Beyonce’s ‘Flawless’ Remix ft Nicki Minaj


Rumors of Nicki Minaj pushing back the release of her “Anaconda” single to accommodate a collaboration with Beyonce have turned out to be true.

The two powerhouse divas sent waves of excitement through their respective fan bases when their remix version of Beyoncé’s “Flawless” was released late last night.

Beyonce used the remix as an outlet to vent about the hoopla surrounding the much viewed video of her sister (Solange) attacking her husband (Jay-Z) in an elevator after the trio attended this year’s Met Gala.

Beyonce gives no details or explanations, rather, she lets the audience know that when a billion dollars (the amount Forbes claims the couple is worth) is in an elevator, shit tends to just happen.

She goes on to the reference the lessons she learned from her sister, mother and husband, as well as some stuff about her life and diamonds being flawless.

Give the remix a listen and let us know what you think.

For those still waiting for a taste of Nicki’s “Anaconda,” the single and video are expected to drop tomorrow, August 5th.

Update: “Anaconda” video preview.


  1. The collab comes at a good time for both of them. Is that autotune I detect? LOL. Her fans will love this.

  2. Why is everyone ratchet but Beyoncé. She looks just as slutty as the rest of these women that are out today. This mess is horrible and will only get air play because she is on here. She can literally put out a song and just repeat one word any word over and over and it will be praised as magnificent. This is junk in visual, lyrically, and vocally.

  3. Bria, Beyonce’s hype shines brighter than her star. Just because it’s praised as “magnificent” doesn’t make it magnificent.

    Nicki and Beyonce both need hits. Nicki has not lived up to her hype this go round and Beyonce is touring for dear life trying to keep her album/music in rotation. But the album has stalled, the singles have all pretty much tanked. DIL went to #2 but didn’t have the umph to muscle its way to the #1 spot.

    Beyonce needs to re-evaluate her person. Scratch that. She doesn’t. Beyonce is driven by attention and money. Nicki now has to prove herself because she dissed Lil Kim and Iggy all in a span of 2 years. So, she’s gotta deliver. It’s not gonna be easy because the remix won’t sell EITHER album because it’s already available on the Net.

  4. I always thought it would be cute for these two ladies to do a collaboration

  5. This is a good deal for them and black music that is slipping away. I thought it was curtains for Nicki, but she wasn’t sleeping before Iggy’s monster hit that made her everything. But, being on itunes with two pop stars, now Beyonce, and I’m sure some more twists and turns are forthcoming that make Iggy’s media framers, say, hold on, wait a minute. Even Lil Kim (Queen Bee) throwing in her two cents was beneficial, Nicki stating the obvious differences in our society between artists, we have to work harder, needed to be said, call her scared or jealous, it’s real! They didn’t make Carly Jepsen the queen of Pop or unseat Katy Perry with her monster hit.

    There’s room for both female rappers and strength in numbers (artists working together). When Gaga was rising to her pinnacle, Kelis and Christina Aguilera put out albums that weren’t supported to keep the spotlight on Gaga who is now struggling. The substance or quality of the music no longer matters, sadly.

  6. @AROUNDTHEWAYGIRL – Trolls are here first!Obsessed with Bey I see!

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