B’day Deluxe Edition Has Poor Sales

For years Hits Daily Double has been a reliable source if you want to find out who will have the number one album in the country before Soundscan actually makes it official. Nothing is set in stone, but oftentimes based on first day sales HDD can predict whose album will be number one. I personally lost all faith in them when they reported Janet Jackson’s 20 Y.0 would be #1 only to eventually have Ludacris drop his album price to $5 and snatch the coveted spot away. I doubt Beyonce’s camp will make such a daring price drop to reach pole position but you never know. Album sales for this week are particularly low as HDD reports the fight for number one is between Timbaland and Tim McGraw but both are only expected to sell around 140K. While they report Beyonce’s new opus is expected to sale around 100-110K in it’s first week.

I don’t think anyone expected the deluxe edition to sale what the original did but I think it is safe to say that Beyonce’s camp expected it to sell more than a paltry 110k. With 12 new songs, 8 new videos and a possible #1 single in Beautiful Liar the B’day Deluxe Edition was actually a whole new album and chances are it may have fared better had it not been packaged as the second coming of the original B’day album.


UPDATED 4-10-2007 6:22PM: I thought I would update this post today since the final numbers from Hits Daily Double are in. They have Beyonce selling 125,049 copies and coming in at #6. Again these number aren’t official Soundscan numbers. However they are as close to official as you will get and the Soundsan numbers aren’t going to change that much.

Click the screenshot below to see the final results for yourselves.

Final Update 4-12-2007 5:33pm: Final Soundscan numbers have Beyonce selling 125,974. That total gets added to the original sales of B’day and puts the album back at #6 on the charts.


  1. I’m surprised at this. I hadn’t planned on buying it, but I honestly it expected it to do great! And perhaps it still will. 🙂

  2. I am not surprised. Her music is not empowering and this project is not as good as her Dangeroulsy In Love CD.

    Only her die hard fans will buy this one.


  3. Well I expected the new album to do at least 300,000.Re-releases always sell lower than the oroginals but this was no typical re-release.It was like a whole new album and the first single and video is a hit.I just don’t know how to explain such low sales.

  4. I guess I will jump on the band wagon and say that I am not surprised either. Its just too much too soon…and to be totally honest, those videos were terrible. :noway:

  5. I’mnot surprised because it’s a rip off. I mean she made it seem like all of that would be one cd. You have to buy it separate. Plus why buy the cd when I can just record it on tv cause God knows they playing all of them. And the other one’s are terrible. She’s only doing the one’s that they took time with. That I don’t know why you love me is pittiful. Tupac is shooting better video’s than that and he’s dead.

  6. [quote post=”1791″]Tupac is shooting better video’s than that and he’s dead.[/quote]

    Now THAT is funny! :lol2:

  7. :lol2: That was funny lovher!!! I can’t believe you spoke against her! That is a first 😆

  8. the video album sells seperate from the delux. you can only get the video album from walmart. if she sells a re-release album and is only 30,000 of the #1 album that means ppl are not buying cd’s period

  9. Don’t make excuses.If it isn’t selling then it isn’t selling.Honestly are any of the new songs you have heard any good? And Americans don’t buy Spanish language albums, just ask Jlo.

  10. I’m sorry I have to agree with Dana. The videos ARE bad and the songs are things that I sang about in middle school. I am surprised at her. Why would she re-release? The first release was already a warning.

  11. I don’t want play devil’s advocate but maybe it is too early in the week to judge album sales? I used to be Bey’s #1 fan – she could do no wrong in my eyes and her voice, looks and talent were a gift from the heavens.

    Thank goodness I woke up and realized she is just an entertainer out to make money, not cure cancer or heal the sick!

    Still, I don’t know when her album dropped this week, but maybe it is too early to judge sales.

  12. Liyah, your gravatar lets me know you are worth your weight in gold!

    Hello, my name is prettyparker, and I’m a recovering Beyonce worshiper. Uh-oh, I know the wrath of her fan club will pounce on me like a tiger!

  13. [quote comment=”5463″]I don’t want play devil’s advocate but maybe it is too early in the week to judge album sales? I used to be Bey’s #1 fan – she could do no wrong in my eyes and her voice, looks and talent were a gift from the heavens.

    Thank goodness I woke up and realized she is just an entertainer out to make money, not cure cancer or heal the sick!

    Still, I don’t know when her album dropped this week, but maybe it is too early to judge sales.[/quote]
    Beyonce’s album was released yesterday and based on first day sales Hits has estimated that she will sell between 100 and 110 thousand copies.These are just estimates but Hits is still the site that those in the know visit to get early info on how records are performing.Right now hits has Beyonce’s deluxe edition cd coming in well behind most other releases but suggest she could get a boost from strong Easter sales.You can register on the site to read the info for yourselves or read below.

    Rapper’s New Album Looks to Unseat Mr. King of the Hill Next Week, with McBride, Duff, Beyonce Also on Tap

    April 4, 2007

    Timbaland is ready to step out from his producer’s chair for a new solo album, which could just put him at #1 next week, according to reports from our crack-addled retail reporting network.

