame would have been doomed.

  27. Beyonce is a performer, not a scholar. No offense to the fans out there, but she does not look too bright so I am not surprised by her comments.

  28. With every message I am on, there are more and more people saying mean things about this chic named Beyonce’. Why do people hate her so much? So she made a stupid comment, so what, shes only 26 years old. Just the other day there was a comment about her admitting to making just “Black” music. People still found a reason to say something negative about her. I hear white people saying that they are jealous of our soul. Why must we always be put in a box with boundaries? I understand why J Lo said what she said. There aren’t as many mainstream hispanics for Latinas(os) to look up to. In a way I am jealous because its seem like every race has got their stuff together but us. Beyonce message board always have more comments then any other artist. Women today have got alot of feelings and opinions about her. Love her or leave her!

  29. Beyonce is a beautiful talented black woman, but could be a ditz when she’s ready. If she wants to be Latina she could have kept that comment to herself. But that just shows you how stupid she is. Plus I already know all the Beyonce stans out there are gonna start defending her left and right, thinking she could never say anything like that. Just goes to show you how she got half of these people out here brainwashed with her beauty. This shows you the self hatred that a lot of black people have. They always claiming they mixed with this and that, or they want to be something else. Poor choice of words my ass, this idiot knew what she was saying!!!! Plus in another interview with Sway, he asked her a question about people comparing her to Michael Jackson, and she answered him without thinking saying “People shouldn’t compare me to Michael Jackson because I had a normal childhood” This just shows you the level of stupidness this girl has!!!

  30. IT seems like everything BEYONCE says and everything BEYONCE do she is gettin’ a little slack, but i think that she was just representing the culture of latina’s i mean look at j.lo she don’t know if she want to be black or latino lol

  31. I think it’s really funny that all of you that are making comments about this situation and most of you, if not all of you, probably bought her albums and helped her get her success. I don’t have one Destiny’s Child or Beyonce album, have never bought one, and never will.

  32. Regardless of Beyonce or Keke’s comments, us regular folks tend to want to dissect what we’re mixed with, not as a form of self-hatred, but to try to find out who we are in the world. I know that I used to wish I was biracial as a kid in order to find some reason to accept the fact that I felt like a freak in the black community. You know that–Oreo, “you talk like a white girl”, listen to “white people” music, “you’re not black because you don’t like chicken”, etc. That maybe, if I was half white then black people would accept what I liked to listen to, what I ate, how I liked to dress, my interest in school and how I spoke. If the black community were to stop making these “lists” of what it means to be black, maybe people wouldn’t feel pressured to dig around to find who they are as a black person. Why do you think a lot of well-spoken, educated, “nerdy” black men date outside of their race? They were told growing up, by blacks, that they weren’t really “black”, whereas whites and asians accepted them. -.-

  33. This article is a few weeks old but I see lots of blogs picking this up now since you guys posted it. Most people didn’t bother to read the interview even though it was visible during any search, probably because it was with what they thought was a Spanish language magazine. Even TMZ has picked up the story. Me thinks you are influencing others Brown Sista.

  34. And she wants to know why people don’t care for her ! WHERE THE STANS I WANT THEM TO JUSTIFY THIS SH**.

  35. You know why ppl hate or bash Bey, because she is really fake. Her personality to her look. She said that comment to sell her spanish speaking album. You fans and stans amaze me. I once loved Bey but its like she is stupid or something. Then its like she is a hoe on stage but a godly person and humble. SHe doesnt look like a sista she looks like a white woman. But all of the brothers and everyone else looks up to her, like thats how you gotta look or else. This chick is a fraud. With out mommy and daddy, she would mess up alot with everything. Her comment was dumb.. and her parents will soon come to the rescue as always. Sueing everybody….

  36. Just like a black woman that has a little bit of money and no class. That is the exact reason why I do not purchase any of her music, cause she is not black enough for me.
    I am a strong black woman with no money, but with something worth more….class and dignity.
    Stay strong Black Women.

  37. Does this really surprise anyone? Beyonce always has been and always will be an IDIOT

  38. I agree with your post X, we should start supporting public figures that promote self-love, respect, and intelligence. I agree about India Arie also, I couldn’t see her making a move like this, be it purposeful or just to boost sales. She has too much pride about herself to make remarks like that imo.

  39. Beyonce should just be quiet and let her Rep speak for her so she dont say dumb issh like that. She gets on my nerves at times. She’s just trying to sell her corny records.
    I just saw a commercial with her man Jay- Z, and it was funny. Someone was asking him his view on how the VMA’s were gonna go down. His reply was that at the end of the day Beyonce is more talented than anybody including himself so he’s sure she will go home with the most awards. He standing by his Bytch.

  40. Playing Devil’s Advocate

    I don’t think she meant it. Beyonce is a verbal clutz and I can just see her now grinning from ear to ear making this statement and fumbling all over the words. She can barely talk. She is still scared and nervous during interviews and it shows in her inability to verbally express herself. I’m sure in the next couple of days they will release a statement explaining it all and you’ll will see that it was an honest mistake.

  41. Awwww she doesn’t mean much by rhis comment at all…we all fantasized one time or another being anything but ourselves. The a/a race hasnot been the best supporters either!!! it’s hard being black especially when your own race tries to draw blood out of your career. I have luv for her she can be anything she like to be in my book! TEAM BEE!!!!

  42. I don’t even see why this quote is such a big deal, it’s not like she said “I hate black people, dang I wish I was latina.” I’ve heard worse come from celebrities, can we say Mel Gibson? Paris Hilton? The tmz, concreteloop and all the other sites are taking this places it shouldn’t have even reached

    i believe TMZ picked up on this comment to use against Beyonce because they were labeled racist for calling Beyonce a “roboho.” It’s like their way of saying, “Well, since you politically-correct folks are so easily offended, what do you say to THIS comment from your girl! She doesn’t even want to be Black so there!!!” That’s how I perceive their running with this comment.

    In general, people seem very sensitive to anything Beyonce says about race other than “I am Black and proud!!!” Even when she talked of her Creole culture some thought she was trying to “distance” herself from being 100% Black. This another reason why most celebs don’t say much in interviews,coz folks are always gonna find a way to twist and spin it. plus can we please move past the lightskinned issue,beyonce has always been a lightskinned black person of creole heritage(yes i said it, it’s part of heritage)from birth and thats not gonna change.

    interesting enough where were all these blog webistes and everybody when paris hilton were saying the N-word and other mess?

  43. Like her Jigga Boo stated in a song ma can “DIG A HOLE…GO AHEAD…BURY YOURSELF” oh wait she already has with that bullshhh low azz ignorant comment. Azz kissin or not you dont ever turn your back on your race and say you wish to be another as if your race is not good or BEAUTIFUL enough for you. BeYAaaAWwwwNnnCE I hope you can see from 6ft becuz thats where you are to alot of ppl righ now….

  44. Thanks Hollabackgurl–Beyonce has always been light skinned as I said in my earlier post as well. Not sure why people think she’s “turning light” all of a sudden. It’s all about how much sun you’re getting and let’s not forget that soft and neutral make-up tones play up light skin. Also back in the day beyonce’s hair was darker so that in turn plays up different undertones in the skin. This sister knows b/c I used to be a few shades darker growing up and now I do not get the same amount of sun at all so therefore I am back to my original complexion.

  45. That was still an ignorant comment. I am sure that she is regretting this comment if the feedback has been brought to her attention. Beyonce is not media savey in terms of clearly articulating her thoughts. She’s not horrible but articulate thoughts do not come to her very easily. She’s improved over the years but one can tell that interviews are a struggle for her. TMZ is reporting on it like everyone else. The reasons why is speculation (just like we’re all doing on this board-speculating). Only Beyonce knows the truth.

  46. I just reread some posts and the comments are interesting. What does “looking like a sister” look like? Wow. I hope that I live to see the day when some folks stop telling others what being black is supposed to look like. It’s a slap to the face of any black person and making a statement like that shows the person’s ignorance and/or lack of education.

  47. No one ever mistook Beyonce for a genius. She only meant to say that she loves the Latin culture and appreciates all the love and support from her Latin fans. Why she doesn’t just answer with as few words as possible is beyond me. She is not the brightest bulb in the chandelier and she proves that every time she opens her mouth to do anything but sing. Let’s move on.

  48. To play devil’s advocate here, there are black latinos (even though they are not as prominently displayed as the lighter skinned ones on telemundo or various latin media). Wishing you were latino/latina doesn’t necessarily mean she was wishing she wasn’t still black as well.

    Case in point:
    Willie Bobo
    Sen Dog

    These brothers are unmistakably black but also latino in language in culture.

  49. Like someone said before, she is still very shy at public speaking sometimes. I think she just went a little overboard with her graciousness. I think people who’ve already hated on Beyonce in the past will take this comment and run with it. People who are supportive of a black woman breaking down doors and really aren’t intimidated by her success and appearance will not take this comment so seriously. I will admit I AM A LITTLE ENVIOUS OF BEYONCE’. She has everything. Here I am a year older then her and havent recieved a fraction of the success she has. You have to channel that into positive energy. What can I do to become successful? You have to get off your behind and make things happen. Its always the ones who arent doing anything with their lives that likes judge others. There was post saying that she has never purchased a Beyonce or DC album and never will is just a straight up mean and hateful.

  50. shes dum she wants to be diana ross,shakira,tina turner brittany spears shes not original all she do is copy folks shes a confused brad thats my opinion and im not hating she acts s o innocent but shes a ho

  51. I think its hypocritical to criticize Beyonce for ‘dissing’ her culture, when the majority of us (Beyonce included) don’t know about our own. When our kids grow up learning more about hip hop, than our African heritage. When we continue to support artists that refer to women as bitches and hoes, and each other as niggas. Sometimes I wish I was apart of a culture of unity, not degradation and separation. Sometimes I wish I was apart of a culture of peace, not violence and anger. Everyone’s so quick to say hip hop is dead. F hip hop. Our culture is dead. Blogs and other outlets have divided and scrutinized us, instead of uniting and lifting us up. If only we could get this hyped up, and contact our local politicians and demand changes in our educational systems. We’ll rather write about a pop singer’s faux pas, than the president’s continued and purposely misleading statements about the state of our troops. My point is, if you want to get on a high horse, choose a taller one. Because, there are so many issues affecting you that you could change with as quick of a response you gave Beyonce.


