Beyonce’s HOD Line To Dress The Emmy Models

With most people consumed with whether Loreal lightened Beyonce’s skin or not in their recent Feria ad campaign ( an allegation they deny), news that the singer’s fashion line, House Of Dereon, had been chosen to dress the models who hand out the awards at the Emmys, had gone relatively unnoticed. Despite unsubstantiated online rumors that claimed Newsweek Magazine said the line was failing , Beyonce and her Mom are in full swing and have released a barrage or new ads promoting their Fall-Winter 2008 collection.

House Of Dereon, not to be confused with the younger line, Dereon, is Beyonce’s high end ready to wear fashion line that features only contemporary women’s dresses. The line was chosen to be featured in this year’s show by the Emmy fashion panel (who knew they had one), along with fashions from actress Lauren Conrad’s line. Lauren is expected to also present at this year’s show, no word yet whether Bey will also make an appearance.


  1. Lauren Conrad’s Line and House of Dereon. I guess the budget got cut this year. XD I don’t like the Dereon clothes, but I bet the Knowles are happy about getting such great exposure for their line. I never would’ve seen that coming. Although not all of the dresses from the HOD line look terrible, a couple are okay. They’re not giving up on that Dereon, no they are not!

  2. and looking at that Feria ad…it does look like they lightened her skin. She doesn’t have the white and fair tone she has in that ad. We’ve all seen her enough times to know what she looks like, and and that ad is not it. All this photoshop and altering needs to stop, really. I don’t think it’s doing anyone any good with its fake images. Brings that dove campaign video to mind. If makeup can’t make it right, leave it alone.

  3. That’s a good look for Beyonce and Tina. They stay doing it big regardless of what some say. But seriously, it does seem as if the media exploits every negative issue with Bey and diminish every positive thing she does. I guess when you’re the hottest chick in the game, and you’re preparing for a comeback, some folks won’t like that. But, I understand that all media outlets are the same, they love scandals and no one is exempt.

  4. well…not really a fan of the line, but it will be interesting to see how it pans out. I’ve never been interested in the Emmy’s, but may tune in this time just to see Bey and LC’s lines.

  5. @LOLA im not a fan either. Her jean is off the hook other then that i love me some apple bottom and baby phat.

  6. I’m shocked Beyonce’s color is what ppl had a problem with. To me the ad white washed not only her complexion but her features. The ad barely looks like her not because of the color but because her features were watered down. Add that to lighter than light complexion and flowing blonde hair and all in all you have a photo that barely looks like Beyonce.

  7. Stephanie I agree with you 100%. My husband and I was saying the same thing, that it wasn’t just her complexion but her features too. Her knows was sharper and her cheek/jaws were as well. The even made her lips a pinch thinner.

  8. Oh yeah but back on topic, I don’t like beyonce’s clothing line. Her clothes seem to be cheap. I felt the same way about Destinys Child’s clothes years ago

  9. Love to see Black folks making moves. Never watched the Emmy’s, but just might tune in to see the clothes!

  10. @ majesa, we don’t really know beyonce’s complexion because she is an avid tanner. so that i will leave alone. the hair color and the nose are another story.

  11. What is it with people here doing that shit? This is like the second or third time I have seen posters here totally screw up a post to talk about other ish. This isn’t about Bernie Mac or Isaac Hayes. I bet you all visited blogs that talked about that and let comments there. Why disrespect the blog owner and other poster by making comments not relevant this article? RIP every damn body that died this weekend but do it somewhere else.

  12. Loreal know they are lying they defently photoshopped that, but i think Beyonce’s line is good people aren’t giving her credit when its due because for some reason they see her as stuck or something, when they don’t even know her, they probably didn’t even sit down and had a conversation with her before. But i like the clothes and my Mom buys her clothes to because they have clothes for all types.

  13. Lonnie
    You are an horible personn and wish eveyone that u know and love live forever
    what is so insulting about paying our respect?where are you when people really post silly things trying to disrespect theblog owner? all we said was r.i.p to some BLACK FOLKS WHAT s wrong with it? u are a pure waste of oxygen god helps you…
    dereon is cheap in quality and the emmy must be low budget there you happy? i’m sure beyoncé’s desir to be white and cheap clothing line is mre important TO YOU than respecting someone memories

  14. Good deal for HOD. I really don’t care for any of there clothes even the high end stuff can look a little cheap sometimes. But it’s not only HOD that is dressing the Emmy Models – it is Lauren Conrad’s line too. It’s nice that Emmy is giving them chance to showcase their work. I never seen Beyonce wear anything on the red carpet from HOD that was noteworthy. And I haven’t seen LC’s line but it will be interesting to see what they do.

    As far as the Loreal ad – they didn’t do Bey any justice. I think she is a very pretty young lady and Loreal made her look 10 years older and 7 shades lighter! Photoshop OVERKILL!


  16. The House of Dereon line is not failing, it is just not as popular or successful as Sean Jean or Baby Phat.

    By the way, who the heck is Lauren Conrad? Is she another one of those reality wanna be a star bimbos?