    The much-in-demand hip-hop producer’s new Mosley Music Group/ Blackground / Interscope album, Timbaland Presents Shock Value, will challenge for the top spot on next week’s chart with a total approaching 140k, which should put it neck-and-cowboy hat with Tim McGraw for #1.

    Three divas, one country, the others pop and R&B, could profit from strong Easter sales to challenge the two guys. SBMG Nashville chanteuse Martina McBride’s latest, Waking up Laughing, could have her doing just that next week, with a shot at 120k. Hollywood Records’ Hilary Duff is all grown up on Dignity, which is also heading towards 120k . Finally, Beyonce releases a deluxe version of her hit Music World/Columbia/CRG album, B’day, which should add 100-110k to her total, featuring the hot new duet with Shakira, “Beautiful Liar.”

  14. Well if those in the know say it won’t break records, I have to concede it won’t. Whew, I bet my morning’s coffee this chick’s release was going to break records – thank goodness I can have my java tomorrow!


  15. The chick is expecting too much. Maybe she should have waited about two years and released this project. She needs to take some time off and just take a chill pill.

  16. well…maybe her next album will b better……

  17. I’m not suprised I knew this garbage wouldn’t sale. I really hoped that people wouldn’t be dumb enough to by this crap twice. She basically took all of the scrap songs off of her album and made videos to them…how stupid is that!! People calling her a genious, that’s the dumbest thing she could have ever done. She should have took a break but she tried to be greedy and stay on top and instead she just wasted a bunch of money that she won’t make back…Maybe she’ll go away for a little while.


  18. [quote post=”1791″]Maybe she’ll go away for a little while.[/quote]
    Must. Resist. Urge. To. Agree…Must. Resist Greater. Urge. To. Defend.


    Now seriously, I neither hate nor love this chick. If she makes money from a regurgitated album she just released 6 months ago, then good for her. If she doesn’t, oh well, I’m sure she is still living a life of luxury.

  19. I don’t think this was a waste of money. If her re-release doesn’t meet billboard expectations, she and her management will find a way to break even. And, as long as she maintains her great energy and beautiful looks, she will continue to pervade every stage, fashion magazine, tv show and blog throughout the world :dance:

  20. Des Says:
    April 5th, 2007 at 12:10 am | Quote |

    I don’t think this was a waste of money. If her re-release doesn’t meet billboard expectations, she and her management will find a way to break even. And, as long as she maintains her great energy and beautiful looks, she will continue to pervade every stage, fashion magazine, tv show and blog throughout the world :dance:

    I agree to a point. But there is only so much people want to see of one person. Halle Berry didn’t overexpose herself and that’s HALLE BERRY! What does Beyonce do differently on stage that she didn’t do with all the other weird and hair flinging performances? Nothing new, different, everything is the same. There’s nothing wrong with being sexy if you got it flaunt it I’m all for it! But show your versatility change it up sometimes. It’s the same ole’ stuff people get bored with that. I know I do. Where are the new faces??? If it doesn’t sale who would really be surprised. Karma’s a b&*^h!

  21. She really needs to take a break – the videos are garbage, the songs are mediocre and she needs to give michael jackson his make-up kit back cause she looked like a drag queen on the today’s show :thumbsdown:

  22. I don’t think it’s a waste of money. Look at the videos…they’re pretty ‘simple’ and of course, there were those rumors of her paying the dancers less and stuff. She was on a budget. She wanted to do this project ‘for her fans’, I’ve read…she paid for the sacrifice. Lord knows she can afford it. 😆

  23. What ever the case may be. Maybe this will be th cue for her to take a rest. She should pay attention to her relationship……if she still has one 🙁


  25. she really is desperate y’all.
    she herself even stated it in an interview the other day on larry king live, that she wants so bad to be on top as long as she can. she wants a 20 year long career if she can, and she will not stop until she gets it. she also said that sometimes she does not know what she’s even doing, that she does not know what she is trying to prove. if you don’t believe me check it out. she has insecurity problems. its too damn obvious. she needs to fall back for a minuite, because she is so irritating.like some people say she cannot bring change. all she knows is sexy. and its nothing wrong with that. its just that when you do something all the time its unappealing. and its not even always the music that is unappealing, its the damn videos,so repeated.
    but like Madame Zenobia said i sure did think the album would have done great.

  26. dee :iagree:

    Well, I agree with most of what you said – that she can sing, she is beautiful but she can’t act.

    I don’t understand the logic behind releasing the album again six months later with three or four songs that SHOULD have been on the first one to begin with!

    I was so looking forward to the first B’Day because DIL was one of the best albums I’ve heard in years – variety in music, great lyrics and outstanding beats/tracks. Her sophomore work lacked all of that. And the only three songs that were really good were completely penned by someone else (Listen, Irreplaceable and Resentment).

    Yet, I can’t sit back and watch everyone bash Bey. I don’t dislike her as an entertainer (double negative intentional), I simply can’t support this latest effort.

  27. I don’t hate Beyonce I actually like some of her music. Yes, she is talented and she’s a great performer. But when you are a multi-platinium, multi-grammy winning artist there are certain things that are expected of you and she didn’t deliver with this B-Day Delux Edition. Like NELLI stated all he knows is sexy and it’s becoming boring and repetetive, which means it’s time to stop and reinvent yourself..If she’s a true artist and not just another fad, she’ll come back better and stronger.