    If we’re so tired of Beyonce why don’t we embrace and support more sistas like India, Angie Stone, Jill scott, and Eirka Bydu who represent the natural black woman….I personally have NEVER bought a Beyonce record, I like some of her songs but she has never been deep enough for me.


  53. Ok Black people, How long will you support this coonish ho?
    Don’t buy none of her Sh** (music, clothes,etc)
    Don’t support her sh** (movies, magazines she’s on the cover,turn the channel when she on tv so the rating of the program that has her on will go down and they will not have her back on etc)
    Don’t buy anything she endorse (make up, perfume,etc.)
    Email like crazy any company like Loreal and tell them you refuse to buy any of their products as long as Beyonce is endorseing it, email any show like BET and tell them you refuse to watch any program that has her on it. Remember there is power in numbers. Did we not just see Apple’s giving a $100 credit for the Iphone because countless customers email them in protest. Don’t even talk about her on or offline. Refuse to post on any blog or messageboard that talks about her. Even negative comments keep her in the game. She will go away when we unite to ignore her. This has been long over due, First her dad claims she’s not even Black(clearly she never wanted to be one of us). Then her mom and sister claimed females were jealous of her because she was lightskin with long blonde hair (as if Texas was lacking beautiful lightskinned sistas with natural long hair and as if that blond Sh** is natural) Then Beyonce claimed Black women were surprise she is really sweet in person (as if she is to beautiful for Black women). Yall some dum fu** if yall don’t bring this bi*** down to earth. Yall got the power, yet yall refuse to collectively use it. Stop whinning about this sell-out and sell-out niccas with white women and collectively put your enemies on the offense. If sistas would unite and refuse to date any BM seen with a white woman in his life at anytime, then Black men would have no choice but to respect and stay with sistas because most white women are with white men. It’s a small percentage engaged in relationship with bruthas. Bruthas couldn’t afford to lose pu$$y this way-so they would be force to leave white women alone. Why would they now, when they can have you and them? You going to white men is not the answer because of them want white women. So that would leave you guys out. Why do you think white women aren’t coming after latin men? Because latinas are untied to not let a latino come back to the group if they sell out. They leave they stay gone. You Black women need to tighten up your community by taken actions. Let the coons defend themselves against the police. Let their white women get them out of jail and march for them. Show people your serious. Stop sell out women such as Beyonce and coon niccas from hurting your overall goal.
    Show Beyonce and coonish niccas what it is like to not be Black. Let the “others” have their self-hating azz. If your not willing to do that then shut the fu** up and take the assaults.

  54. Black ManforBlack Women Only, it’s not that serious. You do need help.

    How are you going to organize a boycott with all of those ignorant statements and expletives in your comment?

    While she sounds crazy as hell, I don’t see it as a proclamation or denouncement of her culture. She was merely kissing ass, since her spanish ep just came out last week. If you see it for more than that, you probably had a negative view of her before these comments. Let’s be real, some of the people in here are sounding just as crazy as her with these light skin/dark skin comments. The pot can’t call the kettle black. (no pun intended)

    Plus, Latin is a culture, not a race. I’m not a big beyonce fan, but I like some of her music. To be fair, if you read the article, you’ll see she was just running her mouth. This is nothing to release the hounds about.

  55. That’s fine she show love to their culture i have no problem with that.But she seems to be one of these people it sound good in their head but when it comes out it’s one of the most ”STUPIDEST THING YOU EVER HEARD”

  56. It’s not surprising she said this.And it’s not surprising that some of us give her a pass for saying it.If say fantasia,or keisha cole said this,or mary j,then people would be calling for their heads.We are losing our identy and this is one of the reasons why.
    She should have known better.It’s an insult.No if’s about is.
    But some will say-it’s nothing or explain it away because they’re a fan,or whatever.
    Martin and Malcolm must be rolling in their graves right now and the comment and the lack of outrage.
    She gives credence to what many say about it.It’s better to be anything else but black.
    And as far as,oh she’s just kissing up.That doesn’t make it any better.That just says,you’d sell out your own people just to get some record sale,that really you don’t even need.That says you are not a genuine person.

  57. One last thing– Black ManforBlack women only… You sound like a cracker


  59. All the support the black community has given Beyonce since she was a kid in Destiny’s Child and she says sometimes she wishes she were Latina. Unbelievable! Black celebs are the main one’s dissing their race openly and I’m tired of it. Beyonce is so stupid. There are women who go get surgeries so they can have a butt like hers, which she got from black genes, but she wishes to be Latina. She says the Latino culture is so beautiful but so many of her dance roots are from Africa. This is not a diss to Latinos b/c they do have a beautiful culture. Beyonce obviously has issues and I hope her Latino brothers and sisters support her b/c my black dollars will not. I guess she and KeKe do have something in common–self-hatred.

  60. Latin is a language not a culture.

    Latin American, Latino, Hispanic = you are from OR a descendent of Mexico, Cuba, South America, Dominican Republic, etc OR simply put a LATINO is a person of Latin-American or Spanish speaking descent…..I can go on but before we attempt to define and go into history of other ethnicities and races we should clean up our own back yard.

    Who cares. We need to know our own culture before we can try to preach what someone else’s culture is. My best friends are of Latin descent, Indian, Philipino descent, Asian descent, African American descent, Mexican, Puerto Rican, you name it I have it in my best circle of friends and we have been best friends throught out high school and college (and we are in our 30s). We represent the USA. I cannot live any other way. Diversity is the key. My comments on this board come from the heart. We should learn to embrace not to hate.

    And I hate to say it but black people do not have the lock on butts. Look around, I see a$$es on people of all races.

  61. I agree with Nik and Hakim. Very well said and very true.

    Uh . . . We all know that Beyonce isn’t the brightest so I’m still trying to figure out why people are even getting upset by what she said. Aren’t there more important matters to worry about? I think it’s time we got our sh*t together, folks. Everything these celebrities say is NOT to be taken seriouly . . . please remember that it’s entertainment and when it’s all said and done, we still have our own mess to deal with . . .

  62. I”m upset ” JENA 6, HAGGING OF THE NUSE IN AT A UNIVERSITY IN MARYLAND THAT’S WHY”! When you have been in the entertainment business for how long? and you didn’t pick up on some media do’s and dont’s and you are what 26yrs old nearing 30 hell to the no it’s no excuse .and yes like someone pointed out as a race of people we need to get our sh** together.

  63. Fuc* that tranny looking bitc*
    I never hear latino men talking about how fine she is. Bruthas wake up and stop gassin this empty ho’s head. Don’t wait until she finish using Jay Z and get with a white boy (example A: Halle Berry)
    Sista need to wake up as well, She thinks she’s better looking than most of you. Let the Latinos have this washed up slut and see how far she goes then. It’s about time we Black people unite and stop letting everyone (including our own) use us and then disrespect us.

  64. Yall can make excuses for this bitc* all you want-which is why the Black race will remain at the bottem on every level because you don’t stand up for shi*. Which is why nobody (including Blacks) don’t respect you

  65. To Blacksista-and you sound like another Black bi*** who will forever whine about white women taken your men and the lack of respect sistas get. Because you refuse to do sh** about it, just whine whine whine

  66. @babyboi-and you need some racial pride

    To Ja: That’s the problem, You think it’s not serious. Black people don’t stand up against sh** nowadays, which is why everyone sh**s on us (including our own). You think I need help because I speak out against this self-hating bimbo? Beyonce publicly wished she was of another culture, Yet you idiots are making excuses for her words. How the he** you know her true motives (kissing a**)? Even so, she still diss the Black community and she knew she could because dum azz niccas like you wasn’t going to do sh** about it bbecause it’s not “serious”. And Blacks wonder why the likes of Imus can fearfully talk sh** and every other movie can refer to us as nigge*s. Nobody fears us because we don’t do sh** about anything. I guess some of you clowns will not get “serious” until yall Black azz are in chains again

  67. Well Beyonce ISN’T the smartest tool in the tool box. She was born, bred, & groomed to be a star. That’s ALL she knows… & I believe that’s all she wants to know. She don’t give a damn about what the black community thinks about her… as long as she still has some fans that are willing to run out & buy her merchandise, she don’t give to damn sh!ts about what we think about that article.

  68. BlackMan for BlackWomenOnly, are you the type of Black man we sistas are suppose to seek to be with? You come to a blog built to show Black women love and call them bit.ches just because one of them politely disagreed with what you said? Brothers like you are why we are fleeing to the other side. The minute you all get the feeling you whip out the “B” word on us. Take your hatred somewhere where it will be appreciated cause we don’t want it here. You have no respect for Black women and your quick temper showed you to be a sicko probably incapable of getting and holding on to a woman.

  69. I am not African American but I know a lot of you guys. I think Bee was trying to kiss some ass w/ that statement cause it sounds really commercial, I mean saying “Latino culture is so beautiful…” I am sure it’s beautiful but whose culture isn’t? Really, every culture is different and beautiful in its own way. Regardless if she meant it like she said it or not, it came out like she sounded “insecure” and “ashamed” of her black culture, which I think is beautiful in its own too.

    Now, I am just sick and tired of celebrities (all races) who forget that a lot of young people are looking up to them. I am sure a lot of girls are looking up to this lady and she goes on record saying things like this. I don’t care if she didn’t mean it like the way it came out, what she said was not nice towards her black fans. Saying “I’m jealous”. What is that? I don’t think you need to be a scholar to know that you’re not supposed to say things like that especially regarding race since it’s a very sensitive subject. At the end of the day, when you’re done faking everything in your life, you’re left w/ what you really are: your blood. Your blood won’t change. If you are born black, that’s what God intended for you to be. Of course once in a while everybody wishes they were something they’re not but you just don’t day it aloud.

