The World’s Most Beautiful Woman

People Magazine has bestowed the title of ‘World’s Most Beautiful Woman’ to singer Beyonce Knowles.

The entertainment weekly unveiled their cover and inside shot of the 30-year old new mommy just moments ago, as well as excerpts from their exclusive interview.

According to Beyonce, nothing makes her feel more beautiful or gives her life more purpose than being mommy to three month old daughter Blue Ivy Carter.

Beyonce on becoming a mother: “I feel more beautiful than I’ve ever felt because I’ve given birth. I have never felt so connected, never felt like I had such a purpose on this earth.”

Beyonce on what Blue Ivy truly means to her: “The best thing about having a daughter is having a true legacy. The word ‘love’ means something completely different to me now.”

Beyonce on who Blue mostly resembles, she or Jay-Z: “She looks like Blu. She’s her own person.”

To read more of Beyonce’s interview, including her secrets to losing the baby weight, you can pick up this issue of People on newsstands Friday.


  1. Not feeling the cover. Love her speaking on Blue and feeling the legacy she has created and will ultimately pass on—the legacy of life.

  2. i love the pics. am happy that a black woman made the list. congats to Beyonce.

  3. With blonde hair the only thing missing are the blue eyes. Let’s stop letting these white people tell us who is beautiful to us. She is a beautiful woman and would probably be more beautiful if we could actually see her without all the extras. But the most beautiful in the world naw that aint happeing.

  4. no hate towards B. if i was offered the title and cover I WOULD TAKE IT TOO!

    but i would love to see a more “afro featured” woman called beautiful by the world.

    pipe dream….

  5. Beautiful pic! I love white and turquoise…in exchange for blue eyes, I’m guessing…People Mag won’t go with a darker hue celebrity, they don’t think it would sell as well.If they did it (feature more black women) more often, people would get used to it, ask Cover Girl, Pantene and Clinique, even Vogue showcases a decent range of black women. I’m glad this cover coincided with the release and success of “Think like a man.” Our beauty is vast!

    Congratulations to Beyonce, she is indeed beautiful!!!

  6. I thought that they would pick Rihanna, since she is EVERYWHERE. A bit surprised. At least it’s a black woman. Even though Beyonce has that “I will look like a white woman”vibe to her style.

  7. why it blonde always associated with being a white woman? Is MJB trying to be white too? How about little Kim or Nikki Manij? Hell even the latino chicks rock blonde too but only when Beyonce is brought it turns into a trying to be white thing. smh. Anyway, all black is beautiful. love the pics and Beyonce. I support women period. all colors.

  8. also Vanessa L Williams has Blonde hair and Blue eyes. Is she trying to be white too? Just asking. and another question, I am light skinned and why does a dark skinned woman have to be considered more african? My roots are from Africa too. this light vs dark mess is the stupidest thing ever. Do white people complain about pale to red or even to tan? only us. sad so sad.

  9. She is STUNNING!!!!

    This title is truly deserved.
    I can honestly say Beyoncé is the MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN to ever step in front of a mic and sing. Like seriously. I LOVE HER.
    Her face is timeless, absolutely breathtaking ????

    And she does not look like a white women, she is just naturally fair skinned, that’s not her fault.

  10. ? = <3 <3

    And Bey's hair has been blonde for years, why all the outrage now? Ya'll acting like she was rocking dreads and just now went blonde o_O

    I guess it's just something to complain about…

  11. Love the Cover. Bey I see those MOmmy Breasts!

    Why on earth would they give RIhanna? We don’t want a weed smoking, Nympho representing us ok. When she gets over the fact that she won’t get Chris back (Keep Smart Chris) then maybe we can think Re-hab for her. Regardless of how many musical hits she has, Rihanna has no CLASS!
    -What is all this talk about Blonde hair? Rihanna rocked it for many magazines and there was no TALK!

    Congrats Beyonce, well deserved!

  12. Oooh, some of u ladies, some of u ladies….SMH…. Are so hilarious. Really? When Jennifer Anniston makes is every other year….I swear I don’t search the blogs to bash….this is only the 2nd time a BLACK WOMAN has been featured on the cover. Nine ago it was Halle….now deservingly BEYONCE receives the honor….and whose mad…..BLACK WOMEN, WOW! Trust and believe, as many made up lies several of the urban blogs have made up…..NO ONE OF IMPORTANCE buys into it… BEYONCE mingles and does business with the best in her industry, no one HS attention to the HOODRAT urban myths, but hoodrats. As the other woman commented….. Vanessa Williams, Rihanna, Mary J., Tina turner, Nicky Menaj, Lil Kim, Tboz and others have adorned blond weave, wigs, partial weave….but to Say she looks white is a stretch…. GOOGLE BEYONCE BABY PICS….SHE HAS ALWAYS BEEN LIGHTSKIN…SO THAT CONFUSES ME…When the broad who commented she wants an afrocentric chic to cover the mag…..I’m sure if one was DIVERSE, SCANDAL FREE, WORLD WIDE, IN THE GAME OVER 15 plus…..movies, music countless Grammys etc…..she will be chosen, until then embrace the QUEEN…. SHE AINT GOING NOWHERE…….. BEYHIVE*

  13. Why can’t we just be happy for a black women being on the cover or just successful. We come in all colors shapes and sizes. This sister works her ass off and tries to be true best that she can be,and all she gets is alot of people questioning how black she is and y isn’t a sister with a afro on the cover, well when u get ur own magazine u can put all the afro sisters on the cover.

