Beyonce’s Curves Top British Poll

Singer Beyonce has been voted the celebrity with the best body by British women. The curvy star came out on top of the new poll by landing 24% of the vote, but men believe that Transformers star Megan Fox has the best body and said she is the woman they would sleep with if allowed to by their partner. The poll was carried out by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. It also found that British model Katie Price is becoming less popular as a third of men and women voted her the least attractive celebrity. Both sexes also voted that Victoria Beckham has the worst figure out of other celebrities. The poll was carried out to mark the release of Fox’s new movie, Jennifer’s Body, on DVD.

Check out Beyonce new gallery.


  1. I must admit, I liked her Austik Powers body. I would sleep with..Hoopz lol. But I am not gay.

  2. Obviously some people must love her butt pads or not. Beyonce is a beautiful girl with an amazing body IMO!

  3. This I can’t agree with because I think you should use your real body. Nothing against her but it’s enough with this fake woman and I am not talking about her entertaining I am talking about the image she sends out to young girls regardless what color they are. She has fake blond hair, fake contacts, fake breast, and a fake ass most of the time. If she thought she was that beautiful she would step out as her real self sometimes.

  4. What does blonde hair have to do with it..Fake contacts….Whats wrong with conracts..BREATS..THAT HAS NOT BEEN PROVEN, SO IN MY EYES THEIR REAL…SMH!!!!!

    If she would step out as her real self, Beyonce would look exactly the same but younder..SMH!!!


  5. Wow. That Beyonce reign just won’t let up will it.

    I loved her whole look during the Austin Powers era; but I’m partial to the 70s. πŸ™‚

  6. Wow it’s some jealous sad women on this site.

    What proof do you have that Bey is fake?

    Sit down with that hating mess and get a life.

    Beyonce is beautiful, talented, and has an awesome body. Keep making em mad girl!

  7. I just dont understand how people get SO upset about SOMEONE(in general) getting accolades in life?
    But anyways congrats Bey through all the negativity.

  8. Oh yeah you must’ve forgot, she has hips out of this world to lol. And I never seen the pics of her in the red dress.

  9. Why is everyone freakin’ out over this…it’s just a poll. LOL. One of a-gazillion. In the grand scheme of things……….. *crickets* will it mean ‘anything’?

    -Foxxy Cleopatra wants her afroed Beyonce back! LOL

  10. Lol that is an accomplishment i can understand she is a beautiful woman regardless of her knowing it or not, Her artistry is the joke, But no one can deny her beauty,After all that’s how she got where she is πŸ™‚

  11. Oh DELPHINE what would we do without you and your negativity. Why even click? *confused*

  12. DELPHINE- Have you seen Monica’s new video I think that will cheer you up, also Jill Scott will be performing at the NAACP Awards Friday, I shared those things with you because you honestly seem upset.

  13. Whats with this butt pad thing.she aint wearing butt pads in all the pics.

    n y we h8n we know she got a great bee-hind n body we ve known that eva since n b4 BOOTYLICIOUS came out.

    by the way mary has had blonde hair eva sins i can rememba

  14. 1715: You are a sad individual you know that?You haven’t been hugged very often have you? Stop getting so emotional lol

  15. Bey doesn’t wear contact her eyes are naturally light brown, her mom eyes are green.

    Bey is gorgeous IMO.

    @ Delphine, you do seem a tad bit bitter.

  16. DELPHINE- Really I am? Because I would like for people to stop being negative every minute of the day?…I think your the sad one, but that’s just me.

  17. Wow! SMH There are a lot of sad people on this site. How can someone call Beyonce’s body fake? Do you have any proof that Beyonce has breast implants, wears butt pads, or color contacts? NO. It’s called a push-up bra. And if you think she wears butt pads check her swimsuit pics. She can’t fake that. LOL at the accusation she wears color contacts, when her eye color has been the same since forever. Where do folks get this stuff from? It’s all based on rumors and lies, not facts. It’s disgusting to me that people would make such accusations to discredit this woman. Granted, she’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but give props when they are due. SMH

  18. The sad part is you can’t state an opinion about this woman on anything without a ton of people saying you are hating (whatever the hell that means) she is fake and her eyes do be different shades of brown sometimes. Get over it people we are not going to do the Beyonce thing this year. I know she is the only black female performer out right now but let see if we can find maybe another black performer somewhere in America. She did nothing to have those curves so I guess the honor should go to God since he gave them to her. I hope and pray that the way some of you stay on this woman that you really have yourselves together because if you don’t maybe you should start feeling about yorselves that you feel about her.

