Beyonce’s New Look For 2008

Anyone who has visited this blog for any lenghth of time knows how much I love a great photo shoot. One thing I really look forward to when any female singer comes out with a new album, is what image she will she go with. Artists like Janet Jackson and Madonna were once known for switching up their look with each new release. Few artists today however do that. As a matter of fact, the only female I can think of who drastically switched up their look for the release of her album was Rihanna. Keyshia Cole also comes to mind, the singer eventually opted to leave behind the blonde extentions and instead embrace her own natural dark locks. Well next up is “you know who”.

Lawd, I’m almost scared to metion her name- people either love her or hate her, but either way she is back and her most recent photo shoot in preparation for the release of her new album has surfaced. Tony Duran is the man behind the lens and he and Beyonce have worked together quite a few times over the course of her career.

I cannot say whether this shoot will act as photo art for her album or not, but it is a pretty nice shoot and I like it a lot more than I did the “Louisiana Bayou” look the singer sported for her B’day album.

So what do you guys think- are you feeling this new Beyonce shoot for 2008?

Photo Source: Lime Photo & Corner of Beyonce.


  1. Cute pics, but I don’t think that it fits with the “Virtuoso Intellect” (sp?) title she’s suppose to be going for. They are very interesting pics though.

  2. Oh she better work!!! Yes, honey. She is giving us high fashion full force! Nice photo shoot, but I doubt is for her new cd.

  3. I think the images or her image here looks. I have to say that a couple of poses/images remind me of Janet’s Discipline sleeve images. This dark inspires edgy…I think its a great change for Mrs. Carter. πŸ™‚

  4. Janet’s discipline was more Asian inspired and wet and sexy. Beyonce does however look just like Rihanna in the 4th pic and I love the outfit in the second pic.

  5. I meant she looks good. Are the fashions HOD? Virtuoso Effect makes more sense. She looks very Euro.

  6. @ Dana you’re right about the Asian inspired for Janets LP. I was referring more to the pic of her sitting down in the wide leg pants. JJ had a similar outfit maybe even pose. These are some great pics though. She’s so pretty.


  8. You better work it girl! Beyonce looks fierce in this shoot! I am so loving these pics! Beautiful girl! Simply fab! :brownsista:

  9. The only thing I wish she would change is her hair color or hairstyle. Something drastic, the l’Oreal color is tired.

  10. :iagree: Ilove the brown hair! and why should image matter all i care about is what is on the cd not waht’s on the cd cover

  11. Looks like whoooo in the 4th pic???? :stop:

    Moving right along… Beyonce looks great & I can’t wait for October! Keyshia Cole’s was a natural transformation. I do believe that’s why she was offered HAIR CARE endorsement. Kelis was HER decision. Not thought up by men in a board room. Also there’s the fact that REAL singers do not have to cut their hair to garner attention. Their vocals & subsequent performances do that. So I can safely say… give up on the drastic desperate cries for attention metamorphosis some singers go through. She is who SHE is. No GIMMICKS needed.

  12. I’m glad she did something different..I just made this comment about her last week. The hair needs to go sorry…..if you gonna change do the entire thing…..Janet & mary change styles weekly…does that mean they are trying to be a “gimmick”or be a leader not a follower…explain those sisters…anyway……Beyonce looks cool and knows she has to switch it up…I don’t care who you are, you lead the change not follow it….so she has a new style as she moves into another part of her career…good job …don’t be afraid to do something different….some fans will not get it.. because they …just don’t but those of us who like to keep it fresh, like the new style….for all those haters of rihanna,kid sister,kanye,estelle,lupe fiasco,andre 3000….. :booty:

  13. New photo shoot, yes. New look, no. She looks good, but I’m still waiting for something drastically different or refreshingly new from her. :brownsista:

  14. LOVE EVERY PIC! She’s is killing it and that shows how this chick can kill High fashion pics. I Love it!

    LOVE the up grade, the site is moving so much quicker :bowdown:
    She looks great rumor has it that common is working with her on one of the new singles.