  28. I saw the Larry King interview. She also made a statement that she wants to be an icon and legendary like Tina Turner and Diana Ross. I am sorry, but that will never happen. Nothing that this girl does is groundbreaking or original. She just needs to let her work speak for itself and get off of her high horse with this Oscar/Icon theory.

    She definitely shows signs of desperation and insecurity. She really needs to take some time off to mature and grow. Evolve into a woman. Get away from these bootylicious songs and eye candy videos.

  29. I see some of the same people who claim to hate Beyonce on all the blogs with her name on it. if you hate her so much stop blogging about it. You look pretty pathetic to me…..(lovher)

  30. :dance2: oh no another hammer.. save your money beyonce.. you are a falling star!

  31. the videos are really cheap looking, but i still like her as an entertainer,
    p.s.”flaws and all” is a good song. :banana:

  32. I didn’t see the Larry King interview, so I am not sure about what was said. But I do know that adversity helps people to grow and as an artist, it can sometimes help in your ability to be creative, innovative and versatile.

    Beyonce seems to have lived a life free of turmoil. Perhaps, this is why so many of you think her music, look or image is not innovative enough? Perhaps, you are unable to relate to a life free of turmoil, and love the Mary J’s because you can relate to all the pain and drama that dominates her lyrics and sound?

    I enjoy Beyonce’s simplistic pop music and appreciate her energy and strong work ethic. And, I DO NOT want her to go away :dance:

  33. Yes, she does have a strong work ethic and I’m glad Des brought that up. I freely admit I used to worship at Beyonce’s feet because she inspired me to be the prettiest, most talented and strongest person I could be. But after 3 years (I didn’t like her until AFTER DIL) I still see the dang thing in her – beauty without depth.

    I don’t hate Beyonce, I just want her to change it up and re-invent herself. This new album is the just the same one she put out six months ago with 3 more songs.

    Give the fans a teaser of what’s to come, not a bowl-full of what they already swallowed. Go away until you come back with a knock-me-off-feet style!

    Plus – she hasn’t even toured in the US yet- at least wait until AFTER the tour to put out the same 11 songs on a new CD.

  34. :brownsista: You guys make very good points i also caught some of the Larry king interview and yes i have to agree with Chey and what she pointed out. She sounded so desperate it was like she was grasping for straws
    Another good point that was made she has to take her music to another level if she truly wants to be considered to be an icon.Look at Mary j bilge she’s not hiding much about her life she’s putting her life experience’s to record i’m sure everyone that posted can pick a song of hers and can relate at some point in life to those songs nobody asking her to tell all her business but let people know you’re real and this is my story this is what i went through in this business,with my family ,with my man,so on so forth.

    Honestly “B’s” song are what they are POP songs,she selling an image and not the real her and i don’t think at this time she wants nobody to see that yet.Because maybe she’s not ready to see it herself but you can’t keep with the fake facaded eventually people are going to see right thru it plus the year she had this will make a good album because it’s real.

    As far as her work ethic i don’t think no one this site is questioning it.She get her grind on if anything else even though i’m not a fan of hers.

  35. I don’t know wether or not to be offended by Des’statement about us being drawn to turmoil. I, like prettypartaker was a beyonce fan until after dangerously in love. So its not about turmoil. Not everyone likes that. I do like Mary J, but personally I am the biggest Alicia Keys, Janet Jackson & Aaliyah fan you’d find. I think it is just that Bey’s goal is becoming very obvious and that is to be #1 for all time. She seems so desparate now, that I don’t enjoy her anymore, she is just a robot, doing everything she can to stick around.

  36. She also did an interview with Showbiz tonight. “Get Me Bodied” was playing, Beyonce said the video was THE MODERN DAY “THRILLER.” This chick has a huge ego problem. Her music and videos will NEVER compare to Michael Jackson. Nor will she reach his status. Something she desperately wants.


    That’s why we love Mary J. She just seems to evolve with every project that she puts out. She just keeps growing and that is what we love about her. You can relate to her songs because we have experienced something that she has been through.


  37. It’s amazing how she can be so debatable. I was in the hair shop today and my stylist told me that a bunch of women were talking about her saying that she needs to share and they don’t like her and that she thinks that she’s all that and that if they had her weave and clothes thye would look just like her. Now mind you I know these women and they are some of the ugliest gutter heffers in Kentucky but still. I’ll agree on the tired of seingher thing becuase sometimes too much of a good thing is well…bad. But do people really feel that she as a package is run of the mill? Do you really think that its easy to find someone with her talent of singing, looks, passion, and creativity (no matter how bitten it may be at times). I s she not special and if she’s not special…..who can you name right now that matches her or is better in all those areas?

    I say Good Luck with that.

  38. The problem is there are plenty of good female artist out there. There are a lot of great singers out there, but the record companies don’t promote them the way they should, so they get the short end of the stick. They get labeled as B-side artist.

    But, truth be told, the media loves Beyonce for her beautiful face and body. She knows that and uses it to her advantage. Her father used to be a top salesman. So he knows how to market her well to keep her in the public eye.

