Beyonce “I Am” Tour Costumes Revealed

Famed designer Thierry Mugler has been tapped by Beyonce to design the costumes for her upcoming “I Am” tour. Below you can see what is said to be a preliminary mockup of a costume the singer may don while on stage.

Mugler is known for designing outrageous tour costumes for some of the biggest names in music. He is also the genius behind Madonna’s now iconic cone bra, which the singer wore during her “Blond Ambition” tour.

So what do you guys think of this costume? Personally, I love it. It’s sexy. It’s unique. It’s iconic- which is the look I think both Thierry and Beyonce were going for.


  1. :lol2: Lions, tigers, and fierce bears :lol2: LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    This chick is trying too damn hard for no good reason. There is no real buzz about her tour. She’s tired and wack. SIT YOUR ASS DOWN!!!!!!!!

  2. 😆 I think those are just rumors floating around the net! Her show starts in a few days in Canada, so we’ll get to see the real deal!

  3. I remember the last time you posted Beyonce’s tour costumes ahead of time and you were dead on. Who else could this be for? I mean damn, look at the robot hand. It still looks stupid though, just like Madonna’s cone bra. Just because it is iconic doesn’t mean it was cute :stop:

  4. These metal pieces remind me of the Robot BumbleBee suit she wore during her B’Day era. I see why she’s running 6 miles a day…you have to be in shape to wear these tight looking pieces!

    Interesting nontheless, though that cat-print is just…Meh….


  5. This looks like a recycled Mugler look from some years ago. Just like the biker promo shot pic she took. It looks dated because Thierry was doing stuff like this nearly 20 years ago and it was showcased in George Michael’s video. I’ll have to see the rest of the costumes to really judge but I hope Thierry hooks Beyonce up. :thumbsup:

  6. This looks like Sasha F. Hmmm I wonder what “Beyonce” will be wearing?? I’m thinking that there will be quite a few costumes more than usual due to her alter-ego.

  7. Wow, Madonna is the first person I thought of when I saw the costumes. I’m not a big fan of the cheeta /Leopard skin look. Perhaps it would like a bit nicer once its on her, but otherwise :thumbsdown:

  8. I don’t quite know what to say or think about the outfit… *shrug*.

  9. It looks a little extra but i have a strong feeling she is gonna kill this tour!

  10. WHATTT…Hell Yeah I’m loving it :thumbsup:
    I don’t want her to play it safe. I want OVER-THE-TOP Beyonce.
    We already know Bey looks H-O-T in prints. That “kitty Kat” vid anyone?
    I can’t wait to see what the costumes look like.

  11. Whats that around the nipple??? I do not like this outfit :thumbsdown:

  12. SnijanaFleur, I agree. Tour costumes are suppose to be over the top. Who wants to see someone on stage wearing the same thing they wear to the corner store? I say the more provocative and outrageous the better. :koolaid:

  13. Yes Stephanie.
    When I think of an artist who does stage costumes the way it’s suppose to be done, I think of Grace Jones :thumbsup:

  14. :thumbsup: Very Sasha Fierce indeed! I’m sure she’ll make an impression! I’m seeing her in London on the 26th of May so all will be judged then. I’m thinkin this will be her last tour before her and Jay Z settle down and have the kids etc, then she’ll become real mellow in her future concerts and tours. So I’m thinkin this tour will be the pinnacle of her career and I can’t wait to see her!

  15. They look very very unique and high fashion and very Sasha Fierce….I can see exactly how the SashaFierce-glove will fit in with these costumes….I can see Beyonce’s going all out with this tour, as she has done in the past with both of her others and with DC….So this is gna be a new phenomenon for the Beyonce empire and this tour’s gna be the ish….look at how everybody’s gna go crazy…but those costumes are really unique and I give her props…cuz by doing all this, she’s guarding her throne as the Queen very well.

  16. @ Snijanafleur:
    Grace Jones indeed. Grace Jones is beyond just mere fashion. When she performs, she actually becomes a living piece of art; she turns herself into art in motion. Beyonce is going after that type of idea.

  17. OMG!… She went from padded booty to plastic booty, SMH This must be for the Diva song, Tacky Tina was muuuch better. OMG, it even has tittys.