  16. :noway: Its a no for me she is definitely the sexy type of sister so her doing a photoshoot all covered up is weird to me so it’s a no, and why is she changing her look ? her fans swears that she doesn’t need to change a thing to stay relevant she is perfect right?

  17. Good pics. Seems she is trying too hard with the facial expressions but her body is bangin.

  18. I think that this look has been done already. Rhianna did this look already. She is trying to be a fashionista and it is just not her. She is from Texas and they over do everything down there and that is just her. That is how she dresses, how she performs, it’s even how there clothing line is. I think she should embrace it and not try to be something she’s not. The problem with her is she has no personality and that’s okay because it has worked for her. But now she is going to try and be something she’s not. She also looks like she is channeling Jennifer Lopez and it’s just not her.

  19. @ clear….it depends on what the photographer some want people to pose with no life in them…i think B looks great and happy to see her trying something a little different

  20. I think she looks good. She looks very Euro in the second pic.

    I dont understand you people. You want her to be herself but then you want her to not be herself. I dont get it honestly. What hairstyle do you want her to rock. All the good hairstyles are completely taken. If rocks Beyonce rocks a bob, she’s copying somebody, she cut her hair short, she’s copying somebody, She dyes her hair black, she’s copying somebody, etc… I mean shut up already. Nobody in the industry today could be who they truly want because stupid people are always comparing them to some one else. Its ridiculous. What do want Beyonce to do, pull a Grace Jones??!! But then Beyonce would be copying Grace Jones.

  21. @Sade but it funny how people say that other be copying her like please everyone is little different. It funny how this whole industry world is full of you know what if u ask me. As long im happy what im wearing reping for the tall sista im good.

  22. :noway: :noway: :noway: …ms j ,twiggy and nigel would read her for these shots!! model she is not…singer ok…stick to whats best boo boo!! and ur no Tyra Banks..not even the blond is workin hun!!

  23. These photos are lovely but you better believe that Beyonce is feeling the heat/pressure from Rihanna which explains her sudden attempt to recreate herself.

  24. In my opinion, Beyonce looks the same as usuaal…..but I always get a sense of trying to hard. I dont understand how this is changing her style up, some of the shots look like bday minus the bee hive. :hater:

  25. This is off topic but I am excited about Britney’s album dropping 12/02. Blackout album was really good and I think if she wasnt crazy she could have had a sucessful album. Some people dont believe me but Beyonce and Rihanna better watch out because Britney can perform her ass off, she cant sing but gives a great show and people are waiting. Britney sold more albums by herself than DC, and I think Beyonce would have had competition if Britney didnt take the crazy break.

  26. HERE WE GO :stop:
    This not her first High fashion shoot she did one years ago . She is not trying to copy rihanna. :noway: and she also had this gothic look on the red carpet at the Essence awards years ago.

  27. Britney Spears’ appeal is like that of N’Sync and The Backstreet Boys. Obsessed little white girls are the buyers of that music. Neither Beyonce nor Rihanna need to “watch out” for Britney Spears. That’s like R Kelly needing to watch out for Justin Timberlake. White artists are always given a free pass when they freak out (Britney) or become druggies (Amy Whinehouse), whereas Black acts must always work and remain straight to stay on top- while women like the above get a free pass. This again is why I refuse to tear down Beyonce and Rihanna. White folks not tearing their artists and I’ll be damned if I tear down ours.

  28. The shoot is cool expect of the fourth pic, she looks like she is broken. πŸ˜†

  29. I need to find the designer of that second outfit for real! :bowdown: Loves it! I need those pants in my life.

  30. Stephanie I disagree Sister of course YOu have the less not tear down our own whereas other people pick up who to tear down and who to praise and i applaud you for staying neutral BUT both rihanna and gisele carter’s fan base are composed of screaming white girls dressed up like banquisha down the block so yes britney is definitely competition, the way i see it sasha rose [thought she was successful before] and crossed over when britney fell , but i’m happy for all of them britney is my homegirl , i love rihanna, and beyonce is okay …

    As for white people not tearing down their own i don’t know seemed to me like britney’s break down was more exploited than whitney’s