    Nobody is taken away from what she has accomplished and her goals, but she has become obsessed with being #1 and staying in the public eye. If she doesn’t slow down, she is going to crash and burn. She may even turn to substance abuse if her star starts to fall and her next project fails. We saw first hand how the Dreamgirls/Jennifer Hudson drama affected her attitude and crushed her ego. She just needs to take some time off and give us a chance to miss her.


  39. Lovher, I’ve stated many times that Beyonce is beautiful and talented and is a hard working woman. Few contemporary pop artists can keep pace. I haven’t completely given up on the chick because I still like some of her music. I’m just no longer her #1 fan.

    However, she’s been shoved down my throat to the point of gagging on ‘her greatness’ and I feel like I’m backed into a corner with no way around her.

    You said it right that ‘too much of a good thing can be bad.’ In this case, Bey’s monster PR machine saturated the entertainment industry – practically drowning fans with all that is the great Beyonce.

    For the record, let me point out that if I bought a lace wig, lost 20lbs in 2 weeks drinking cayenne pepper and maple syrup, and had her makeup team hooking me up – I’d look like a wig wearing, hot breath having, non-singing fool wearing too much foundation!


    No one can beat Bey in the looks department – that girl is beautiful!

  40. You guys have actually enlightened me… I was unaware the videos and the songs were sold seperately- that is idiotic. Why not give everyone everything on a CD/DVD like Ciara did with The Evolution? This means someone has to buy both again.

    I saw most of the vides and they are substandard. That may sound harsh, but those videos are not cutting it. These dismal sales are not at all a surprise.

  41. Dee I have to dis gree with your comments about Beyonce parading in fashion magazines. For some reason, fasion magazines have been adamant about not positioning her as a style icon. I am not the biggest fan of Beyonce, but I have noticed this. Could it be racism? Maybe.
    Not everyone is gravitating towrds her.

  42. Dee said:
    And, as long as she maintains her great energy and beautiful looks, she will continue to pervade every stage, fashion magazine, tv show and blog throughout

    I have to disagree with you Dee. Fasion magazines, and that industry in general, have been adamant about not positioning her as a style icon. I am not the biggest fan of Beyonce, but I have noticed this. Could it be racism? Maybe. Especially when you consider the play that Lohan, Jolie receieve for no good reason. House of Dereon is not helping the situation as those celebrity lines are usually duds anyway. The only exceptions would be LAMB by Stefani and maybe, just maybe- a really big maybe, the higher end line by J.Lo “Sweetface” ( I reserve the right to ammend this statement).

    Not everyone is gravitating towards Beyonce.

  43. Well I think that people are dogging the girl because it’s the cool thing to do nowadays. Everybody jumped on the bandwagon of disliking Beyonce, so now it’s cool to say that you hate her, when just a few years ago you all were doing the Uh-oh dance 😉

    Does she need to take a break? Yes, but that doesn’t mean I hate the girl. I like her music and a few of the new songs are good and I can listen to them. I think she will take a break and re-invent herself and then everybody will be back on the bandwagon :banana:

  44. [quote comment=”5522″]I’ll agree on the tired of seingher thing becuase sometimes too much of a good thing is well…bad. But do people really feel that she as a package is run of the mill? Do you really think that its easy to find someone with her talent of singing, looks, passion, and creativity (no matter how bitten it may be at times). I s she not special and if she’s not special…..who can you name right now that matches her or is better in all those areas?

    I say Good Luck with that.[/quote]

    These record companies are not looking for pure, raw talent. Beyonce’s father did a lot to help her and the rest of DC. There is no one with great talent out at all!!! We have Fantasia, Mary J, Monica I can’t think of anyone else right now. But where are all the new artist?? Beyonce is not the prettiest and most talented woman in America. I find that hard to helieve. There are better singers that happen to look fantastic and would make Beyonce look even more like her sister and mother. But they are either not out (signed) or if they are signed they are being taken advantage of in some way with no or poor promoting ! Beyonce has worn herself out!! She knows people are tired of her. And the more she shows her insecurities, and envys better talent like Jennifer Hudson who mind you has gotten a lot accomplished in a short amount of time but Beyonce has gotten a lot of awards and attention as well JHud just made her, without trying of course, look bad. Bee was overly confident with her 2nd cd and way overly confident for the moview Dreamgirls saying she wanted to be the first singer to get and Oscar, etc. And all the awards she named who just so happened to get them allllll??? People could smell the envy from miles away from Beyonce. You wouldn’t hear her say anything negative because she knows better you don’t do that in the industry unless your obviously on drugs. Bottom line the chick needs to grow up and stop sounding and looking insecure!!! And change up her style! It’s tired!

  45. I just viewed the entire Larry King interview on another site. Star Jones interviewed Beyonce and she did an excellent job. Beyonce was articulate, candid and a joy to watch. She made it very clear that she is not perfect and that young women should make it a point to love themselves and their bodies. She talked about her strong family unit and the women she respect and admire.

    Some of you who talked about the interview portrayed her comments in a negative light. And, I guess if you’re a negative person looking for something negative, then that’s just what you’ll find.

