Baby Bump Equals Sales Jump

According to, Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement at last week’s MTV Video Music Awards is having an amazing effect on her record sales.

Shortly after performing “Love on Top,” the song skyrocketed into the iTunes top 10, making it all the way to #5 before eventually falling down to #13. Despite the slight fall however, the track has officially been listed as the third single from “4-” bumping “Party” which had previously been listed at the album’s next single.

Similar results are also expected for “4,” which presently sits at #12 on the Billboard Hot 200 Albums chart. The CD is expected to experience about a 40% jump in sales, easily helping to push it back into the top ten.

According to Neilsen Soundscan, the album had a 17% decrease in sales last week, causing it to fall out of the top 10 for the first time since its arrival nearly two months ago.

Should “4” increase in sales and re-enter the top ten, it will be the first time the album has posted a weekly sales increase since its arrival.


  1. I don’t like the song “Party”. My favorites off the album are “1+1”, “Love on Top”, Rather Die Young”, “Best Thing I’ve Never Had” and “I was Here”. The surge of record sales is no surprise. People always jump pn the bandwagaon when things happen, instead of just being a true fan from the beginning. I love the cd, much more than her last one. I only liked a few songs off her last album. It’s my least favorite of all of her albums. A boost in sales is always a plus.

  2. Beyonce has a plan, and I know what it is. There will be atleast one #1 off this album.

    And Happy Birthday to her as well.

  3. Well it will not be Love on Top or Party. End of Time is the jam. A completely perfect song. Watch the crowd’s reaction whenever she performs it live and you know that is the song that should be released. Fans and the public know best. They have spoken, now the label just needs to listen.

  4. Honestly, I think 4 is B’s best, most mature album to date, but she and her mgmt made poor choices for singles release.

    Some might disagree but she should have played it safe since her album sounds like nothing on the radio right now — first song should have been Countdown, which would have appealed to both both and urban markets and kept everyone singing along with the lyrics. 2nd single should have been End of Time, which I think is probably the best song on the album. 3rd — ballad — Best I never Had, and 4th finish it off with Run the World or Party to keep momentum and to keep people saying hey this is different, but cool.

    Starting off with Run the World wasn’t smart. Best I Never Had needed to follow up a hit to warm people up, because though a great song, it’s just not number 1 material for the current charts. When you’re competition is Party Rock Anthem and Last Friday night — you need to play the game smart. And while Love on Top is my absolute fave song on that album, I don’t think it should be the 3rd single. People weren’t cheering that song — they were cheering the baby bump and singing along with the song she revealed it to. Love on Top is a gem, but it’s too old-school to be appreciated in the current radio market. People will tire of it. Just my opinion, but I really think she and her people hurt 4 with their single choices. The baby bump is only going to take her so far.

  5. I love Party 🙂 can’t wait for the video. I like the 90’s feel for it- for whatever reason whenever I hear it, I feel like I’m back in college (which makes no sense since I was in college from 2002-2006 haha!)

  6. @Ella Umbrella,

    I like your thought process and agree. The age(s) of radio listeners is pivotal to which singles catch on and which ones don’t. I would be considered “old school” and totally appreciate the vibe of Love On Top, but agree today’s “youngins” would tire of it quickly. I also like the Prince vibe of Schoolin’ Life and could see it as a feel good/nostalgic radio song, but yes today’s radio listener would tire of it. Since the beginning, radio has ALWAYS catered to teenagers (in general). If you want mature music, you have to “seek it out” on your own….don’t depend on radio to do it for you. I think Beyonce is going in the right direction, musically, and when she becomes a new mom any forthcoming music will show even more growth from her, because she’ll definitely be in a different emotional space. Her fans will go on an amazing journey with her, and those who don’t like her will keep doing that no matter what she does anyway.

  7. Has anyone noticed the songs people WANT to be singles, or THOUGHT they were gonna be singles…aren’t singles…YET. Like I said there is def. a plan, Beyonce and her team aren’t near through with this album.

    Happy Labor Day Everyone!

  8. Still a flop!!!!!

    What plan????

    If she has to announce a pregnancy and overshadow other artists at an award show, then that #1 is far off the charts. LMFAOOOO

    Beyawnsay is done, that’s why she’s knocked up with a bun. LMFAOOOOOOO

  9. She’s “done” but she keeps you checkin up on her constantly. That makes you the flop.

  10. Beyonce choosing “Run The World (Girls)” as the first single and last track on “4” this era was smart. Whether people love it, hate it, or RTW(G) “flops” on the radio & the Billboard Hot 100 chart, it brings great attention to “4.” King B knew what she was going to do at that Billboard Awards before the public did. That RTW (G) performance is still fresh in my memory. In addition, Bey was also aware of the RTW (G) video content before the public. It’s one of her best videos. RTW (G) does a lovely job as a first single.

    “Best Thing I Never Had” is a good track, and it’s safe. It balances things out as a second single. The video is cute. I love the NBC’S 4th of July Spectacular performance the most. Did BTINH climb higher than RTW(G) on the charts?

    RTW(G)and “Love On Top” seem to have stronger impact on the public thus far. A major part is due to Bey’s live performances of them being more memorable. Another reason is because these two tracks leave strong impressions. It’s great to see 2 of my top 5 tracks off “4” leaving “their foot print on the sand of time.” 🙂

    Bey may not have any popular # 1 tracks on the Billboard Hot 100 charts this time around. I like how that’s not necessarily a bad thing for this era in terms of impact and sales.

  11. BS you hated on my comment regarding rhianna’s album Loud went from #38 to #20 since beyonce said she was pregnant. Rhianna is billboards greatest gainer in sales and radio play. you can go to the wesite and see for yourself.

  12. Wow, i noticed all the congrats for every black female artist except Beyonce’….Mind you NONE WERE MARRIED! Including Jennifer Hudson, Fantasia, Monica (first 2), Alicia Keys (HOME WRECKER) Chilli.
    My question is WHY DOES BEYONCE GET THE NEGATIVE (BLACK) press….? She dated, got married, consistent success then got pregnant. I am STILL trippin’ off of media takeout and Sandra saying she FAKED THE PREGNANCY…WTF? When her Birthday vacation pictures show her on a beach with her pregnant bikini belly….I am convinced black folks are the BIGGEST HATERS….CAN SHE LIVE?

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