  17. Well I hope the Emmys will use Christian(Fierce) from Project Runway soon. As a matter fact they would do good to use any of the Project Runway designers. Now that is where the raw talent is.

  18. Congrats to the Knowles for snagging the event! Very cool. HOD went to just evening gowns after the line slacked off, didn’t it? I remember seeing some pics somewhere and reading that the line would turn to prom dresses and evening wear only. Good for them. 🙂

    @ Stephanie,
    What’s with this Newsweek article going around talking about how HOD isn’t doing well or is almost defunct? This news here gives a direct contrast to the statement. I read about this on other sites. I know the Dereon line has been successful, but HOD never seemed to really get up off its feet. The Ms. Tina line, I’ve read, is also doing insanely well on HSN. Again, congrats to this crazily-industrious family! Their work ethic, *sigh*, I should be that ‘active’. 😉 Have a great day everyone! 🙂

  19. L’Oreal washed Beyonce out for that ad, when that shyt wasn’t even necessary. Seriously. And honestly, I don’t know if it was her skin color or the HAIR color on her that made her looked so washed out (I mean, in addition to the photographters airbrushing/lightening the heck out of her). 🙂

  20. Good that the Emmy’s are looking at other designers for the models. But it would be nice to see Beyonce in some of her own gowns for the red carpet or other events. It does make you wonder. Usually you see other artists wearing their clothes or mentioning it whenever they can.

  21. This is do or die for HOD…if it doesn’t do well this year the plug WILL be pulled… is doing horribly,…they had to sell off ALL of the purses and shoes at deep discounts, not even cost in some cases, the advertising budgets have killed the bottom line as sales HAVE not kept pace with expenses…..this is do or die….don’t buy HOD and see what happens…..this is the final curtain call

  22. The worst thing about the Feria ad was that Beyonce was wearing a weave; can you color a weave with Feria?

  23. Well.

    I know Tina & Bey are just over the moon. Don’t think it will do much for the sake of sells like they’re assuming it will but…. eh, what the heck…. congrats HOD. 😐

  24. for all the dumb haters, HOD is not failing, in fact they made 30 million last year and got Beyonce the #4 spot on Forbes.

    Also, Beyonce is in contract with Loreal and does not get the final ‘ok’ on photos. Now haters are saying she wants to be white just because Loreal photoshopped her? smh If your favorite artist was as popular as Beyonce, they’d be trying to photoshop their pics too.

    People only blew this out of proportion because it’s BEYONCE and she is the hottest chick in the game. If this happened to Rihanna or Ashanti nobody would give a damn.

    Some black women are so jealous of Beyonce it’s sickening. A lot of them are dark-skinned too since they hate on how light she is. And before people start I am dark-skinned and I love Beyonce for all her hard work and talent, I dont give a damn about how light she is.

    She is going to keep doing her thang and sitting pretty on top. Haters can go play in traffic.

  25. Why don’t you go play in it first skdk. I think Beyonce stans, especially those who think they favor Beyonce, live in a fantasy world where they think the whole Black race of women hates them because they are light. Wake up and get off the short yellow bus. Light skin Black people are not an anomaly. We have have light and dark people in our family. Beyonce started off as your typical beige Black girl and slowly turned less Black looking with more fame she attained. She isn’t the only one though. Add Janet and Halle Berry to that list as well. Loreal waved their magic photoshop wand all over that Beyonce ad because though white companies may use Blacks to sell their products, they don’t really want them to look too Black. And for the love of God get off the lightskin shit. Dark skin Black niggas aint check for lightskin girls no more, this aint the 80s. They can get Latina and White women now 😆 So stop trying to feel all proud cause you think you and people like Beyonce are light and special. Any woman who calls herself Black today is at a disadvantage. Hell BET don’t even hire lightskin Black women anymore. They only hiring Latinas, Indians and Whites. Stop sounding like such a stupid colorstruck Negroe.

  26. @SKDK: Do you know how much it cost to do pint ads. Thirty million dollars is not a lot of money for line that was advertised like that line. That’s probably just covering the expenses and overhead. And I am not saying it just because it’s The Knowles that is not imppressive. They probably spend that much on advertising. The reality of it is I don’t think this is really Beyonce’s thing. I think this is more of her mother’s thing and she just went along for the ride. The clothes are just terrible and they are over priced. Baby Phat is over priced as well as most of these clothing lines, but, they have some nice looking stuff. Her mother designs clothes as is if everyone is getting ready to go on the stage. That person who said this is do or die is correct. $30 million dollars seems like a lot of money but in the fashion world it is not. Not when you are competing with the big boys.

  27. @Lonnie: I forget too mention you are an insensinitive jerk. So what if someone uses this to give their condolences. My condolences go out to Bernie Mac and Issak Hayes as well. And, you Lonnie, get a hear.