    Beyonce’s goal to become an icon like Diana Ross and Tina Turner is certainly attainable. I counsel middle school and high school girls who appreciate Beyonce’s respectful and joyful demeanor. They know she’s not perfect, but they also stress the fact that unlike other artists, you don’t see Beyonce crumbling under the pressures of life. The adults in their own lives are unable to hold it together and don’t provide the stability they need and crave as impressionable youth. For them Beyonce (or the image) provides hope and stability. And, sometimes hope is all we need to through another day. What’s even more important, Beyonce is brown just like them.

    Beyonce may not be special to us who happen to be a little older. But she is definitely special to our little sisters. Let’s not spoil it for them :brownsista:

  46. Since when is 110K for a re-release “poor sales?” Usher and Mariah Carey, both of whom had bigger records than Beyonce’, sold around that much as well for their re-releases in the first week.

    I actually HATED Beyonce’ at one point in time (How stupid was I? Hating a person I didn’t even know. *smh*) I’ve actually grown into one of her biggest fans. No, her music is not intellectual or deep, but she makes good songs.

    Beyonce’ is not above being talked about or criticized, but I honestly think that some folks go overboard with their opinions. Cutting down on Beyonce’ and undermining her achievements just seems stupid to me. If I don’t like someone, I don’t spend precious time writing thesis statements and ten page papers about them. lol

    Regardless of what many think of her, Beyonce’ has her place in pop culture, and she is well on her way into becoming an icon. She’s ten years in the game, and she’s still popular and still going strong. How many folks that came on the scene 10 years ago can say that?

  47. Des not everybody see things in the same way.No I’m not a fan of hers,but i give credit where’s credit is due,she gets her grind on and she’s milking for all she can before it goes down hill am I’m mad at that “HELL to the NO” that’s one thing i give her credit for.You feel she was articulate i didn’t so what that’s the beauty of it to agree to disagree.

    Just like everyone her posting are expressing the similar views,different words are being used but the underlying point is all the same but there are some exceptions,that’s fine that’s keeps the post lively

    Only thing i can tell you “Des ” and some others no disrespect well you going to be sorely disappointed, The problem is any where’s their a story about Beyonce let’s just say the postings ain’t going to be totally positive.

    Personally my problem with her is she need to bring it to another level i don’t give good hot crap about how pretty she is because all looks fades.That clothing line it comes and goes.She can reinvent herself but the question is it going to be the same Ole thing or some one we can relate to like an Mary or an fantasia


  48. Sorry but Mary hasn’t reinvented herself in years. She’s still singing about the same tired ole crap. I’m sick of her. Her voice sounds like crap and her sob story is getting old. We all know that she and K-Ci had a messed up relationship. We GET IT!!! Now sing about something else. Mary however will continue to sell because there will always be a market of sad women who need that music to make it through their messy break-ups. 😆

  49. People say beyonce is not real. what does that mean? She did not have the hood/project life like most RNB singers so why should she sing about it. that would be fake. In the Larry King Interview she made a good point. she said,” people gravitate to Effe because she fit the media protrayal of the sterptypcal black woman.” loud agressive with attitude. and its the same with the music ppl prefer MJB because she spills her guts to the media. Beyonce is only 25 she dont have those relationship experiences. on the Larry king show she said, when other girls were into party and boys she was focus on her career. ppl cannot expect her to do MJB types of song. she writes songs about empowering women which she understands because she knows about that. i read an article were a producer who work on Jay z first album. this is what he said about Jay Z “I saw Jay right before the Reasonable Doubt concert, I was in the studio with him and I was like, ‘I wanna hear that Hov, Reasonable Doubt feel.’ And then he made a valid point. He said , ‘well Ski, we ain’t living like that no more. And it’s kinda hard to get back into that zone.'” So beyonce would be fake to talk about MJB life style when she doesn’t have the gravest idea what its about.

  50. Why does Beyonce Beyonce think the media has gravitated to her? Could it be because she symbolizes White-ness? A Black woman with a Blonde weave down her back and a complexion that seems to get lighter with each passing magazine cover.

    If she really made those statemnts about the “Effie” character then it truly shows jealousy on her part. Dreamgirls existed before she did and Effie was always the character that people emotionally felt for.

    Truth is, Beyonce thought Dreamgirls was her golden tiket to acting fame but instead it showcased how weak an actresss she was and how strong an actress J. Hudson was and now all of a sudden she sees Jennifer’s role as an insult to Black women. Give me a break.

    MJB has a career that will outlast Beyonce’s and many other pop chicks because she emotionally connects with her fans.She is not a pop gimmick.

    Yes Beyonce can only be herself but she needs to lay off the attacks because her time will come too and I personally doubt 5 years from now she will be as hot and then finally we will see some humility in this arrogant woman who thinks only of herself and acquiring as much fame as she can.

  51. Well Shay people deal with pain in different ways, well everybody can’t be like you and few others in this world. That have that pillar of strength you have but to call someone sad because you can relate to a song
    when you are going thru something,wtf!!! so what do you suggest I want to hear your diagnoses we want to know what do you do. MS.Pillar of strength you know for the weak,sad,and the pathetic.

