Beyonce’s American Express Commercial

Have I posted enough videos for you guys today? Oh, you say you want more. Ok- how about Beyonce’s new American Express commercial… it’s kinda cute.

Video Removed By Request


  1. Awwww! Very cute commercial! I’m still disappointed in her though. And no kind of retraction for “that one” statement yet? None?! Damn, Bey! You really meant that sh!%, huh? I was rooting for you too but… guess I gotta let it go. I just got my AmEx bill to renew my membership, should or shouldn’t I? That fee ain’t no joke!

  2. i have to agree with you, it’s really cute. I like that it shows her busy schedule, and a little behind the scenes footage. She is doing a great job with her career! kudos beyonce.

  3. I like the blue evening gown she had on…this commercial sheds some light to why Beyonce be looking so vacant all the time, all those damn questions and lights flashing.

  4. I like it. I love that blue dress! I was expecting something a little different since Tina Fey’s and Ellen’s commercials were so entertaining. Still cute though.

  5. I like the commercial. It explains why she looks dazed all the time. It takes a strong person not to go crazy under all that pressure. Another thumbs up to Beyonce’.

  6. I loved it!!!

    A bit over dramatic at times but I guess that’s why we hire a drama coach. But in all Loved it. Good for her!!!!

  7. Everybody caters to this BITCH because she is light skin and pretty. She is overrated, over hyped and over exposed.

  8. For the first time probably EVER she seemed sort of ‘real’ here for me. LOL And her ‘acting’ wasn’t BAD like it was in that SAMSUNG commercial. LOL. Very cute commercial. But Beyonce, you ain’t slick for saying in VIBE magazine that you dislike ordering over the internet with your credit card, but here you go ordering ‘boomerangs’ (albeit imaginary ones) for your nephew (what’s a four-year old gonna do with one? can he throw it? LOL) Very nice commercial. Where was Solange??? Her dad and her boo?

  9. looooooooove the commercial she has done very well…the family looks good to gotta luv them!

  10. You ever been around a girl that you just get a bad vibe from. Not because she’s mean or anything but because you can feel the competitve vibe. Like she wants you to be jealous of her. That would be Beyonce, lol. It’s almost like she won’t let you feel on her level on anything she does. And she pushes the envelope on you hav eto want to be her all the time. She can never seem like a regular chick.

  11. OMG!!! Lovher I am so shocked to hear you say that. Remember you and I had a gentle feud in the past regarding Beyonce. I see you’ve come around. LOL LOL LOL!!! (just kidding sort of) But I see you kinda feel me a little now.


  13. I’m just glad to see Beyonce growing and excelling in something else besides singing. She’s trying to show a more human side (with in her status). I’m just glad to see another black sista making big moves like this. The only one making moves like this is Queen Latifia. So I’m happy and proud. Love BEE! 🙂



  15. {You ever been around a girl that you just get a bad vibe from. Not because she’s mean or anything but because you can feel the competitve vibe. Like she wants you to be jealous of her. That would be Beyonce, lol. It’s almost like she won’t let you feel on her level on anything she does. And she pushes the envelope on you hav eto want to be her all the time. She can never seem like a regular chick.}

    Lovher I would have to disagree with your comments, although maybe they are a bit on point. One reason I disagree is because we all know people like Bey on our own “regular girl” level, ie at the job, or around the way. Its been my experience that most females dont like these types of women because maybe they arent on their level, maybe its because she always has herself together, or is always going some place, instead of sitting in the house, it could be a few reasons why other females feel threaten by a women like Bey and women who are like her.
    I dont think it has to much to do with looks, although dont get me wrong, looks help a whole h@#@ a lot, but mostly the women I know who are like Bey are this way because they didnt have many girlfriends growing up and they felt like they couldnt relate to another female who wasnt like them. So maybe… in retrospect, I could see where you belive that she carries a bad vibe with her, but mostly it just might be the person who has the problem with her, who carries a bad vibe.

    ps and Im not saying you! Im just responding

  16. Well Liyah here’s the thing the last time we talked she was on her second album and it was like leave her alone now I want her to leave me alone. I’m tired of her. Now I Lovher and I keeps it real for whatever the time is. I’m not saying she’s like that I’m saying constantely that is how she comes off and it creates a hate in you. For instance when she fell down the stairs I was laughing my booty off, ofcourse after knowing she was fine, I would have been torn if she would’ve been hurt but the fact of the matter is one year later after the b-day release its the same thing everyday every blog every time. and i’m tired so the impression that she’s made on me since not changing over a period of time has been altered but I still think she’s a great artist and all the other great things but……yeah i’m tired of seeing her and i can’t help it. lovher and thinks she the greatest but i’m tired of commenting on her, looking at pretty she is and all of that. she never looks diffrent anyway. But in my defense this isn’t the first bad statement I’ve made about her…if you call it that..i keep it real. And for that commercial to have been something about amrerican express women on the go…I honestly can’t relate to it. She wrote that not a marketing exec because who can relate to that and then go out and get that card?????? No one! Case Point. But I’m glad that people love bad comments, lol, i guess.