  18. :lol2: :bowdown: People you aren’t seeming to get it these are costumes, not everyday wear. This is for a tour not for the mall. When you want your Tour to be great you think outside the box. Come on now you’ve never seen anybody wear an outfit like this in your life. you may say it may reminds you of something madonna has worn, but the point is, you’ve never seen her where anything like this. So far i like it. Its totally different and different works for me!

  19. There’s a lot of haters on this site, and it won’t get you anymore. GO Beyonce! Keep doing your thing while the haters actually help fill up your bank account. Notice their the ones checkin out every post about you!

  20. ive talked about this on another board, i want a source that says this is what she will be wearing i do know he is producing the tour outfits so mayb its true, as of now i dont like it at all i dont like the ring around the nip and i think its a bit to much, actually right now i absolutly HATE IT BUT if this is true and she wears it while im still sitting there front row, i hope that it looks lightyears different than what it does in these pics

  21. after thinking further and reading everyones responses, i can see how this over the top look can be excellent on stage either way ill be screaming when i see her, she has worn things in the past at concerts that i didnt really like but that didnt stop me from going or enjoying it…this might turn out to be hot….i just wish that circle wasnt around the nip….

  22. dont hate on my girl bey! her album in still sellin…she aint no where near tired so stop the hating!!!! :hater:

  23. I dont get it. How in the hell is she suppose to put it on??? I guess Britney is giving her a run for her money. Didn’t she wear something like this in her Kitty Cat video??

  24. Beyonce could be on the stage in jeans and a t-shirt and STILL Shut it down. Beyonce’s a great performer. 🙂

  25. This is not every day wear, but she is beginning to weird out like Janet and Michael. Slow down Beyonce before you go to far and ruin your good thing. :stop:

  26. I agree that the Sasha Fierce persona needs over the top however this costume MAY just make her look squat as opposed to curvy. Eg that costume she wore at the World Music awards didnt translate well to her body type and height.

    A prime example was Janets recent (failed) concert costumes that made her look way bigger than she was at the time. Im mean I saw the woman on Ellen in a Black jumpsuit with a cinched in waist and I thought wow shes so petite n slim! Next minute she was in those futuristic beige and matal monstrosities and looked 4 sizes bigger.

    Seriously tho Im sure Mr Mugler will tweak the design til it looks right and as someone already said… she has to lose weight to pull this off.

    I think the most over the top costumes for now go to Lady Gaga… Grace Jones is well Grace Jones. A living art installation!

  27. Steph Boo,

    Correction Madonna’s cone bra was designed by Jean Paul Gaultier, Not Mugler. Mugler designed the clothes for George Michael’s “Too Funky’ video. But I’m scratching my head on this one. I dunno. Good luck with that Bey :thumbsdown:

  28. I’m looking forward to seeing the entire tour, set list and costume included.

    FYI, the lepard print looks like it’s his form, and not the actual under grament.

    Not sure if this is the real deal (not hating just not sure) it seems a bit risque for Mrs. Carter. Especially since she’s been quite tame since she’s gotten married, but we’ll see.

  29. It looks like something that a drag queen would wear. I would love to check her out on my birthday though May 26, that will be a real treat. I also agree that this might be her last tour before her and Jay have the kiddies. She said something like that in an interview. BECAUSE we all know Jay aint getting no younger lol.

  30. My bad. Jean-Paul Gaultier was behind Madonna’s cone bra. I should have known that as old as I am 😆 . Mugler however has still designed outfits for Madonna, as well as Tina Turner, Cher and even Janet Jackson.

  31. rauchy at best…B is too beautiful to stoop to that trashy look sasha or no sasha…

  32. Well for one whoever said she is copying cici go girl u must be drunk cuz go girl was a rip off of get me bodied n feedback.

    I love the costumes when u on a world tour n ur a performer u must think outside the box n not give us the same ol same ol.

    N as far as Janets rock witchu tour go. It wasn’t a failed tour cuz of her costumes n it actually brought in a good amount of money. N janet was thick in the thighs n booty but her stomach was flat n her waist was small.

  33. :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown: :noway: :noway: :noway: :noway: :noway: :loser: :loser: :loser: :loser: :stop: :stop: :stop: :stop:

  34. What i love and hate about thierry Mugler is that his creation are all seen before, Improved versions, Sexier version, But seen before, It’ s not something that i would wear on stage but i guess, I would dress according to the song and have the stage set up according to the song, like halo the stage will be dark and have only one spotlight shining on me and what she did in b-day with the angel wings dude would suit perfectly for halo…But what do i know!