  19. 17150918: Yes That is just you i think being opinionated is a whole lot more acceptable, then being an self accepted Follower,I mean i am the kind of person who has opinions and can argue them without using evasive comments,Irrelevant statements or over used words,I also like what i like for different reasons than for it being “the hottest” .I am proud of that ,I know who i am… You on the other end … πŸ™‚ I thought on the last post you swore you weren’t talking to me anymore πŸ™‚

  20. Bee: the minute you start using a higher vocabulary than beylonce , her worshipers back down and call you a “Hater”. Once someone throw that word at you , Just know that there is a sad sad confused little girl/boy Somewhere that needs help,and that is beyond you;Think about it, How miserable can you be if you make an ENTERTAINER the center of your life and feel the need to defend them every single minute? You and i both know that entertainers are brand, Like it,Detest it, They are a product, Those babies think bonce is going to eventually come to their door and thank them for defending her, They think beyonke love them, and care deeply about them,It’s so tragic that it is funny,I have a good laugh at it Especially that limited Numbers nicknamed child…

  21. Why do soooo many people get bent out of shape when somebody speaks negative against this girl. For real though, take away her beauty, fame and money, I doubt anyone would care about her.

  22. ^^lol That applies to all those in the public eye, not just Beyonce.Not everybody likes this chick. I get that. I’ve just never seen so much negativity spewed at one person in my life, and none of it is based on fact. None of us know this woman personally, so let’s leave it at that and just agree to disagree.

    And someone please show me some proof (pics) where Beyonce’s eye color has changed over the years.

  23. And why are people complaining about others defending Beyonce? It takes just as much effort to tear a person down.

  24. JUST A THOUGHT- Exactly. but you know people will hear ANYTHING and run the completely other direction with it.

    ANONYMOUSGIRL- Umm that would mean nobody would really no her because she wouldn’t be…Beyonce the superstar.

    DELPHINE- For you to be a grown a** woman you shol don’t act like it with your IMMATURE comments.Have enough respect and dignity to call someone by their name “sista”. And I CHOSE to type this way I’m not writing my resumΓ© or a essay to a college I’ve already done that (& dont be suprised since Beyonce’s fanbase are “low lifes”) so I will continue to type the way I want. Also since you were talking about irrelevant comments weren’t YOU the one that commented about Bey’s artistry being a joke when this post was about her curves? Or did I read that wrong?

  25. To whomever said that her eyes are different shades of brown in different pictures…it may be the lighting. I know close up my eye color is a medium brown but farther away they appear darker. Considering most of us have only seen her from afar at a concert or in pictures this very well may be the case. I’ve never seen a picture of her with light brown eyes and I doubt someone would have varying shades of contacts from medium to dark brown.

  26. 1715: Again evasive, Irrelevant,Finger pointing,Not very developed arguments, You’re a great break entertainment tool

  27. I seen Beyonce in person and she had on some tights and a jacket. The tights were too thin to hide booty pads and her butt was nice(no gay, but it is what it is) i was her a few years later at macy’s and her eyes were a gorgeous green tea color. You can tell when pepple are wearing contacts, and she definately wasn’t. Ya’ll haters are more loyal than her biggest fan. And if you’re insulted you must be a hater.

  28. Her eyes are not green, they are medium brown. People always tell me my eyes are hazel -they are not-they are light brown. She also never had sandy brown hair -her hair has always been black. They had pictures of her as a young child and her hair was never light.

  29. Bey eyes are not green(her moms are) and they are not a medium brown, her eyes are light brown. And her hair color is dark brown not sandy brown.

  30. Ok,B’s body is bangin point blank. All the hate is so corny. She wears blonde weaves…so what? How many other sisters do too. I dont see yall hating on Mary J. Blige or even Tina Turner.If you wanna go that far,every chick White or Black,in the business is fake.

  31. DELPHINE- Ok I get it you have nothing to say like I thought, and again your using your same statements tou address me and someone you do not like…pitiful.

  32. 17: Okay you know papa johns? The pizza company ? That’s how “Beyone” is , she is a brand, People are going to like it, hate it, dislike it, Not care for it, like some songs, hate some others she is a brand,The only pity to take here is the fact that you somehow take her as a part of your life, and stay on the internet trying to fight people to “protect” her, Bonce could care less what anyone thinks, just like she is uninteresting to me, WE are uninteresting to her,I understand that ,thus i have no issues with giving her props or calling her out, But you seems to think that she is your friend? What a lost soul, I don’t purposely shorten my thoughts for you, The fact that you on here 24/7 defending a celebrity says very much about you, your life or lack there of,I just got here with this ebyonce stuff, How long have you been in here “Battling” People over someone that can’t even speak properly? You have got to do better Babe

  33. Note to self : (Remember to keep a dictionary in your house so your children can access it some people have the definition of the words “Gossip” and “Blog” twisted)

    Her artistry is a joke and that is the end of it… Build a bridge and jump over it,I’m all for eradicating you unenlightened, so our race can progress.

  34. hey DELPHINE girl 17 is a man….I know hard to believe right? I still cant. Anyway leave “his” behind alone. He argues like a female…

  35. Any1 heard about the earthquake in chile?? The one in Japan the day before? THe one in ARgentina. JUDGMENT IS HERE!!America next up 2 bat. Soon these little blogs will be a thing of the past and the only thing on your mind will be survival. Soon the world will be watching on tv states in AMerica in shambles shaking their heads. GET YOUR SPIRITUAL LIVE RIGHTS! if you got another day to live that his His mercy-not luck.