  14. Nicki Minaj is definitely trying to be a white woman. I have noticed this generation of black girls look up to Marilyn Monroe and other white women, while previous generations idolized Diana Ross, Dorothy Dandridge and women similar in look to themselves.

    FYI: When one calls themselves a Barbie Doll, they ain’t talking about the rarely seen and not even sold in most places, Black Barbie doll.

    Lil Kim was another example of a sista trying to be white. And we all see how that ended up.

  15. “while previous generations idolized Diana Ross, Dorothy Dandridge and women similar in look to themselves.”

    Here, here. *raises glass*

    Diana = bad sista. Dorothy = bad sista. Grace Jones = bad sista. Pam Grier = bad sista. Beyonce = bad sista…blonde hair and all.

    I don’t know what happened to make ‘us’ want to be more like those white ladies: Marilyn Monroe, Bridgette Bardot*, Barbie, etc. A way to gain mainstream appeal? I don’t know. Don’t care.

    Congratulations on being the 2nd African-American to cover People’s Most Beautiful Woman issue… That’s really all I can say. To me, beyond that, it’s no big deal…just another cover, but since so many have pointed out how ‘historic’ this cover is, I have to acknowledge, as well.

  16. Vanessa Williams is a natural blonde with natural blue eyes. So no she is not trying to be a white woman. I am a black woman with a really light reddish blonde natural hair. I think all of these women need to see the beauty in how they actually look. Mary J Blige has never bleached her skin to be lighter so no I guess she is not trying to be a white woman. The blonde hair she could loose also. Nikki Minage is not even trying to look like a human let alone a white woman. I said she was beautiful she just needs too look more like herself and not this created image that has been put forth.

    That is my opionion and I am sticking to it. Have a great day.

  17. Didn’t Nicki and some other up and coming female rapper just put out songs called Marilyn Monroe?

    These things are very telling if you pay attention.

  18. ^^^Yes, Azalea Banks?, I think is her name. And telling, indeed. You see, I’m just trying to be diplomatic…or not so decisive; but you make a good point, Sista. Hmmm.

  19. Can someone Someone please show me proof Beyonce bleaches her skin? I’m light as hell and may get a tan here and there. Beyonce is light, always been light and us light chicks can tan too. Plus makeup can add dIfferent shade to us along with the flash of a camera. I look like Casper the ghost in some of my pics. Some people just need something to complain about even tho they have no proof. Anyway, congrats Beyonce on the cover for 2012!

  20. no hate or anything, and as a sista I’m happy for Bey but I’m SEVERELY disappointed because I believe she is looking more and more like a white woman and she clearly is using skin lightners. Ugh, why must we sell out to be accepted?

  21. We dont have to sell out. Beyonce agrees with all of this. She said she wishes she was latina which is why she keeps trying to look like Shakira and J.Lo. And what could her and Gwyneth have in common so much? Shes just lost.

  22. @KOURTNEY WE NEED MORE PEOPLE !!! who and where did u get the skin bleaching crap from……EVERY PICTURE over the last 15 years BEYONCE has been the exact same complexion. even her 5 month old pictures on her website as the same complexion. she tans in summer, some photos hoots its lighting….but on her tumblr page most photos are makeup free…..she is a lights,in woman….It kills me when a black woman sees a light skin celeb., they SWEAR they bleach their skin. in BEYONCE’S case she is not. girl u sound ignorant Like BEYONCE has stated..SOME OF THE SHIT THAT IS MADE UP ABOUT HER IS SO RIDICULOUS SHE CAN’T BELIEVE PEOPLE ACTUALLY BELIEVE IT…..She continues to entertain, live her life and enjoy her family….the lies are getting so annoying and old…let it go and just embrace a black woman geeeeeeez

  23. Excuse the typos……..I’m sure u can figure it out…….

  24. I think there are other sistas more deserving of the title but hey more power to People Mag and Beyonce. We have to set our own standards of beauty then go from there. That’s the only way things can change… If we truly want them to.

  25. Anybody that knows me, knows I think she’s a gorgeous woman. So well deserved lol.

    GIGI- Are you upset that her and Gwyneth are friends or somethin lol?

  26. Black people make me shake my head. They want to cry equal treatment and yet, as soon as a sista gets some shine, they want to cry she’s too light skin to represent “us.” Black people come in all shades and if you think she looks white on that cover, then you obviously haven’t been around enough black women from various background. Plus, she’s way lighter in person than she actually looks on that cover.

    Black people are so stuck on this whole light/dark skin thing. Who needs white people to create trouble in our community when we are doing it ourselves?

  27. Can we say Overrated this woman is truly overrated in every area. Wow when you have the right people and machine behind you everything is possible. Yes she is attractive no denying that and she has some talent but not on the level that its boosted up to in my opinion. A lot of us is still waiting to see the real Bey in my opinion being FAKE takes away from your beauty and everything else. Anyway congrats Bey hope your baby is doing okay.

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