  35. I like wild costumes for concerts. I always want to see somthing different and outrageous and this outfit is rather shocking. I think she should wear it. It’s exciting and so over-the-top that I think it will work. I can picture the background dancers and the props now. Lions growling in the background. LOL. Funny, but hot!

    Don’t knock it folks. I bet anything that her outfits reflect the energy of her Sasha Fierce stage sets. She’ll give us energy.

  36. Im not feeling this leopard look, I understand over the top is preferred but you can over the top without looking tacky. Maybe when she actually wears it it will look different but right now its not the business.

  37. @ sean

    I understand what you are saying, but did the costume really need tittys? Full C cup tittys?
    What will she do for the next album, have christmas lights for the nipples?

  38. have christmas lights for the nipples :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:
    that is just rude :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

  39. I just want to know how in the world she going to be dancing in that outfit. It look like it hurts. To the nipple part and the panty part. I hope she have a little fan somewhere. Just looking at it make me hot. Like someone said i have to see her in it. Good luck with her tour.

  40. I love it! And I know Beyonce is gonna ROCK this tour just like the last one! I must say Beyonce never fails her fans and she is the BEST! :bowdown: :bowdown:

  41. I agree that when you are in concert you must excite and entertain. I for one would not want to see someone who looks like they just left the mall either in a concert. I think the costumes are outrageous and it will work because people need to be entertained. When people spend their money they don’t want to be bored they want the concert to be over the top.

  42. Sex sales and Bey is all sex all the time. Why yall surprised I will never know.

    I know it’s for entertainment, but she is married. I expected some type of decorum. If this is what she is wearing, it looks EXACTLY like a stripper outfit, which is what she normally wears any way so……

  43. She can not be serious with these costumes. Those are tacky. I liked her “costumes” for the Beyonce Experience much better than this. This is ridiculous, I hope this is a hoax.

  44. if you are an authentic artist like A.keys your music and aura speaks for itself but the untalented will put on a circus to disguise their shortcomings….Micheal Jackson is the only talented over the top artist…..well i say to bey bring it on so that she can finaly exit but i have to say she dsnt convince me as a robot,she cud have opted for a tin man or toy soldier.

  45. It looks ok. this would be something very out the box for Ms Yawnce! But Im sure her fans will still b at the show no matter what she wears. :bag:

  46. @ lizz I totally agree with you on A Keys now thats my girl! I’ve been saying the same thing for the longest. I like both of them but A Keys stands out more to me w/o ANY costumes

  47. RI – DAM – DICULOUS! :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

  48. Whatever she wears…she’s going to tear it down!!! She never disapoints. That’s why she has such dedicated fans! She delivers!

    Go Bey!

  49. If this is it, then I like it. It’s her. 😆 She’s giving you Sasha Fierce and that’s what the fans want. OTT, high energy and risqué but she is still covered up-believe it or not. There will be other outfits, she is not going to wear that singing ballads. Performers go through various outfits as their set requires so you will get toned down Beyoncé, the Beyoncé that shows forth in the I Am…side of the double CD.

    Lizz, you make a good point about Alicia though I disagree with this comment(but the untalented will put on a circus to disguise their shortcomings) because Bey has been toned down on many occasions and still rock it. It is one of the reasons why I am a fan of hers. Anyway, they’re two different artists/performers and that’s why they are at the top of their profession. Ying and Yang, if you want ying: AK and if you want yang: Beyoncé. If I wanted Alicia to be like Bey, I would rather go watch Bey. If I wanted Bey to be like Alicia, then I would rather go watch Alicia. They have their different lanes and even if you don’t like Bey’s lane, respect the fans who love what she does and that’s goes for Bey fans who don’t like what AK do.

