Beyonce’s Flaunt Magazine Photo Shoot

BEYONCE'S FLAUNT MAGAZINE PHOTO SHOOTBeyonce fans get ready to salivate; your fave in gracing the cover of Flaunt magazine.

Beyonce’s Flaunt magazine photo shoot hit the web earlier this morning, clearly another sign the pop singer is about to grace the public with some newness.

Just as she did with Vogue last month, Beyonce has allowed Flaunt magazine to photograph her, but not interview her. However, whereas she never so much as spoke to Vogue, she did allow Flaunt to throw a word at her, to which she would answer back with the first thing that came to mind.

Here are just a few of the diva’s responses (bolded)…

Beauty- Transparent
Talent- Dependable
Power- Heavy
Historical- Michael
Competition- She gave the middle finger according to Flaunt

For the rest of Mrs. Carter’s non-answers you can hit up Flaunt magazine’s official website or Facebook page, which I have linked above.