  17. if your tired of looking at her or talking about her just skip right over her, point black

    Some of yall bloggers crack me up :lol2:

  18. Point black?


    Yeah, some of ‘ya’ll’ crack me up too. :brownsista:

  19. yeah i mean point black i don’t understand why she had to respond, i mena point black i wasn’t talking to her. but i guess point black its on hear so why not comment, i mena point black its a blog and your supposed to comment on what you like and don’t like. i mena point black that’s it….i’m commenting on something regardless. point black num nuts its an opinion! you have your and i have mine. i look to see whats going on becaise i’m bored at work to pass the time by the way. point black, lol. learn to spell. “IF YOUR GONNA CALL SOMEONE OUT DO IT WITH THE CORRECT SPELLING!” POINT BLACK, LIKE TOTALLY, LOL! LOL

  20. Didn’t she said she doesn’t get on the Internet , she doesn’t drink, so on so forth .Boy hypocrisy at it’s best!


  21. Lovher, I understand where your’e coming from. I’ve said it once before that the public is on Beyonce overload. She needs to take a break and give us a chance to miss her. On the same note, she is without a doubt one of the best entertainers out there. She has a competitive nature, but I never once felt like she was mean-spirited. I don’t get a bad vibe from her. I just think some people are intimidated by her. We always compare people to her. Beyonce is the gold-standard in the entertainment industry whether we like it or not. You know what I mean?

  22. No one is intimidated by her. Yes, she has a lot going on, because she has hired the best marketing team money can buy. And they do a very good job in making her look good. The only problem she has is when she open up that pretty little mouth of hers and says some really dumb things. Other than that she’s wonderful. hahaha.

  23. :brownsista: You should be proud of who you are and who you are born to.Sound as though you are ashame of your birth parents,born into the wrong culture,you should be ashame of allowning those words to come off of your lips.You are a beautiful black woman stand up and be Proud Of That,and Jay-Z thinking of getting hitched to you.

  24. :bowdown: Beyonce this is ya numba one fan….I love you! No lie I cried wen I saw this commercial cuz I was tlkin on the fone during a commercial of Ugly Betty nd den I hear kids tlkin…..So I looked up saw it was u nd started cryin….but yea dat was like 10 minutes ago nd m already lookin the commercial up on the internet….LOL Luv the commercial so when I turn 18 I’ll probly get an america express card, juss like I got Diamonds perfume, one of those samsung fones Im bout to get, nd wen Im old enuff to start wearin’ sum makeup I’ll get Loreal Paris………With Luv 4rm Lexi rockin NL, CT all day!!!! :thumbsup:

  25. Oh yeah I 4got to write one last thing I be rockin that Dereon down here in CT to the fullest……I got shirts, hoodies, and these cutee skinny peek-a-boo jeans….they gold I got them str8 off ….iight Luv ya….This is Dark Chocolate Beyonce Fan….they call me “The Beyonce Fein” or “Benononoce” LOL

  26. I must say, reading most of these comment come as a surprise to me, and disturbing I must add! Everyone seems to be “throwing Shady” at Beyonce, and most of it coming from here own people. For the first time In African-American History, you have a Young BLACK woman on top of the Industry in EVERY positive aspect (Not even Diana Ross) breaking the glass celiling even more then those before her, and all of you are insisting that she take a break, how embarrassing! AS for as that “infamous” statement that she made, you all are aware that there are blk “LATINOS” right? The sad thing about it all is, here you have someone showing the young African-Ameican females that you can be black, beuatiful, talented, and Sophistocatied… Not talking about how much d*&k you can take, or “make a sprite can dissappear…”! I’m really ashamed and embarassed! my advice you everyone bashing B, do something with yourselves! We Should be congradulating her, for being a positve “Role model”, and the ones you should be bashing or Media, the same ones contributing to the “Desipeation” of the African-American Race with there suttle racist comments (CNN/FOX News network). I’m not being harsh to anyone, I’m just pissed of that after all out people have been through, we have yet to get it together! Remember, united we stand divided we fall…. Much love to you all!

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