    It’s just funny because when TMZ wrote something about her outfit (remember the RoboHo thing?), Rev Sharpton went on to make a statement like “Bee is an image of successful black w/ dignity…whatever he was saying”. That just says how much black people embrace her. It’s just sad that celebrities these days forget who make them stars. It’s us the fans and if tomorrow we decide their run is over, they’re over too. If she wants to sell spanish records, that’s fine man, but don’t kiss their ass too much to the point of making a fool of yourself. Just take the example of Celine Dion. Hate her or love her, she is a French-Canadian. She makes English records, spanish records, even Japanese records. But there’s something she will never forget to tell you “I am from Quebec and I love it”.

    I really hope that little black girls who look up to Bee don’t get self-image issues looking at her and listening to her. You guys are beautiful because this is what God intended for you to be.

  70. In response to what Niki said and another comment made about beyonce not being a scholar. It does not take being a scholar or genius to have common sense and think before you open your mouth.
    You can have respect and love for aspects of other cultures but not at the expense of your own, and indirectly discrediting your own race. This girl is Not an illiterate. I am sure she is fully aware that many entertainers , and politicians died and suffered,so that Beyonce can sit in crowd of White people and Latino and say that she is their equal, if not better at an entertainer then they are.
    Instead of celebrating her heritage , she is willing to sell out her rich Culture for a quick buck, and ignore the fact that many black people have supported her. All you stan fans need stop the excuses
    This is another form of a high profile black person in mental slavery, she wants the black booty and the figure but every other thing about being black goes out the window. plase refer to Michael Jackson, Lil Kim so on and so forth…
    There really is not an excuse for this ignorant statement, she is probably just one album away from saying she wishes she was white, just saying what she probably thinking everyday in that one useful brain cell she has.

  71. Thanks to all the people who wrote about black people needing to respect, our selves in order to get respect.It is so true I really didn’t think any black people out there cared about these things any more . We are the dying part of the black race . The many black women and girls have turned to shaking their booty or to being the likes of a Video vixen to get respect. Many men and young boys have turned to imitating 50 cent and Pimp snoop dog but on a broke budget. At worst black men have turned into the likes of inconegro like kanye west. No wonder other race disrespect the black race we are just gimmicks to them. We need to be getting are heads down in the books and looking back to what Dr Malcolm X fought for. Instead of killing each other on da street.

    I still have faith in we as a people, we are strong but we have limited aspirations as our weaknesses. Beyonce’s comment is a cry for help she needs education, and is a reflection of the state of the black poplace today.

  72. A mind really is a terrible thing to waste. I blame Matt and Tina for breeding entertainers as opposed to raising a family and teaching them that education is first and talent after.

  73. I think once again she put her foot in her mouth without thinking. I’m sure shes happy to be a black women she just enjoy the spanish culture. I think that’s what she meant to say. But you knwo what. Bee is a singer she is suppose to sing. Of course by now she should know how to conduct an interview. But we all are human. Just keep that in mind people. Bee get it together girl, your slipping a lot this year.

    S. Dot! 🙂

  74. I think that Beyonce has definitely put her foot in her mouth with this comment. Someone made a comment earlier about how Latinos do everything they can to deny any or all of their African roots. Even the Latinos with the nappiest of heads!! What is up with that?! I don’t understand that and I never will. I can speak from experience about this topic because I’ve grown up with, gone to school with and have lived around Latino people all of my life, Washington Heights/Dominican Heights USA. They are as someone said before just as screwed up as black folks proclaiming to be mixed with every race under the sun and give less props to being BLACK. It’s really sad that Beyonce would make such a comment and I feel that she’s lost a fan in me for making such an idiotic statement.

  75. To Dana, First of all, the sista didn’t politely disagree with me. she excused me of being White; which has nothing to do with the topic. second of all, you sistas call each other b****, so you don’t have respect for each other and yet you think anyone else will? Be real-nobody respect anyone who don’t demand it. sista don’t demand respect for themselves, from each other, and other people. Now going to the “other side” is an empty threat becasue most of the others will always want their own women. Most Black men are with Black women-that’s a fact. Yet many of yall buy into the lie that most Black men want white women or other women. The only reason so many white women can come into the community and take so many sell outs is because sell outs (including Beyonce) pay no price for their betrayal. Which is why Blacks will stay easy prey for everyone (including to Blacks:example:Blacks helping enslave Blacks and even owning slaves) Black people need to face the fact that most of us will be together period, so instead of jumping ship to the other side (as if we all can do that) we need to workout our issues together. What do you think the others will call you when they are mad? a nigg** b****
    You need to be real.

    @ those people still trying to blame Beyonce’s parents, yet that would have worked if she was still 17 and younger, the sell out is da** near 30 years old. Her ignorance is on her now. She is no spring chicken to be excused for being so dum

  76. Peace & Blessings all.

    I think none of us, we, should take this comment too seriously. Remember:

    1) She has a Spanish language album coming out

    2) She’s not that smart (we know); she makes mistakes in what she says in interviews (we know); She’s not that smart (we know)

    3) She has a Spanish language album coming out

    As a couple of you have mentioned, it’s butt-kissing; that’s all. And maybe she really means it and maybe she really loves the Latino culture ‘that’ much. I can’t speak on the self-hate thing, because we’d be here all day. LOL. But seriously, don’t take it too closely. She’s “stuck her foot in her mouth” (as someone said it before) and I’m sure she’ll do it again. Proof positive that she is NOT the perfect Goddess that her fans (stans) deem her. But I’m sure Matthew and Tina (mainly Matthew) will respond to this latest upset if it keeps getting as much coverage as it has. They’ll clean it up for her.

  77. Madame Zenobia: i have much respect for you and a many others own this blog you guys make great points on many issues.But own this one (Lol here) you guy’s are missing the point fine i have no problem with your playing up to your audience to sell your records embracing another cultures in which we all should do.

    She has been in the business for for awhile and she knows how the game goes again like i said she should have some media savvy of the do’s & don’t of the business .She’s a 26 yrs old nearing 30 she’s not 17 I’m only speaking for myself some of the excuses you guy’s are giving that’s for a kid . Not for a well season entertainer even if she didn’t intentionally mean it just the way it sounded it came off as your’e culture wasn’t equally as beautiful . It’s just Sad

    It’s just to much going on in this country this day and age, you would think certain things went out in the 60’s but still prevalent .It goes to show you you can have all the money in the world but you can’t buy common sense.




  79. ^^^^^
    Some people want to play down her comment and make many excuses for a grown azz woman. so sick

  80. To Stef: your smart, most of us brothas love us some beautiful Black women(Which is why we are with them and married to them more than with the “others”).
    Yall come in all shades; so why would any brothas need to jump ship?
    Only a weak sell out need a woman from another “race” and make tired excuses for the lack of his manhood. Black women are strong and their strength is part of their many appeals. We wouldn’t be nowhere without you. Many of these sell outs are just afraid of being a man (normaly fear of other men) because dad was not in the home, so they need a weak woman (usually a pink slut) to push around in order to feel like the man they are not.

  81. In the interest of disclosure, let me just say that I am not a diehard Beyonce fan – I am indifferent. I do however applaud her moxy – I think she and the Knowles clan understand clearly that Beyonce’s star power has a shelf life. In my opinion, milk it for all it’s worth. It is just a matter of time before another “Beyonce” rears her pretty little head and assumes the mantle. Indeed, anyone watching the VMA’s last night might have noticed several new torch bearers waiting in the wings, but I disgress.

    Now, I don’t know how well educated Beyonce is, but in candid moments when she is not highly scripted, if I close my eyes I get the feeling that I am listening to a person who did not finish high school and certainly has done nothing since she has acquired her wealth to better educate herself (the latter galls me to no end). But that is of no moment because a formal education does not necessarily instill in one a sense of pride and dignity in one’s self, race, and gender. A woman of bearing – whether educated or not – would never have uttered the words Beyonce did.

    The reason why I find it difficult to pass off her comments as simply idiotic or just putting her foot in her mouth is because when I read the entire interview I get the feeling that to her, there is some truth in what she says. Everyone is focusing on the I’m jealous I wasn’t born a Latina comment, but when I read that along with her swipe against the “pop” and “and other” radio stations where she apparently doesn’t feel any genuine love, I have to step back and do a double take. She didn’t even have the decency to call Black radio, Black radio – it is now the “other.”

    In one fell swoop she has told us all that she has found another more lucrative outlet to ply her trade and that she is willing to throw her fan base and those who made her the star that she is, under the bus to do it. Even the “other” radio stations [read R&B/Rap] who play her music ad nauseum while neglecting better singers who have the misfortune to not have as much weave, choose to sing about empowerment over riches, are a little less “light bright”, and have a little MORE swing in their hips, will not be spared by Beyonce. Who knew that she felt so neglected by the “Queen” makers!?!

    No, I think there is some truth in those statements and to Beyonce I say “GO FOR IT CHICA!” But if you are reading this Beyonce, here is a word of advice, I’ve lived in a Latin American country all of my life – A little place call Miami, ever heard of it? And let me just let you in on a little secret, Beyonce – that little booty shaking you do on MTV and BET is not going to cut it on Telemundo and Univision. I hate to be the one to tell you that you don’t have anything on these chicas – notice I said chicas, plural. See my theory is that you’ve really not had much competition over the past few years, your reign was fortuitous. Not so in the Latin world you now so love and adore – there are dozens who can do what you do tens times better. Oh and did I mention that they come in all flavors – you did know that Latinas can be of any race, didn’t you B? And they embrace them all!