    AS for beyoncΓ© “new look” she is definitely NOT a high fashion figure She looks so damn weird I liked her better with sasha’s freakum dresses

  31. :noway: STEPHANIE .i dont know what u was seein but they was talkin about her like a dog they said she was not a good mother ,shes crazy, when she came out the courtroom when k-fed took the kid she was cryin ,i thought that was sad ,oh show bizz tonight she was the topic all the time that all talk about how is was a not only her everybody paris hilton,robert downy,ETC.IN THIS BIZZ CALL ENTERTAINMENT NOBODY FAITHFUL PEOPLE/HOLLWOOD THEY LOVE U TODAY AN HATE U TOMORROW NO MATTER IF YOUR BLACK OR WHITE ITS CALLED FAME……….LIKE I TELL PEOPLE ALL THE TIME ITS A JOKE

  32. *singing Bell Biv Devoe’s*

    “That Girl Is DOPE!”

    Bey looks fierce as hell!! I have to admit though, that on the very first picture, I was like, “Who’s that white girl?” πŸ˜† {my bad Bey} but the shoot has a nice VOGUEish editorial feel to it.

    I never expect a big change in Bey’s appearance. She’s sticking to the diva formula {Diana never changed her look}.

  33. :hifive: steph, u are spot on….i have to say beyonces look is fabulous but i really dont want her to change much..i mean,why fix something if it aint broke?..ri-yawna and thems NEED facelifts in order to be relevent in the industry whereas beys talent maintains her relevence..for ever and ever.cant wait for the de-thrown of rihanna, she was ok but the QUEEN B is about to sting ur barbados :booty: ,

  34. Cut the bull people. I like B just as much as the next person but C’mon This is some copy-cat mess. She’s clearly copying Rihanna style 4real. If you disagree then check out any of the photo shoots that Rihanna has done this year for US and European Magazines.

  35. So I guess Rihanna is the only one who can do high fashion photoshoots now?

    By the way, Bey looks great! She and Rihanna are both doing big things!

    And I agree 100% Stephanie. If Bey or Rih would have done even a tiny fraction of what Britney has, you better believe their careers would have been over, with NO second chances.

  36. I co-sign with you Steph, mediocrity is not a luxury of black folks, and we cant afford to be crazy either! I think the pics are awesome, and I am Salivating for the outfits in the 1st and second pic, that purple dress and jewelry is the Biz! and I think purple is really big this season. Personally I think purple looks best on women with really darker richer skin tones, it just brings a more dramatic effect with the color and texture of the garment. Both Bey and Rihannas recent photo shoots are beautiful. And I hope they serve as a BIG public service announcement to Ciara, you can garner attention, and exude maturity and sex appeal , all that can be accomplished WHILE WEARING CLOTHES!!! I mean these pics have gotten as much press as Ciara’s nuddy shots, geesh that must make her feel …well a tad dense

  37. I don’t really see her as a ‘high fashion’ model. And this guy shoots for Vogue and a lot of high fashion models/print ads. The pics are so-so. But nothing to fall all over. Much better than the Bayou shoot for B-Day. I hope that her album pics are more interesting than this. These are plain and uninteresting. Just my opinion. So I don’t need people jumping down my throat sticking up for the woman.

  38. :stop: And where did all the tear down black artist come from. You read entirely too much into her comment. Britney was bashed every day of the week for nearly a year–she lost her mind because she lost her kids and the people around her (her parents) were only interested in money. Who says she’s being given a pass? She’s going to have to work more than ever just to get respect back. So cut all the black this and white that crap because it’s a bunch of bull. The music business is just that a business….if you are able to recover then good. Look at Kobe, R. Kelly and Michael Jackson. They can bounce back just fine. I think if anyone were to go through what Britney went through–then at the end of the day, the public would be feel sorry for them and welcome them back with open arms.

    Hell how many rappers have been in and out of jail–and still make a huge comeback (Tupac-r.i.p, Snoop). So cut the race and just take it for it is–a business. Either you have ‘it’ or you don’t.

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