Beyonce’s “I Am” Album Covers Revealed

Singer Beyonce has revealed the cd covers to her upcoming two disc set, I Am Beyonce, I Am Sasha Fierce. The photos are very simplistic yet beautiful, and very much in keeping with the black and white theme of her two videos, If I Were A Boy and Single Ladies. It was also reported today that several Beyonce tracks from her upcoming album have already been submitted for possible Grammy nominations. If I Were A Boy has been submitted for Song of the Year, Record of the Year and Best Female Pop Vocal. Single Ladies has been submitted for Best Female R n’ B Performance.

While At Last, Beyonce’s cover of the Etta James classic, has been submitted for Best Traditional R n’ B Vocal Performance. Please remember that these songs have only been submitted for consideration and none have actually been nominated for Grammys yet.

Update: The covers below are not for each individual album but rather for the deluxe and standard edition edition of the “I Am Sasha” CD.


  1. I LOVE IT
    This is so beautiful and “single ladies” is #20 on the hip hop/r&b charts

  2. I expected more for the Sasha cover….but all that matters is the music! I hope she doesn’t disappoint :brownsista:

  3. Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, oh no no….. my girl is :booty: back!!!!!

  4. She’s kind of got that early 90s Janet Jackson vibe going on with these covers–particularly the “I Am Beyonce” cover.

  5. Ummm. Okay, okay….
    When Bey finds a theme {the black & white, the hair style} she likes…. she sticks to it, don’t she?! 😆

    I agree Angela that she has a little bit of “early 90s Janet Jackson vibe going on”. That’s cool to me. I expressed sorta the same thing about her and the glove in previous pix on this site and in the “Single Ladies” video.

    I enjoy seeing Bey do her thing and get the props she desires and the acknowledgment she deserves.

  6. she looks good. I get where she’s going with her ‘baring’ all, emotionally and that. She’s keeping it simple and its refreshing y’know. i know it will do well for her. She defo likes to pleas her fans. isnt the IIWAB going to be relesed in spanished as is her whole album with anthologies and dvd’s. You can OD on that lol. But nevertheless :thumbsup:

  7. :iagree: Miss Bee is back! one’s got to admit she looks fabulous! i totally love it

  8. It’s nothing new (the album cover) It looks like the old Whitney Houston album cover. Only Beyonce hair is longer. But I won’t hate… Beyonce looks BEAUTIFUL! I wish she would do something different with her hair. :brownsista:

  9. She looks very very pretty. But I got all excited for this :bag:

    The covers are very nice. I guess they way she was talking up this Sasha madness I wuz expected more. But it is still all too much for me. double cd, video anthology, 2 singles at a time… :hifive: :hifive:

  10. I’m appalled that those two singles are even remotely being considered for a Grammy. They’re garbage…..recycled music.

  11. I heard that she is trying to town down her image from the usual Glammed up, untouchable person that she seemed to be before. I can understand that, people like to feel like they know you. AND, she is talking a little more about her personal life, which is good. She doesn’t have to dish it all, but it does make the fans feel closer. So maybe that is the look she is going for…..simplicity.


  13. Dropping two songs in one day, a 17-song CD and music videos for each song, movies back to back. This is like over kill. I know she wants to be an icon, but that does not happen by saturating and flooding the market the way she does. Plus, it does not happen by taken other artist ideas and passing them off as your own.

    It is about the quality of your body of work, not the quantity. Stevie Wonder is a living legend and icon because he wrote, composed, arranged and sings all of the great songs that he has put out over his 40-year career. You can pick any of this songs to play at your wedding and sing to it. Beyonce’s music only puts out booty shaking music.

  14. The covers look beautiful, she looks great.
    HOWEVER, Grammy’s for “If I Were a Boy” ?
    Poor BC Jean.

  15. I don’t like this women. In all of her interviews, she just seems so full of herself. This is coming from a guy.

    She is cute and all, but her attitude and greed just makes her ugly. She needs Jesus and a huge piece of humble pie.

  16. those album covers are sooooo boring…..her skin does look nice, but why wouldn’t it($$$$$$$$) lol…..I like the fact that she is toning it down a little…although Im not fan of hers………she is very talented though………..but those songs are wack in my opinion……….

  17. oh yeah and the whole grammy winning situation is a front to me bcuz its waaaaayyyyyy to soon too soon, but when you are BEE it can happen I guess….

  18. I love the picture on the right. It does kinda remind me of the janet album cover, but for Beyonce, the pic is different.

