Beyonce’s New Single Is…

Thanks to a Twitter leak by designer Roberto Cavalli, we know that Beyonce has shot the video for her first single. Now thanks to another leak, we may finally know the name of the single.

According to a tweet from someone named @Beyoncelite, the singer’s new single is titled “Girl,” and like all Beyonce singles, is rumored to be a female empowerment anthem.

@Beyoncelite also says a video for the single will be shot this week and directed by Francis Lawrence. This of course goes slightly against what Cavalli said a week ago, so this news should be taken with a grain of salt.

Whatever the case, Beyonce’s long awaited return to the music scene is definitely upon us. Are you ready?


  1. I love that SHE’S keeping everything album related under wraps. This cd sounds like it will be worthwile…cant wait.
    SISTA- Do you know where that pic is from?

  2. Sista, All of Beyonce singles are not female empowerment and whats wrong with that.

    Also people gave reviews on the song and said it weird and will shock people..I can’t wait

  3. I’m not jumping with joy,if that’s what you mean,but it can’t be worse than what;s on radio so we will see.

  4. Girl is being described as a weird/ dark/ tribal/ urban/ club song.

    The fans/ stans will LOVE IT!!!! 🙂

  5. I’m not going to give away too many details, just know it is nothing like what we are here on the radio right now.

    Bey totally went left field with this one….

  6. I think for this era Bey is going tribal (think Fela Kuti and his queens). It is rumored that she flew in 200 african dancers for her video (Just a rumor).I seriously CAN’T WAIT for her new material. It is nice to see her deviate from the present trend of being all futuristic and stuff.

    @JOHN: this is a photoshoped picture, there are some other amazing ones out there.

  7. It doesn’t matter if we are ready or not b/c either way she’s acoming lol.*sighs* Oh boy must prepare myself for the constant arguments( she’s the greatest; she wishes she was the greatest) over this chic’s musical existence. I guess on that note, I am NOT ready b/c @ least while she was semi gone( she never leaves the spotlight completely) it was somewhat peaceful ^_^

  8. Wow so that’s not Beyonce? Damn somebody did a good job lol.

  9. i really hope she is doing some tribal shit with her new sound. I will stan for her if its

  10. Something “weird” and “dark” huh…hmmm I guess she’s ignoring the illuminati/devil worshipping talk.

    I miss Bey on the music scene but the stan wars and cattiness I can do without…so friggin annoying

  11. @ Blame it on the rain, I TOTALLY feel you!! LMBO! I’ve been loving this website for over 6 years but I generally steer away from the Beyonce posts for that reason!

  12. I’m ready for a Beyonce cd, as long as it is not totally techno like alot of artists seem to be doing lately.

  13. Don’t care that much to miss her and all celebrity pics gets photoshopped. I don’t miss anything demonic. But I will watch. I heard the word “Girl” is said like a bajillion times. Jay gonna be ready to bank on this one. This was his plan. Take a break, make them miss you, break up with daddy, come out with new album after being gone for so long, and make me rich witch. He’s so obviously grimy and not to be trusted.

  14. can’t wait to hear the song and the haterz can go f..k theirselfs

  15. She has a ton of songs that repeat the word girl.

    From what I have heard it is a dance track that sounds like Euro techno and as I am from Europe, that is hardly groundbreaking or new.

    Beyonce never does anything new or original, but her dancing will be amazing and the marketing budget dedicated to her means we will hear nothing else on the radio and therefore it is guaranteed to be a hit.

    Although, with Lady gaga’s album coming out in May and media interest being focused on anything Lady gaga does, along with Adele ruling the international charts, it will be interesting to see how Beyonce’s marketing team will go about this launch to make Beyonce relevant.

  16. If you go to there is a pic from the video shoot. She is sticking to the white blond thing and the look she has is nothing new.

  17. Can people wait until she drops her single before making assumptions? Geez… People haven’t even heard the single yet or seen the video and are already saying she isn’t doing anything new. Wait and see, and then judge. The sample that she is supposedly sampling in the song is not techno, and those who have actually heard it says it sounds like nothing on the radio. Can’t wait to hear it and judge for myself.