  52. I wasn’t trying to be mean in my comments. It’s just that I started to laugh while typing it, because I knew it would come off that way. I personally don’t listen to Mary because she ruined her voice. And if listening to Mary is what helps people get through rough times, then that’s great. However to say that she has changed it up and done something different is a lie. Mary has been singing about the same thing for years now. How long is she going to be therapy? :lol2:

  53. I’m surprised Brown Sista hasn’t posted anything on what a tyrant Jennifer Hudson is. It’s all over the entertainment news. But this is a blog about the positive black sista, so I guess it wouldn’t fit

    [quote comment=”5545″]
    Truth is, Beyonce thought Dreamgirls was her golden tiket to acting fame but instead it showcased how weak an actresss she was and how strong an actress J. Hudson was and now all of a sudden she sees Jennifer’s role as an insult to Black women. Give me a break.

    Yes Beyonce can only be herself but she needs to lay off the attacks because her time will come too and I personally doubt 5 years from now she will be as hot and then finally we will see some humility in this arrogant woman who thinks only of herself and acquiring as much fame as she can.[/quote]

  54. I feel that the frustration about Beyonce(and Ciara, Ashanti, and others) is not about tearing down their accomplishments and talent(which they all have), but about the fact that the “R-n-B chick” dancing in videos, flinging long hair around, wearing skimpy clothing,etc is forced down our throats as the only way to be as a black woman, not only physically, but musically. Or worse, that black woman can only be that rnb chick OR the angry, downtrodden black woman(a la Keyisha Cole and Mary J. Blige). Artists that don’t fit either of those molds–Res, Jill Scott, Alicia Keys to an extent, Kelis, among others–aren’t given the immense amount of exposure those other singers are given.

    This does boil down to the confusion black people have about what it means to be “black” as well as the media’s pushing us into those slots and presenting them as THE background for black people(which was why I was offended over a passage in JHud’s Vogue article in which Andre Leon Talley stated the typical route for black singers is through singing in church–another generalization of black culture).

    I don’t “hate” on Beyonce or any other black woman doing their thing, I “HATE” on the fact that black people give into the lie that there are only certain routes to stardom(or even non-Hollywood success) and any other way is not “black”–and I’m not racist, but those who don’t give a damn about keeping black people in that container are laughing their way to the bank.

  55. ^^^Ok I love Res and Jill Scott, so I feel you on them not getting enough exposure.

  56. Totally agree with you on that!I don’t know why these girlz don’t get enough love,espically alica keys she definitly fit the image thier looking for i def don’t understand that.

  57. :booty: “Jummpy” if I could only understand your post I would respond to what you are trying to articulate. You are rambling and your thoughts seem to be all over the place. And no, I don’t expect us all to see things in the same way (if that is indeed what you were trying to articulate) :confused:

  58. i think it’s just that folks are tired of her. so poor album sales leads to poor ticket sales. lol when people complained about her and said they werent going to buy that album…lol they actually ment it. Goes to show you her loyal fans are starting to get tired as well! :lol2:

  59. Black folks get on my nerves sometimes. Like Beyonce is the ONLY black sista we’ve seen with a blond weave down past her ass. Beyonce is as real as the next chick because she only sings about what she knows and is about getting that paper! She is definitely the ultimate hustler, or should I say her dad, and she WILL be a legend, there’s no doubt about it. I mean just look at all the lil kids that love her now. By the time they grow up, they will still remember her and she’ll be the modern day Tina Turner

  60. :booty: Well “Des” yes i should have articulate my post better than what i did.Thanks for pointing that out “DES” actually i was commenting on what “SHAY” pointed out about other singers not getting as much props.Not on what i had posted earlier.

    THANKS 🙂

    p.s. Thanks again “DES” now i hope this post is flowing much better for you and you get it.

  61. :booty: if yall cant see beyonce is fake as hell maybe yall need some glasses and some new ears to her music sucks its immature and dum she needs to growup everyone is sick of her music it all sounds the same yes she dresses like a pure slut i dont like the fake personality shes just a big as fake bitch fuck her and her dum ass fans i know i fake jealous bitch when i see one or hear one fuck beyonce she cant act and the new cd sucks worser than the original you guys are some ass kissers and its a shame that music from her in considered good what the hell is wrong with yall ears her grammer is fucked up she will never be a legend like diana or patti her music has no meaning

  62. Ordinarily I would delete a post such as the one Nicole has made but I will leave it in tact to make a point. We have only 2 rules here and that is to be respectful and not curse. These 2 basic rules have been overlooked time and time again which is why we had to install a plugin to censor the vile, filthy language that so many sistas use while expressing themselves on this site. Nicole’s post is a clear example of why so many Black blogs are an embarrassing disgrace and why we don’t want any part of it. Everything on this site is a reflection of us- the owners and we will not have anything posted here that make us look bad. If you can’t express yourselves without cursing then please find yourself another site to post on because you will be banned from this one.

  63. Some of you bitter people act like Beyonce controls the universe. She doesn’t. Is she also responsible for global warming? I love Res and Jill Scott just as much as the next person, but it’s not Beyonce’s fault that they don’t get enough exposure. All Beyonce can do is Beyonce. She has her place, just like every other artist. Let the girl dance if that’s what she wants to do. Don’t listen to her music if you don’t like her. It’s really quite simple :thumbsup:

  64. nicole used every curse word in the human language in that one post about Beyonce 😆 I sense jealousy in her posts rather than someone who just dislikes her music. what’s really eating you nic? you cannot be this mad just because you think beyonce’s music sux.