    I agree with SinShine about it being too soon to tell about the song’s grammy potential, but it’s Beyonce… I think she may take a break after this album and I’m sure she wants to go out with a bang. Hopefully after this album, she’ll take at least a 3 year break.

  19. :stop: right there… I LOVE Beyonce but Single Ladies is not that great to recieve a grammy nomination… I mean come on.. its sounds like it belongs to an amateur who is just coming on the music scene… I expected more ,no offense… I am still buying the album… and the video was “different” …lol… Im not really feeling that either

  20. I love the black and white theme she is using and I like that she is doing a double disc set. I do not like Single Ladies at all because it is too much like Get Me Bodied, but If I Were A Boy has really grown on me and the video made it even more appealing to me. I love the CD covers. Very nice. Needless to say, I am happy that any black woman can keep turning out as successfully as she has each time she does something. The acting leaves a lot to be desired, but she is getting better. And thank God we don’t hear about all the drugs, being an oversexed machine, wild living on her part. She has a great image to me.

  21. :brownsista: Loves it Ms. Beyonce! I love the fresh faced theme she is going for this era. Really natural and simplistic.

  22. everyone says beyonce never changes her image…this right here is a change for her..everyone knows she normally really glamed up with flashy clothes and alot of make up which i love but i also love how she has gone so natural…im really proud of these album covers they are so simple but very beautiful…it shoes maturity and i love it….its great that she can show maturity and still have fun songs to play with on a album as well…good job B!

    Poor BC Jean? what does that have to do with beyonce winning a grammy for that song (if she does she aint even nominated yet) but if she did BC Jean obviously wanted beyonce to sing the song…so whats the big deal BC Jean will have even more recognition for writing a song that won a grammy ( if it is nominated and wins) so :stop:

  23. I like the cover and her new direction. It is way to early to early to tell for Grammy, you’ve got some big singers around right now. A deluxe cover…these CDs are coming together right? Or is she doing what Good Charlotte did and put out two CDs?

  24. @Majesa
    One will have 11 tracks if u cant by the more expensive one that is 5 dollars more and has 17 tracks.

  25. These are very nice covers. I love the simple look. Reminds me also of Sade’s Love Deluxe covers. :brownsista:

    Consideration for nomination for “If I Were A Boy” I can definitely see; and even for her rendition of “At Last” (which I’m sure she takes some writing credit for as she did for ‘Ave Maria’ [still can’t get over that one]). But consideration for a nomination for “Single Ladies” is side-eye worthy and it proves, if anything else, that R&B music is going down the old proverbial tube; it’s a mediocre song at best, far below the bar of what she ‘can’ do and ‘has done’. I wonder who else is up or being considered for this category? Do you know Stephanie?

  26. Well… the pix look just look like regular pix of Beyonce to me… I don’t get the “ooh’ing & ahh’ing… they look okay I guess, nothing extraordinary.


    I’m not understanding how her songs get to be possibly nominated and they just came out?!? I thought it was reported that she missed the deadline for nominations by a couple of days or a week?!? Those nominees should go to artist that have been on their grind for the past year as in Alicia Keyes (whom I absolutely love as an artist), Keisha, and others who did their thing this past year. Why in the hell would she be nominated for Song of the Year?!?!…..That’s Insane!!!

  27. Looks to me as if these black/white CD covers and videos are a product of “recession”…not re-inventing, or soul-baring.

    It’s funny how people want to bare there souls at a time when the world is undergoing a great financial and emotional crisis. That’s the perfect time for artists to open up to the public because people are vulnerable and will buy or fall for anything to make them feel better. So sad. But I have to give it to Bey and her camp for the wits behind their sales/marketing. Granted, the entertainment industry is a tough, but when you got (and always have had) a solid and supportive team behind you and some ASSests to go with it, why bother putting out quality music anymore. “Single Ladies” is the worse song I’ve ever heard her sing regardless of the message behind it. And “If I was a Boy” is suppose to be in the Folk genre (words of Beyonce), but it’s truly not her style.

    I’ll say that she is a very beautiful woman and has alot of talent, but she should really concentrate more on singing from her heart, then making sales. That’s how you claim your title as a Legend.

    My opinion…think nothing of it if you dare NOT to!

  28. If you don’t mind Stephanie…

    Ephesians 5:15 encourages us to ‘be very careful how you live, making the most of your time.’ Each and every one of us is going through tough times right now, but God is getting ready to bless you in a way that only He can. Keep the faith.