    But don’t worry Ms. Knowles, if the Latin thing doesn’t doesn’t work out you can always come home. See that race of people that you wish that you weren’t born into well we have our own brand of “genuine love” – no matter how you treat us, we always manage to find room in our hearts to take OUR OWN back – so you go out there and do your thing and if and when you realize what you had along well… just come on back home, we’ll leave the light on.

    And one more thing

  82. Pardon me BlackMan, I took you for an “other” because I have never personally came across a “Black Man” whose so blatantly disrespectful to black women. You come on a website such as this and call us b**** –you are asking for it (I think you know that). You obviously have a lot of feelings about the state of our community with all your finger pointing. What exactly have to done to fix things? You seem to know how to point out all our problems–any solutions? Of course you don’t because you are an imposter! Black people are this hateful. You might want to get your info from TV1/BET rather than CNN.

  83. haha this is so funny
    Black people use the Black community to make it
    and then diss the same community when they do make it
    And you still have Black people defending the diss
    You guys are stupid
    P.s. Then you have a Black guy trying to give sisters some truth on how to keep their men and sisters reject it to try and run to “other” men who don’t want them.
    Stupid group of people

  84. To BlackSista-maybe you need to work on your comprehension skills and re-read my first post which gave some basic answers.
    Sistas need to unite on boycotting/dating sellouts. That alone would stop many white women from taken Black men. Given the fact that most white women want their own men. There wouldn’t be enough white women for Black men even if they wanted to sell out. (which most don’t) If sell outs knew they could never come back to Black women, they would think twice about getting with a pink slut. But yall only whine and don’t take a united action. Also yall don’t require Black men to marry yall before giving up the goods and having his babies. Yall also don’t respect yall self enough to stop calling each others hos and b****(and stop buying/supporting men/women who call you that). When yall do that then others will have no choice but to respect yall. My Sista, yall also don’t do sh** to sell out women like Beyonce, which is why she can freely wish to be something else and also claim you sistas are jealous of her. Yall have power that yall let lay doormat because yall to busy whinning. Stop supporting people who don’t support the Black women’s overall goal. If a coonish nicca want to disrespect you-then untiy and don’t ever support his/her products or be there for that sell out when the popo go upside his head. Let Becky march for his weak azz. I love Sistas only and this is not to lay the burden solely on yall. This post is only because this blog is directed towards sistas.

  85. The above was by “BlackMan”. I meant to address “Becky” as well, but put the names in the wrong place.
    @Becky-Shut the f*** up you flat azz bi***

  86. Madame Zenobia: i have much respect for you and a many others own this blog you guys make great points on many issues.But own this one (Lol here) you guy’s are missing the point fine i have no problem with your playing up to your audience to sell your records embracing another cultures in which we all should do.

    She has been in the business for for awhile and she knows how the game goes again like i said she should have some media savvy of the do’s & don’t of the business .She’s a 26 yrs old nearing 30 she’s not 17 I’m only speaking for myself some of the excuses you guy’s are giving that’s for a kid . Not for a well season entertainer even if she didn’t intentionally mean it just the way it sounded it came off as your’e culture wasn’t equally as beautiful . It’s just Sad

    It’s just to much going on in this country this day and age, you would think certain things went out in the 60’s but still prevalent .It goes to show you you can have all the money in the world but you can’t buy common sense.


    So, basically juumpy, you’re saying she should just shut it? LOL

    Yes, I was ‘nice’ with my comment. It’s just that so many others have debated and spoken so eloquently above how they feel that this might indeed be a sign of ‘self-hating’ or just ‘purentee’ idiocy. I guess I didn’t want to contribute that way. LOL.

    But everything with her and her family just screams money and how to make it. Tina, in introducing her HSN line, made a comment to her Creole heritage…perhaps to appeal to Creoles buying her wares? Beyonce, loves Diana Ross (rather Mama Tina does), so she’s “Deena” in the movie and she’s felt that she was always “Deena” growing up. Now she’s a true Latina at heart and oh, golly wow, it was great to work with Shakira and Alejandro and that other dude whose name I forget and “why can’t I really be one of you”? Either way, all this talk produces/produced MONEY in record sales, movie ticket sales or clothing sales.

    The Knowles Clan are a machine and Beyonce (while somewhat dim) is the catalyst for that machine…so I have to see that something as small as ‘this’ is just to appeal to those who might be affected, so that she can make money, money, money. LOL.

    Again, I’ve short-changed the ‘real’ issue many of you have spoken of…I can’t speak on that now. But you do have ‘pernts’ (points)…

  87. This is why she seem kinda sad at the VMA’s. I thought it was because she wasn’t going to win much and be the of attention.

  88. As I said, I am sure she didn’t mean like she hates black people. Still I’ve never understood this chick. Let me explain myself:
    – She always talks about God, Christian… but then, when she is on stage, she surely doesn’t behave like one. I don’t wanna judge but common sense to me would be “cover yourself up”.
    – “Crazy in love” was crazy. She became really famous. But why is all her music videos look the same? Does she always have to wear those skimpy clothes and shake her booty everytime. I am starting to notice that people start to get tired of it too.
    – She always talks about being talented and stuff. I mean she is not bad. To me she is not a Stevie Wonder-type of person. She writes her own songs and so what. What do they really mean? Booty, booty and more booty.
    – She is trying to conquer the whole entertainment business (it’s good to be ambitious) but then talks like this. You want everybody to embrace you, don’t diss anybody and don’t kiss ass. If people really like you, they will like you for who you are, no matter what your skin color is. Everybody love Denzel and I’ve never heard anybody mention his race. Who cares really, we just love him cause he’s good!
    – If you want a long-lasting career, don’t base it on your looks because as the bible said : Beauty and looks are vain, it’s here today, tomorrow you’ll be all wrinkle.

    I just really hope that she realizes how many young girls are looking up to her and that she needs to behave in a way that those little girls can identify themselves to.

    Looks like her career is not that hot anymore. I heard B-Day didn’t do so well.

  89. i think beyonce was just sayin that because she is tryin to sell her spanish edition of the album B-DAY, but i could be mistaken i mean beyonce is beautiful and all but she even said that she is terrible at talkin’ and makin sense.


  90. Essentially, Beyonce is Latina even though she wasn’t born into the full-fledge culture. Three are different sides to Latino heritage: bloodline, culture and language. If a person has inherited any of these aspects they are included in the Latin Diaspora.

    Much of Louisiana Creole culture is indeed Latino. Spanish brought to Louisiana by the Iberians and the French spoken are Latin dialects/languages. Furthermore, Marti Gras is celebrated in Louisiana and many other Central and South American countries; they just happen to have other names for it like “Carnival”. The celebration has the same foundation.

    And anyone that is of French, Portuguese, Spanish, or any ancestry relative to Iberian people is of Latin ancestry. So, Beyonce is already Latina, she just doesn’t know the language very well.

    I guess she doesn’t realize that.

  91. By the way, she wasn’t lying about the Latin culture being beautiful. It’s something to admire, really!

  92. To el – it is spelled Mardi Gras(: Good point. If she would take the time to learn about her creole heritage then she would know how heavily influenced it is by the Latin culture. I really can’t say what she knows or does not know about creole heritage( or period) but clearly she was not thinking when she made that comment. But I would not go as far to call her a Latina.

  93. She was referring to culture people. Geesh! The comments on here are getting really hateful. Jesus take the wheel.

  94. And “Latin” culture is heavily influenced by African culture, so what are you saying? Bring it full circle… and you are BACK to BLACK.

  95. ^^^^
    Those Stans not trying to hear you spit truth. They want to make excuses after excuses. You don’t hear “others” wishing to be Black

  96. Ms Smith, It’s a culture Beyonce is not apart of. She is apart of the African American culture

  97. Beyonce will be whatever colour, race, culture and species it takes to sell them records. Her skin color gets lighter or darker according to which ever award ceremony , magazine cover she does as does her weave.

    But thats ok B I am really apathetic to your music and hopefully you stan fans will get some good taste in music and follow suit.
    B used to make such good music but know she follows the same boring formula.

  98. To respond to what hakim said, Beyonce is 26 if she really wanted to learn about black culture, she would have by now she has the evidence of the great black struggle to celebrate our culture in her own backyard. As Dr Martin Luther king , Malcolm X and Marcus Garvey all lived in America and struggled and died for her to have the audacity to open her ignorant mouth and talk s*** .

    Why this is a futher insult, is that she visited Africa and met Nelson Mandela and wore african garments. What more proof of how great black Culture. If she lived in South America all her life and lived as a South American and suddenly discovered she was black it would be a different matter.But she didnt

    She is only black when it suits her bank account.

    I´M BLACK AND I´M PROUD……………………………………………………………….

  100. anyone that can trace their ancestry directly to Spain is Latin. Beyonce is of Spanish ancestry.

  101. why is it expected that people have to choose one culture over the other. Most modern day prominent cultures have multiple influences. Even here in Black America, there are many Native American and European influences in Black culture. The same goes for Africans because of the past Empires and due to colonizations. If you go to the Congo you will find French/Belgian and Scottish influences in the culture there.

    People don’t have to choose one culture over the other.

  102. to everyone who has a problem with my comment: first of all, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and blaming her parents is mine. second, your foundation makes you who you are! the way you are taught as a child shapes your adulthood.

  103. She is just tring to sell the spanish version of her B’Day album. Be glad with the person that God made you and your blessings honey. It could all be taken away from you in a split second.

  104. Beyonce’ is going to be her own undoing. As everyone can testify to, seeing her over the years, her public speaking has never been top notch, putting it lightly. But, as long as she has been in the business, don’t you think you should’ve, at least, gotten a little better?

  105. Well, I guess no one can be good at everything. But, her statement should bring a lot of realizations to other black/african american people. Did you ever wonder why self hatred is so prominent in the black community? Wanting to be mixed with something so that your appeal as a human and your self worth goes up?

    Think back to slavery and read my next statement and think carefully on it. Put yourself in the shoes of your slave ancestors. What did your slave owner tell you? He wasn’t shouting about how great you are as a person and how wonderful your culture is. He wasn’t telling you to be a proud black person. NO. He was telling you that you were nothing, that you were stupid, that you were less than, and that everyone like you (black) would never amount to anything.