  65. Hey Nicole,

    :noway: How dare you criticize Beyonce’s (or anyone for that matter) grammar when you can’t even express yourself without using so much foul and unnecessary language!

    Debra, I don’t believe for a second that everyone who leaves a comment on this site is Black. You might very well have some imposters. Also, I frequently visit “white” blogs and have come across some disturbing and disrespectful comments – so I don’t think this is attributed to Black people, only. You and Stephanie are doing a great job and your articles speak for the type of image you seek to uphold :thumbsup:

  66. I’m not blaming Beyonce or her doing her thing–I’m pointing out the fact that the record industry laps female artists like her(and Rihanna, Ashanti, Mya, Christina Milian, etc) up, further pushing a certain type of image and message to the forefront, as though “this” is what black women is supposed to sing, dance, and look like. Certainly the women I mentioned are talented,BUT you can’t deny the fact that artists who don’t fit into the “mold” are not promoted the way the typical “R&B chick” is, and what’s sad is that in promoting that certain image, other images are considered unattractive and stir up negative emotions(think of the anger that was stirred over Alicia Keys vs India Arie few years ago).

  67. Pressed submit before I was finished, lol

    —and further confuse people of all races over what constitutes a “black” woman(be it her appearance, her song matter, profession, etc).

  68. Camille you have made the most conscious statements so far posting in reference to Beyonce and the saga that surrounds her. I totally agree with you about the images that Beyonce and the others you mentioned portray. They are partly the reason for so much of the low self-esteem that is paraded through out the black community and in general to anyone who follows them. The reason why I say that is because they may talk about self love but they are expressing black self hate with there white standards of beauty, colored weaves, and sex selling gimmicks.
    To someone Beyonce is great, to me she is very typical and average across the board no disrespect but a lot of people in our black race are into booty shaking, their weaves, looks etc. So to me she really offers nothing original. Now we do have some profound black people but they are not being pushed to the forefront and it’s sad. Personally we need some modern day Martin Luther kings, Malcolm X’s, etc. Barack Obama is very good. But I just don’t see Beyonce as anyone that inspires me to do anything outside of being arrogant and shake my booty that’s just not enough. What is beauty with no substance? Do you realize the image that Beyonce and so many others portray in the industry and out fall into the hands of what a lot of white people say about our race? Did you know that white people think that all black people care about is their image and fashion? Sad but so many fit into that category. I wish we (blacks) would rise up and make them out to be liars. It’s going to take more than just a handful of us.
    They (especially Beyonce) send a message of selfishness which can be mistaken for self love. There is nothing conscious or profound about Beyonces music. Beyonce comes across as an individual with low self esteem herself. This slave mentality generational curse with white standards and black self hate needs to be broken and it does not begin with artist like Beyonce. However, it begins with artist like India Arie, Jill Scott, and Alicia keys. Their music is not selling the way it should because the average black persons mind is poisoned by white supremacy, the media, and a lack of in depth black history.
    I urge you all to go out and buy a book called “The Isis Papers” The Keys To The Colors by Dr. Francis Cress Welsing if you do not already have it. It’s has very good information to enlighten the lost souls of the black race. This is not to teach racism but rather to open the black communities mind up to a new way of thinking and the underlying truth as to why a majority of black individuals are not progressing. But what really amazes me about a lot of people of the black race that are die hard Beyonce fans is anytime someone has an opposing opinion about Beyonce their only explanation is they are either 1. jealous 2. hating, (which is taken out of context and I am glad to see no one abusing yet on this board), 3. envious, 4. ugly, or 5. broke. There is something wrong with that picture if we did not find Grace Jones or India Arie appealing would we be labeled the same? No, maybe it’s because some people subconsciously have white standards of beauty syndrome and are unaware? The Isis papers and other conscious material will help black people learn to recognize this type of behavior and hopefully fix it. In conclusion wake up and don’t believe the HYPE!

  69. [quote comment=”5600″]Wow! That’s deep.

    : :thumbsup:

  70. That was great!! Very well said and sooooo true. Our younger generation doesn’t have a clue anymore, I’ve seen mor outrage about a Beyonce bashing post then about the fool Imus who clearly reiterates the notion that Black is not beautiful and Black women, well…I won’t get into it. It is still very upsetting. And white America will say, rappers say this and that all day and night and the Black community does nothing. Well I’ve seena few of Beyonce’s new videos. They ooze sex, euro standards of beauty, even her dance crews are lightened up, legs, boobs, if my daughter was old enough to see this, she wouldn’t. Using her innocence as role model material, wow. Is she really all that’s left? Because calling her music light and carefree–funny. She herself perpetuates the same message that we try to get our black girls to forget or get over; Get me bodies, upgrage u (ur clothes and jewely really) Check up on it with tight leather and makeup and close up shots of her body has been a theme in all her videos. It’s so frustrating to see that people are so willing to defend her when she could be more respopnsible for the image she portrays becasue her fan base, which was probably not even around in the days were music was taken seriously. I feel like we are stuck with her and all of the overexposure, and blacks have a right be upset, because of all the reasons explained in Real Talk’s post. The top music industry execs know what they are doing to the Black music experience- Hip Hop and Rap in particular. It’s mass mislabeling and wo :brownsista: rldwide exposure that damages our culturally credibility and leaves us all in A BIG BLACK BOX! Go figure! :brownsista:

