Beyonce’s “Fashion Rocks” Promo Shot

The first lady of fashion, yeah, I just made that up, is back to reclaim her title. Houston’s favorite hometown honey is looking like a million bucks in a Giorgio Armani suit in the new issue of Fashion Rocks, a spacial magazine that will be included in 16 Conde Nast titles, including Vogue, GQ, Vanity Fair and Allure. The magazine is a tie-in with the Fashion Rocks concert which will go down on the opening night of Fashion Week in New York City on September 5th.

The concert, which is in it’s fifth year, will air September 9th on CBS and early reports/rumors have Beyonce performing her debut single from her as yet untitled new CD.


  1. Damn, she looks so good… I might have to buy her a short set. πŸ˜†

  2. Nice photo. I guess this squashes the pregnancy rumours. :o)

  3. cute pic, but i always love when women wear the masculine look in black and white photos. and its nice to see her in clothes.

  4. She looks good in that photo! That Armani suit is bangin! Good look on the fashion, I don’t know about “first lady of fashion”…lol

  5. She looks like Solange! Stephanie, you are trying to start trouble by calling her the first lady of fashion aren’t you???? That would be RIHANNA!!! Yeah I said it :0

  6. @Liyah i agree lol.But i really do not like her line of clothing. The only thing i like is her jeans. But i love me some applebottom i think nelly line is way better than her and BabyPhat. That my opinion.

  7. yes there goes my girl mrs. carter on the scene once again. I’m lovin’ this pic of her without makeup. She looks more her age, all that make-up sometimes can make her look like she’s in her 30’s or 40’s sometimes, but she’s only 26 and this is how she should look. keep makin’ that money bee!

  8. What up Lady. I’m feeling what you are saying about her clothing line. I only like the jeans too.

  9. Get ready for Beyonce over load again beginning in September. Promotions for her new CD and movie will be all over the place. Michelle Williams is doomed.

  10. Love the suit & the hat. I kinda want one. But don’t tell nobody

  11. That’s a pretty picture. It’s very understated not over the top like she usually does.

  12. THAT’S A BADDD B*TCH!! As if we didnt know that already… Go Bee!

  13. Damn…I love hat on a woman. I wish I could see her entire body in that suit. She’s lay back & smoking hot. Even the head shot alone would do it.

  14. I dont know about first lady of fashion. I’d say Michelle Obama. Has anyone ehard about the new issue of Ebony magazine with Michelle Obama on the cover? I think its a special fashion issue but the dress she is wearing is to die for!

  15. Nice pic. She looks good. Don’t know about first lady of fashion, but she is definitely in the top 5!

  16. Sorry, the first lady of fashion will always be Jackie O. None of these ladies can touch her style.

  17. WOOOW! she really looks good and reminds me of Solange in that photo, her nose really looks different.

    Love the outfit as well.

  18. she looks damn good. can’t wait for the queen’s triumphant return!

  19. That suit’s rockin’ pretty hard. Ironically enough, I was watching that really old VMA performance with Britney spears and she had on a suit just like that. I was like “That suit is killer.” And here it is on Beyonce. XD

    I hope her new album and sound is different and she really branches out.

  20. beyonce is killing that suit…omg.. such a pretty lady..I love me some Beyonce!


  22. There is no such things as a first lady of fashion all sisters are killing it with different styles and hairs do
    Nice picture But i would have adored the outfit if the pants weren’t so loose in the front that disturbe me
    gorgeous woman nevertheless

  23. Luving that pic! I really do hope she is performing and I can’t wait to hear this debut single of hers…

  24. Majesa:
    I know what you talking about

  25. , I was watching that really old VMA performance with Britney spears and she had on a suit just like that. I was like β€œThat suit is killer.” And here it is on Beyonce. ..thats cause the knowels are bitters! to the 110th degree!!!

  26. Black is beautiful!!!

    All my black sistas are doing their thing……Bee, Michelle O, Rihanna it makes me proud πŸ™‚

  27. She looks stunning!
    This is major, I remember Armani dissing Lindsy Lohan saying she wasnt women enough to wear his clothes, hes not saying that about B! TWRIRK IT CHICA!!

  28. Now I would rock the hell outta this suit and hat. Bey is killing it and Brown Sugga you’re women doing thier thing makes me proud too.