  50. if you are an authentic artist like A.keys your music and aura speaks for itself but the untalented will put on a circus to disguise their shortcomings…

    And that’ s all there is to it!but i won’ t say only the untalented, i’ ll say the insecure too, someone who knows they are lacking in a certain department so they need to cover up ^^

  51. Are they for real???????????????????????????? :lol2: :stop: 🙁

  52. Voice, but the thing is, who is to say that this artist or that artist is authentic because of the clothes they were? You have Josephine Baker–for example–who oftentimes performed topless but no one would ever say that she was not an artist or talented. I am not saying that I want entertainers/artists to do that either. What I am saying is, every artist/entertainer has their lane or should anyways. Some more risqué than another but talent is talent. You can look the part(even dressed up and conservative to appeal to that demographic), but you can’t cover talent. It comes out.

  53. I love it! I think its unique and different. If she wears this she ppl will never forget this tour! lol I know Ill b there with bells on!!!! She could wear lettuce and she would still turn it! :bowdown: :bowdown:

  54. if you are an authentic artist like A.keys your music and aura speaks for itself but the untalented will put on a circus to disguise their shortcomings…

    I actually Agree i think if you are confident in your ability to hold your own, You don’ t need to put up a extra sexual show to cover anything up, Of course i refuse to be sitted somewhere bored i want to see some fireworks, be entertained, switch up the song beat, do something hot, But i am honestly not paying to see another woman stripping down, licking her lips and what not,and then tell me how innocent and prude she is that disgust me which is why i will pay to see Janet, Grace jones,Christina aiguilera,even damn Britney spears Own up to your actions! That’ s all i ask that was a very well made point Lizz, I personally always tought that beyonce was not a powerhouse when it came singing , i have been to two of her concerts and once the madness and shenanigans stop i cannot connect with her on that emotional level, that is just me some force themselves into crying listening to her, wanna have chills, that’ s them but i have never teared up to beyonce like i did to jennifer and that was BEFORE her tragedie, maybe it’ s because she never had to strugle with incredible pain at least the way i see it, Maybe she played miss perfect so long i actually believe her and don’ t believe in her having emotions, I don’ t know that’ s another discussion, But that was well said Lizz

  55. two words: BUTT UGLY.
    not to take away from her album, though.

  56. Hello Curtis,
    I’m fine thank you. Today is a new day and I’m glad to say I finally have the confidence to wear my natural hair out in the open. It’s a beautiful thing. How are you?

  57. I know I’m gonna make people mad with this one but…

    Having an elaborate costume/show doesn’t mean your trying to over compensate for something. Let us not forget that there was a time when ALL stage shows were done with a big Pomp en Circumstance (I know I messed that one up, but you get it). Look at La Belle, their costumes were something similar to the one above but vocally and musically they were a force to be reckoned with. I’m not even gonna about Ms. Ana Mae Bullock!!!

    Personally, I don’t get the the hype surrounding Senora Keys, but too each his own. I think the reason why people flock to Beyonce aside from the “oversaturation” is she gives an awesome performance, even when she “messes up”. Think about it, homie fell HEAD FIRST down a flight stairs, got up and kept going like NOTHING happened. No slight limp or anything; if it were me, house lights would’ve had to come on. LOL.

    Just my opinion…

  58. Curtis
    This is what people need to understand i purchased D.I.L,B’day (thought i sold it back on Ebay lmao), I also Ituned Iiwab and Halo, From that moment on i can say whatever i want because my money went there, so if i want to complain about something I can and will, An entertainer is supposed toPlease me, If i feel overwhelmed Over a costume I am going to say so, No matter who likes it , this robo-ho attire is not the business, at least not to me
    That was one, Second I can’ t believe you even brought up Josephine Baker but you made my point for me, Look at Josephine Baker performances and Look at beyonce’s,Point made
    Josephine NEVER apologized for her sexual performances, she did not come out and said that her alter ego Michelle Cook was the one doing it…And i disagree with what you said i actually think you can look your talent away, You can be so hot and so beautiful that your talent come second and I think that is the case with beyonce Again that’ s My opinion you don’ t have to agree with me or even talk to me 🙂

    ” i think if you are confident in your ability to hold your own, You don’ t need to put up a extra sexual show to cover anything up, Of course i refuse to be sitted somewhere bored i want to see some fireworks, be entertained, switch up the song beat, do something hot, But i am honestly not paying to see another woman stripping down, licking her lips and what not,and then tell me how innocent and prude she is that disgust me”

    Yes :bowdown:

  59. This is what people need to understand i purchased D.I.L,B’day (thought i sold it back on Ebay lmao), I also Ituned Iiwab and Halo, From that moment on i can say whatever i want because my money went there.

