Beyonce’s Mom Denies Pregnancy Rumor

Well that was fast. Less than 24 hours after a so called legitimate publication reported that Beyonce was pregnant, her mother has come out publically and denied the rumor. Tina Knowles paid a visit to the Ellen Show yesterday and told host Ellen DeGeneres flat out and in no uncertain terms that the rumor of her daughter being pregnant was completely false. US Weekly reported the rumor and will reportedly have the singer on their cover next week. News organizations like ABC and CNN even picked up the story and ran it as if it was true. Those of us with common sense however knew it was false. Beyonce’s producers have all blabbed about her new music dropping this year and Beyonce herself has made it known that she doesn’t plan to have kids until she feels she has totally and completely conquered the world of music.


  1. Well I don’t think she said it like that Sista lol.
    But I like how you didn’t post the story but posted the…conclusion lol.

    BTW, people’s “sources” suck.

  2. I hope that when she gets pregnant, she’ll go away to somewhere and hide from all the media and return a year later with her child(ren) lol. This story is getting old….seriously. But pls give us another album before you get pregnant B! haha

  3. Did anyone honestly think she would come right out and say it? No, they are private people I believe if she is it will be one of those things when she shows she shows and that’s how anyone other than them will know… Plus, dont take the spotlight off Ms. Tina!!

  4. IMO beyonce’s people put the rumor out there… why? because no one is talking abut her right now and she has a album to come out.

    just like when her people pu tthat same rumor out there the last time… shy? because her daddy got some random chick pregant so a distraction was needed…

    again IMO

  5. sorry for the typo’s.. i hear my boss coming up behind me!!! LMBO@

  6. Yeah, because Tina is going to just come out and say ” yeah my fist born is knocked up, I’m going to be a Grandma”. We don’t believe you Tina, you need more people lol. Joke people.

    Then again @Liverpool might be on to something, just last week it was a rumor about a certain pop star and her alleged battered and beaten pics leaking, and I thought to myself doesn’t that star have a album coming out soon. It would make for a good scandal right now.Ummm, makes me wonder….

  7. Same story every year. If she is that’s her business. I would not even talk about it. And does her mom REALLY know – she ain’t sleeping in her womb so she can’t be sure. If Bey is or isn’t that is her private business

  8. shame, she doesnt need to do that to promote her album.

    i have never been a fan but her following is almost religous…

    she doesnt need to plant stories for attention…

  9. I agree @ liverpool. There’s always a pregnancy rumor when she’s got a song or album about to drop. It’s a shame that artists have to resort to this kind of foolishness.

  10. I think this was a pr stunt by her camp to promote her mom’s clothing line. I’ve never seen mere rumors reported by mainstream news outlets. My local news had this on yesterday. Come on now. This came straight from Bey’s camp. And is yet another reason why I just can’t get on this chick’s bandwagon.

  11. What a coincidence that the pregnancy rumor comes out on the same day Tina is scheduled to promote her clothing line on Ellen. How fortuitous for Tina.

  12. What did her mother do to her face. It looks terrible like the joker in the batman movies.

  13. I didn’t think it was a PR stunt… but then again, what are the chances that on the same day, Tina is promoting her clothing line on TV?

    Deep inside, I don’t care if Beyonce is pregnant or not. She is married, she is financially fit, she is old enough, she has all the rights to have a child.

  14. This was just another rumor from fake sources that comes out every couple of months, magazines post fake rumors all the time. If this was a pr stunt I’d think they would let people guess a little bit, instead of denying them on the same day.

  15. I don’t think Bey and her camp had anything to do w/this especially given how private they ALL are. Not to mention Bey’s name ALONE is enough to draw a buzz plus she has the TALENT to back it up so her doing this for a buzz, I find very unlikely when your a household name like Bey. Just my thoughts……Now come on w/that album already Bey 🙂

  16. The “buzz” was not for Bey. It was for her mom’s clothing line. Her camp is not beyond using a rumor about her private life (don’t care how mum she is on it) to help pump her mom’s line. Rumor comes out in the morning. More folks tune into Ellen to see what her mom has to say on it. Tina gets more viewers for her clothing line. This is SO obvious.

  17. Get a grip people. Not everything is a conspiracy. The fact that Bey gets annoyed everytime this pregancy question is raised clearly shows that she doesn’t like talking about something so personal. She always looks uncomfortable and prob. would rather not answer the question at all, so why would her PR spread a rumor that Bey clearly wouldn’t appreciate? Let it go.

  18. Why would they need to do this to promote her mother’s clothing line when her mom has already BEEN promoting the clothing on other well known talk shows. SMH. I just think the rumor got out of hand. People who have been working with her on her music have ALREADY said Beyonce wants them to keep a hush hush on specifics. So I doubt it was her camp. Jay and Beyonce are well known celebrities and are known to attract false attention.

  19. Beyonce should have like 3 kids by now with all the pregnancy rumors that have popped up since what, 2008?

  20. How is she a “private” person when she is constantly showing her “privates” to the world. And yes the knowels are some low down dirty dirty folks. They will use any situation to try their products. Direct tv anone? Sellouts!

  21. Well this is unusual. Usually the just ignore the rumors but this time Beyonce mom came out and frankly denied it. Hm-mm… Maybe they are pregnant and this is there way of hoping people will forget about and move on. Mean while Beyonce in will be out of the public spotlight for the next 9 months supposedly working on her next album.