  29. memememe2 you seem desperate for attention. nobody is original today including whoever your favorite artist is. get outta here hating.

    anyway like everybody has said Beyonce looks gorgeous. The hottest chick in the game never left but get ready for her haters to explode because you know when Beyonce is out, it’s all eyes on her.

    LOL at first lady of fashion. IDK but she is def a trendsetter and I love her clothing line. Get it B!

  30. I love this picture. It’s a good look. I’m waiting for her new album. I know it will be hot πŸ™‚

  31. Beyonce looks beautiful! The suit is hot ! The black and white photo striking.

  32. This picture looks really cool, she does rock the suit well. Its good to see Bey back on the scene…..
    But I agree with Brown-Sugga, all the ladies right now are doing there thang Rihanna, Keyshia Cole, Michelle Obama, they all looking good…. Proud of my black sistas ….

  33. Just now seeing the second pic of Beyonce. WOW. She is OTHERWORLDLY in that image. She needs to do a fantasy/sci-fi flick, like seriously. She looks alienesque here with the diamonds and the black and white of the image. Alien-esque but still gorgeous. Great images πŸ™‚

  34. Darn it. Wrong forum. This should be on the Solange post πŸ˜†

  35. This look has been done before by Madonna, Janet Jackson and Britney Spears. But some of you people treat Beyonce like she is God Almighty himself.

  36. Madonna has copied people. So has Janet and Britney.

    Damn you act like Beyonce is the devil or something. She has millions of fans who love and support her. Get over it. Better yet stay off her posts. It’s like you haters like to torture yourselves.smh

  37. Mrs. Carter is rocking that Armani suit! She looks gorgeous!

  38. Elegant
    I can wait to see her new look and style because if she rock the whole DIL and bday anthem ima shoot her lool πŸ™‚
    Nice suit

  39. She is posing for a ad in a pantsuit how much effort did that take. All of sudded people are going on and on like she saved the world from an atomic bomb. Praise the people out in the world that are really making a difference in the world b is only adding to her bank account and she’s been worshipped like a hero. only in America can this much attention go to a person that is doing absolutly nothing.

  40. Wow, I came back to this post because I saw that it went up to 50-something, which is not unusual for a Bey post. I agree with Lion and Gen. “She does look good”… but some of you guys seem dumb-founded….. in awe. I am starting to wonder if I was looking at the same picture :-() DON’T SHOOT ME!

  41. gen what are you ?
    and to liyah : dnt you know beyonce’s people?

  42. Yup, Ms. “Liyah”, we’re both looking at the same picture. Ain’t she just beautiful? I love that Tom-Boy look on her! Yet it looks so elegant. I’m glad she doesn’t do that urban-hood look anymore. Anything that is stylish and high fashion looks so good on her because it is so Beyonce. Oh, and please don’t worry yourself half to death, sweetheart. I ain’t gonna shoot you. LOL.

  43. @ Liyah: How can you not see that angel in that suit? She’s so perfect and the most amazing and there’s no one like her! Ha, I kid, the sarcasm in me couldn’t be helped. Yeah, it’s just Beyonce in a suit. You know how people are though. The woman could put on a bear suit and some people would hit the ground in amazement with tears in their eyes.

    “OMG, look at Beyonce in that bear suit!”

  44. LOL!!! I dig your humor Majesa, I knew right away you were jokin’ πŸ™‚


  46. I’m not impressed either. It’s been done. She’s pretty, but I’m not digging this look for her. I think she should cut her hair too.

  47. the first lady of fashion???

    let’s not get ahead of ourselves please…

  48. Queen Bey looks gorgeous as usual. She is the first lady of fashion in my eyes. Hottest chick in the game. Go ahead and be mad haters. I love how they flock to her posts and then complain about people so called ‘worshipping’ her. Why the hell are you on her post then? It makes no sense. Find something better to do than to complain about people comments, which you dont even have to read.

  49. hawtness: with all due respect, these forums are not just for people who happen to like the posts. Instead they are for anyone who wishes to leave a comment (good, bad, or ugly). Further, just because someone doesn’t think that Beyonce is the best thing since sliced bread does not mean they are “hatin'” on her, i.e., jealous. Believe me, there is not a person in this world who everyone would genuinely believe is beautiful, great, or for that matter, ugly or bad. You, like other Beyonce fanatics, sound quite young and immature when you spew insults at anyone who begs to differ from your own opinion.

    As for the photo, it’s nice….


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