    Stop putting your money there then, I personally stop spending 9 dollars on weak acting and bad movies, Nobody is forcing you to purchase nothing, Just don’ t

  60. Snijana, I am doing great. It is a beautiful day. I just got off work and I am taking care of some e-mailing. LOL. I am glad you are doing well and it is good you have the confidence in your hair. Great thing.

  61. Voice, you don’t get it. Most artists have an alter-ego. Alicia Keys’ name(since she was named) is only her stage name. A stage name is basically an alter-ego. Like a character in a movie. It is all an act basically. You can have an opinion whether you buy Beyonce’s music or not. As far as I am concern, you can say she’s untalented. I disagree with it but it is your right. My point is you and others can’t judge artists/entertainer on how they look, or what they were on stage and it is reflective of their talent is they aren’t toned down. It’s an act. No matter the image they portray and it takes nothing away from their talent.

    I mentioned Josephine Baker as an example of what I am saying and yet rather than see the point I made, you go to who is more talented out of her and Beyonce as a way to diverge from the point I made. 😆 Perfect example is this: Josephine NEVER apologized for her sexual performances, she did not come out and said that her alter ego Michelle Cook was the one doing it. Understand that Josephine Baker IS her alter ego. Her stage name. Frida Josephine McDonald is her real name. So she hid behind an alter ego too. Even Prince had an alter ego. Many of them actually. We all know how talented he is.

    It is sad the double standards that permeates when it comes to Beyonce especially by many bloggers. No one analyzes other artists/acts like this. No one puts them through rigorous scrutiny like her and the thing is, there are acts who carries themselves in much more risque ways than Bey ever has—on and especially off stage—and yet they don’t get the criticism and scrunity Bey gets. It is a shame. Let me explain this again: the image you see on stage is not real. It’s an act. With just about every mainstream entertainer. The moment people realize that and truly see the talent that most of them have because most of us can’t do what they do as well as them then maybe folks can enjoy it. It’s just entertainment.

  62. Good points@ Noemi. That’s the whole point that I was trying to make. I wonder how people judge Tina, Patti, Chaka, Joyce Bryant(50s singer), Diana Ross and many others of that era and before that in today’s era. Wow. I would hate to be them. 😆 It’s entertainment and nothing else and the people of their era understood it as such. Bey’s stage act is tame compared to them.

    Another thing, I like the fact that Bey is willing to say: This is an act. I am different that what I portray myself on stage. She separates the two and that’s HEALTHY and why she will last in this business. The moment that the act becomes life, is not healthy because it’s not suppose to be. She GETS it, probably because she has studied her craft what can happen when entertainers lose their way. I hope she keeps this attitude for as long as she is doing this.




  64. i love it! And all yall talkin bout she copied off ciara, ciara took b’s ego look in love sex magic so they’re even!

  65. Curtis i’ m sorry i didn’ t read your post, next time maybe 😉 Like i said that was imo so the rest is a zero to me 🙂
    Voicedeux arrete tes conneries

  66. Curtis.

    You hit the nail on the head…


    BTW, her concerts have never gotten serious press prior too. The only concert that I remembered her getting press for, was the Destiny Fulfilled… Everything else was low key. Another reason it hasn’t been brought up is, as of this morning she/MW/Columbia has yet to announce any US tour dates. But you can bet you bottom that fans, stans, AND fashionistas alike are counting down until curtain call. Having Thierry Mugler as a creative director has peaked the interest of MANY fashionistas.

    SIDENOTE: I just read a blog that stated the above outfit isn’t for the tour but for a music video… time will tell.

  67. Now she’s biting Madonna … she’s moving down that legendary diva list with her swagger jacking. Uck. Next.

  68. LMao!!!!! no one makes it to the top with out jacking someone swagg!!! nothin is new to the world of fashion && Bey Jacks the right PPl!!!! HeLLloo*** Anyway.. I love it Fierce!!!! Bey always does it BE!!!!!! ARE YOU READY TO BE ENTERTAINED!!!…….. Im read so cant wait

  69. Ive Seen it, LIVE.
    Its used as a Video Inturlude!

    SO Relax everyone….

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