  71. Bey should go back with DC. I loved their latest album. DIL was also a great album. Don’t forget that her sophomore album took 2 weeks to make! (although i don’t know what’s up with the Deluxe edition).
    Even though I love listening 2 her to death, and can’t wait for every new song she makes, I hope does take a break, and come out with some HOT tracks, because I want her to remain the hottest chick in da game 🙂

  72. Real Talk that was very well said. I agree 100%. It is true that whenever someone has an apposing opinion people go nuts. What you said is basically the same way I feel about her, you just said it better. She is just another pretty face who gets a pass for being beautiful. Think about it, is her music really that deep? Is she really original? And I am sorry maybe this is selfish, but I am a disaapointed that I don’t see (or know) of her participating in more charities. If youo don’t trust sending your money, then go out there some where and help people. Alicia Keys went to Africa for a very long time to help the AIDS victims. Some one with Beyonce’s star power and fame should be doing that. Hell she’s got so many followers maybe people will copy 😉

  73. Liyah, hey I’m back 😎

    I’ve avoided all Beyonce-related posts this week because I was beginning to dislike the chick after she re-released B-Day.

    I just want to give my two cents by agreeing with some of what Real Talk has touched on. The images of beauty that is presented to our community should be taken with a grain of salt.

    That said, I have to speak up for any sista who is taking care of her body & health, working to make a living or to leave a legacy for the next generation, aspiring to be the very best in her career and sharing her God-given talent with others.

    I freely admit that applies to just about all of the sista’s in my life – friends, family, coworkers and associates. And though I may not know Beyonce personally, she does fit that profile.

    As far as this post is concerned, does anyone know how the B-Day Deluxe Edition did in its first week?

  74. Charities: Beyonce’s house of dereon has 10% of it’s earnings going to Different charities, she’s auctioning her outfits for “Save the Music” charity, has the survivor foundation, Clothes Off Our Back, Love Our Children USA, Women’s Fund for Scotland, she’s active in the AIDS foundation in Africa, and she’s a part of the Ronald McDonald House Charities…

    I am only 15, someone please explain to me what “old people music” is like. I’m not trying to be offensive, but it seems like every adult brags about how they had good music, but now it’s gone.

  75. You are indeed trying to be a smartass which is very typical of her psycho fans. We old’s people music as you call it was not depenedent on our videos or pure bootyshaking. The people we loved and long for had real talent which is why they are still being talked about. Beyonce will be a distant memory in five years and you too will then be singing the same tune we are now.


  77. Some of yall make sense, while others have no clue on what they are talkin about. This war with “sex sells” does not begin nor end with Beyonce. LoL She is not the creator nor was she the first woman ever to use what she has to get what she wants. Secondly, the lady has done numerous amounts of charity work and strongly believes in give back to her community(as explained by Chantelle). Thirdly, her “re-release” did not flop for the simple fact that it sold over 125,000 and is still not considered a “new album”. So every deluxe album sold will still count toward her original album sells, which is nearly 3 million in the US alone.

  78. The response made about sex selling is like DUGH! We know sex selling is nothing new. However, the point that’s being made is Beyonce doesn’t care about you or any of her die hard fans. Common sense 101, why would you continue to spend money with someone that does not have your best interest at heart? If you half did your job do you actually think you would still have one? So what makes Beyonce more than you are? The problem is a lot of her fans see her as some sort of God superior to them. But for people with common sense we know that she is not superior and we are not buying the garbage that she is selling. Who cares about a pretty face? My life and money is more important than Beyonce any day. Some of her fans are crazy and need to demand more from her. She sells garbage because some dummy is willing to buy it no matter how terrible it is. Apparently some people don’t have enough sense to see through her gimmicks. She is using the senseless people to make more money. There is nothing wrong with following yours dreams and being success but make sure you are not stepping on and using other people. What goes around comes around. I am pretty sure Beyonce can tell you about that experience so far this year alone. Peace!


  80. LOL Beyonce’s album did not flop. what the hell is wrong with some people? She has the #1 r&b/hip-hop album right now and the album wasnt even new! lol so yes, she is STILL the hottest chick in the game. I honestly dont see why, but lets not make up lies now and say she flopped and is a nobody.

  81. Umm, I cant stand this chick either but I aint gonna hate and say she flopped. Her album moved from #69 to #6 and is NUMBER 1 on the r&b/hiphop charts..umm flop?? i think not. Chick has gotta sold like 3 mil in the US by now.


  83. She sucks all around. I will be glad when some more true hard core talent comes out besides Jennifer Hudson and change the direction of music. Right now it is just bubble gum and trash like Beyonce that’s selling. :booty:

  84. I love Dr. Welsing’s writings. But let’s put this into perspective here. Beyonce is portraying low self esteem. She’s making money off of how she looks. And let’s keep it real – she’s a very attractive sistah. I wish black folks would quit hating on other black folks because they’re attractive. She’s not attractive only by black standards or only by white standards – she is considered attractive world wide. Also keep in mind that she has a very “African-American” body – it’s not barbie doll by any stretch of the imagination.

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