    Essentially, your ancestors were being punished for being who they were and the color they were born (black). Did you ever stop to think that’s the reason self hatred among black people is so strong the way it is? It has been pumped into our culture from that time to now. Society has made us believe it’s good to be everything but black. The way of African teachings comes orally so basically your ancestors either taught you what came to them from their proud African country or they taught you what was taught to them by their slave masters.

    If we expect change we have to make change and that is the bottom line.

  106. wow..Bey is so slow..She needs someone to help her prepare for interviews..She never fails to surprise me on how retarded her next statement will be..

  107. It was simply a dumb thing to say, but it does point to the issues of our lack of self-esteem. Particularly with the issue of black men only dating outside of their ethnicity, not realizing that those other ethnic women have serious issue themselves and more skeletons in their closets than a graveyard. Black men are the only race of men who publicly degrade their women talking about how the black woman is this, a the black woman is that. We don’t hear Jewish men or Asian men or White men going around on the airways talking about how awlful their jewish women are, or how awlful their asian women are. You just don’t hear that. So that right there should tell you that Black men have issues that they are allways have to blame someone else for. At first it was the white man holding him down, now it’s the black woman, so I guess next the problem will be White women and Hispanic women and Asian women. The common denominator is the Brotha!. So sista’s dont’ even trip.

  108. Oh yeah, and by the way, the truth of the matter is that ALL of the others imitate the black women anyway and we know it. Because of a brotha’s low self esteem or ego, he may not be aware of it, but EVERYONE ELSE IS!. We’re the originators, they’re the imitators. I mean think about it, why is it that white, hispanic, and asian women are trying to be with brothas.There is no shortage of White men or a shortage of Hispanic men or a shortage of Asian men for those women to choose from, so I think that have ULTERIOR motives and they want so badly to be considered better than black women and a black man’s low self-esteem accommodates them. Still, they imitate! Those kind of brothas try to give the impression and/or the excuse that there are no available, beautiful, educated and intelligent black women, when in fact, there has allways been more black women enrolled in college than black men. Those brothas try to get it “twisted” to try to make themselves look important, when in fact, they look weak and the people are not impressed!. Chime in and let us hear your opinion on that!.

  109. ^^^Preach
    to el – Bey’s ancestors can also be traced back to Africa. And probably everyone on here and possibly including you!
    I know that Bey’s mother is originally from Louisiana and her grandma was creole. But it seems like every chance they get they are screaming “creole, creole!” Which of course brings us back to the fact that we always want to be everything but black. The name of Tina’s knew clothing line is something about creole flavor and Bey has a song called “Creole” I heard a while back. So sad so many of us do not appreciate black beauty.

  110. (DENDEN)oh’ what a name lol how are you gonna comment on beyonce and you don’t even have her album or a destiny’s child album period that don’t make no sense. just because people have a beyonce album does not mean that people can’t state there opinion, that’s with any celebrity for that matter so don’t think it’s funny because no one’s laughing wit chu we laugh at you


    HOLLA IF U GOT SOMETHIN’ TO SAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  111. Tia I feel you. Trust if you hate Bee your by your self in this camp. But I’m a true fan and I think this time she put her foot in her mouth. Yes she’s too old to be making these types of mistake but people do remember she’s human. We all make mistakes and have to live with it. I’m not saying to ignor it, but just learn how to me more understanding to peoples handicaps. Speech wise Bee has one at times!!! LOL to ya!!

  112. Beyonce’s quote definitely reflects a backstabbing to her own culture. Sure, she is free to speak her mind whatever it may be. But be prepared for the backlash to speak on idolizing another race. It was very stupid. I won’t be surprised if she claims a misquote. If people look for ways to attack Beyonce, she sure provided ammunition for it. I would never publicly say that “I wish I was born Latina.” Beyonce definitely got caught in the moment of kissing up to Latins and forgot who she should always be proud to represent. Definitely a reflection on self-hatred.

  113. marieb,

    it’s not a matter of wanting to be mixed, most African descendants in the Americas are, whether they look like Beyonce or India Aire.

  114. It does seem like nobody wants to be black you rarely hear anyone ever claming that they are african or african desent . Thank God the creater of ALL MAN. That everything he has created is beautiful.

  115. i agree S.DOT. We all now beyonce has talent. but she is definitely a sista to me. i mean we all have ethnic backgrounds. shoot im still tryin’ a find out what’s my family ethnicity

    (OFFICIAL STAND UP GIRL)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. You’re right El, most of us are mixed and people want to hate on others when they choose to discuss it. The only time it comes up with me-a person of medium complexion is when people see my sister and others in my family who look damn near white with green eyes. That’s the only time I will go into my family’s history, other wise people want to modern day lynch you and accuse you of not wanting to be black if you divulge. One cannot help what they are born into.

  117. To El get an education before stating that congolese people were “influenced” by scottish and french Cultures. That is a strong miss representation , we were colonised and these cultures were forced upon us so much so that it has no become inherant in our society today. In other words we did not borrow or adopt from their cultures, colonisation and influence are not the same. The only aspects that other cultures want borrow from the black culture , is the fact that we can be celebrated as entertainers, singers or sportmen/women. Also black women come across as sexual beings as displayed in the music video’s and black men are respected for having big d***s.

    I dont care whether B is creole or not. She was not emphasising this part of her heritage in the begining when she needed blacks people’s support before her music became mainstream. Stop making excuses for her saying she is latin anyway as she is creole , being creole means there is also a mixture of an african heritage as well, but where was that mentioned. Alicia Keys is mixed raced and she is not using that as a selling point for her music neither is she making such retarded comments .

  118. El,

    You are delusional. You come on here and negate Beyonce’s Blackness by stating she is of Spanish descent? Don’t be so quick to side with the Spaniards because they will NEVER claim you or any other “Latino” as one of their own. People from Spain are White. People from Dominican Republic, Hondouras, Puerto Rico, etc. are not. Some of them are a product of Spanish slave owners raping African female slaves and many more are actually Africans who were uprooted from their land during the most inhumane act in world history. They are indeed part of the African diaspora.

  119. Yes, el, you are right… Most African descendants are mixed from the lightest to the darkest, but, regardless of what Beyonce or India Aire is mixed with, they are black. Their parents are black, therefore so are they. But, really, all I am trying to point out is that it is so common to find a person demeaning their blackness because of our history. We, as black slaves, were never taught by our masters to embrace our own culture which is why some black people still don’t. And its not so much as WANTING to be mixed as it is CLAIMING that 5% indian that you have in your blood or that 25% white you have in your blood. What it comes down to is people claiming the other races in their bloodline to make themselves sound better because being black just aint enough.

  120. Beyonce is just butt kissing latinos because I know myself of quite a few latinas who try to hate on her as much as some black folks. Latinos also keep trying to compare her with Shakira and say, Shakira dances better,etc. Luckily, Beyonce did a song and video and that seemed to shut them up. But yeah, she went too far in trying to gain their acceptance of her. I am sickened as a big Beyonce fan, and as a subscriber to Latina magazine, that she would make that comment especially in a time when Black women are being portrayed as unattractive and negative in the media. I hope it was just a goof on her part and hopefully she will apologize and compliment the culture instead of downing herself. I myself am learning to speak spanish and I can appreciate Latin culture but I am also proud of my Black (and Native american heritage). Everyone should be proud of their heritage.

  121. I’m so proud to see a lot of the comments on here that some of you made regarding Bey’s comment. Thank you for not making excuses for her (for those that know THE TRUTH). “They” are going to keep lying to us, so ya’ll better get educated- stop being house niggas! I’ve seen this post on different blog sites and some of the comments made by folks had me worried that there were no educated blacks that KNOW THE TRUTH. I feel sorry for Bey cause I remember thinking like that, until I found out I had been lied to. That baby is lost!!! To say “it’s not that serious”, “it’s being blown out of proportion” or “she didn’t mean she doesn’t want to be black”….. continued being lied then.

  122. Mostar-because the girl is almost 30 so it’s stupid to blame the prarents regardless of how she was raised. She has been legal for 8 years now. At this point her dumbness is on her.

    El-Your comment on culture lacks common sense. If we were to all claim to be apart of every culture we have t a slight trace to then there would be no “cultures” for any of us humans.
    They are labeld different cultures becuase of the “split” and divisons of group of humans to rep solely that group. The same for “races”; even though we allllllllllll come from Africa.
    Notice you don’t hear others claiming to be part of the Black culture or race? Yet you still have ignorant Blacks trying to mention “they got Indian” in their family. They sound like fools unless one of their parents are Indain. Indian got Black in their family, but do you hear them claiming you? Nope
    Which I respect becuase that shows “culture” pride. When will Blacks learn that no other race care you got a touch of them in your family. Have some pride and be Black. Anyone educated already knows everyone is related (which means we all got a touch of each other). Culture and Racial pride is when you fully claim and rep that culture and race you was born into. Black people need to learn that is when you will be respected, not “wishing” to be something your not or claiming some “other” blood from 100 generations ago. Nobody gives a f*** but Black sell outs. The irnoic thing about Beyonce’s stupid statement is the fact that many Latinos are extremely hateful of Black people. Black people need to be Black and Proud!