  36. When one part of the crew shows up they all do don’t they lol.

    But DELPHINE what you say to me doesn’t apply to you anymore? Your comment was IRRELEVANT and I know you disagree but it was plain and simple. Your on here just like me trying your BEST to tear someone apart so what does that say about you. You sound like a very intelligent GIRL, notice I didn’t say woman because you act very immature I wont go into details of that because Im sure people can already tell. I wouldn’t be suprised if you’re someone who’s visited this site for a LONG time, but just changed your name around a bit.
    Wouldn’t it just be SOO much easier if when you saw a post, video etc. about her just don’t even waste your VALUABLE time looking at it because either way you won’t care for it, I mean thats what I do, that’s just a helpful tip because life is too short to waste your time on things that you just dont care about.

  37. RUSERIOUS- Your soo right, we really need to be worrying about the future because I think God’s trying to tell us all something.

  38. Tutu: It’s aberrant…

    17: I commented on Two bey once post and only kept coming back To answer to you,I just got here, How I’m i “trying my best to tear her apart?” LoL i don’t come here every single day, Sometimes i’m gone for long period of times,You on the other end live here, What are you saying? Stop using words Incorrectly it’s annoying, And what is it with you and your invisible back up, It’s like you’re convinced that other people agree with you and that give you leverage that’s kind of sad,and You mean to tell me that thee is only one person in the world who don’t care for bey once and that person spend their time changing their names to oh i don’t know mess with you? You need Therapy,”You seems like a very intelligent girl” Don’t patronize me, the fact is that i am and i stay above the beyonce influence, and if my “Tearing her down” Disturbs you, Don’t read me πŸ™‚

  39. WELL if you cant see that she is wearing butt pads then you need your eyes checked out. Besides this claim was already authenticated a long time ago by her dressers. There isnt a part of her that is not enhanced. Now that she knows its an open secret, she will probably have IMPLANTS instead!!! There is nothing natural about her. She is overhyped and over rated. I bet she laughs all the way to the bank with all you being conned into buying her mediocre stuff. If you want to see natural beauty look at Rihanna, now thats what we call BEAUTY!!!! Unfortunately the zombie like followers of Bey will never know what REAL BEAUTY is.

  40. DELPHINE- It urks the hell out of me to talk to ignorant a** people especially a ignorant woman. What word/words did I use incorrectly…? Thought so. Seriously the bottom line is why do you come to see someone you simply don’t care for I honestly don’t get it, and please dont use the simple answer of “because I felt like it”, that won’t cut it.
    Also the same applies to you, if someone’s success disturbs you then DON’T WATCH/LISTEN TO THEM, you made it sound plain and simple so it shouldn’t be that hard for you.

  41. @Kyla: Typical Rihanna stan. You still have no proof. Unless you’ve dressed Beyonce yourself, it’s pure speculation. She can’t fake a butt in a swimsuit. I can’t see any butt pads in the above pictures either. You must have some sort of x-ray vision. lol How old are you? LOL Based on your logic, we can call Rihanna fake too (Weave, butt appears/disappears at times, etc.). This topic is done. SMH

  42. I don’t think anyone is saying that Beyonce is unattractive. But it has been proven along time ago about her butt pads. And it should be obvious to anyone with EYES because sometime she has a big butt and other times it is flat as a board point blank if you got big butt it will be always be big it should not go from booty to no booty. P.S delicious and rapper Trina is a prime example they always have the donk because theirs is real and so is mine it does not go from pop out to flat. She built a fake image with that when she first came out with crazy in love I tried to tell people that was not Bey real donk she has never had that size donk before I said booty pads or surgery I knew it an now most people caught on back a few years ago because pictures tell a story and others start to notice the huge differences at time in her behind. So yeah her butt is NOT REAL. But no one can have everything including Beyonce she is still doing well for herself.

  43. 17150918 : Because i can and will say what i want, when i want and how i want, Beyonce is somewhere enjoying her life, the only person who’s bother, and going through it is you sweets.I can comment however i want on a GOSSIP BLOG and you really can’t stop me,so what was the point of you addressing me in the first place? and what happened to your “I wouldn’t be surprised if you were 5 other people” Argument? Didn’t hold up in court? Loool and the word is “irk” not “urk”, College uh? You’re so cute lol

  44. I figured you were gonna use that SIMPLE answer, and all I have to do is wake up every morning and Im gonna enjoy my life regardless because of that. Your the one that post NEGATIVITY on every Rihanna and Beyonce post you can find,so maybe you have some issues you need to get through idk. Before you came everyone STAYED ON TOPIC something you get “annoyed” by if people dont follow, but yet you can’t even accomplish your own goal, because you felt the need to talk about something totally different.

  45. Butt pads? I don’t think you can fake that in the below pictures. I feel stupid for even posting these:×0.660×841.jpeg
    And it’s called yo-yo dieting. Beyonce loses and gains weight like no other. Trust and believe now that the tour is done, she will put on the pounds. She has said countless times she doesn’t like to work out. And with that I’m done.

  46. JUST A THOUGHT- Don’t give in to these people they won’t believe it even if they do SEE it, if it’s not one thing it’s another with them.

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