    Prayer is one of the best gifts we receive. There is no cost but a lot of rewards. Let’s continue to pray for one another.

    “Father, I ask You to bless my friends, relatives and those that I care deeply for, who are reading this right now. Show them a new revelation of Your love and power.

    Holy Spirit, I ask You to minister to their spirit at this very moment. Where there is pain, give them Your peace and mercy. Where there is self-doubt, release a renewed confidence through Your grace. Where there is need, I ask you to fulfill their needs. Bless their homes, families, finances, their goings and their comings.
    In Jesus’ precious name. Amen. ”

    God bless you all.

  29. I think the Grammy deadline was September 30th but I am not sure. Also the artist/management/record labels submit songs they want to be nominated in whatever categories but that doesn’t mean they will get the nomination, that decision is made by someone else. So if they submitted all those songs in the different categories that just means they feel or hope the songs are strong enough to compete. If a song somes out the day before the deadline and they submit it in time then it will be considered but not necessarily nominated. So they obviously feel If I Were A Boy is song of the year material, but that remains to be seen. There have been huge songs from other artists over the past year and you have to remember Song of the Year and Album of the Year include all the music genres not just R&B, so that is alot of competition.

  30. This is not a total change for her because she has done natural looking photos. I think she is a very pretty girl but I don’t like these pictures. However I’m feeling the “Single Ladies” video and “If I Were a Boy”. Both videos are hot but the photos not. I can’t even tell the difference between Beyonce and Sasha Fierce from these pictures. Whatever much success Beyonce!

  31. Any Janet fan would know this is rythm nation Black & white right

    beyonce :thumbsdown:

  32. :booty: this is it??? she is not a natural beauty…nose jobs, botox and plenty of coke!!! :iagree:

  33. SHe is NOT oirginal this is ALL SADE from the 90’s. First she lies about “Irreplaceable’, now she stole “If I were a boy.”

  34. i remember the last post you had up with her single ladies video.
    i actually remember you guys talking about some man in the video. i only see three ladies…..what man were ya’ll talking about?

    oh and her pictures remind me of whitney’s album cover.
    “early 90’s janet vibe”……i don’t see it. you all would have to tell me what you mean by that.
    but i hope she does well.
    i just don’t see why the grammys are jumping on her songs when she hasn’t gone into full promo album release mode yet. oh well.


  35. :lol2: Some people are so funny. Just because this is Beyonce doesnt make this the greatest thing since sliced bread. I dont understand how people say she is bringing something different, what is that? Her music sounds the same the only think she is not doing is wearing alot of make up…..some of you are so easily influenced. Her album covers are a rip off of Vanessa Williams “Comfort Zone”, and Sade. Beyonce released the beautiful heartfelt ballad to whites on pop but released the Ghetto song to blacks, while shaking her ass and showing HER ring at the end….come people this chick dont care about black but you guys represent her like she does.
    This is a gimmick and no once can see this! Please dont give her your hard earned money for an album where she strong armed everyone to get writers credit on every song.

  36. @boring.
    Natural beauty if when you look this way without having millions, a personal stylist, spa treatments every week, personal chef, personal trainer, $1300 La Mer facial cream, $50,000 weave, personal hairstylist, maids, gets 8 hrs of sleep, and a full staff. We would all look this great too if we had the same things. Of course Beyonce is beautiful but she has money to help.

  37. I don’t think I am too concerned with the album cover as I am with the quality of the material she is releasing. I have seen a few different tracklistings, so I am not sure which one is accurate. One showed 8 songs on each album and the other showed 5 on one and 6 on the other. I would hope since she has claimed to have recorded 70 songs and she wants to release a double cd, she would have more songs on the album. I don’t know if this is a gimick or what, but I guess I will see on November 18th. I hope it is worth my money.

  38. @idsop thanks for the pray. My b-day is tomorrow lol. @Elledreams you do not need all of that to have natural beauty lol. All i need is palmer lotion lol.

  39. @Elledreams

    Thank you! I couldn’t agree with you more!


  40. HATED IT!!!! :booty: Not too much of the cover of her album but her song’s…. Wht do she have to yell so loud I guess maybe she wants to get her point across… But I.M.O. not my style of music….

  41. @elledreams your comment was priceless :lol2: You and I both know what’s up.