  28. No bria, it is silly little girls like you who are the jerks. I bet you left your condolences all over the internet yesterday so why feel the need to come here and do the same in a post that wasn’t about Bernie or Isaac? You know this blog isn’t about that and wouldn’t have a story concerning that. But you and the other silly rabbits said screw what is written here I’m gonna use this post to talk about what I want to talk about. I left my thoughts about their deaths in the proper place, on the forum. I didn’t attempt to usurp the posts here by talking about thing that had nothing to do with the post. See dummy, that is respect.

  29. Lonnie…

    you really need to take a chill pill…and fast…its called self expression and freedom of speech….this is the AMERICA!!!! Later for that.

  30. Beyonce and her parents have done great things. Tina is a great stylist amd designer and her House Of Dereon clothing line looks nothing like what some of you claim. It is not made up of glittery outfits like what Destiny’s Child used to wear back in the day and is actually perfect for this type of event.

    Go check it out for yourselves.

  31. Did you guys notice I changed the pic to this post? The image you see is brand new and from the new advertisement for House Of Dereon’s dress collection. That dress Beyonce has on is definitely in keeping with the style that models wear on those types of show.

  32. @ Stephanie,

    The dress most definitely looks the part. 🙂 Thanks for the new image.

    @ skdk,

    Dumb haters? Dear heart, why must it always come to this? I read about the ‘possible’ cancellation of HOD through other sites that all referenced back to a Newsweek article (or some other news journal) that stated it initially. It’s not hating; it’s discussion. I’ve no doubt HOD has done well, but well enough to sustain? The article doesn’t seem to think so. And Beyonce at the top of the Forbes list…doesn’t it have more to do with her overall grind and hustle with all the sponsorships and deals she’s made over the past year? Will people be screaming ‘hottest chick in the game’ when she’s 75? How asinine and even childish almost. Come up with new words please people. 😆 New ways of insulting folks (which is what you are doing and nastily taking pleasure in doing) when you call people ‘haters’. Please, come with a new word. That one is oh, so tired! 😆

    @ Celine,

    HOD has improved over the years, I agree. But there was a time when bedazzledry and sequin-ization ran amuck on its fashions. 😉 I never purchased HOD, but have liked a few of the pieces and more particularly some of their purses and boots.

  33. @Lonnie: No I didn’t give my condolences on other web sites. If you have a problem with something someone has post respecting two great entertainers then just don’t read it. I am sorry if you have such a problem with these two artisist, but, it just that your problem. I typing too you in hushed tones because I think something is seriously wrong with you. Please seek help and take care of yourself.

  34. For every [celebrity clothing line] success story, there’s a corresponding cautionary tale of a celebrity who overestimated his or her consumer appeal.

    Despite millions of dollars worth of media exposure, including a debut on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” Beyoncé’s House of Dereon line has failed to catch fire with consumers.

    No matter how famous the product’s provenance, if it fails to impress women on its own merits it begins to resemble a cynical exercise in self-promotional marketing.

  35. The House of Dereon is failing. Why do you think Tina was on the Home Shopping Club. Trying to get more sales. But that is not working either. So obviously they worked out a deal with the network to showcase their fashion line on the Emmy’s hoping to get more buzz and sales. They are on their last leg. Face it, everything that Beyonce’s name is attached to is not always going to be successful. You can’t have everything in life you want and money can’t buy you everything you want. God never promised us sunshine everyday. A little rain and pain makes you appreciate the good times.

  36. I wish people would stop talking about someone being a hater that has become the most annoying word in the world, I dont like liver and someone else loves it that makes me a hater? I think not that makes it my preference to eat and buy what I like and to be able to say what I like and dislike last I check we still have freedom to express our opinion. Also the hottest chick in the game is another word that has gotten old, What game is it the game of life? a game of checkers? Anyone that is doing what they love and trying to make a difference in the world , then you are fulfilling your purpose. What is hot must cool down theres already someone ready to grab that spot, NEXT!!

  37. vetty you should do your research before you look stupid like you just did.

    HOD is not failing. Like someone said it made 30 million last year and Tina went on the HSN to promote MISS TINA not HOD which is a completely different line. Her dresses sold out in a matter of minutes. So know what the hell you are talking about before you act like you know everything.

    And lonnie you got some deep issues. There are no words to describe you. And please retire the word ‘stan’. That word is so played out. Expand your vocabulary.

    Anywho Beyonce has been nonstop successful for years so of course there are haters hoping that she fails at something. She always gets the last laugh and she dont care about anyone on here or what they think so I hope she continue to be on top and laugh to the bank.

    Oh and I dont give a damn who dont like my comment. I dont know none of you people in real life and Thank the Lord for that.

  38. honey21 said,
    August 10, 2008 at10:18 am 6 hours, 36 minutes after

    That’s a good look for Beyonce and Tina. They stay doing it big regardless of what some say. But seriously, it does seem as if the media exploits every negative issue with Bey and diminish every positive thing she does. I guess when you’re the hottest chick in the game, and you’re preparing for a comeback, some folks won’t like that. But, I understand that all media outlets are the same, they love scandals and no one is exempt.

    ^^^ so very true

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