  18. @justathought.

    I totally hear what you are saying and coming from, it’s just that everytime Beyonce comes out with something, she and her team always claim that they have created something that hasn’t been ever heard before, or that it is something she has created and written, when she can’t write.

    It’s nothing personal against Beyonce, I just find her an overrated artist who has the funding behind her to market herself with certain labels such as “groundbreaking” and “iconic”, when she hasn’t done anything of the sort artistically to date. Additionally, I don”t like products/musical artists that have been based on many lies and stamping on other people’s toes.

    That being said, perhaps I jumped the gun and should wait until I hear and I would like to stress that it is just my opinion. Millions of people love beyonce and millions don’t just as with any other artist. I am open minded enough to admit that and genuinely hope she is bringing something new to pop music as it is much needed.

  19. LoL I can literally almost smell the fear.
    @ Stacey, nice try dear, if you haven’t heard the song I suggest to stay on hush mode.

    Some of you are in for a rude awaking.

    And Lol @ a poster on BWB photoshopped pic making its round across the blog world 🙂 Werk!!!

  20. @Kori- the fear? Could you please tell me exactly what I am afraid of- please enlighten me!! People can have an opinion that you may not agree with you know.

    Actually, I saw a clip on Youtube that was from the dance rehearsals to a clip of the track and it was only a snippet. I really liked the african sounding beat and the sample was from a dance track and the actual sample used I’ve heard a thousand times – it is actually used in an advert on an Indian channel I have seen many times and other adverts too.

    It sounded like a thumping dance track (nothing ground breaking as claimed but will be a hit). I loved what I saw of the dance routine, was a lot like the african dance scene choreographed by Paula Abdul in Coming to America.

  21. Everyone remember Beyonce herself, hasn’t said anything about her album being “groundbreaking” etc. That’s all other people making those accusations.

  22. @Stacey, you are afraid that beyonce who happens to be god’s right hand man will befall upon you with all her talent and substantially end your life 🙂 did i get it right fans? You are wasting your time Stacey trying to stress your very valid opinion on people that live vicariously through a celebrity’s life .
    Have a nice day

  23. Question: How many of you have actually went to Africa? and where? How do you now what an African drum sounds like or what African moves look like? let’s not even fall into the difference between cultures all across Africa. I am really tired of someone making noise, silly dance step and casting it as African, it is of poor taste but then again i don’t expect anyone to understand.
    Education children Education.

  24. Wow, I hate it when you voice your OPINION, and people jump all over you for it. I really don’t get it. You don’t have to like what someone else likes! That’s what makes people different! You don’t have to be considered a “hater” just because you don’t like something someone else is doing. Diversity! That makes us who we are! I like Beyonce’ as a performer. I like her live shows and that’s it. I can’t really listen to a lot of her music without it being live. I just don’t like it. I’m not a hater for that! I’m glad she’s coming with something new, I just have to wait to hear it and watch the video before I can say whether I like it or not. That’s that. Beyonce’ does not take care of me or my family. She doesn’t even know or care about the things people say and some people take things out of context. It’s so crazy. I don’t worship celebrities and I worship GOD! He is the reason we’re here!

  25. If your feelings towards her music is ” I just don’t like it” why are you in her thread about her music???

    Some of you guys can’t even get your stories straight when it comes to Bey.

    You don’t really care for her, her music, her blonde weave, or her stage customs. But post after post the same commenters who claim to share these feelings toward her are in here typing up the same thing.

  26. Well, I don’t post to every thread I read about Beyonce or any other artist for that matter. I said I like her music live not at all! I just get tired of people yelling hater when you don’t have to be a hater because you don’t like something! I just prefer her music live. If listen to her songs, it’s always the live version! It’s not just Beyonce. I don’t listen to alot of the new stuff that comes out because I don’t like it, but this isn’t about others, this is a Beyonce’ thread.

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