  42. I personally like both singles and the CD cover. Can’t wait until the release date for the CD. I’ve already downloaded “If i were a boy,” which my daughter is doing a solo dance to. While it’s true that Bey doesn’t necessarily create new styles or formats, she looks great while copying them. Nothing new under the sun – everything gets repeated from almost all artists.

  43. I never understood the need for women to disect each other so much?! anywhoo decent cover, some luv it, some hate it, what else is new?

  44. damn why are people so unhappy with themselves that they have to reach back and talk about album covers from vanessa williams and sade from the early 90’s? let’s face it, who the hell is original nowadays?? beyonce is tina turner, keyshia cole is mary j. blige, rihanna is grace jones, i mean everybody copies off of each other. mary j had the song “take me as i am”, alicia keys comes out with an album titled “as i am”, and now bey has an album called “i am”, you see how the words just got less and less, but it’s all the same damn thing.

    bottom is, if we are going to talk about one, we need to talk about them all

  45. damn i really can’t believe ya’ll though hard enough to compare the i am sasha deluxe cover to vanessa’s “comfort zone” cover. people just be fishing for stuff

  46. rihanna is grace jones??? :noway: –I totally disagree with this comparison, besides shorthair and leather, wth do these two have in common? Grace jones was androgenoous and contriversal, she did not atract a tenny bopper crowd, and was overtly sexual, how does Rihanna represent any of that ?

  47. Well she kinda looks like her in a way. the way she dresses in her video and concerts. i didn’t mean how she acts, or how she is portrayed in the media. neither did i mean that of the other comparisons.

  48. I can’t believe you compare Rihanna Good Girl gone Fake with MISS GRACE JONES

    Grace was always crazy and werid in a good fashion way

    Rihanna who qoute said her style is baggy jeans and crap like that 😆

  49. I would have expected more for her CD cover. The pics are nice, it is good to see her “natural” and not all glammed up. I’ve always wanted to see her without her weaves/wigs and not all of that eye makeup. I like the Black and White theme for the 2 videos, but I wouldn’t want to see all of her videos like that especially if she is doing videos for all of her songs.

    I could see “If I Were A Boy” being considered for a Grammy, but if she won BC Jean should receive a Grammy as well it is her song.

  50. Classic and beautiful! :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: Love them both!

  51. Nothing out of the ordinary , but i still like her songs and video though! This reminds me of Sade’s black and white picture(not sure of the album) I love Sade, and Beyonce needs be original. For example, the glove she had in the Single Ladies video, the dance moves, and now the pictures. She looks bland and pale. Im a little confused with this Sasha Fierce thing…so Sasha Fierce is supposed to be calm and serene? Doesnt add up, but she’s good at this whole entertainment thing.

  52. I think the first picture is pretty. The second one is okay. But she is a pretty girl. I do think it’s a recession and the record company said hey we are cutting back. That is just the reality of the situation. That explains not just her but a lot of tone down videos which is not a bad thing. Because I think these videos have been out of control for quite sometime.

  53. I meant I think it’s a recession and the record company is scaling back.

  54. “If I were a boy” was just released… yesterday. Song of the year? 🙄 I mean, dang. Grammy noms already. Anyway, for BC JEAN, that would be great publicity for her. In that case…… :thumbsup:

  55. :iagree: Once again it no stopping BEYONCE!!!!! she here to stay… I just wish Brown Sista would show love like they do all other Brown Sisters….

  56. I am a bit disappointed at both covers…I was expecting more. I wanted to see her altar ego (Sasha Fierce) look more dramatic and different from Beyonce.

  57. she looks beautiful on both covers.
    i love her new songs too.
    will definitely get the album nov 18th

  58. Okay…let all not go into dream land. She’s nice, she’s married, she’s rich BUT Beyonce is what her mama name her and Sasha is just the freak in her!
    She is a wonderful performer but lets not forget our kids are watching her and I hope she is not forgetting cause I am not sure if it is o.k for my 7 year old to watch the new I’m a single lady video. I do not want my daughter to think popping her you know what is ok because she is attractive. Let’s be not a single lady but a lady ALWAYS Bee for our kids and your husband which since he is a rapper and probably dont care what you do as long as his boys think you look sexy! Just admit it Bee you like the attention!

  59. 🙄 BLAND as hell 🙄 … I thought her I Am Sasha Fierce cover would be very EDGY? Guess not, both covers look the same & they are bland, but she said in an interview that she wanted to be more natural this time around!

    Can’t wait for the album… I LOVE Single Ladies, Sweet Dreams, & Ave Maria are really COOL songs!

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