  123. Phil I agree with your statment to many of us Black men are so quick to be offended by the truth that sistas speak that we msiss the point of standing up and being men and taking care of our women and children. Most of us are weak and will not face that fact. Even when we date only sistas, we are not faithful to one. We have to change our mental in order to change our social actions within the community and in the world. We don’t protect our women and children and we perform on the lows levels in every field among the men of the world and yet this ok to most of us. As long as we are chasing pu**y, we ok. That is why the Black Man has the biggest d**k myth was started by no other than white men. yet brothas never thought about why would White men start that? We been to impress by the “compliment” that we absorb our self worth from that and went about “fulfilling” women of all races fantasies. Not noticing while we bed anything in a skirt, the other races of men were collecting power and wealth, leaveing us and our own community lacking. Sistas hands are not clean as well. We both bought into the game being played on us Black people which should be obvious by the results of our community. Yet the blame game keeps going back and forth. Now it’s time for solutions. We need to work together in improving our community and to punish any sell out or “other” who tries to destroy the betterment of our people.
    Beyonce and Black women like her are ugly as he** to me with the “fake” look of “other” women’s beauty. I love when Black women look Black and rep. Black beauty(Your hair, your nose, etc.)
    On the note of white hos. Trust brothas know other women copy the sistas. Why you think that the fantasy white woman the coons want are built like sistas (ugly as* CoCo and ugly as* Kim K)? If Sell out Brothas was really feeling the white women then they would apprecitate the white woman’s natural shape instead of trying to build her into a sista. Asian women and Latinas (and other women) are not running after the brothas(unless they are rich or the females can jump start their modeling,acting,singing career. Brothas are the easiest to use when it comes to “other” women. Yet they so full of self hate that they can’t see it. Even many biracial pull this. such as Halle being such a rep for Black women, yet now she having a white man’s baby. Keys probably will be next and Beyonce wanna be as* will follow when she has no need for Jay Z. but hell Black people don’t take anything “serious” and don’t mind everyone pimping them); which is why they are not praise that much by these coons. They date white men when going to other races, but Latinas for a large part stay with their men.

  124. Well, we know this story (below) will never see the light of day. I forgot nobody wants to hear the positive she’s doing. We only choose to focus on the negative.

    WHO: Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland, Mathew and Tina Knowles, Solange, Pastors Rudy and Juanita Rasmus, and Houston City Officials

    WHAT: The ground breaking ceremony for the “Knowles-Rowland Temenos Place Apartments,” developed by Temenos Community Developed Corporation and Sponsored by The Survivor Foundation, the City of Houston, and St. John’s United Methodist. The “Knowles-Rowland Temenos Place Apartments” will be a 43 unit, single room occupancy supportive housing facility for at-risk populations in the Houston area.

    WHEN: September 12, 2007 from 1:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.

    WHERE: 1719 Gray Street (Corner of Gray and Chenevert), Houston, TX

    WHY: In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, efforts began to construct Phase I of the $4 million “Knowles-Rowland Temenos Place Apartments.” Last month Temenos CDC received the final funding needed for construction. The housing development is the result of a collaboration with House of Deréon founders Tina Knowles and Beyonce Knowles, Survivor Foundation, Inc., the City of Houston, and St. John’s Downtown (Church Home of the Knowles Family). The project is a 43 unit, single room occupancy supportive housing facility for at-risk populations designed to provide permanent living accommodations for women and men who are taking significant steps in improving their lives after the traumatic effects of personal and natural disasters. The apartments will provide “a safe place to live” for all residents.

  125. Fantastic! well i knew she and her family is very philanthropic they give a lot in Houston area her hometown they also have a church.Yet and still their are a lot of “BLACK ENTERTAINERS” That don’t give back at all to their community,which is sad

    But that still doesn’t negate on what was said she has a lot of influence on a lot of people my personal issue i have with her it came off that her culture wasn’t rich enough it wasn’t beautiful it had nothing to offer.It had something when you want to hock them dam clothes

    as a culture when are we gong to hold our people who are in the public eye to a standard

  126. Just a thought, “isn’t” it amazing that this good work was release after the “wishing to be Latina” comment?
    Really people stay focus, nothing is wrong with wanting someone to correct the diss made at us Black people and no amount of good work is going to cover that up. Do she think she is above apologizing to Black people? Her dum a** made sure she didn’t diss the french when asked about why she didn’t do music in french instead of Spainish.

  127. Just a thought … I respectfully disagree with your assertion that no one wants to hear the positive that she [Beyonce] is doing. I have never seen a woman so deified for nothing more that her ability to entertain. Indeed, this very blog gives ua a “Weekly Dose of Beyonce.” Other sistas in the entertainment business would love to have such a rabid fan base or have you not noticed virtual fista cuffs that take place when once deigns to voice a contrary opinion about Queen B?

    Now with respect to the Survivor Foundation, the question I am asking is why is it that I have not heard about this particular foundation (est. 2005)? Whenever the Knowles-Rowland machine has something to market (i.e., they want me to pull out my wallet), the PR machine goes into overdrive. But this foundation -something of great import – has rarely been mentioned. Could they not have used their celebrity to promote the cause? Particularly in light of the fact that the viability of this foundation is contingent upon donations – that’s right donations. The Knowles-Rowland clan made a contribution of $400k (based on an initial press release). Now $400k is nothing to sneeze at but when I see Beyonce carrying around a $52k Louis (yes, she probably got it for free, but could she not have auctioned off and gave to proceeds to the foundation?), lazing around the S. of France for weeks on end on a gazillion dollar a week mega yacht, or talking about the Elaine Schwartz diamonds she just purchased well … a COLLECTIVE $400k just looks like peanuts.

    Now before the barrage of negative comments begin, let me explain the place that I am coming from. I’ve just heard a report on NPR about a report compiled by the Journal of Philanthropy that concluded that Oprah was the only entertainer/celebrity that truly gave HER own money – to the tune of $52M. What struck me about the news story was that when the authors explained their methodology they noted the myriad of ways celebs structure these “foundations”, without really giving a dime of their own money. More importantly, they explained ways to make sure that your hard earn dollars are really going to the cause and not overhead and other administrative costs that eat up your donation before reaching the intended recipient. Now I don’t expect everyone to be on par with Lady “O”, but there is a reason she is so beloved – she stands up for what she believes in and puts her money where her mouth is – mostly in charity to serve African-Americans and Africans.

    Black celebs make more money than ever and have a greater platform to express views – yet do less for the community. Just look back at old photos of the civil rights era. Marching right along with civil rights leaders were the entertainers of the today. With the exception of Don Cheadle and Danny Glover, the faces of those trying to get the world’s governments to champion the cause of Africa are all White. And who was the first to sound the alarm on Katrina – Anderson Cooper. Our folks show up to sing their latest single at the telethon, but that’s about it.

    So you’ll have to excuse me if I don’t jump up and applaud the Knowles-Rowland clan and other Black celebs for their miniscule efforts because in the grand scheme of things they are a half-measure. They have gained nothing without the community’s support and for that, I and the community should expect more.

  128. Not impressed with the philantropic gesture, if you claim to be a christian, giving and sharing is what you are supposed to do, especially since you’ve gotten paid by shaking you a**.

  129. @ BlackMenForBlackWomenOnly

    I highly respect your opinion. You’re right when you say it doesn’t make up for her comment. But to answer your question, I don’t find it amazing that this has been released after the fact. That doesn’t really matter. All the positive things Beyonce has done by giving back to the community are rarely talked about and swept under the rug. Let’s be honest, people would rather talk about Beyonce’s lacefront wig or something negative about her as opposed to matters of more importance, like her Survivor Foundation. I’m not talking about on this site but others I frequent often. Coming from a Beyonce fan, I recognize that she is not perfect. Nobody is. I am not trying to make light of her comment, but only Beyonce knows what she meant. We don’t know. She could have been laughing and joking when she said it. Unfortunately, you can’t judge someone’s reaction through a written interview.

    @She’s Come Undone

    I respect your opinion as well, but you proved my point. The reason why you haven’t heard about this foundation is because people choose not to talk about it. It was established after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Beyonce and Kelly have both mentioned it interviews, but it gets overlooked. Or it’s “She’s phony. She’s just trying to make herself look good.” Did you know that Beyonce and Kelly have a recreation center in Houston for the youth where they also can go and talk to counselors when they have a problem? Most people don’t know that. She can’t save the world. She’s only a small part of it. At least she’s trying. I see many celebs with much more money than Beyonce who don’t do anything at all.

  130. ^^^Don’t get me wrong. Beyonce and her family didn’t contribute all $4 million. (It’s being reported it was at least $1 million.There were other people who donated to this worthy cause as well(Walmart, Armani, Loreal, American Express).

    By the way, The 1.2 million Knowles-Rowland Center for Youth also has a youth HIV education and risk reduction program called “Breaking The Silence.” In my opinion HIV is something the Black community (and elsewhere also) needs to address more often. (HIV and AIDS are too prevalent in our community. Education is key, IMO.)

    I’m sorry for the multiple posts. Thoughts just keep coming to me.

  131. Just a thought … if my posting “proved” your point then I failed to properly convey my thoughts in that posting.

    If the Survivor Foundation is that important to her and her family then she should take ever opportunity to promote AND fund the foundation. In other words, when she gives an interview she should make a point to discuss it. In her new Amex print ad she mentions all of the ridiculously expensive things she buys with her Amex card – could she not have mentioned all that she has purchased with her Amex to furnish or clothe those who are the intended recipients of the Survivor Foundation. Heck, even if she lied about purchasing goods for the foundation it certainly would have brought some traffic to their website and likely would have garnered some donations. At a minimum, the name of the foundation would have been in how many magazines if she had?

    See when Bono (you’ve heard him, right? ) wanted to promote the ONE campaign he didn’t talk about U2 and all the gear he’s buying – he sent out a press release about the ONE campaign talked only about the ONE Campaign and why we all needed to be concerned about Africa. And every time you hear from Bono he only has two things to talk about; the ONE’s efforts in Africa or U2.

    When Oprah set up a registry to purchase households goods for New Orleans Katrina victims moving into Oprahland, she sent out press releases about how average folks could “match” her $10M donation and used her show to further her cause. When she finished with you felt bad if you didn’t “register” to buy a toaster or something. Oh and when Bono wanted to raise money for the ONE campaign he hooked up with Lady O, the Gap, Apple and other organizations to sell products and raise $$. Unlike Beyonce, he doesn’t have his own clothing company to raise awareness – hint, hint – could the House of Dereon possibly come up with a specialty t-shirt promotiong the foundation?

