Beyonce’s “Girls” Cover Art

Despite how much Beyonce stans claim to hate bloggers, they stay sending us stuff because they realize that contrary to public (their own) opinion, it is we, the press, who is needed more than anyone in order to make or break an artist’s career. Had the ‘Girls’ single leaked and not been picked up by us they would have been shaking in their cheap knock-off Christian Louboutan boots.

So here we have another send-in by Lya, a devoted Beyonce and Brown Sista fan. According to Lya, this is the cover for Beyonce’s “Girls (Who Run The World)” single. However, as you can see from the cover, the title appears to be “Run The World (Girls).”

Now, because there have been so many fake Beyonce pics turning up lately, even MTV got hoodwinked this week, neither Lya nor myself can verify the authenticity. However, if I had to put my money on whether or not it was real or fake, I would say REAL. The dress and boots are just too on point to what we saw on the set last week.

Official Press Release Below- cover art is definitely real.


(New York, NY; Columbia Records; Wednesday, April 20, 2011) – Beyoncé’s much-anticipated lead single from her upcoming as-yet-untitled fourth solo album, premieres on radio worldwide tomorrow. “Run The World (Girls)” will make its radio debut at 8:00 AM EST in the US/12:00 PM GMT in the UK.

The single will be available worldwide for sale on iTunes starting Thursday morning.

“Run The World (Girls)” was produced by Switch with additional production by Beyoncé and Shea Taylor. The song was written by Terius Nash (The Dream) and Beyoncé.


  1. I spat my Fanta @ “Knock off Louboutin Boots” You’ve had enough uh sista? Lmao i died .

    As for the cover, Okay.

  2. Those Bey fans have been riding you, Toyaz World and Necole B all over Twitter. They mad because y’all three never took down those clips of Girls. On the other hand, neither did Perez and they stay sending him stuff via Twitter too. You guys should stage a black out on Beyonce articles until her fans calm the hell down.

  3. Oh yeah, I like the cover and loved the dress and boots the minute I saw them. That dress has the potential to rival Jennifer Lopez’s Grammy dress.

  4. The cover art is real. I just updated the article with the official press release.

    Thanks again Lya.

  5. Love the cover(obv. taken on the set)she has sex appeal oozing out of her pores.
    I think people are trying to put “stan” and FAN in the same box.

    SN: If I were Eminem I’d be banking off that word.

  6. Not me John. Beyonce fans have been sending me updates on her since the beginning. Her stans have been sending me hate mail just as long. To this day the only hate mail I have even gotten has come from Beyonce stans. It is quite odd to me especially because I am such a supporter of hers. Not always a fan of her work, but always a supporter.

  7. Oh and Jessica that will never happen, she brings the money 🙂

  8. It’s quite sad I must say SISTA. But fans of other artist send you updates to right? Because I have sent you one or two myself.

  9. Yes they do John. A Jill Scott fan sent me her album cover. But again, hate mail only from Bey fans. I hadn’t gotten any in about a year and a half but after I kept the Run the World snippets up they went crazy again. You can read this blog back to front and it will be almost impossible to find one nasty comment I ever made about Beyonce. But because I disobeyed the Bey patrol- they have me on their ish list 😆

  10. Oh and Jessica that will never happen, she brings the money

    No, it is her fans/stans/haters who make the bloggers money.

    Beyonce is the Lindsay Lohan of black blogs.

  11. She looks nice in the picture. I’ve just been informed that I can play it on my mp3 player, so I will be buying it tomorrow to support Bey, even though the beat hasn’t grown on me and ppl keep saying it’s not the official version.

  12. This is soooooo incredible…the exchange…I love it…I love to see people speak out…I try to explain this to people in my everyday life…it’s a must…people, situations and perception is so easily twisted!

    Go Sista, you got it!

    Back to the post…the photo is hot!…Beyonce has plenty of sex appeal and infinite beauty! The single is mediocre, but it will be on heavy rotation non-stop and we’ll be singing along…this is also why stans don’t get why people don’t feel about her work as they do…or think she’s the best…they don’t realize that being “popular” and doing the numbers doesn’t mean it was exceptional!

    When it takes a video to make a song resonate…it’s not musical storytelling at its best and this is what good music does…it tells a story…whether a banger or ballad.

    This is just one song…she’ll come with a killer one…Beyonce always deliver at least one exceptional song per cd!

  13. Sista, yes you’re right, but she is one of the few that generates lots of comments, that’s what I was suggesting.

  14. If you don’t hate her stop protesting about it. If you have an honest opinion about their weakness, Beyawnsay that’s their problem. You are a blogger, you’re supposed, or at least should be neutral which means good and bad commentary. The song is wack and the album cover looks nothing like a girl, it’s more a grown woman in denial. Grow up Beyawnsay.

  15. i love her, she is hard working but she’s just so pushed down our throats that…hmm. Anyway i wish this was a Diana Ross Album cover Ms Ross had epic down in a way Beyonce is just too insincere to ever get.

  16. This cover is like some Survivor or Independent Woman stuff. Typical, repetitive, and boring. It’s funny, I was listening to Jojo today and her lyrics are more mature than Beyonce’s. Isn’t Jojo like 17? Does anybody know?

  17. Mrsjones
    OMG arent u like her biggest fan?wht happened?

  18. omg this look like a pic that girl Ka-licious did. that’s funny

  19. SHONTELLE- I think she was referring to someone on here…But I could be wrong.

  20. @JOhn, you are sure right! Eminem shoulda trademarked the word stan LOL!

  21. @@shontelle, dont know where you got the from, but no I am not. Never claimed to be either

  22. @Sista why do you have to refer to all beyonce’s fan as STANs? Just wondering because I love Beyonce, I also love Ke$ha, Katy Perry, and anyone else that can make me dance the night away. jsut asking

  23. Everybody go to Youtube. Theres a remix of this single produced by this guy name Fyuchur. Its Hot!!! Even her fans love it

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