Beyonce’s ‘Grown Woman’ Leaks


The wait to hear the full length version of Beyonce’s ‘Grown Woman’ single is over. The track appeared online earlier this evening, but has since been removed from several sites, including You Tube. Luckily Sound Cloud still has a working link and thus we can provide you with a listen. The track is said to be produced by Timbaland and co-written by Beyonce and The Dream.

Give it a listen below and let us know what you think.


  1. It’s too long in my opinion, but I love the African beats and influence. Too bad it’s not the first single.

  2. the pepsi one is too deep in my mind to enjoy this one !

  3. Beyonce is using her music to really express herself this time around. The real side of her that she doesn’t show in interviews in coming out here. The attitude, the ego, the arrogance… it is all on display in this track.

    Having said that, the song is hot and I am sure Frank Gatson has a killer routine for this. She’ll perform it at the BET Awards and really ghetto it up.

  4. First, the good. I love the West African influence in the song. I think the video is going to be AMAZING if Beyoncé incorporates some sort of cultural dance into it. When I heard the drum break in the song I couldn’t help but smile and think, “Bee is going to kill this part in the video.”

    Now, the bad. I just can’t dig the lyrics. Beyoncé’s songs just strike me as chants. When I was younger, I loved it, but now that I’m older, I don’t. I’m a grown woman with some grown issues, so I like lyrics that have depth (i.e. Fantasia’s “Lose to Win”). I think it’s sort of ironic that the title of the song is “Grown Woman,” but the lyrics (i.e. something about “a cute face and big butt”) are so childlike.

  5. LAWD, she needs to let the young girls have this crap. GROW Up… sing some real music.. It is not like she needs the money that comes with #1 seller.

  6. The track is great, the lyrics are not befitting of a star of her stature at this stage of her career. I agree the video will be good to amazing, or redundant. But, hey it’s sink or swim, the music industry sucks, I’ve been downloading The Voice artists, even K. Michelle.

  7. Beyonce has pigeonholed herself into p-popping music with simple lyrics…I will def work out to this song but I’ve never looked to Beyonce for anything of depth when it came to her music and the times she has tried, she’s failed miserably to me

  8. This is the ONLY site that I have been able to actually listen to this song. I actually love it! This is the thing, music doesnt have to be so deep and thought provoking. In life, we have too many things that keep us stressed out. I like listening to music with lyrics like that just because it makes me want to get up and dance and have a good time. That’s what it’s all about. heck, look at Madonna’s lyrics and she is over 50! It’s juat all in good fun!

  9. @ Kimmie

    Very true, but to me, Bee has worn out the “fun songs” thing. I just think for someone who boasts so much, it’d be nice for her to showcase some diversity.

  10. Yes definitely too long, but they’ll probably cut it some on the album. And some ad-libs etc. would’ve been better left out, but it’s a nice song. The lyrics are befitting for the song in my opinion. And once again *I* think Beyonce is going after all her naysayers with this song/album(?)…she’s finally in a way sticking up for herself.

  11. @Creecy I have a college degree and I enjoy Beyoncé’s music from time to time. What a nasty thing to say, you don’t like her music no problem but to insult anyone who does is kind of simple minded.

  12. This song has a nice beat for dancing. However, the lyrics could be a whole lot better. It would be nice to hear more songs from Beyonce like “Love on Top”!

    @ Dana LOL to this statement below of course.
    “She’ll perform it at the BET Awards and really ghetto it up.”

    @Creecy LMBO Beyonce has stated on many occassions that the larger portion of her fan base are teenagers. There are women of adult age that support her too. So maybe she is targeting the lyrics of this song to her younger fan base LOL!

  13. I love this song….it’s my workout jam!!!

  14. “Some of yall ain’t writing well, too concerned with fashion” Eve – Let Me Blow Your Mind

  15. I love it too working out to it already! It just makes you want to DANCE!

  16. I luv this song cant wait for it to be on itunes

  17. I agree it is a good workout song but she has not grown musically in terms of offering something different but i do believe as some others have said that she is just expressing herself the way she wants to because she no longer has to prove anything. But i like that she is in control more even with regards to her concert pictures. It seems like the media and fans try to control by expecting certain things, but she is saying i love you guys but this is my ride and i am driving now.

  18. Musically it’s fun, if not a little too all over the place. Lyricially it’s like a 15 year old wrote it.

  19. beyonce will be criticized no matter what she does? If you wanted more mature stuff what was her last album there for? People ask for stuff they wont buy… I love this song… african vocalist and percussion? Shes taking a grown womans risk… Go Beyonce!

  20. I absolutely agree with Pam. The ones on this thread dismissing “Grown Woman” for sounding immature obviously didn’t listen to the 4 album. With the exception of “Run the World” (which was an understandable attempt to bridge the gap between her younger and older fans), it was a more grown up LP.

  21. I love Beyonce’, but I want her to do something different with herself .. Like cut her hair, or something… It’s the same ol same ol…

  22. @KESHA – I guess there is nothing wrong with her changing her hair, however if you look at the rihanna’s & katy perry’s who lack Talent in the Singing Department they have to Strip & change their hair color and style for every album just to keep people Interested!!! It has worked for Rihanna thus far, she strips & has had Numerous hair cuts & shaves. She has stolen Cassie’s style with her latest one & people make excuses.

    This is the 3rd time I came here to listen to the song, it is very Catchy & Fun. Why critize Bey for her music say it is slack but big up Rihanna & Katy for their Overly Sexualised Songs.

    You don’t think Beyonce has sex too and can sing about it? Mercy!

  23. I loved 4. Easily her best and most mature album, in my opinion. She doesn’t owe me a thing. Beyonce can do whatever she wants. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to have an opinion about it.

  24. I am not even a Bey Fan AT ALL,
    BUUUUUUT, Yup I like this song.
    It’s a dance track/ work-out track.
    Just a fun summer song.
    I give her credit for this one (well Timberland)

    But Ashanti’s new joint “She Can’t” is gonna be the song of the summer. IMO.

    However both songs are nice

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