    The point is, when your heart is really in it then you will move heaven and earth to let everyone know what you are doing and how they can help you achieve your goal. Beyonce and her family are the masters of self-promotion – their efforts with respect to this foundation are lacking. Plain and simple – lacking! Query – if Beyonce or Kelly had a new record or part in the movie that they wanted to promote would they just “mention” it in an interview? And if the media inexplicably “overlooked” this new project, wouldn’t they move and heaven and earth to promote it?

    And please don’t think that I am picking on you or Beyonce (really, my vitriol is reserved for any celebrity that, in my humble opinion, fails to give their due) Somewhere along the line our people seem to lost their way – we glorify that which has no redeeming value or is a detriment to the community. If you have somehow made your way to the level of celebutant, then you have a responsibility to give back. If a celeb chooses not to, then so be it. But I have a choice too, and that choice is not to support them or their wishy washy suspect “causes”.

  132. Just-I respect your opinion as well. The problem is most celebrities do not give their own money and when they do “give” it is returned to them during income tax. So in actually they have given nada, zip, zero (ask any accountant). So the whole “giving for charity” to look like one has a good heart marketing is played. Not to many people buy into that anymore. Concerning her interview- we have to take her statement at face value since there is no way for us to know what she really meant and felt. The least her camp should do is release an articulated explanation. I doubt many of us cares if she writes it herself; as long as it is contributed to her. Is that much to ask?

    I am so proud of the people who are not getting sidetrack over Beyonce’s “good works”. She made a self hating statement which needs to be corrected, not overlooked and ignored. Is she to good to apologize to Blacks?

  133. What I do find interesting is that Mathew Knowles may be the one passing down the legacy of self-hate in the black community to his eldest daughter. What I find troubling is that Mathew pushing Beyonce to speak about her Creole heritage as her ONLY heritage, perpetuates the myth that African-Americans have no heritage. As though the only history of African-Americans is that of slavery and Jim Crow.

  134. I am so glad that no one is getting carried away by the fact that Beyonce may or may not be philantropic. Im quite cynical it may have just been a p. R stunt it may not have been. Regardless many black stars give to charities and their efforts are not highlighted. Beyonces actions of wearing a blond weave and lightining her skin tone is a sign of mental slavery and like “Blackman….. said many people who are of other races, who have black ancestors in their blood line are not screaming about it.

    Beyonce has no place saying what she said it implies that latino culture is so much better than the black culture that if she colud she would defect to it in other words the black Culture is so vacant and bad. As if black people dont get enogh bad press as it is without Beyonce twisting her knife in it.
    That can also cause friction between cultures. B made an ignorant and hurtful comment and she indirectly looked down on and disrespected her own culture by saying what she said.

    There really is no Justification for what she said , she needs to get a clue and apologize to us black people. Unless she thinks she above that?

    By the way, to “Just a thought” are you getting paid to Ass lick the Knowles, because if you are, you need to get a raise . You probably know more about the Knowles finances then they do. “Just a thought “you mis comprehended the whole point of this disscussion you also need to get a clue. What have the Knowles done for you lately? that you have to brown nose them so much. I think it is clouding your judgement. You need to take a break and sip some ice tea.

  135. I don’t know why some think that the Latin culture is any better off than the black culture. We are all a talented people, love the music that makes us move. We eat rice and beans, and barbecue, love each other although at times don’t like to show it, and love to hate ourselves and aspire to live the ‘White dream’, and to be accepted by whites. We can never though forget who we are,and every day are reminded of it. Alot of the time we hate each other out of frustration of trying to reach the ‘White dream. We come from the same place each other, and hopefully will one day end up with each other. In the meantime “Beyonce” had better be careful for what she wishes for because Latinos look down on their darker counterparts, Just as blacks do. It happens every minute of every day. Will it never end?

  136. Philanthropy. Almost every one does it. Sometimes involuntary; like giving money to a guy on the street without really thinking about it. There is nothing special about celebrities giving to charity. To be honest I am sickened with this black-american culture. I can’t stand the fact that us British live up to your one dimensional short-lived music culture, especially when you put artists like this in our faces. People want to be scorning prostitutes but making men lust over you as you shake your arse in every degree possible and getting money is hardly different. By saying “you” is a collective term for Americans. Most of you can’t complain. Some still are slaves to this popular culture fad that makes them go out and buy these ‘artists’ CDs.

    Isn’t Beyonce’s heritage creole? With the pro-blackness coming to a standstill and her father forcefully creolising her image, it is not suprising that she feels this way. Certain things shouldnt be said but we say them anyway. At least it is out in the water now. But Latina Magazine could have reinterpretated it. We never know.

    Black Americans seem to offer this so-called race of ‘latinos’ a place in their culture. And of course they will exploit it hence reggaeton, perreo and the numerous ‘latino-black’ offsprings. And they’re loving it arent they? Of course some British people like the salsa and mexican food but it does not have such a big impact on our music than it does in America.

    At the same time I have a latino friend who is in LOVE with bollywood music. I guess what Beyonce was just expressing the extent of her love for ‘Latinos’. But hey, if shes one of the biggest worldwide multiselling sex symbol black/’creole’ female ‘artist’ (statistically hotter than any latina at the moment) then she really hasn’t done bad for herself has she?

  137. BlackmenForBlackWomenOnly is extremely accurate in outlining the reverse of “humanitarianism” and “black affirmation” she cautiously projects in front of TV. It is also fatally sad that the young and naive who blindly idolize her get to suffer from poor judgement, carefully displayed in a song like Irreplaceable. This validates the new wave of black-buffonery being mindlessly showcased by our dreamteam of “rap stars”, but instead of sugar-coating it, Beyonce has elevated Self-Hatred to a new plateau by consisely denouncing the culture that supported and spoon-fed her career. She is a shame that never gets old, and it’s time for all Paula Abduls and Mariah Careys to be shown the back door (If You Know What I mean). Peace Ya’ll!

  138. You’re right ‘Stef’, and “She’s become undone” because whenever I want to hear truth or feel validated, or at peace or empowered, I listen to India, or Jill Scott,or Erykah Badu. .That’s what it do y’all. That’s what’s up. For real doe.

  139. Beanie Said:

    “By the way, to “Just a thought” are you getting paid to *** lick the Knowles, because if you are, you need to get a raise . You probably know more about the Knowles finances then they do. “Just a thought “you mis comprehended the whole point of this disscussion you also need to get a clue. What have the Knowles done for you lately? that you have to brown nose them so much. I think it is clouding your judgement. You need to take a break and sip some ice tea.”

    Actually Beanie I am not getting paid to do anything. I have my opinion just as you have yours. With all due respect, just because I do not see it the way you do doesn’t mean I do not fully understand the extent of this discussion. Furthermore, I am not “brown nosing” anything. The whole point of my initial post was to say that the story I posted should be getting as much media attention as her comment. I agree her comment was wrong, and she should apologize for it. However, that has nothing to do with me. So please stop attacking me for speaking my peace. I regret making my post now. I really didn’t mean any harm. Most of you on this board probably have more experience in this world than I do. And wisdom does come with age. I am merely a 19-year-old college student studying to become a doctor.

  140. “Just a Thought”.. You’re alright. As you continue to live, you will continue to learn. Keep doing your thing. Keep expressing your opinions. Congratulations and good luck with your studies. I might need you someday!.

  141. I ‘am a Big Beyonce fan,But that statement really hurts.I like all race and would never say anything like that.I am a BLACK WOMAN AND AM PROUD.I will pray for her.People say to me you look like Beyonce and now am ashamed of her.Peace to all races.

  142. @ Philippian: Thank you. I really appreciate your thoughtful comment.

  143. To just a thought I respect you, keep up with your studies You will make a great Doctor some day . I hope you put as much focus and attention in your work as you do to those you esteem in the public eye . In fact we need more people in the world like you who see the good in people as none of us are perfect . I am not asking you to see it my way I am not a dictator to enforce my opinion on any one, I am not trying to attack you .
    However I felt that in your post you missed the point of why people were making comments in response to what beyonce was saying. No one is trying to descredit her talent or philantropy or her positive works . I dont normally pay attention to whatever beyonce or any stars say for that matter. However her statement was so uncalled for and negligent she actually created her own negative press rather than people just being vindictive. Valid points not just about her comments , but about black culture in general have been here.

    The beyonce thing is tired. However I think some of the best social travesties, misnomers and myths about black people were discussed. As well as the most insightful and dynamic ideas and suggestions,to what improvements can be made so that we black people can take pride in the overlooked treasures of our Culture as well as our skin color.

    Its funny that it took an careless statement from a star to ignite such love for being black that we should display everyday.

  144. ^ that was well stated. I don’t think the focus is so much Beyonce anymore, but more about us as a people and what we are willing to do to correct our community flaws and what image do we want to display to the world. I know most would agree that that is: To be Black and Proud!

  145. When I told my parents that she said she wish she was born Hispanic my father and mother just looked at each other in a puzzled way. I wanted to hop throught the computer and slap some sense into her. You think after being in the music industry since she was 16 she would know how to do a interview. Jose and Maria was not bumping Bills, Bills, Bills, and Bug-A-Boo, black people were! Ass kissing will not get you everywhere all the time! Her father should have focused on education alittle more than her running laps and singing song! Take your own advide Beyonce “Upgrade U”.

  146. @ Beanie: Thank you. I understand everything you have said as well as what everyone else has also. I will take it with me and hopefully I will continue to grow and learn day by day. And yes, I work extremely hard in school. Believe me, I have had my share of sleepless nights. However, I can’t complain. After all, success is what I’m after.

