Beyonce’s First Post Baby Interview a Complete Fake

Just as I suspected this morning when I first read it, the first post baby interview Beyonce reportedly gave to U.K magazine the Star is a complete fake.

“Completely made up,” is what Beyonce’s mother Tina Knowles calls the interview. Beyonce’s rep, Yvette Noel Schure also chimed in, saying the story is “absolutely not legitimate.”

Despite claims of faking the funk, the Star is standing by their story, claiming they purchased the interview from a U.S. reporter who conducted the interview with Beyonce before she gave birth. The reporter is said to then have obtained the ‘top-up’ info after the birth, which the Star says was signed off on by a girl on Beyonce’s LSM (labor service management) team.

LOL! Labor Service Management Team? Are these guys for real?

Anyway, the Star got a lot of publicity with their fake story, fooling several reputable news services, including the New York Daily News, MTV and Hollyscoop.

FYI: When Beyonce decides to give her first real post baby interview it will be for maximum effect. I suspect Beyonce will give her first interview, with little Blue Ivy Carter by her side, on Grammy night during a one hour special interview with Oprah herself.


  1. Labor Service Management Team? What the what? Beyonce! BEYONCELITA GISELLE! What in the world does that even mean? 😛

    I feel like her next outing/interview will be a huge deal. She doesn’t step lightly. Everything is planned and orchestrated for maximum effect and longevity. I honestly don’t see her showing Blue to the world for at least a year or two.

    I love her hair in the pic.

  2. Love the FYI!

    So true…it will be something that only a big machine can produce, not some lowly tabloid, even though, mainstream media and tabloid news are running neck and neck!

    I’m sure she’s really busy right now…being a parent is such a huge role, the biggest and best!

    I recently saw Pooch Hall (so much respect for him) in an interview and just to have a healthy child, awesomely beautiful and rich or not, is a monumental blessing! I hope spin doctors don’t pimp this child, but that’s not the way it’s going so far!

  3. Kanyade I agree. I don’t think we’ll see that child for a while kinda like Alicia Keys did.

  4. @Kanyade I agree completely but I just hope its not a full 2 years though LOL. That ENITE picture of her is HOTTTTT.

  5. I just realized I plagiarized Sista’s phrase “for maximum effect”. I meant only to echo and agree to your words, Sista. Happy Hump Day, everyone! 😛 😀

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