  22. Who knows…but, US Weekly, CNN, ABC, etc…ran with this unchecked, unfounded story…this is what’s most disturbing…these news outlets have become even less than TMZ…which often can back up the stories they run. It’s a sad commentary the way news is created, stories planted, regardless of who’s behind it…there’s no integrity and for whether or not Beyonce is pregnant to be a big trending topic is silly…J-lo, Mariah waited to have their first child as mega-superstars…Mary J. Blige and Janet Jackson still haven’t…Angela Bassett truly waited and gave us some great work…if Beyonce was to have a baby, she would make crazy millions…look at Nicole Richie and other celebrities raking in mad dollars as celebrity moms…endorsements…merchandising…Angelina star didn’t dimmed due to becoming a mommy.

    In all likelihood, Jay-z probably has a child and if not, he has to remember what he was doing when he was her age and how important his career was and is to him! Beyonce’s celebrity is going to be different because it’s much harder for women in the entertainment business and in society at large…we have to keep reinventing ourselves, giving more and being more to remain relevant in stardom-land and in our everyday lives…people only remember what you’ve done lately…while “what we do” is vital…knowing “who we really are” is monumental!

  23. @ Liverpool
    My sister is a huge beyonce fan, and she stalks her fansite to check out her latest outfit, She was telling me that there has been 0 pictures of beyonce lately, Then as soon as the rumors hit the net, there are pictures of her having lunch with friends,You are def On to something, It’s a shame her fans love her like a diabetic love sugar, It’s unfortunate that her people feel like pulling these kind of stunts.

    I believe beyonce is not selfish enough to have a child and be the kind of mother that is never there, so i don’t think she will ever have children, Either way she looks good and i wish her the best!

  24. To Cynthinia- Yes Jay-Z has a baby. He lives a quiet life in Trinidad with his mother. Her name is Shenelle Scott.

  25. I don’t think this was a PR Stunt by any means. Everyone keeps wondering why the Knowles came out and denied it instead of ignoring it like they usually do. Well, this time the rumor spread like wild fire and got completely out of hand. It was being reported as fact on every major news outlet instead of just being confined to only the blogosphere like the previous rumors. The last time the Beyonce pregnancy rumor surfaced, it was started by MEDIAFAKEOUT. No one takes that website seriously. However, when a reputable (for the most part) magazine source such as US Weekly confirms a story as fact, people are more inclined to believe it to be. And if you read their story, you would have realized that they used old quotes from Solange and Kevin Liles that dealt with an entirely different situation. Why would a magazine use old quotes if it had a so-called exclusive? It was just a ploy to sell more tabloids at Beyonce’s expense, just like US Weekly is always falsely claiming Angelina and Brad are breaking up every other week. Beyonce is a MEGA-WATT superstar, so of course she will garner attention with ease.

    When Beyonce finally does get pregnant, do you really think anyone will find out so easily? I don’t think so. She is much too private of a person. She’ll deny it until she can’t hide it anymore or go into intense hiding. I’m sure her mother was already booked to appear on “Ellen” way before this story broke. Not everything is a conspiracy.

  26. Wow @ some of these comments. Overanalyzing way too much.

    Love Bey, she will have kids when she is ready.

  27. Wow. Just wow. Tina looks different. I kinda like her though. She’s funny sometimes (when she’s not giving death-to-you looks). LOL. I think her line at Wal-Mart will do very well, so congrats to her on that.

    This preggers rumors biz….I wish folk would leave BKC’s womb alone. At the same time, it’s been like no-BKC news/sightings, then BAM! BKC-news (false) and sightings, so I’m left to wonder…

    She will have chirren when she is good and ready. Folk need to let that aspect of her life go and focus on the music. How will this new album sound? That’s what I’m waiting on. 🙂

  28. We saw pics of Bey last week, so it’s not like we haven’t seen her in forever.

    I agree with whoever said bey critics are overanalyzing as usual. smh

    this is BEYONCE we are talking about. she gets buzz just by walking down the street. this has been a nonstop rumor for YEARS, so i doubt it was a publicity stunt.

    like someone said people mag was reporting it this time, and more ppl believed it cuz usually they’re credible.

    and smh at whoever said jay has a kid in trinidad. do u have a blood test to prove that? ppl will truly believe anything.

    i guess only few ppl use common sense and believe stuff that come from the person’s mouth instead of rumors.

  29. Once again her fans are acting desperate for compliments and attention, Which is sad, At this point her “greatness” should speak for itself…You know what they say about insecure fans 🙂

  30. Umm, @ Shontelle you are the one acting desperate for attention on this post. Why keep posting???

    Do you know what they say about obsessed non fans who stay talking about and checking for a artist they claim they don’t like or care about? It’s really unbecoming of you.

    As for Bey actually being pregnant…Eh we will see.

  31. And, no smiley face @ the end of my comment, because at this point it’s not cute, nor clever or funny. Just sad and pathetic.

  32. @ Just a thought I agree with you. Again if and when there is a pregnancy for Jay/Beyonce remember Jay brought them a private island and I bet that they will spend part of their pregnancy there to get away from all the media/paps.

  33. First off let me say this is 17150918 aka the number lol but I will be posting for now on under my real name.

    About the topic at hand, the question is who didn’t know that this was a rumor and made up?

  34. @Emma: How old r U ? Using my own words against me is so high school, But hey what did i expect ? after all you have an i.q lower than most fans 🙂

  35. and Dude! I post everywhere on this blog, Beyonce is not my god for me to exempt her of my opinion. Lol children…

  36. she put the rumor out,the paparazzis are not chasing her like they used to… Its sad but that’s hollywood…

  37. ^^^What a crock of BS…Beyonce disappears when she wants to disappear.

  38. Nevermind Beyonce being pregnant. What the hell is wrong with Tina Knowles face?

  39. Yep, and you also make sure you keep clicking on that “read more” link when it comes to Beyonce post. Gotcha.

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