  147. to blackmenforwomenonly-
    it’s nothing wrong with being proud of your native american side of the family. That’s a part of accepting who you are. What I dislike is when, people don’t claim the Black side (african side)
    or make too much of their other heritage by stating their mixed as a cablanasian(whatever tiger said) with less mention of African roots.
    We are looked at as Black so we should okay with that but saying we need to stop mentioning other dominant cultures and background heritage we are mixed with especially when one has been raised to be proud of it is stupid. People like you who “don’t get it” probably don’t get that if you go to Africa they will NOT look at you as one of THEM!!!!!! Hell, they don’t look at you here in the U.S. as one of them nor do the Jamaicans,etc. There is no 100% African Blacks and Africans Ethiopians, West Indians, don’t see you as ONE OF THEM and let you know it.
    Just be proud of being a Black american and accept that some people have been raised to accept and be proud of their Native American or (other dominant ethnic background) as well. As long as they calling themselves people of color or Black-who cares what else they are mixed with they know society sees them as “Black” or “minority”.

  148. mzmaya ,

    Have you ever been to Africa? in response to your comment that various ethnicities within the black Culture do not accept blacks from other ethniticites. These comments seem to be unfounded and lack facts. I agree with you that we need to be proud of being black and if you are Black and mixed with another race , you should not deny your mixture to appease anybody. However I feel that if you were raised as being black, embraced black culture and identified yourself as being black, and received immense support from the black race as Beyonce did when she was up and coming. It is hypocritcal of her or any one for that matter to disregard your Black heritage and culture to appease another Culture that will never respect you for it.

    In Brazil there is the “one drop rule” ( a latin american country by the way B should take note) the one drop rule means that if you have a drop of black heritage is in your blood , you are considered black. Therefore your economic and social status can be dramatically and negatively altered based on such a superficial premise.

    This is what it means to be a dark skinned latin American. In addition people are too fast to proclaim that they are mixed with something, as if they thing that will make them superior to pure blacks and give them priviledges over black people in general. we should be proud enough to be black that we can just state we are black. Instead or having to make excuses like I am black but my grandfather’s grand father was white on my mother’s side and on my dad’s side my grand mother’s great aunt was native american It sounds retarded. like we dont have no self respect. Overall B is majority black her father is pure black and creole has african heritage in it, so black is what she is . left right and centre people are trying to claim mixture to another race as if being black is a stigma these days.

    There are no 100 percent white people but you dont here these peeople catogorising themselves as we blacks , stating their white irish or jewish because they do not want to create divison in their race thats why they are percieved to be the dominant race. We black people need to take note white people catogorised us so that it would be easier for them to turn blacks against each other. All the while they build a more strong and prolific society for themselves. This is shown by the rwandan genocide. the white people made the division of light skinned black who got the more opportunity and dark skinned black who were sidlined and the whites then watched as the antagonism grew and dark skinned blacks instead of fighting the sytem that the whites had put in place , they killed light skinned blacks. Also look at the Haitian Revolution.

    We as a blacks have serious issues i go by the rule if no one asks you if your mixed black with something else then it should not be an issue. Beyonce had to mention she is creole trying to make a big deal about it when it really is not significant to anything she is doing, she is uncomfortable in her own skin. You dont see halle berry making an issue of herself being mixed race and in fact identifies her self as black and her mother is white. B’s mum is black and creole which virtually makes her black anyway so I dont know how b is trying to say she is mixed.

  149. P.S i KNOW i said the beyonce thing is tired and it is, but I just keep getting drawn into this because of all the contreversial Comments.

  150. This discussion is funny and sad at the same time. Look like many have said, she isnt the sharpest girl but she has been succesful as an artist. And the reason why she will keep on getting work, ad campaigns and money is because there are so many of us (grown people) who have time to talk about her and argue amongst ourselves about her. It might hurt her feelings a bit (altho i doubt it coz she doesnt read) but its making her money. Part of being a celebrity is staying on peoples lips and thats what she does all the time.

    I personally am a fan. What is funy is that most of you here are African-American’s that are telling her to be proud of her blackness. But how many of you know anything about Africa??? Ive heard some ignorant shit come out of people’s mouths. Like some think Africa is a country??? Thats dumb from a balck person ANYWHERE in the world.

    I am Africam was born here, I live here and the issues are similar. The whole light skin/dark skin debate, the whole good hai issue, the whole “Im mixed” chat. Its all over. But as black women we need to stop hating on each other or even thinking that one shade is better than another.

    Being light skinned and dying your hair doesnt mean u are trying to llok white. It means u were born light skinned and like the colour blonde. No one said a damn thing when Mary J Blige has blonde hair and was rocking those coloured contax-all coz she is dark. Its the same thing.

    Bee is not smart, so focusing on what she says makes intelligent ppl feel better but it doesnt change a damn thing. She is smart at creating an image that sells-kets keave it at that.

    And how about we stand up for each other. When a white person says some stupid ignorant ish-their whole race turns againmst the. We on the other hand do. Just allow another black wman to be rich, succesful and on her A GAME.

    I love her music, since destiny’s child days. Does that mke me a ditz-no. Her sound is fun and harmless, u dont have to think-its all about partying and being young and silly.

    And if we all love out dark skinned deep sistas so much then how come India Arie hasnt sold half as much as she has? We claim one thing but our actions dont show it.

    IF we wanted Indi ria would be selling a lot,She isnt even featured on the ask men hot woman list. And that is because most dumb guys will drool obva the beyonce’s and then claim to like india and stil date the younf latino chick from down the road who aspires to be bEE,.

    Stop the madness, lets just love being black and lets lift each other up instead of pulling each other down as always

  151. @Goldilox
    You ask the question, why is it that India and artist like India,,don’t sell as well as “B” and those artist similar to her. It’s because India, and artist like her, are REAL, but unforutunately, most of us prefer to live in fantasy. Hence, the ” “gentelmen’s clubs”. Therefore women feel that in order to be attractive to men (black, white, and otherwise) that we have to have look a certain way and have hair that we can fling around. That’s just the way it is. But those who appreciate other qualities and virtures in a companion seem to be a minority. Don’t get me wrong, I too groove and jam to “b’s” music, but the issue being discussed is deeper than just that.

  152. To Beanie,
    I actually have been to Africa (South Africa and Liberia) and you must go or do your research before you make an unfounded judgement about my comments. I was not trying offend people from Africa, but it is a WELL KNOWN fact about my comments, whether you want to admit it or not. You will also for example, find in your research and with expanding your mind by listening to what it is like in some place such as South Africa where if you are the average African American person, you will not be able to get your “hair done” in one of their shops, they will send you to a south afrikkan beauty shop where europeans get their hair done. That is just one example of how you would be considered not 100%pure African like them. I made those enlightening comments because every now and then I come across an ignorant dark skinned black person who insults or puts down lighter skinned people by acusing them of being “mixed up” or an oreo. Or they act like they are the expert on who is “Black enough”. When they don’t understand all of what that means themselves. Did you march with Dr. King or something. I mean, there is, in fact, no barometer for what it means to be raised as a black person, in black family, in a black community. Or to be Black period. Everyone experience is not the same. I was raised in a predominantly black neighborhood and my family is made up of black and native american relatives who all instilled in me a since of pride about my heritage. One never put the other down and we or Beyonce shouldn’t either. In a way, that’s what her comment seem to imply though but I don’t think she meant it that way. Sometimes she says dumb things. This was the worst I think.

  153. Well Mzmaya,

    I am African and I have been to Africa many times and have lived there. Although African people were initially intrigued by the fact that I was from the U.S, I was accepted as a black person , therefore what you are saying is not a fact but a mere subjective opinion so there is nothing to admit to. Mzmaya you need to expand your mind before tarnishing different black African/ ethnicities with the same brush. Your experience or example is unfortunte, but you should realise that South africa is still suffering from the repercussions of the apartheid .Nelson mandela was only released from prison in 1994. You Cannot expect South Africa to undo an estimated 100 years of apartheid in 13 years so of course there are still going to be prejudices even amongst black people. Nevertheless this is not indicative of all Black Africa. you are confused no one was enlightened by your ignorant comments you need to get to the library stat, and do your research before you claim to enlighten . No I did not march with Dr king however I have studied the American Civil rights movement as well the Transatlantic slave trade. By your comments I am not suprised you come across as an ignorant dark skinned person. I hope you dont call people “mix up”. “Who is they act like they like there the experts….” It sounds like you are making sweeping staments and you sound bitter, instead of steotyping your fellow black people you should try to find solutions to ignorance, thats causing black inferiority/ superiority complex based on the shade of your skin. You should then impart this knowledge in your everyday life . Learn to lead by example , because you sound like a hypocrite , you claim in South Africa you were not treated as black , yet refer to light skinned people as “mix up” or “oreo”.

    No one is saying you shouldn’t be proud of your mixed heritage and if you read my post properly and took the time to understand it, you would understand that I said if you are black and mixed heritage you should not deny it to appease anybody. However I dont think being mixed heritage should be a big deal if you refer to your self as Black. In the case of beyonce , her grandma is creole that does not make her creole , however that is in her heritage. Beyonce is black regardless. It is political correctness gone mad, to say that someone is black and creole especially when it is not an immediate relative. To make an issue of a mixed heritage when you are majority black and call your self black unless it is evident that you are not fully black , shows an inferiority complex that being pure black is not good enough.

  154. To make an issue of a mixed heritage when you are majority black and call your self black unless it is evident that you are not fully black , shows an inferiority complex that being pure black is not good enough.

    I agree with this.

  155. how cud she say dat, im haitian aka hispionola, black mixed, but im happy to be black even thogh nobody from my black side of my family didnt care about me, im still proud to represent and be black. beyonce i like u

  156. beyonce is just plain stupid and ignorant, hey i dont want to loose myself like lauryn hill, i am shy to divulge the amount of money i have in the bank, hey i wish i was born latino. this girl seriously needs proper education and speech therapy.

  157. is this some kind market strategy??? who told her to say that? i dont want to believe she can be this dumb. is that to make the latinos like her or her music more or just justifying why she is trying to be different by singing in spanish. I feel she thinks cos fans call her beautiful she can come out and say anything and we wont notice how stupid it is when looking at her face or body

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